Chapter 125: The Lover’s Unexplored Region

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“What boldness, to surprisingly be so frivolous before the Great King.” The fair-faced man yelled strictly, striking at Miaoling with a “Divine Ape’s Angry Rebuke.”

This punch was like an ape extending its arm and swatting at her. Accompanying it was a rage that froze a person in place.

The intense punch-wind was caught by an even softer palm. Chen Mo stood in front of Miaoling, easily catching and dispersing his boxing technique.

The man was stunned. He was once again about to strike with an explosive punch when at this moment, Great King Mulu reprimanded him: “Tan Ji,1 withdraw.”

The fury filling his body vanished without a trace. Although Tan Ji renounced his assault, his eyes still burned full of anger. He really did have the face of the Duke of Thunder,2 quite sinister. 

“Central Plains man, do you not fear that I will use the ‘Muntjac Mo Hook’ to cut your tongue?” The Muntjac Mo Hook Blade was the name of Great King Mulu’s Star Weapon. As a Heart Furnace or above Star General, killing a Saint of War was easy as trussing a chicken.

No cultivator or warrior had ever dared to speak to her in the face like this.

Chen Mo was the first.

And it was precisely because he was the first that Great King Mulu was not angry at all. Instead, she was a bit curious.

It was said that women were most easily drawn to men that lay outside of their expectations, so bad boys who broke strict conventions were always the most well-received. But it was unexpected that this Great King Mulu would also be such a girl. Chen Mo did not truly fear her. This was not his first time confronting a Star General, anyways. Back at the Western Desert, he had battle against the Scourge Of God, Attila. Compared to this obscure Great King Mulu, this Star General was but a personage that made the west quake in fear. Her achievements did not lose out to the “High Emperor” Caesar or the “King Of Conquerers” Alexander.

“If that is sweet talk, then I am afraid you must have cut your tongue, Great King. But Great King, you clearly have no need for such people. If you have something to say, just say it.” Chen Mo calmly said.

Other than Qin Shaoxu and the confused Nianyou, everyone else present did not change expressions at his words.

This youth was too outrageous, to dare underestimate a Star General like this.

The two swords at Great King Mulu’s waist stirred restlessly, and a killing intent shot out of the woman’s eyes.

“Great King, allow Yeyao to say a word.” Seeing that the atmosphere was wrong, Yeyao stood forth.

“Speak!” Great King Mulu continued to glare coldly at Chen Mo.

“If the Great King wants to refine the legendary Lover Gu, perhaps this is an opportunity.” Yeyao said.

“High Master, there is a way?” Great King Mulu asked.

“Yeyao hears that in the depths of the Unexplored Regions, there is a ‘Love Flower’ that blooms once every fifty years. Only lovers with an affinity for each other and mutual deep understanding will be able to pick it. Legend says that the Saintess of that time shed tears in the Unexplored Region. Perhaps there will be a clue. Great King, you can allow them to try.” Yeyao said.

Great King Mulu was expressionless: “On what basis should This King trust them.”

“I can proceed together with them.”

“High Master, are you certain you can refine the Lover Gu?”

Yeyao shook her head: “I cannot be certain, but this is the only way that I can think of.”

Great King Mulu coldly snorted, considerably dissatisfied with her answer. However, she also knew that the legendary Lover Gu could not be so easily refined.

“Lovers with an affinity for each other, do you have them?” Great King Mulu sneered.

“Yes. Me and Shaoxu have deep affinity.” Ting Nanyuan stuck out her chest.

“I will not go pick it.” Qin Shaoxu did not hesitate at all to refuse. This made the Wuyang Princess very heartbroken.

“Why, Shaoxu, don’t tell me you don’t want to repair Fateful Marriage? Could it be you actually don’t love me?”

“I will not go help you refine this Lover Gu. As for this Unexplored Region, I will definitely go there.” Qin Shaoxu’s words left no room for negotiation. He did not place Great King Mulu in his eyes either.

Tan Ji was furious from the bottom of his heart. These Central Plains people were honestly too ill-mannered. Their Great King was a Star General, yet an insignificant warrior surprisingly dared to be so condescending.

“Great King, we may as well just kill them. We can just dispatch people there ourselves.” Tan Ji earnestly requested.

“The Unexplored Region is the holy land of my Ancient Miao. That Lover Flower requires a Saintess in order to be harvested.” Yeyao said. “Otherwise, it will wither.”


Everyone was stunned, their gazes shifting to the sole Saintess present.

Miaoling blushed, hurriedly emphasizing her innocence: “Master, I’m heartless, I don’t have a true love.”

“A true love is not required, only deep mutual understanding.” Yeyao shook her head.

“No way, I fundamentally don’t understand what deep mutual understanding is, I absolutely won’t be able to pick it. Master, find someone else, okay.” Miaoling stole a glance at Chen Mo when she said the words this time. Her gaze just happened to meet the latter’s eyes, and her cheeks suddenly blushed.

Yeyao sighed.

Yet Great King Mulu was very calm. Those eyes stared fixedly at the beautiful man, Qin Shaoxu. He faintly smiled, an expression with the beauty to send all things into a frenzy.

Great King Mulu chuckled. “Interesting, this is truly too interesting.”

“Great King!”

At this moment, a subordinate came to report, whispering something into the woman’s ear.

“Let This King consider it for a few days. If you people can achieve deep mutual understanding, then This King shall permit your entry. If you want to force your way in, This King will not stop you. As long as you feel you can live within This King’s territory, hmph.” Great King Mulu sneered, waved her hand, and gave them notice to leave.

“Many thanks, Great King.” Yeyao excused them.

When everyone left, Tan Ji indignantly said: “Great King, these warriors are too arrogant. Even when they despised the Great King like this, why must you give them face. Just kill them.”

“Silence.” Great King Mulu chided him: “Does This King require you to teach what is to be done?”

Tan Ji was frightened into a cold sweat: “Subordinate deserves to die.”

“Hmph. Soon, it will be time for the ‘Head of the Nine Villages.’ This King does not want any side issues or other annoyances. Furthermore…” Great King Mulu’s last sentence was almost inaudible: “Among them is a person that makes This King feel considerably unpleasant, one This King does not wish to converse with.”

“Great King, what did you say?” Tan Ji did not hear clearly.

“Silence.” Great King Mulu sent him flying with a kick. The woman was very irritated. “First, go see that bitch, Mangyachang.”

Chen Mo’s party left the stilt-house and just happened to catch sight of a troupe of soldiers assembling and moving towards this place. These soldiers wore golden attire and silver rings. In the center of them was an enormous gold idol. This statue was adorned all over with gems and gold, appearing spectacular.

Atop the golden idol was an imperial canopy and throne, upon which sat a woman.

She was dressed in light muslin, her figure faintly discernible, and she had a pair of alluring eyes. When Chen Mo used Divine Hawk Eyesight to inspect her, his counterpart’s mood seemed to infect him, quick as lightning.

Chen Mo promptly retracted his power.

After they left, that procession of troops were respectfully invited in.

“Was that also a Star General just now?” Chen Mo asked.

“That is Mangyachang, the leader of the Nine Heads Village.”

“There’s actually a lot of Star Generals here.” Ting Nanyuan sighed. Of the Great Chong Dynasty’s Seven Stars, only Huan Wen was famous.

One Star General was able to contend against an entire army, and with several Star Generals acting as enemy commanders, it was no wonder the Great Chong Dynasty could only seek a ceasefire. If it was not for these Star Generals entrenching themselves so defensively along the Miao border, perhaps the Great Chong Dynasty would be in a somewhat precarious position.

Yeyao glanced at Chen Mo: “You were too reckless just then. You are only a warrior, how can you stand against the Great King. If you incur her wrath, do you feel that you can escape unscathed?”

Chen Mo nodded, also feeling that he had indeed been a bit impulsive. However, Great King Mulu was honestly somewhat insolent, exploiting her Star General status to order people here and there, to be insufferably arrogant. Chen Mo had traded blows with several Star Generals before. Between Zhongli Mo of the Hegemon King Xiang Yu’s Five Great Generals and the Second Sage-level founding master of the School Of Mind Wang Yangming, both of them were more formidable than her, yet neither behaved like her.

“My School Of Mind is still insufficient.” Chen Mo thought to himself.

“What do we do now? The Unexplored Region is under Great King Mulu’s control, so we won’t be able to go. And to pick this whatever Lover Flower…Little Sister Miaoling, do you really not have a person in your heart?” Ting Nanyuan said.

“As if. I am very free on my own.” Miaoling promptly made herself clear, fearing someone would misunderstand.

“Does the Unexplored Region actually have the Love Flower needed for the Lover Gu?” The tacitcurn Qin Shaoxu suddenly asked.

Yeyao answered: “The records indeed have this flower, but no one has ever picked it.”

“Then is there Lingering Impurity Dew?” Qin Shaoxu asked again.

“Lingering Impurity Dew? I’ve never heard of this.” Yeyao shook her head. “However, there is an Unexplored Region called Lingering Impurity. Perhaps there is a connection.”

Qin Shaoxu grunted and said nothing more.

“Let’s go back and consider our choices.” Chen Mo shrugged.


Great King Mulu sat quietly on the stone chair, her ice-cold eyes gazing at the door.

After a moment.

A licentious voice was heard.

“Little Sister Mulu, did you miss me?”

An enchanting and beautiful woman swayed her hips as she walked in. She was barefooted, her steps like lotus flowers, each one of them showing a seductive gait.

“Mangyachang, you never visit without cause. What happened.” Great King Mulu impatiently said.

“Little Sister, your temper is still so irascible.”

Mangyachang looked around. There was not one chair in the surroundings for her to sit in, so she casually grabbed a maid from the side and made her lay on the ground as she herself sat on top of the girl. The maid did not dare object, quietly laying on the ground to serve as a chair.

Great King Mulu barely even glanced, for she was accustomed to this.

“Are you still researching the Lover Gu?” Mangyachang crossed her legs, giving a flowery smile.

Great King Mulu was not surprised that all of Nan Jiang’s Nine Great Miao Villages knew about her ambition: “This King will see you out if you have nothing to say.”

Mangyachang clicked her tongue. “The Lover Gu is just a stupid legend this rotten place devised, yet Little Sister actually believes it. You’re so stupid, it’s adorable.”

Great King Mulu sneered.

If it was not for the Great King being unable to defeat her, to surprisingly dare use this kind of comment was courting death.

“Suit yourself. If you really raise a Lover Gu, that’s fine. Just let Big Sister be the first to fall in love with you. I’ll do anything for you.” Wangyachang said.

“This King awaits that day even in dreams.”

“Fine, let’s get to the real topic. This time, the Nine Great Miao Villages want to choose a new leader for the Nine Clans. I’ve come to inform you of that. The Great Chong Dynasty is currently growing stronger and stronger. There is talk about a Seven Stars Huan Wen Star General being very formidable. We, Nan Jiang, must be aware of the crisis on our hands. It’s time to choose a new leader to be the king of Nan Jiang.” Mangyachang said.

Great King Mulu had known about this all along.

Nan Jiang’s Nine Great Villages all had their own kings, but there were always some people who wanted to become the head of the Nine Clans. Great King Mulu had also thought about it, but she did not have this sort of capability. And now, the Great Chong Dynasty was increasing in strength. There was no way to delay about this matter. “Has everything been agreed upon.”

“Only Little Sister’s opinion is missing.”

“How do we choose?” Great King Mulu asked.

“Need I say more? Of course the victor becomes king.” Mangyachang said.

“Since we are agreed, then so be it.” Great King Mulu knew there was no way to decline.

Mangyachang nodded in satisfaction. She had just got up to leave when she suddenly recalled something.

“The guests you had just now were Central Plains people? Little Sister isn’t thinking of allying with the Central Plains to betray Nan Jiang, right?”

“A few lowly warriors are worth This King’s cooperation?”

“Fine, however, there is a man among them who is apparently a bit special.”

“Mangyachang, if you are interested, you can go and seduce him.” Great King Mulu sneered.

Mangyachang smiled sweetly.

“I had better first go prepare for this Head of the Nine Clans. This time, I will definitely have the aspiration to be Head.”

Saying this, a fragrant wind blew as she left this place.

“This King is the same.” Great King Mulu coolly smiled.

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  1. 覃吉, could also be read as Qin Ji.
  2. 雷公, Lei Gong, Duke of Thunder. Basically a Chinese god of thunder.

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