Chapter 132: The Lover Flower

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The Unexplored Region’s night was very deep, and the moonlight appeared desolate. The vibrantly colored vegetation let out gorgeous multi-colored light that brightly illuminated the Unexplored Region, suffusing it with a poisonous, putrid smell.

Poison bugs and every kind of venomous creature became more active at night.

Chen Mo rested his back against a konjac as he preserved his strength. Behind him was a tributary of the River of Tears. A delicate woman was currently in the water cleaning her body. He was able to hear the sounds of her bathing, and his mind could visualize the beautiful scene of a flower bath. 

“Miaoling, you’re sure you can succeed by yourself?” Chen Mo heedlessly said. 

A little while ago, after they passed through the Life-taking Path, the domain of the “Hundred Rigor,” Chen Mo finally helped Miaoling find the herbs she needed to dispel the gu. This Unexplored Region’s herbs and some Spirit Grasses that Miaoling brought could be mixed into water for a bath that produced poison to force out the gu in her body. However, the infected needed to be in direct, threadbare contact with the water.

“If you dare peep, I will kill you and myself.” Miaoling very fiercely threatened.

Chen Mo practiced the Nor tern Dipper Great Overflow art. Northern Dipper was like a pin, fixed in place in front of him. His Star Energy gradually accumulated and turned abundant, flowing throughout his whole body. After a long while, though, he did not have a very big breakthrough.

Chen Mo suddenly opened his eyes, staring into the Unexplored Region’s poison fog.

The purple mist was like layers of screens that obscured the landscape. After cultivating the School Of Mind, Chen Mo’s thoughts had an unprecedented intuition.

Chen Mo felt that there was someone hidden nearby, as if watching him.

Chen Mo activated Divine Hawk Eyesight, his eyes becoming like a raptor’s as he quietly scanned.

Miaoling soaked in the water, her skin currently feeling the touch of the water. A purple poison oozed out from her pores. Miaoling carefully wiped her body, nervously eyeing the bank all the while.

Master said that man on the bank was her destined one, that as long as she showed her sincerity, her consideration for him, then she could definitely receive the result she wanted.

But he was too blockheaded.

No activity at all from the man on the shore made Miaoling puff her cheeks unhappily.

However, Master also said, the more unexpressive a man was, the more passionate he actually was on the inside. When the time came, she definitely could pick the Lover Flower. Miaoling propped her cheek against her hands, remembering the events that transpired after entering the Unexplored Region. It seemed inexorably as if they were to be together. Thinking of this, Miaoling’s cheeks could not help but show a sweet, dimpled smile.

“Ai, I can’t be letting my thoughts run wild. First of all, I can’t be a burden to him.” Miaoling slapped her face. Then, she deliberately made her splashes very loud.

After bathing, seeing that Chen Mo had no intentions of peeping on her, Miaoling’s heart was both happy and disappointed. Just as she was preparing to dress herself on the shore, all of a sudden, a clump of lakeweed shifted, rolling towards her.

“Ah.” Miaoling shrieked. Her hands and feet were bound by the weed as it dragged her into the river depths.

“Chen Mo!!” Miaoling screamed in a moment of desperation. Once she shouted, she suddenly recalled that she was completely naked.

“Don’t come here.” She arbitrarily added amidst her shrieking.

Chen Mo had heard her and was already charging over, however, at such a critical moment, how could have have other misgivings. Ignoring Miaoling’s embarrassment, he locked on to the presence in the water. 

Chen Mo leapt, his figure jumping into the river. His palm chops descended, slicing the lakeweed.

A layer of poison water blocked Chen Mo’s chop, like a barrier. The lakeweed swayed, and a dense clump of leaves gathered into an enormous net that covered Chen Mo.

Chen Mo’s palm moved as he used Li Center Empty.

His punch was like a fire sword, unleashing a fierce, penetrating flame. The powerful flaming blade cut a hole in the net, burning even the poison vapor that came from the evaporating water. The lakeweed suddenly contracted, and the leaves began to wilt. However, it was not reconciled to this, thinking of leaving as it dragged Miaoling into the depths.

Chen Mo firmly grabbed Miaoling’s slender waist while his other hand chopped endlessly at the lakeweed.

Countless leaves suddenly soared into the air. These leaves stirred, and the surrounding poison fog stirred with them, forming a large number of blades that surrounded Chen Mo like a gigantic meat grinder.

Chen Mo hugged Miaoling and rolled on the water, diving under. Below the water’s surface, a dense clump of lakeweed shifted, coiling towards Chen Mo’s limbs at the same time.

Chen Mo activated his True Qi and exerted all of his body’s power. His muscles rippled, and like a roc spreading its wings, a boundless and enormous force expanded in all directions. Chen Mo circulated his indestructible Qi-blood to the limit. Combined with the Qi Flower’s True Qi, he suddenly blasted the water’s surface thoroughly away.

A figure rushed out of the water, breaching like a dragon. The lakeweed was shaken to pieces, and a black shadow quickly flew out from inside them.

“It’s a Water Gnawing Rat!”1 Miaoling recognized that Demon Beast.

The Water Gnawing Rat was a kind of rat-like Demon Beast that lived within bodies of water. Their greatest ability was in gathering lakeweed, then using poison grasses to launch attacks. Although the Water Gnawing Rat was very weak, they were quite a nuisance in places like the Unexplored Region.

The Water Gnawing Rat eyed the lakeweed elsewhere in the river, preparing to make its next move.

Chen Mo’s finger pointed, and Dark Yang Finger ran through the Water Gnawing Rat. These rats inherently had extremely poor defenses, immediately losing its life to the bit of Dark Yang Finger. Subsequently, Chen Mo turned and jumped onto the bank.

“Ah.” Miaoling covered her chest, her face blushing in shame, unsure of what to do.

Chen Mo glanced at that little figure of hers that lacked curves, expressionlessly saying: “Relax, I didn’t see anything. Put your clothes on first.”

Miaoling wore an expression of embarrassment to death as she glared at Chen Mo, wondering to herself how she was this unlucky, to be peeped on by a Water Gnawing Rat while she bathed.

Softly harrumphing, Miaoling dressed up, her face still hot. The girl feigned composure.  “Let’s go pick the flower. We’ll arrive soon.”

Chen Mo grunted, turning his head back to gaze into the thick mist.

“What’s the matter?” Miaoling asked, curious.

Chen Mo shook his head. This Unexplored Region’s environment was bizarre, as if he was being watched from all directions. He glanced at Miaoling’s blushing cheeks and her bright, hopeful eyes. That glimpsing encounter just now clearly did not make her feel genuinely embarrassed.

The Water Gnawing Rat’s carcass slowly drifted along the water’s surface. All of a sudden, a black thread appeared and drew the rat’s body to the shore. From the strange grasses, a frighteningly giant spider leapt out. This black spider rolled the Water Gnawing Rat up and began to nibble on it.

Another figure slowly walked out from the vegetation. Astonishingly, she was Yeyao. She glanced at this spider, then gazed indifferently in the direction that Chen Mo and Miaoling left in.

“The time has almost come.”

The woman muttered to herself. She turned and walked upstream. When the black spider saw this, it threw down the rat’s corpse that it had chewed to pieces and staggered after her.

Chen Mo and Miaoling walked for several more hours. Night had already entered its deepest moment at this time. The poison fog was beginning to recede. According to Miaoling, this poison fog was like mist, clearing at times while concentrating at certain others, and it was this time period that the Unexplored Region was at its safest. Some Spirit Grasses would completely lack poison.

Perhaps at the darkest moment of night, the entire Unexplored Region was like a mausoleum, appearing deathly silent.

Without meeting any more dangers along the way, they finally reached the place Miaoling spoke of.

In the middle of a field of multi-colored flowers and grass, Chen Mo glimpsed a flower, as white as the Queen of the Night, blossoming silently in the night. She was like a young woman in self-pity, giving a very lonely first impression.

Miaoling’s gaze immediately lit up.

“Lover Flower!”

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