Chapter 131: Subjugating The Rank Seven “Hundred Rigor”

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Not only was the Concealment Gu able to mask a cultivator’s presence, it was completely capable of hiding one’s existence. When the Hundred Rigor used its feet to probe Chen Mo’s hiding place, those furry bug legs pierced through Chen Mo’s body. Chen Mo and Miaoling had seemed to become air.

Seeing this Demon Bug was completely unaware, Chen Mo suddenly had an epiphany and recalled the School Of Mind.

The differences between the School Of Mind’s ideas and Divine Intent went through the True Mind, which was very formidable in use to influence the consciousness. Using this Divine Intent to control the Black Frost Centipede he captured from the labyrinth would be faster than using Divine Intent directly, and even if this type of Demon beast died, it would not affect his own Divine Consciousness.1 

Although the Rank Seven Hundred Rigor was very high level, this type of Demon Bug generally was not perceptive, and not being perceptive meant that their True Minds were very susceptible to control.

Chen Mo had an idea to test, but he did not know if it would destroy this Concealment Gu. In the end, he continued to endure.

The Hundred Rigor flapped its wings, scratching wildly at the place Chen Mo was hiding. Honestly unable to see the shadow of any prey, it finally flew slowly away.

Once it was far away, Chen Mo ended the kiss.

Miaoling’s cheeks were crimson, her eyes bright and rippling, oozing with charm. She looked longingly at Chen Mo, somewhat lost in the moment.

“The Hundred Rigor is gone.” Chen Mo could not help but interrupt her fantasy.

Miaoling said in embarrassment: “But this place is the Hundred Rigor’s territory. We must be careful.”

“How long can this Concealment Gu last?” Chen Mo looked at that strange black and white butterfly, inwardly amazed at the Concealment Gu’s profundity. To surprisingly be able to make a Rank Seven Demon Bug unable to detect them, this was far more formidable than a cultivator’s power. The sole weakness was that it apparently prohibited even the slightest bit of killing intent or movement.

“The Concealment Gu’s effects have limits, but it should have no problems lasting until we leave this place.” The Concealment Gu Butterfly fluttered around Miaoling.

Chen Mo curiously asked: “How was this Concealment Gu raised, your Nan Jiang’s Gu Arts are so amazing.”

“This is but Master’s greatest work. Only a few Great Gu Masters of Nan Jiang are able to produce Concealment Gu, so I don’t know how either. I heard Master say it’s very difficult.” Miaoling said.

“Let’s go now, I’ll ask you questions on the road.”

Chen Mo once again carried Miaoling and used an escape technique, scuttling through the underbrush like a snake.

En route, Chen Mo asked the questions on his mind. He wanted to know if using Divine Intent while under the Concealment Gu would destroy its effects.

“If it’s Divine Intent, then it can’t harbor killing intent. Once it does, the gu will be frightened off.” Miaoling said.

Chen Mo nodded. He more or less knew what to do.

This vegetation was the Hundred Rigor’s domain. The omnipresent dust was its best sensory organ. Chen Mo and Miaoling very quickly were discovered by the creature again. The Rank Seven Demon Bug’s movements split the underbrush apart like a wave, raising a large cloud of dust. Instantly, the two of them were covered,

Miaoling once again kissed Chen Mo, using the Concealment Gu to hide their presences.

The attacking Hundred Rigor once more landed on nothing. This time, the Demon Bug appeared considerably irritated. It lifted its wings, and its hundred feet immediately extended like blades, becoming sharp weapons that mowed down the grass.

Chen Mo saw his opportunity. He exercised his Divine Intent, immediately shooting his thoughts into the Hundred Rigor’s eyes.

The Divine Intent that the School Of Mind cultivated was as calm as water. It naturally lacked killing intent.

The Hundred Rigor let out a hoarse cry. The smaller bugs that comprised its hundred legs seemed to have been provoked by something, for they shrieked inconsiderately. The Hundred Rigor stopped above Chen Mo, staring at the place he was hiding, pouncing upon him.

With enormous strength, it vented without stop, but no matter how the Hundred Rigor released its rage, it was unable to hurt even a strand of Chen Mo’s hair.

Chen Mo grew calmer and calmer, his Divine Consciousness stretched taut, his mind entering the Hundred Rigor’s in an attempt to control it.

If this in normal times, it was basically impossible for Chen Mo to control this level of Demon beast through School Of Mind Divine Intent. The counterattack that the Rank Seven Demon Bug’s counterattack could leave a Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator with a tragic end. But this time, Chen Mo relied on the Concealment Gu to nevertheless have the perfect environment.

Divine Intent endlessly poured into the depths of the Hundred Rigor’s soul, corroding it little by little.

When the Hundred Rigor sensed that thoughts were currently devouring it, it became even more frantic. Endless powder dispersed like millions of swarming locusts, densely packed as they covered the sky and earth.

Miaoling was already stupefied, completely confused as to what was happening to make the Hundred Rigor so berserk.

The endless powder suddenly rolled, like a billowing tornado into the air. The Hundred Rigor could not longer stand the Divine Intent corrosion and took to the skies. Once it was far enough, it finally broke free of Chen Mo’s thoughts. The Hundred Rigor screeched, flying away.

“What just happened?” Miaoling was speechless.

Chen Mo’s forehead was beaded with cold sweat, and he had a massive headache. He wanted to subdue a Rank Seven Demon Beast, but not beating it to within an inch of its life was still very challenging.

“Chen Mo, what did you do to the Hundred Rigor?” Miaoling blankly asked.

“Nothing, let’s go now.” Chen Mo said, picking Miaoling up by the waist as they once again set out.

However, very quickly, the Hundred Rigor once again discovered them, and once again, it returned to attack.

And each time, Chen Mo would halt their advance, exploiting the Concealment Gu to use his thoughts to try and control it. The Hundred Rigor would repeat its frenzy before promptly leaving.

And thus.

The path forward in Miaoling’s eyes appeared as an unprecedented oddity.

They would stop and go, and the Hundred Rigor would chase and attack. They seemed to be playing hide and seek. Whenever it came, they hid. Whenever it left, they ran. And whenever it came back, they proceeded to hide themselves once again. Each time the Hundred Rigor caught nothing it would become extremely berserk. Millions of dust particles blanketed the area like snow.

However, Miaoling was amazed to find that the Hundred Rigor’s irascibility started to gradually weaken, as if it was growing increasingly calm while Chen Mo grew increasingly weary.

When night fell, Miaoling warned him. “Chen Mo, the Concealment Gu is almost done for.” Although this path of hide and seek with the Hundred Rigor was very interesting, as well as their kisses becoming increasingly smooth, the girl had no choice but to warn that the Concealment Gu was already at its limit.

“Good, tonight, we settle things.” Chen Mo said.

Miaoling was powerless: “What do you mean, don’t tell me you still want to kill the Hundred Rigor.”


Seeing Chen Mo’ acknowledgement, Miaoling was at a loss for words. Did this man have any strength left.

Chen Mo was not being overconfident. The Hundred Rigor was more or less drained from his Divine Intent thoughts. To completely subdue this Demon Bug, he would need to land the finishing blow.

Chen Mo ingested his last Star Pill to recover some Star Energy. Then, without any urgency to proceed forward, he quietly sat down to use the Nose Locking Art to adjust his breathing.

Miaoling knew that Chen Mo was not an impetuous person. She could only stay with him.

This man’s way of doing things is always outside of common sense. Why did This Lady have to fall in love with him. Miaoling surreptitiously looked Chen Mo up and down, finally coming to a conclusion – this guy honestly was quite handsome.

After a while, the a gale came from the underbrush.

The Hundred Rigor seemed unreconciled that it had been toyed with. Every time it discovered Chen Mo’s presence, it gave chase. This time, Chen Mo did not run. He took out Northern Dipper, activated an escape technique and attacked it head on.

The Hundred Rigor finally found prey. It let out a scream more indignant than any time before. It shook its wings, and countless particles formed into a tremendous brown moth that rolled towards Chen Mo.

Pervasive yellow dust was practically the only thing he could see.

Chen Mo did not shrink back or avoid it. When the moth arrived, he exploded with a roar, brandishing Northern Dipper. Clinging Fire burned the Heavens.

Clinging Fire accompanied a hurricane into the sky. The powder that was sucked into the Clinging Fire was scorched clean away.

From within the conflagration.

The Hundred Rigor abruptly rushed out, tearing apart the obstructive blaze, firing a poison-light as sharp as a blade at Chen Mo.

Chen Mo waved Northern Dipper, catching and deflecting the Hundred Rigor’s counterattack.

The Hundred Rigor curled its lower body, aiming its tail which contained a stinger. It could easily rip apart a Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator’s defenses and was capable of instantly paralyzing any target it pierced.

Because it had been influenced too heavily by Chen Mo’s thoughts, the Hundred Rigor’s attack was a bit slow. Chen Mo used Northern Dipper to execute several of the Bagua techniques, directly leaving the Hundred Rigor howling in anguish.

At the same time, Chen Mo’s Divine Intent moved.

A centipede that was completely white as snow flew out from the Astral Stone. It was none other than the Black Frost Centipede.

The Black Frost Centipede released an ice-cold light as it stuck itself onto the Hundred Rigor’s body. An intense cold suddenly emitted from the Black Frost Centipede. Very quickly, the chill entered the Hundred Rigor’s body, freezing a segment of its body into ice.

The Hundred Rigor bucked, sending the Black Frost Centipede flying.

However, the Black Frost Centipede’s chilling frost had covered its entire body. This time, it was the Hundred Rigor’s turn to taste the flavor of being frozen. The Hundred Rigor’s speed became sluggish. As if sensing danger, this Rank Seven Demon Bug let out a strange scream. After firing a poison-light, it wanted to flee.

If this thing escaped, it would be impossible to capture later. How could Chen Mo just watch the duck that was right at his mouth fly away. His figure rushed forth, stomping apart the air with Kun Six Broken. Six footprints were carved deeply into the Hundred Rigor’s body as he swung the big stick in his hands.

Divine wind scattered, revealing an outrageously tyrannical weapon.

The Wind Concealment Divine Stone was able hide a weapon’s form, adding to the uncertainty of his attacks, but at the same time, it suppressed a part of Northern Dipper’s frightening power.

When the enormous weapon emerged, the Hundred Rigor felt a trace of fear.

Chen Mo smashed the staff downwards. Northern Dipper collided heavily with the Hundred Rigor, letting out an explosive sound. The pitiful Hundred Rigor had been tormented beyond compare by Chen Mo’s School Of Mind Divine Intent, and then it was bit by the Black Frost Centipede. Now, the “Jiangshi Dust” it was most proud of was completely ineffective against Chen Mo. The conclusion was already inevitable.

In this close-quarters battle, the Hundred Rigor was unable to persist. It was knocked flat by the stick. The centipede let out a cry as mournful as a cicada’s. This was the best moment for Chen Mo to exploit. He fixed his Divine Intent, shooting his thoughts into the Hundred Rigor’s Divine Consciousness.

This time was very smooth. His Divine Intent entered the Hundred Rigor’s mind and easily destroyed its defenses. Then, he erased its mental imprint, carving his own thoughts into it. It was also thanks to the Concealment Gu from before that he could use “School Of Mind Divine Intent” to already successfully devour most of the Hundred Rigor’s consciousness. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to capture a Rank Seven Demon Bug without Greater Thunder Tribulation Divine Intent.

Chen Mo stored the Hundred Rigor into his Astral Stone, to wait for it to recover.2

He turned around and returned to the place that Miaoling hid herself in. The girl was still unaware of what had happened, but seeing that Chen Mo was safe and sound, she sighed in relief. “I thought you actually went to kill the Hundred Rigor.”

“I captured it.” Chen Mo smiled.

Miaoling made a face, not believing Chen Mo’s words.

It was a Rank Seven Demon Beast. Even an unintelligent Hundred Rigor was very swift and fierce, so much so that capturing one proved very challenging for even Master. A single Saint Of War fundamentally could not have possibly succeeded in this kind of miracle. Just Divine Intent was unable to contend against it.

Chen Mo did not explain, “Feeling better yet?”

Mialing nodded. 

Chen Mo saw that her situation was not good at all. Her skin was already showing spots and was somewhat inflamed. “Let’s quickly be on our way now. First, dispel your gu.” Chen Mo placed Miaoling on his back, proceeding in the directions that the girl pointed in.

Miaoling leaned against Chen Mo’s wide back, closing her eyes in great satisfaction.

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  1. What he’s saying is that he could do more by using Divine Intent to control something’s mind rather than its physical body.
  2. Bug Catcher Chen Mo has caught another Pokémon!

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