Chapter 124: The Wind Rises At The End Of The Duckweed (Latter)

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“Forget it, let’s go.” Miaoling said.

“Don’t move.” Chen Mo 

Looking at Chen Mo’s gaze fixed firmly on that Green Duckweed Kingfisher, Miaoling blinked. This man would not be thinking of catching it like this, right?

Impossible. Even when he used the escape technique a moment ago to surround it, they were unable to catch this Green Duckweed Kingfisher. Now, it was even more impossible to succeed when he was still carrying her right now. The Green Duckweed Kingfisher possessed a quick nature. Its reactions and movement speed were all very swift. Its kind could fly or dive. How could they catch something like this.

However, seeing Chen Mo’s focused expression, Miaoling promptly shut her mouth.

The Green Duckweed Kingfisher waited upon the duckweed, chirping and preening, heedless of its surroundings. Chen Mo was approximately one hundred meters away from it. This was a safe distance. However, once he stepped into this perimeter, the kingfisher would immediately be frightened off.

Chen Mo made no movements, exercising the School Of Mind.

The world silenced in his mind.

The evening wind rolled the duckweed, carrying with it the slight aftertaste of pinellia as it quietly brushed past their faces. Miaoling was influenced by Chen Mo’s concentration, not daring to breathe either. Chen Mo stared at that Green Duckweed Kingfisher, using everything he learned about the School Of Mind to its utmost limit, imbuing it into his Divine Intent.

He recalled the “Boxing Classic” saying that “birds cannot fly away from a sudden movement” meant that when a warrior relaxed his mind and thoughts to the limit and became one with the world, this state of mind would be as if his true mind was silent. Even if the bird was any more sensitive, it would be unable to perceive him. By the time the warrior’s thoughts shifted, that bird would be unable to fly away.

With this in mind, Chen Mo’s true mind became increasingly empty.

The Green Duckweed Kingfisher seemed to sense something amiss. It lifted its head and looked in Chen Mo’s direction. But the distance was too great, and the Green Duckweed Kingfisher did not yet fly away.

A wind blew, and the duckweed in the water trembled.

Now was the time!

Chen Mo’s eyes moved, his thoughts simultaneously moving as well.

The Green Duckweed Kingfisher screeched as it spread its wings to escape, but it had just took off when it was unable to fly any further. A small, cage-like hand already made escape impossible.

“Ah!!” The Miaoling who sat against Chen Mo’s chest was stupefied.

She did not think that Chen Mo’s mere carefree movement would surprisingly make the extremely alert Green Duckweed Kingfisher unable to break free, to have captured it from such a close range.

How was this possible.

Chen Mo slightly smiled. He looked at the Green Duckweed Kingfisher in his palm unable to fly because of his secure intent. Unless he had the idea to release it, it would not be able to escape.

The School of Mind’s “true mind” Divine Intent was formidable as expected.

Normally cultivated Divine Intent was basically incapable of achieving this so easily and calmly.

“How did you do that?” Miaoling stared blankly at the bird that was powerless to break free.

“Well, our bargain is fulfilled.” Chen Mo handed the Green Duckweed Kingfisher over to her. Miaoling carefully took hold of the bird. She shook her bell, and then the kingfisher tottered over. Miaoling gingerly put it into her pocket. Spirit Birds were difficult to train, so she would have to properly use gu arts to raise it once she returned.

“You cultivators have such mysterious powers.” Miaoling sighed.

“Each one has a specialty.” Chen Mo said. “Let’s go back for now.”

Stars already hung in the night sky, a cold wind gently blew.

After sending Miaoling home, Chen Mo sighed. “Now, we’re even.”

“Can you teach that to me? I can teach you gu arts.” Miaoling fidgeted.

Chen Mo had no way to teach someone else the School of Mind. “I can’t teach you, forget about it.”

“You miser.” Miaoling slammed the door.

Returning to his own room, Qin Shaoxu sat at the bedside. “Where did you go, how did you get so unkempt?”

“I went to take a bath in the Peacock River.” Chen Mo said.

“Nan Jiang’s rivers have Demon Beasts and gu. You had best be on your guard.”

“Many thanks for the concern.” Chen Mo smiled: “Brother SHaoxu, why haven’t you gone to sleep.”

Because there were only two rooms, Chen Mo and Qin Shaoxu would sleep in the outer room while the inner room was left to Nianyou and Ting Nanyuan. Seeing that Qin Shaoxu was still neatly dressed sitting in meditation, Chen Mo was a bit perplexed.

They took so many days to come here, which was already very exhausting. Even a cultivator would require rest to replenish their energy. To meditate while not at full capacity would instead have negative results.

“You sleep.” Qin Shaoxu said: “I am not tired.”

“En, then I’ll sleep.” Chen Mo paid him no mind. He had just finished helping Miaoling capture the Green Duckweed Kingfisher and was certainly drained.

Chen Mo very quickly was snoring away in deep slumber. Qin Shaoxu meditated a while, opened his eyes and saw that Chen Mo was fast asleep. He then blew out the lamp, finally resting.


Chen Mo awakened to an aroma.

“Don’t you two men find it gross to be hugging each other?” A jealous voice entered his ear.


Chen Mo and Qin Shaoxu opened their eyes at the same time, only to now discover that they had at some point in time clumped together. Chen Mo’s sleeping posture was considerably terrible, one leg and arm caught stuck on Qin Shaoxu’s body.

“Ting Nanyuan, are you jealous of even men?” Chen Mo yawned, actually not feeling that this was inappropriate at all. In the past, he had slept in even closer positions with brothers back at university. This sort of mess of bodies was nothing special, and they were both men anyways.

Qin Shaoxu fake coughed and got up.

“How troublesome.” Nobody knew who he was referring to as he stepped out.

“Shaoxu, wait for me, I wasn’t talking about you.” Ting Nanyuan cried as she chased after him.

“Big Brother.” Nianyou rubbed her eyes as she stood to the side. Her complexion was much better than yesterday’s.

“Is your energy okay?” Chen Mo asked.

Little Nianyou nodded.

Chen Mo then spent the following time starting is self-cultivation.

At noon.

Yeyao then brought them to go see Great King Mulu.

Miaoling did not sleep well last night, bearing large, dark circles under her eyes. When she saw Chen Mo, she wrinkled her nose. It appeared she was still angry about last night.

Passing through the Bana Miao Village, there was a hillside several dozen li away. On the hill was another settlement. After crossing a stone bridge that had erected two half-man, half-snake sculptures, they spotted a very majestic stilt house.

A fence surrounded the establishment.

Several dozen Ancient Miao warriors stood guard around the perimeter.

“Yeyao has come to request an audience with the Great King.” Yeyao said.

Yesterday’s fair-complexioned man also walked out. When he spotted everyone, he waved his hand, opening the gate.

They passed through a corridor, arriving at a rear garden more than five hundred square meters in size. Before they even arrived, they could feel the biting chill of weapons transmitted through the air.

Everyone entered the rear garden. This garden had hills and rivers, growing many marvelous plants, among which a bright “Great Ixora” flower was particularly beautiful, like a blazing sun. A beautiful white elephant was currently laying inside the scenery of that Great Ixora.

A figure was currently dancing amidst the flowers. The chill they sensed from before came from none other than her hand.

That was a mature woman about twenty-five or twenty-six in age. She was adorned with a veil of golden pearl tassels, had a slim waist, and her hands gripped two broadswords. Her swordsmanship danced through the Great Ixora like a butterfly.

Her swordsmanship was very good to watch, also carrying a cold killing intent.

Amidst the fluctuations in her swordsmanship, each sword-qi was like a butterfly shuttling back and forth through the garden. Leaves and petals were ripped gorgeously into even more beautiful forms by the sword-qi.

Beside the white elephant was an old woman, who turned out to be Granny Bee. Her eyes were drooping, but when she spotted Chen Mo, her gloomy breathing all of a sudden returned to life.

No one said a word as they waited for the woman to finish swinging her sword.

“To disturb This King’s mood to practice the blade, do you know what the punishment is?”

A cold tone suddenly released. The woman’s swords were returned to her waist, and the murderous aura inside the garden immediately receded to nothingness. The woman turned around. She was beautiful and peerless, indifferent and arrogant.

A Star Crest was carved in the middle of her forehead.

Impressively, she was a Star General.

Great King Mulu’s gaze coldly stared at the old woman, Granny Bee, evidently somewhat displeased with her breathing movements just now.

This Granny Bee who was famous even outside the Ancient Miao Clan now turned pale as a sheet of paper. Trembling she knelt and acknowledged her wrongdoing.

“This King has guests today, so This King forgives you. Hmph, roll away for now.” Great King Mulu coldly said.

Just at the first meeting, Chen Mo immediately felt the legendary aggression of a Fiend Star.

“Yesterday, you people injured This King’s subordinate. Today, how are you prepared to concede your mistake?” Great King Mulu’s gaze swept over everyone. When she saw the beautiful man Qin Shaoxu, her eyes suddenly became fierce.

“Great King, quell thy anger.” Yeyao said.

“When there has been no scene of heads falling to the ground, how can This King’s fury be quelled.” Great King Mulu laughed.

Even though Chen Mo heard these words, he still felt this Great King Mulu was very loathesome.

Yeyao seemed to have already foreseen this. Her expression faintly grinned.

Great King Mulu lowered her eyes, somewhat ruminating and pensive. She used a bucket of hot water that a maid fetched to wash her hands. Then, she mounted the white elephant, moving out of the yard.

The others could only follow behind.

Outside, there was an embankment. Great King Mulu guided the white elephant forwards, leisurely strolling, completely disregarding the group. Before they came here, Yeyao had already specifically explained that this Great King Mulu’s character was strange and irritable. Unless she spoke first, it was best for them to not speak at all, so as to avoid drawing her ire.

In his mind, Chen Mo disapproved of her ways, but seeing Qin Shaoxu remained expressionless, it was better that he suppress these thoughts.

“What business have you of This King?” Great King Mulu asked.

“Great King, we want to go to the Lingering Impurity Unexplored Region and ask that the Great King accommodate our request.” Qin Shaoxu said.

“Unexplored Region?” Great King Mulu halted the white elephant. She lowered her head to glance at Qin Shaoxu, her tone fiery: “This King has but enjoyed this Lover Unexplored Region alone. If This King were to give it to you, would a beautiful man like you become This King’s lover?”

The woman somersaulted off the white elephant, moving in front of Qin Shaoxu. Those fiery red lips were practically stuck to the man’s mouth, her fragrance wafting. Great King Mulu’s hand also became very restless.

“You truly are a beautiful man, This King likes you.”

“What are you doing! Let go of Shaoxu, now!!” Ting Nanyuan angrily shouted. How could she let her man be harassed by another woman like this.

Great King Mulu was taken aback. Suddenly, she withdrew a few steps, a disdainful expression upon her brow. “Hmph, such a weak man appears beautiful, but he is without any manliness. You can have him.”

Great King Mulu then swept her gaze around, eyeing Chen Mo.

Chen Mo practiced the Northern Dipper Great Overflow, so his blood vessels coursed with manly spirit. Although Chen Mo concealed his aura, he still was not able to evade Great King Mulu’s sight.

“En, this little guy is actually very masculine. How about you be my lover.”

“You can have this unfaithful man.” Ting Nanyuan did not hesitate at all to sell Chen Mo out.

“Serve This King’s happiness, and I shall allow you to go to this Unexplored Region.” Great King Mulu licked her lips.

Nianyou clutched Chen Mo’s clothes tightly, afraid that he would be snatched away.

Chen Mo finally lost his patience. He expressionlessly said: “Apologies, I have no interest in old ladies.”

The atmosphere suddenly fell to the freezing point.


Miaoling chortled.

Faced with everyone’s astounded stares, the girl made a bitter face.

They were fucked.

It’s all Chen Mo’s fault, he brought this upon himself.

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