Chapter 140: Cultivating Five Finger Mountain

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“Chen Mo, are you sure it’s in this place?”

Ten li away from Fourth Sister Peak, Chen Mo drove the Nebula Chariot around, inspecting every blade of grass. Aboard the chariot, Zhongli Sanmei somewhat impatiently asked the question.

Drizzle as fine as silk continued to sprinkle down.

Chen Mo controlled the Nebula Flying Chariot to fly in the skies above the Four Ladies Mountain, unfolding a map. His gaze continuously turned back and forth between the map and Four Ladies Mountain. Ning Xiaoyuan was to the side, watching in confusion. Ever since Chen Mo found the clue to the last piece of the Five Finger Spirit Mountain, they had been searching like this for several hours without any progress. The King Of Extinguished Ashes was already a bit irritated.

Chen Mo extended his fingers, looking back and forth. “Xiaoyuan, tell me where the Five Finger Mountain of the Four Ladies Mountain is.”

Ning Xiaoyuan carefully pointed out several locations on the map.

Chen Mo made comparisons for a long time, his gaze sweeping back and forth. Finally, they stopped at a mountain hollow deep in the dense jungle. “This should be it.” The Nebula Chariot flew over. This forest belonged to Four Ladies’ depths, and the green cliffs was not too different from the other mountain scenery.

“You girls go look here, see if you can find it or not.” Chen Mo ordered and began to search this place.

Zhongli Sanmei and Ning Xiaoyuan did not understand, but they were fully aware from this man’s personality that he would not do something impractical. It would be better to search this place together. An unremarkable mound drew Chen Mo’s attention. This hill was covered in weeds. At first glance, it was very ordinary, but Chen Mo noticed that when the drizzle fell upon the hill, the rainwater did not soak the earth at all. If he looked closely, the rain suddenly evaporated upon reaching the lowest spot.

Chen Mo strode over, brought out a shovel and started digging. Zhongli Sanmei took out her own twin spears, directly using the Destined Star Weapon Burnt Out Three Calamities to sweep. Ning Xiaoyuan had no power at all, so she stood to the side, watching in astonishment.

Soon after, a large hole was excavated.

Thump, thump.

The shovel struck something hard. Chen Mo hinted for Zhongli Sanmei to stop as he used his hands to push away the dirt. A moment later, a stone tablet was extracted from the earth like an archaeological artifact.

Brushing away the mud on the tablet revealed ancient characters. The slab was full of an ancient, solitary air that made the surrounding space seem to stagnate.

“This is?” Ning Xiaoyuan’s mouth hung agape. She could not be more familiar with the excavated object.

“The last piece of Five Finger Mountain.” Zhongli Sanmei said in amazement.

“It should be.” Chen Mo was a bit excited. This stone tablet appeared a bit different from the others carved in the mountains above. In this piece, the center had an intact palmprint. The spiritual power of this one was not only more vigorous, it also had a sort of unprecedented immemorial vastness. Just from touching it, Chen Mo could feel from his hands an enormous power about to disintegrate him if not for cultivating the Northern Dipper Great Overflow, his multiple Star General contracts, and his physique that surpassed the average person’s. A normal cultivator would perhaps have been squeezed to death just from holding it, let alone cultivating it. 

Chen Mo brought this tablet over to that place at Fourth Sister Peak with the carved characters. He placed the tablet over them, and the indestructible characters carved into the stone immediately melted into the palmprint. This transformation made Chen Mo exceptionally excited. This also cemented Chen Mo’s faith. It looked like he should be able to complete the cultivation.

After carving all of Fourth Sister, Third Sister, and Second Sister Peak’s ancient characters, Chen Mo finally arrived at Eldest Sister Peak.

“Scion Of The Later Yan” Murong Yanzi was still meditating, absorbing the immemorial spiritual power to cultivate. Seeing Chen Mo enter, her eyes cracked open. Her pupils were calm and experienced, nevertheless retaining a bit of skepticism towards Chen Mo.

Chen Mo suddenly remembered that if he used this table to absorb the characters, this Immemorial Qi would most certainly also be absorbed. Murong Chui would have no hopes of cultivating. If this woman betrayed him, he feared she would not be easy to face.

“Have you already completely deciphered it?” Murong Chui seemed to see through his worries as she opened her mouth to speak.

“Murong Chui, you might have to find some other good place to cultivate at.” Zhongli Sanmei chuckled.

Murong Chui’s breathing slowly retracted.

Chen Mo saw that she was not preparing to interfere, so he cupped his fist to show his gratitude.

Seeing Chen Mo assemble together the complete immemorial ability, “Five Finger Mountain,” Murong Chui’s placid eyes were quite curious: “How did you find the final piece?”

“Right, Chen Mo, how were you able to discover it?”

Murong Chui’s question was also on Ning Xiaoyuan’s mind. The Four Ladies Mountain was so vast, but that they were able to find the last piece with such certainty and speed was simply unbelievable.

Chen Mo smiled: “This ‘Four Ladies Mountain’ name.”

“Is there something wrong with the name?” Ning Xiaoyuan asked.

“The name is very wrong, it doesn’t follow common sense.”

Ning Xiaoyuan thought it over but still did not understand.

Zhongli Sanmei carefully pondered and immediately figured it out. “Don’t tell me that a little sister1 is missing?” Meanwhile, Murong Chui also suddenly understood.

Chen Mo nodded. This was precisely it.

According to common sense, if indeed these were the Four Ladies Mountain, then the Fourth Sister Peak2 should have been called Little Sister Peak.3 It should not have bore the “Elder Sister” character in its name,4 but this place’s name that had always been passed down nevertheless was not like this, which showed that this place had a fifth peak. This fifth peak was possibly that “little sister.” Chen Mo spread his five fingers according to their shape and the prior characters. Then, he calculated a position and finally found it.

After hearing his explanation, Ning Xiaoyuan had the illusion she was looking at a celestial being.

If he had said that he sensed the fifth mountain, she would not have been incredulous, but to be able to find a hidden tablet in this vast mountain forest was too miraculous. Of course, the “Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle” that Chen Mo mentioned probably was some other kind of power.

After completing the “Five Finger Mountain” ability, this cave’s Immemorial Earth Element spiritual power promptly faded. All of the spiritual power gathered into this palm-sized tablet. In order to cultivate an ancient power such as this, Chen Mo needed to rely on immemorial strength. “Little Swallow, if you want to cultivate it, let’s do it together if you wouldn’t mind.”

Murong Chui naturally would not accompany a man in cultivation. Furthermore, this spiritual power cultivation had also reached a bottleneck, and the process of a breakthrough had stagnated. Only by finding a new place with Earth Element spiritual power could she break through.

“No need. Your Servant shall leave this place to you.”

Murong Yanzi gathered up her purple clothes, directly leaving the cave.

Zhongli Sanmei looked at her departing figure, a bit unreconciled. “I will repay you for this humiliation someday.”

“Great General of Xiang Yu, you had best shape up.”

From over her shoulder came the Scion Of The Later Yan’s indifferent reply.

“Are you preparing to cultivate this next to use in the court examination?” Zhongli Sanmei asked Chen Mo.

“Of course, this ability’s background is immemorial. It shouldn’t be outdone by a Star General’s Universe, Eternity, Flood, or Desolate Techniques, and it will be another source of strength to rely on when I enter the Inner Star Field in the future.”

“You still haven’t given up on the idea of entering the Inner Star Field?” Zhongli Sanmei wrinkled her brow.

Chen Mo said: “Did you think I was just talking about it aloud. Not only do I want to enter the Inner Star Field, I also want to go to the Central Star Field and then on to Maiden Mountain!”

“Countless Star Generals have tried and failed to climb Maiden Mountain. And you’ve frightened this little lady stiff.” Zhongli Sanmei was noncommittal.

The nearby Ning Xiaoyuan gawked at him. The Inner Star Field, Central Star Field, and Maiden Mountain…She surprisingly was able to hear such a grand goal from the mouth of a warrior. “No…Brother Chen Mo is so powerful, he can definitely do it.” The girl said softly.

“Xiaoyuan, can I trouble you to help translate these ancient characters for me over the next couple days, I really can’t understand them.” Chen Mo apologetically said.

Ning Xiaoyuan showed a faint smile: “This is something only I can help you with.”

“Are you preparing to go to Chang’an?” Zhongli Sanmei asked.

“I’ll go once the translation is finished. I must go prepare for the court examination.”

“Do you need This King to accompany you?” Zhongli Sanmei inquired once more.

“I have the flying chariot, it’ll only take a few days.” North of Changluo was a governmental road leading to Chang’an. The distance between the two cities was approximately a thousand li. Normally, horse-drawn carriages would take half a month, however, Chen Mo had a flying Astral Tool, which could arrive in just a few days. Furthermore, the flying chariot was very convenient by saving on the environmental dangers. Besides, so long as he did not encounter a Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivator, no one in the Great Chong Dynasty could threaten Chen Mo. Even if an entire army  came, they would be nothing but ordinary cultivators. His Invincible Innate Skill could sweep them all away.

Zhongli Sanmei had just captured Four Ladies Mountain, so she prepared to spend some time reorganizing these mixed troops and raising them into elite warriors.

The Great Chong Dynasty’s nation was under the guard of Chang’an’s troops. It gathered the kingdom’s best Thunder Tribulation cultivators, and there was even a Star General presiding over them. Zhongli Sanmei had no interest going into enemy territory unprepared.

Nianyou naturally could not go. Chen Mo knew that the Chen Family in Changluo was in a dangerous situation. Nianyou would draw the suspicion of Huan Wen if she went, which would lead to trouble.

Nianyou was very reluctant to part, but under Chen Mo’s consolation, she still agreed.

Having sorted out the bandit fort matters, Chen Mo alone returned to Changluo.

Upon return to the ancestral residence, he immediately received information from someone that Chen Huhao dispatched and finally realized that Zhongli Sanmei’s assault on the Four Ladies Mountain had attracted significant activity in the areas surrounding Changluo. Chen Huhao wanted to ask him for his thoughts.

Seeing that Uncle Huhao’s intention was to have him lead troops into killing Four Ladies Mountain’s bandits to give the populace a justification, Chen Mo thought in his mind that this was funny. To make him go attack his own wife’s forces, this guy was sick. However, Chen Mo did not want to let the others know of the existence of Zhongli Sanmei’s Clinging Fire Army. Therefore, he promptly agreed.

He himself would lead the Xi Siblings on a staged assault, and he would have the Jia Brothers command a fraction to come out in response.

This would truly stun all of the Chen Family in Changluo.

These Northern Barbarian bandits had but made them suffer enormously.

And just like this, two days passed by very quickly. Ning Xiaoyuan finished translating all of the ancient characters of the Five Finger Mountain, and Chen Mo meticulously memorized them before finally driving the Nebula Flying Chariot away from Changluo.

Chang’an, Imperial City, rear garden.

The current emperor of the Great Chong Dynasty, His Majesty Tang Mingshi,5 was currently in the garden drinking wine with a princess. In the garden, a troupe of dancing women were currently performing, and among them was a young girl playing the guzheng.

The young woman was quiet and breathtaking, like a pure, wintry lake. Her beautiful and slender jade fingers plucked a serene melody. These hundred bright flowers of the rear garden seemed to instantly transport them to a serene valley under her music, making the listeners intoxicated.

Emperor Tang Mingshi and several concubines were already enraptured by the music of Chang’an’s number one queen of flowers. However, this seemingly heedless emperor of the Great Dynasty was clearly very vigilant. After a grey-robed Daoist soundlessly walked into the garden, the Tang Emperor immediately opened his eyes and emitted a kingly aura.


The serene music stopped.

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  1. 小妹
  2. 四姐峰
  3. 小妹峰
  4. 姐 = elder sister(s), 妹 = little sister(s)
  5. 唐明世


  1. Of course, the “Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle” that Chen Mo mentioned probably was some other kind of power.

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    1. Yeah. I was so disappointed with how the author decided to even just namedrop this thing. Author-san evidently does not understand how this is actually applied and thought they understood the concept from a quick Baidu search.

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