Chapter 139: “Scion Of The Later Yan” Murong Chui

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When she uttered these words, there was an uproar.

“You can be at my side” seemed to be a very arrogant declaration, but not a single person present felt like laughing. A Ruler level Star General inherently had an exceptional Star Name, a proud and arrogant bearing, and they would be like a True Dragon after being able to cultivate Purple Rose Qi, unyielding to everything. A Star Name like this was like an aloof and remote ruler, and to a ruler, no one had the qualifications to be able to sit or stand on the same level as them. Furthermore, those able to stand as the left and right hands to a Purple Rose Star General were all without exception the best Star Generals, whose names could move Star World.

This was an absolute recognition of strength.

Across all of Star World’s millions of years of history, warriors who were able to become a major general under a Ruler Star General were few and far between. This had always been the honor of Star Generals, let alone a warrior.

Even for those at Eldest Sister Peak, the Purple Rose woman’s side was an eternally restricted area. There had never been a warrior who dared stay there for too long.

However, Chen Mo chuckled at this seemingly great honor: “You seduce me right in front of my wife. I can only refuse you.”

Zhongli Sanmei was speechless.

“Can you even?” The purple-clothed woman was unmoved.

Chen Mo glanced at that incense atop the platform. Almost a third of it was gone. Time was running short. To beat her back honestly was a bit difficult, for the woman’s swordsmanship and Purple Qi were both very exceptional. It was very challenging to face her.

Chen Mo retracted his grin and stamped his foot as he flung Northern Dipper at her.

The purple-clothed woman deflected Northern Dipper with her sword. Without the assistance of this weapon, Chen Mo had even less of a chance to push her.

“Watch this!!”Chen Mo’s foot stomped. There were six earth-splitting noises as he rushed forth, his fists thundering. His Bagua punch-intent elegantly formed. The punch-intent representing the “Bagua” drew long line after line, whirling like a hurricane towards the purple-clothed woman, her arms, her chest, her whole body.

The punches surrounded her. The punch-intent representing Qian, Kun, Dui, Zhen, Li, Kan, Xuan, and Gen attacked her. Whether he was intimidating and raging, or soft and gentle all at the same time, eight copies of Chen Mo appeared and surrounded the woman.

Each one appeared like the real one, forming a practically perfect Bagua Diagram.

Under the powerful boxing technique, the lines of the Bagua were carved perfectly into the ground, finally placing the purple-clothed woman at the very center of the Bagua Array. One usage of the Bagua was enough for Chen Mo to give someone a headache. But eight…the figures of the eight Chen Mos were absolutely oppressive. It took only a mere instant for the Bagua Chant to complete. The highest level of martial arts of a Saint of War who had combined flesh and spirit seemed to be displayed. 

Everyone was practically dumbstruck.

Who could have thought that a weak boy was surprisingly capable of a technique that surpassed the level of a Saint Of War.

“However, to think this can defeat her is truly as ridiculous as a mantis stopping a carriage or an ant shaking a tree.” Eldest Sister Peak’s former chief said disdainfully.

“Perfect technique, but in the end, it is still not a Heaven, Earth, Dark, or Yellow.” The woman’s assessment was practically a warrior’s highest evaluation. She brandished her purple long sword, gorgeous sword-light dancing. In the center of the Star Energy, purple qi twisted, making her sword technique appear even more unstoppable.

The long sword took only an instant to stop Chen Mo’s Bagua punches. Not a single strand of her hair had been disturbed.

But Chen Mo did not count on the “Bagua” defeating her at all. This was nothing more than a way to confine her. After Chen Mo trapped the purple-clothed woman in the center of the Bagua, he suddenly soared and grabbed the falling Northern Dipper. He whirled around, next revealing that Northern Dipper had turned into a saber.

“Huh.” The purple-clothed woman uttered, unable to react in time.

In midair, Chen Mo’s hand grabbed the saber’s hilt as he adopted a draw posture, natural as a river running down a tall mountain or a bird flapping its wings, all in one go. There was surprisingly a vague profundity in its combination with the Bagua.

“Hm? This is…” Zhongli Sanmei’s attention was piqued.

This is bad.


The purple-clothed woman’s eyes widened, her pupils contracted.

Chen Mo drew the saber. Heaven and Earth seemed to be severed by this slash, of saber-light that could penetrate to the bone. This attack surprisingly had the ancient feeling of something from time immemorial. “Hè!!!” The woman shouted, maneuvering her sword, but it was already too late.

A saber light that glowed like white snow cut past her arm. Even with her purple qi defenses, the powerful force upon the saber was nevertheless sufficient to push her away from her original position.

Her figure slid backwards, finally coming to a stop after several dozen meters.

The purple-clothed woman looked incredulously at the wound on her shoulder. Her purple garb was torn, revealing snow-white skin and a deep sword wound.

Chen Mo landed atop the Bagua Array. The lines of the Bagua on the ground promptly vanished.

Northern Dipper’s saber-light was chilling.

Astonishingly, it was a Yellow Rank.

Ice Breaker Snow Slicer.

“You…To think that you would…” The purple-clothed woman stored her sword back into nothingness, and the ice-cold feelings in her eyes abated. “Your Servant has lost!”

“You let me win. It’s all thanks to my wife’s pointers.” Chen Mo glanced at Zhongli Sanmei.

The woman in purple naturally understood that he said this only to give Zhongli Sanmei back a bit of face. She had not interest in bothering about this sort of matter, saying: “As of this moment, he is your new boss.”


All of Eldest Sister Peak’s people had yet to recollect themselves from this.


“You can’t just lose like this.”

“This man cheated!”

All of Eldest Sister Peak’s people were defiant, completely unwilling to accept that a Star General was subdued by a warrior.

The purple-clothed woman said to Chen Mo: “If they are disobedient, you may kill them.”

When she said this, the others were slack jawed, not expecting that she would give up so cleanly.

Chen Mo swept his gaze over those people who were indignant a moment ago. At this time, these people did not dare utter a single word, however, when even the Star General was wholeheartedly convinced, there was nothing wrong with acknowledging allegiance to him. On the contrary, to be able to serve such a person was very glorious. The bandits found every pretext they could, very quickly accepting the situation before their eyes. 

The purple-clothed woman turned and walked away.

Chen Mo strode over, walking beside her. The woman was very unhappy that someone was so close to her. Her killing intent moved, but she suddenly recalled her promise from before and curbed her displeasure.

“What business have you now, can it be that you want to make Your Servant swear fealty to you?”

“To make you swear fealty, I fear you’re not going to give me any face and instead draw another circle on the ground.” Chen Mo was very understanding of her thought process.

The purple-clothed woman spared him no glance as she walked straight towards a cave.

“You still haven’t told me your Star Name.”

“Surname Murong, given name Chui.” The purple-clothed woman spoke.1

Chen Mo carefully thought this over, immediately recalling this name’s history. In his heart, he was slightly flabbergasted. Murong Chui, an outstanding general and statesman from the Jin’s Sixteen Kingdoms period, who founded the Later Yan and restored the Yan Clan. In his generation, he was nicknamed a “God of War.”

Although she fell short of astounding rulers like Liu Xiu, Liu Bang, Li Shimin, and Zhu Yuanzhuang, to be among the Purple Rose Qi Star Generals showed she was a formidable character nonetheless. He never expected to encounter her in the Tail Fire Star Field.

“An exchange of blows may lead to friendship. Stating your true name is a sign of sincerity.” Chen Mo said: “Your Servant is Chen Mo.”

“Chen Mo…” Murong Chui stopped in her tracks and looked at him in astonishment. It was very obvious that she had heard of his name before.

“The son of Lord Chang’an.” Chen Mo said.

“So you are the one who composed Hanshan Asks Shide?” Murong Chui said in surprise.

Chen Mo nodded.

Murong Chui’s eyes clearly showed a fleeting instant of surprise, but she very quickly calmed down and recovered her customary indifferent expression. “So it is you, the famous fourth young master of Lord Chang’an. You are known as the head of Chuan Province. Why take an interest in a bunch of bandits. If you wanted to subjugate, you could have just issued an order.”

“You could say this is one of my bad hobbies, one that I don’t really want people to know about.” Chen Mo smiled.

Murong Chui glanced pensively at Zhongli Sanmei, who was currently integrating Eldest Peak’s bandits: “Is that so…”

As he watched her take a few more steps to leave.

Chen Mo pursued: “You still haven’t told me your True Name.”


“Murong Yanzi? Hm, a good name, from now on, I’ll call you Little Swallow.”3 Chen Mo said.

“Chen Mo, what did you talk to her about?” Zhongli Sanmei ordered the Jia Brothers to integrate Eldest Sister Peak as she herself walked over.

Chen Mo then relayed the conversation just now.

“So she was actually ‘Scion Of The Later Yan’ Murong Chui!” Zhongli Sanmei had heard of this Star Name before, “To lose at her hand is not disgraceful.”

“But I never imagined you would be able to repel her.” Zhongli Sanmei looked Chen Mo up and down: “It looks like a lot of things happened at Nan Jiang.”

“Are you worried about me?” Chen Mo blinked, eager to hear her answer.

Zhongli Sanmei twitched her mouth and disdainfully siad: “Don’t let it get to your head just because you comprehended one single Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow. Back when This King fought her, she used two Yellow Ranks in order to defeat This King.”

“So strong.” Chen Mo nodded.

“Forget about her. Let’s go and look inside the cave first, completely assemble thie Five Finger Mountain Chant.” With the court examination already imminent, Chen Mo was somewhat impatient.

In the furthest reaches of the cave.

“Scion Of The Later Yan” Murong Yanzi was currently meditating. When she saw Chen Mo, Zhongli Sanmei and the others enter, she was not at all alarmed.

“Is your wound urgent?” Chen Mo was very apologetic as he looked at that injury.

“It is fine. It appears you also know of the secret of the ‘Five Finger Spirit Mountain.'” 

“Five Finger Spirit Mountain? That’s the name of this ability?” Chen Mo nodded.

The stone tablet this time was different from the ones before. This one was like an enormous Five Finger Mountain. Ning Xiaoyuan stepped forward and carefully inspected it. Chen Mo asked: “Lady Yanzi, why would you be together with these bandits? Can it be you also came for the Five Finger Mountain?”

“There are five ‘Five Elements Grounds,’ and this place has Immemorial Spirit Mountain qi that can help Your Servant’s cultivation.”

No wonder her cultivation progressed so quickly in such a short time.

The Book Of Casting had once mentioned that Star Generals relied on the Five Elements in order to cultivate. Each Star General had their own element, and a particular one of the Five Elements Spirit Qi could stimulate even stronger power from a Star General. Some Five Elements Spirit Qi could even accelerate a Star General’s cultivation.

“So long as Lady Yanzi is willing, you can stay in this place to cultivate as you please.” Chen Mo said.

Very quickly, Ning Xiaoyuan organized all the information regarding the Five Finger Mountain ability that they had gathered from the peaks. The result left Chen Mo very disappointed.

Even when they gathered all the immemorial records, the ability was still incomplete.

“We’ve gathered everything, why is this still incomplete.” Ning Xiaoyuan said: “Can it be one passage has already been destroyed?”

“Since this is Five Finger Mountain, can there be another portion split off onto a fifth peak?” Zhongli Sanmei guessed.

Ning Xiaoyuan said: “But there’s only four here.”

“Maybe it’s buried in another cave. Let’s send people to go look for it.”

“Four Ladies Mountain is so huge, we won’t make it in time.”

“Chen Mo, what do you think?”

Chen Mo was currently staring fixedly at the Five Finger Mountain picture depicted upon the mountain wall. In his mind, he saw what Four Ladies Mountain looked like from above. The four mountains each faced one another. Fourth Sister Peak was meandering, Third Sister Peak was towering, Second Sister Peak was majestic, and Eldest Sister Peak was gorgeous. Each had their own distinct characteristic.

“Fuck, why didn’t I think of this earlier.” Chen Mo suddenly facepalmed.

“What did you think of?” The girls glanced at him.

“I probably know where the last record of the Five Finger Mountain ability is.” Chen Mo smiled.

“Huh? You thought of it just like that?”

Whoa, this was too fast.

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  1. 慕容垂 Oh, man, this could have turned into one of those otome palace intrigue stories.
  2. 晏紫
  3. 燕子, a pun on both her True Name and the dynasty that the real life Murong Chui was part of.

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