Chapter 119: Young Lady Of Nan Jiang, Miaoling

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Zhongli Sanmei flipped him the bird.

Chen Mo, who stripped, lay on the bed, his heart full of barely restrained excitement as he waited to lose his first time in this life. The King Of Extinguished Ashes chuckled. She spread open her hands, her tender fingers abruptly as bright red as a branding iron as she kneaded Chen Mo’s body.


His bloodcurdling scream made Nianyou unable to help but open her eyes. The scene that appeared in the loli’s beautiful gaze was that of Zhongli Sanmei straddling Chen Mo’s body, her hands devastating every inch of his bones.

It hurts.

The unbearable pain made Chen Mo suffer terribly. This was like all of his bones were being torn apart and then reassembled. Zhongli Sanmei’s massage left Chen Mo without any strength. He could only complain of the injustice.

Zhongli Sanmei sneered. “This King is helping you shed your mortal body and change your bones, accept it with sincerity.”

As it turned out, the King Of Extinguished Ashes saw that after Chen Mo embedded the stone into Northern Dipper, he had thinned a bit. She used her Innate Skill “Ash Burning” combined with her Sanmei Bone Connecting Art to help Chen Mo replenish his Qi-blood. Chen Mo had the fortune of tasting this once before in Azure Dragon Town. At that time, she let Chen Mo have a small sampling, but that was only with ordinary massage technique alone. This time, Zhongli Sanmei used her Innate Skill, so the result was stronger than before by a hundredfold, making a warrior’s every bone immerse in a terrible pleasure.

Nianyou crawled over when she saw Chen Mo in pain, stroking his face in consolation.

After the full body massage, Chen Mo did not have the smallest designs on Zhongli Sanmei’s beautiful body.

“Did it feel good?” Afterwards, Zhongli Sanmei narrowed her eyes and asked.

“Pass this Bone Connecting Art on to me.” Chen Mo requested word by word.

“You want revenge?”

“I just want to make Wife feel This Husband’s love.” Chen Mo grinned.

“Sure.” Zhongli Sanmei generously agreed, sneering: “Then first receive Your Slave’s love.”

Over the next few days, everyone in Second Sister Peak could hear screams come from the boss’ bedroom at night. These shouts made them drip with cold sweat – the Boss’ wife was a strange woman indeed.

Chen Mo took Nianyou to meet with Ting Nanyuan and Qin Shaoxu at the appointed time. Upon seeing the little loli, the Wuyang Princess was but stupefied.

“Your Highness Chen Mo, where did you tempt such a pretty little girl.” Ting Nanyuan looked at Nianyou, whose blushing cheeks were like a fine porcelain doll.

She was very familiar with Chen Mo’s family background, so she knew that Chen Mo definitely did not have a little sister like this.

“My adopted little sister. This time, I wanted to take her to Nan Jiang with us together.” Chen Mo placed his gaze on Qin Shaoxu. The latter wore a slightly puzzled expression, staring pensively at Nianyou.

“Qin Shaoxu, what’s your opinion.” Chen Mo said, slightly louder.

“Oh, since you brought her along, you should have already made your decision. However, we are going to Nan Jiang’s unexplored regions of gu and poison. Miasma pervades the place. You had best be a bit worried.” Qin Shaoxu paused. Then, he finally shifted his gaze to Chen Mo: “I see she is charming. If she is taken by Nan Jiang’s young heirs to feed gu, that would be bad.”

Chen MO had heard about some of Nan Jiang’s affairs, more or less. The current him even had a good chance of victory over a Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator, so he was still self-confident.

“Don’t scare Nianyou, she won’t be afraid.”

“Then let’s set out. Your court examination is fast approaching.” Ting Nanyuan said.

Tail Fire Star Field, Nan Jiang.

This was a paradise of wetlands and rainforests, a wide expanse of leaves and trees obscuring the heavens. The moist weather left its other geography and environment mostly wet all year long. There countless sorts of insects and worms such that even a complete Three Flowers Gathered Overhead warrior may be infested with parasites and their eggs, falling to a wretched state.

The Great Chong Dynasty had sent expeditions throughout the Tail Fire Star Field, infringing eastwards towards the East Sea, journeying west to the desert, repelling the barbarians in the north, yet only this Nan Jiang was difficult to dip its finger into.

Nan Jiang’s tribes stood in great numbers. One clan was named the “Ancient Miao,”1 known to be the best at the various Gu Arts.

Their Gu Arts were unbearable to even Thunder Tribulation cultivators. The dynasty had sent several expeditions, but the army found it difficult to withstand Nan Jiang’s year-round situation of vile moisture and bug bites, concluding in their rout. Back then, the Great Ancestor Emperor himself even personally participated, only to die discontented in the end by one of Nan Jiang’s Gu Arts. The newly enthroned emperor who succeeded him had no choice but to sign a treaty with Nan Jiang’s Nine Kings, and the two sides were in non-aggression ever since.

Qin Shaoxu had once traveled through Nan Jiang in the past, hearing that Nan Jiang had a place known as the Lovers’ Unexplored Region.2 This Unexplored Region was also called the Lingering Impurity Unexplored Region. Nan Jiang’s rainforests were thriving with all kinds of exotic grasses, so Qin Shaoxu wanted to come here and look around.

After several days of riding in the Nebula Flying Chariot, the rainforest came into view before them. The densely packed forest made it hard to breathe. Compared to the Yin Underworld’s Yin Qi, Nan Jiang’s wetlands may have a warm and moist climate, an ethereal environment, but the extreme humidity made them quite stifled.

Chen Mo landed in the rainforest, entering a village.

Nan Jiang’s clan villages were attached to all kinds of gnarled and deeply-rooted giant trees. With trees as a nest, their construction was considerably quiet and spectacular. The wooden houses were intricately stacked. The Ancient Miao clan’s dress involved mainly black and white cotton clothing. Women loved to wear silver accessories, so it was very easy to distinguish between people.

Rumor said that every Miao Clan woman’s body was etched with a gu tattoo. It was naturally good for raising gu, cultivating gu, and curing gu.

In Nan Jiang, cultivators from the Central Plains did not receive any welcome at all. Although the war had finally ended more than a decade ago with Nan Jiang preserved safe and sound, the damage was still disastrous. Several thousand villages had been decimated. In the end, there was no choice but to restructure with a combination.

Chen Mo, QIn Shaoxu, and Ting Nanyuan received guarded stares the moment they entered this village.

Nan Jiang’s landform was unusual, vast and boundless. This lush rainforest had a name, “Green Radish Forest.” Legend said that past these woods, one could see another star region known as the “Withered Green Star Field.” If they wanted to find the Lingering Impurity Unexplored Region by themselves, it would undoubtedly be like finding a needle in a haystack, and Chen Mo did not have time to waste.

“I will go find a friend.” QIn Shaoxu said, “Perhaps she can help guide us.”


Chen Mo nodded. “I’m taking Nianyou browsing around this place.”

“Fine, then. Let us meet later on that drawbridge in the village.” After Qin Shaoxu finished speaking, he turned and left, “I’m going together with Shaoxu.” Ting Nanyuan had come to this place together with Qin Shaoxu. Her goal was but to treat this as a trip between lovers. Naturally, she would not let go of a chance for the two of them to be alone together.

Sending them off with his eyes, Chen Mo also planned to first go and complete the tasks ZHongli Sanmei had requested of him.

Snake Gall Grass and Bloodvein Fruit were very common in Nan Jiang, so they should be very easy to find.

Nianyou sat on Chen Mo’s shoulders. The little loli’s body was light enough to be practically weightless. Her large eyes curiously stared at this lush and beautiful forest. 

It was different compared to Changluo.

This village was built in the forest, and the plants combined with the architecture. Old roots, branches, and vines intertwined to form staggered stairway-like structures leading to all sorts of places. The scenery appeared very tranquil and harmonious.

Many of the Ancient Miao children were laughing and playing along these roots.

As if sensing Nianyou’s gaze, a crowd of children wearing Miao clothing ran in front of Chen Mo. An apparently ten year old gilr showed a grin of spotlessly white teeth: “Do you want to play together with us?”

Little Nianyou appeared cute, her long hair exquisite, like a fine porcelain doll. Even the Ancient Miao Clan were very delighted to see her.

Chen Mo looked at Nianyou with a bright gaze, asking her if she wanted to play with them.

Little Nianyou hugged Chen Mo’s neck tightly, shaking her head.

At this moment, an elegant little bell rung through the air.


When the Ancient Miao children heard it, they each changed expressions, suddenly dispersing in a panic.

Chen Mo felt that this was strange. Why did they act like they had seen a ghost.

Faraway, atop a tree in the midst of the dense forest, a young girl paid close attention to this scene, revealing a tiny eye tooth.3

On her wrist were two little silver bells swaying in the wind.

Ding, ding, ding.

When the wind blew, the forest echoed with the sweet-sounding bells.

Chen Mo turned his head back and stared, his Divine Hawk Eyesight catching sight of that young lady, but the next second, she had vanished without a trace.

Chen Mo found a pharmacy in the village.

Nan Jiang’s bugs and grasses were extremely famous. Many cultivators would come here to admire that reputation, so Nan Jiang’s pharmaceutical industry was very prosperous. The locals were even more knowledgeable about Nan Jiang’s terrain compared to Central Plains people, and many cultivators would hire locals for the sake of saving time and trouble.

The village Chen Mo had come to this time was the largest of the nine, so there were many customers inside the pharmacy. As it so happened, there were two Central Plains cultivators walking out of the pharmacy. The two men carried swords on their backs, wearing water-patterned Daoist robes.

Chen Mo saw that their attire was somewhat familiar. He seemed to have seen them in the Western Desert before. Oh, right, they were the Western Whatever Sword Sect, one of the Great Chong Dynasty’s Four Great Sword Sects.

The two cultivators glanced at Chen Mo. Chen Mo’s presence was reserved, and they could not discern his depth. As disciples of a Four Great Sword Sect, their attitudes were rather haughty.

They did not treat Chen Mo seriously, complaining along the road.

“Ai, that Master, this ‘Bee Attractor’ and ‘Fog Searcher’ really are not easy to find. I wonder why we have to find these two things.”

“Since the school assigned us, don’t mind it. I heard this time that the Four Great Disciples have missions like this. They will be able to exchange for many merits.”

“Ai, this Nan Jiang’s climate is too bad. I already trained my Qi Flower to perfection, but the mosquito bites here can pierce into my Qi-blood. Fuck, this is itching me to death.”

“Count yourself lucky. I heard that one of our fellow disciples got septicemia. His cultivation has been enormously debilitated. Let’s be a bit more careful.”


Chen Mo wrinkled his brow as he finished listening to their conversation.

The Four Great Sword Sects had unexpectedly dispatched their Four Great Disciples to this sort of place. It seemed that things were very severe. He did not know what exactly was happening, but apparently he he had heard that the Four Great Sword Sects’ ‘Heavenly Mountain Sword Discussion’ was about to begin. He wondered what the circumstances were.

Chen Mo thought to himself as he pleased and entered the store.

“Young hero, what do you want to buy?” A very elegant Miao woman gently smiled. The store’s interior was very spacious, growing flowers and plants of all sizes in pots.

“I want to find Bloodvein Fruit and Snake Gall Grass.” Chen Mo indicated his request.

“The quantities requested are but very large.” The proprietress said with difficulty. This was the first time she had seen such a large order, several hundred catties, at least. Although Bloodvein Fruit and Snake Gall Grass were ubiquitous in Nan Jiang, these figures were honestly too large. This truly was the first time she had seen such a request.

“Can they be purchased? As for the price, I have here some things that I can give you.” Money was not very useful in a place like this, so Chen Mo exchanged some useless magic weapons, talismans, and materials he obtained back when he killed the Thunder Tribulation cultivator in addition to several million gold.4

As expected, the proprietress immediately smoothed her wrinkled brow when she saw these.

“This is no problem. However, young hero, the quantity requested is too large. I will have to discuss with my colleagues in the other villages. I hear this it will take some time to be able to help fulfill young hero’s entire request.”

“No problem, however, the faster, the better.” Chen Mo nodded.

“Young hero, is there anything else you require?”

Chen Mo looked at the other Spirit Grasses. Just at this moment, Nianyou suddenly huddled into a ball, her limbs ice-cold, her expression somewhat agonized.

“Nianyou, what’s the matter with you?” Chen Mo’s expression changed. He hastily checked her pulse, but he found no abnormality at all.

Nianyou grasped him tighter and tighter.

The proprietress looked over and was shocked: “Young hero’s little sister has been stricken with gu.”

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  1. 古苗
  2. 情人祕境, I know that 祕境 Genshin translates this as “Domain.” I wouldn’t know if that’s the right interpretation.
  3. I think this trope is called “cute fang” or something.
  4. Yes, this was in the raws. Talks about how money isn’t practical here and then lists gold as an exchange item that he handed over.

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