Chapter 126: A Pity That It Is Too Heartless

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Yeyao was currently thumbing through an ancient text in search of historical material. She saw that her disciple Miaoling was somewhat absentminded as she pounded her gu tools, her gaze looking up through the window from time to time.

Above the window outside was a wide open space. A man held a wooden staff in his hand as he practiced some cultivation method. Though distant, his posture was relaxed and natural.

“Miaoling, the Black Great King is about to escape.” Yeyao coldly said.

Miaoling gasped, seeing that the Black Great King Centipede in her tool was about to crawl away. The girl reached out and pinched it, tossing it back into the gu cultivation device. She stuck out her tongue and focused, then she went to look after the Green Duckweed Kingfisher.

The Green Duckweed Kingfisher was sensitive. Miaoling was currently using some simple gu arts to make it sense her intentions, to become its master.

The Green Duckweed Kingfisher chirped, hopping to and fro, opening its eyes wide at Miaoling.

The girl extended her hand to stroke the kingfisher’s head, and she could not help but recall the scene at the duckweed river channel.

That scene truly was magnificent. It turned out that there really was such a man as peaceful as running water in this world, ,able to grab the bird. Recalling that she was carried by him, protected by him, Miaoling had never felt such feelings before. When she remembered these things, her mind could not help but lose focus.

If she actually could pick that Lover Flower together…Just the thought of it made Miaoling’s cheeks blush as if she was drunk.

Master Yeyao could not stand to watch her disciple continue to be so love-struck. “If you like him, just tell him. As you are now, this is too scandalous.”

“Ah, Master.” Miaoling came to her senses and hastily waved her hands, “I don’t like Chen Mo at all, Master, what’re you saying.”

“Did This Master say the name of the person you like?”

“Oh…” Miaoling was incomparably embarrassed.

“Falling in love is only natural. Although you are this clan’s Saintess, there is no need to think it over too much. As long as you like it, This Teacher will support you.”

Miaoling did not expect that her master would surprisingly be so sensible. For a moment, she did not dare believe this. “But I’ve barely even known him for two days.”

“Didn’t you two go catch the kingfisher together?” Yeyao wore a benevolent grin as she looked at that lively bird. “To be able to work together to catch the kingfisher shows that the two of you are very understanding of one another.”


“Enough, This Teacher is also being selfish.” Yeyao spoke forthrightly. Although the Lover Flower is a legend, there is a ray of hope. You are the Saintess. If you can have a man who has affinity for you and you for him, nothing would be better than for you two to go forth and pick this flower together.”

“All of this can be considered fate.”

Miaoling also felt this truly was a predestined coincidence, but she was not very convinced. “I think he won’t like me.”

“Just invite him to go pick the Lover Flower together with you.” Yeyao stroked Miaoling’s hair, her expression just like a mother watching her own daughter get married.

Miaoling asked: “We’ve only known each other a few days, can we pick it?”

“As far as This Teacher knows, the Lover Flower only requires one side to have deep feelings. The other side needs only to agree to have deep understanding. Then, when you pick the flower together, the party that agreed will perceive your feelings and be moved for you.” Yeyao said.

Miaoling’s mouth hung open, almost swooning over this beautiful legend. “Really? Master.”

“Even if it’s fake, if he can go pick the Lover Flower together with you, would those feelings be fake?” Yeyao lovingly asked.

Miaoling felt that what her master said was very logical. She did not expect her always single master to have deeper understanding of love than she did. Could it be that Master had her own story?

Seeing that grief in her master’s eyes, Miaoling felt that she would be very reprehensible for not agreeing to her master.

“I’ll go ask!”

Miaoling reached the threshold when she turned her head back and pitifully asked her master: “But, Master, what do I do if he rejects me?”

Master said: “If it’s just a rejection, give up, Miaoling. Then your feelings will just have been you deceiving yourself, and there would be no need to have these one-sided feelings anymore.”

Very logical, with nothing to refute it.

Chen Mo held a stick that was pared down to the shape of a saber as he practiced Yanran’s “Ice Breaker Snow Slicer” saber-technique that was in his mind.

In his recollections, every slash of that girl in the hanfu dress reappeared.

The girl’s every movement endlessly flashed through his mind.

Ice Breaker Snow Slicer. There was nothing showy about it, nothing violent. It only had calm and tranquility. But regardless of its manner, Chen Mo noticed he was always lacking in something.

He imitated the girl’s each of her unhurried footsteps, her brisk gestures, her leisurely pace, even so far as to her steady draw.

Even every detail of the girl’s expression, Chen Mo was imitating everything to perfection, but no matter what, Chen Mo was still unable to find that hair-raising feeling. He always felt that something was off.

“Chen Mo, what saber technique are you practicing, it’s so awkward.”

Ding, ling, ling.

Following the sweet-sounding ring of the silver bell, Miaoling jumped up to the open space.

Chen Mo opened his eyes, and Nianyou also threw over an attentive stare.

“Awkward?” Chen Mo blinked, as if inspiration had just flashed by..

“Yeah, it’s awkward to death. Like you’re doing it some specific way. When you caught ‘Momo’1 yesterday, those movements were cool.” Momo was the name that Miaoling gave to the Green Duckweed Kingfisher. One reason was to thank Chen Mo for his assistance, and secondly was that it had the meaning of “silently at your side.”2 Miaoling felt that she had quite some talent.

Chen Mo carefully recalled yesterday’s tranquility.

Miaoling then added on: “Just be natural.”

Be natural.


Chen Mo finally noticed what he felt he had always been missing. It was a state of being natural. Yanran’s draw and everything after were all impeccable and of the highest quality, yet there was no deliberation behind it, as if it was as natural as breathing.

And this naturalness was the quintessence of Ice Breaker Snow Slicer.



Saber technique.

“Ha, ha, I’m so grateful to you, Miaoling. You were a big help to me.” Chen Mo thoroughly thought over this point, his mood lifting. When he tried Ice Breaker Snow Slicer once again, his killing intent had already become much crisper, as expected.

Seeing that she was able to help Chen Mo, Miaoling looked as if she had drunk sweet, thick honey. “But of course, I am the Saintess, after all. Helping you is only natural.” Miaoling complacently stuck out her little chest.

Chen Mo smiled. The girl’s form was very cute.

After several practice swings, Chen Mo grasped the feeling more and more, however, a Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow Technique was not so simple. Just the feeling alone was still not enough, he still needed to imbue Star Energy into the weapon. Using a stick would not work. Chen Mo prepared to find an opportunity to try using Northern Dipper.

“Chen Mo, I have something I want to ask you.” Miaoling drummed up her courage.


“You guys are going to the Unexplored Region, no matter what?”

“En.” Chen Mo himself was ambivalent indifferent, but seeing Qin Shaoxu’s manner, he steeled his heart to go. To even dare challenge Great King Mulu, this made Chen Mo very impressed.

“Oh, but Great King Mulu is very powerful. Charging in doggedly will absolutely get you killed.” Miaoling said.

“There’s always a way.” Chen Mo said.

“So that’s why…I’ll help you tackle this difficult job.” Miaoling said at this time, her gaze darting about.

Chen MO smiled and asked her: “How will you help?”

“I will promise to go pick the Love Flower together with you. Didn’t the Great King say that she will allow you to go if you can pick the Love FLower? Master also said that I must also go pick it, so I’ll go together with you.” Miaoling’s cheeks were a complete red, her heart pounding like a little drum.

Normally, Miaoling was a wild maverick in the Miao Village, a person who followed her own path. The Miao Village’s people both loved and feared her, but right now, Miaoling felt that she was about to suffocate to death.

Chen Mo blinked, generally understanding her words. “You and me together? Isn’t that the Lover Flower? We don’t have any affinity between us, so there’s no use in going.”

“You don’t want to go pick it with me?” Miaoling widened her eyes, her heart unable to bear it.

Even an idiot could tell the true thoughts in Miaoling’s words. Chen Mo was taken aback. This was the first time in all his life that he had encountered such a thing, but to be frank, Chen Mo indeed did not want to go pick that whatever Love Flower. Though, it was not actually because of Miaoling. The main point was to not help Great King Mulu research that whatever Lover Gu.

If she actually raised one, then that would be a scourge upon all living things.

“Can we go together to pick something else?” Chen Mo did not want to hurt her either, so he changed his wording.

The fact was proven. Even if she was a Saintess, a girl immersed in romance would have no logic to speak of. From Miaoling’s perspective, Chen Mo’s refusal to go pick the Lover Flower together with her was equivalent to rejecting her adoration.

It hurts.

Miaoling’s heart hurt to death.

“If you don’t want to go, then don’t. As if I’d want to go with you.” Miaoling wrinkled her nose. She waved her hand, and the silver bell let out a clear sound. 

Several gu bugs fell onto Chen Mo, entering his body, but they were promptly killed by the Life-taking Wine.

Seeing her Gu Arts were ineffective, Miaoling was truly angry to death. She stomped her feet, grabbed a vine and slid down, “Chen Mo, This Lady loathes you to death.”3

Chen Mo was speechless.

“Your Highness Chen Mo, you truly are unfaithful. In just one day, you surprisingly fooled around with the Ancient Miao’s Saintess.” Ting Nanyuan walked over, rejoicing in Chen Mo’s disaster.

Chen Mo remembered that after Qin Shaoxu declined to pick the flower together with Ting Nanyuan, the girl also was angry to the point of not speaking with Qin Shaoxu, shutting herself in her room.

“I think Miaoling is under orders from her master, to go pick that Lover Flower. That’s why she asked me.” Chen Mo surmised. 

“Hey.” Ting Nanyuan rolled her eyes. This man was too insensitive.

“Even if I did agree, when the time comes and we don’t have any affinity, we still wouldn’t be able to pick it. At that time, the result would be even more disastrous.” Chen Mo did not want to deceive the girl.4

Ting Nanyuan thought it over. This seemed to make some sense.

“We could just agree to her first. Enter the Unexplored Region and then worry about it later. We find the Lingering Impurity Dew, and as for the whatever Lover Flower, who cares.” Ting Nanyuan urged.

“Princess Highness, are you encouraging me to be a person who plays with a girl’s heart?” Chen Mo teased back.

“You aren’t my man anyways. This Princess doesn’t care if you play with her or not.” Ting Nanyuan had courage in her convictions. So long as she could help Qin Shaoxu enter the Unexplored Region and complete their wish, she did not care so much about what method Chen Mo used, whether it be deceiving the Saintess’ heart or playing with the Saintess’ body.

A woman in love was very frightening indeed.

“We’d better think of some other way.” Chen Mo said.


Seeing Chen Mo continue practicing the saber techniques, Ting Nanyuan asked: “Won’t you go console her?”

Chen Mo took out the Northern Dipper Saber. He leisurely raised his hand, neither fast nor slow, neither rushed nor delayed. Yanran’s Ice Breaker Snow Slicer was carried out in his mind. A divine light flashed, and Chen Mo cut with the sword.

Beautiful saber-qi instantly ripped space apart. This slash vaguely had the feel of a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow.

However, while he clearly had the mentality of being natural, he still lacked a bit something.

Just what was it?

“That swordsmanship outmatches everything right now, but what a pity that it is too heartless.”

An extremely flat voice answered the bewilderment in Chen Mo’s mind.

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  1. 默默, she named it after Chen Mo.
  2. As a reminder, 默 means “silence”
  3. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
  4. Basically, Chen Mo’s saying it was better to be upfront and reject her now than to agree and make it seem like he was leading her on.


    1. I would assume so, but her age isn’t really specified. She’s definitely way younger than Chen Mo, though.

  1. Chen mo is acting like a Japanese protagonist…su Xin would have known how to coax the girl

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