Chapter 143: Extraordinary Action

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Everyone was startled.

Nobody had noticed amidst the commotion that a young man had suddenly revolted and caught Tang Lun’s strike, paying no particular mind to the might of the Thunder Tribulation cultivator.

Only then did the rest of them carefully examine Chen Mo, and for the moment, they were incomparably astonished.

Tang Lun had long paid attention to Chen Mo. That day when he was deterred by Chen Mo had cost him significant face, and in his heart, he brooded all this time, suffering from the pent up emotion. After he noticed Chen Mo in the Delicious Fill Restaurant, he had the thought to take revenge. In truth, a prince like Tang Lun already had a private booth particular to high nobility, but he specifically came to bring Chen Mo trouble, to teach Chen Mo a lesson and take back face.

When Chen Mo intervened, he actually was relieved.

Although this young man’s techniques were bizarre, Tang Lun recalled that he had a Thunder Tribulation cultivator as overwatch, and his chest instantly swelled with confidence. “This idiot is also an accomplice of this madman. You shield his crime of slandering Princess Yanyu’s reputation. If today you kneel and admit wrongdoing, Your Servant shall let you go.”

“Commandant Xinghai, I think this is a misunderstanding.” Luo Sheng’s expression was pale.

Pang Xinghai1 was directly subordinate to the Tang Imperial Court while Luo Sheng was a subordinate of Lord Chang’an, and the two of them were not part of the same faculty either. Even Pang Xinghai was aware that His Imperial Majesty was dissatisfied with Lord Chang’an, and he himself harbored no good will towards Luo Sheng. “What is there to misunderstand, hasn’t he already admitted to it?”

“This young man covers for his accomplice in slandering the Princess. This is a crime that cannot be pardoned. In consideration that you are juren, young and inexperienced, you will be excused if you admit your mistake today. Otherwise, do not blame the ruthlessness of martial law.” Pang Xinghai firmly said.

Luo Sheng hastily seized Xiang Feichen, muttering something to him.

“Presumably everyone here feels the same.” Tang Lun complacently said.

The others nodded in agreement. The current peerless genius Jiang Yanyu was very admirable. No one would ever believe that she would hide her age for a trifling Divine Warrior Examination. WIth her talent, even if she in the one four years ago, she could still play a prominent role in the Divine Warrior Examination.

Tang Lun looked at Chen Mo even more complacently, as if victory was at hand.

“Ridiculous and pitiful.” Chen Mo suddenly shook his head.

“You refuse?” Tang Lun was disdainful.

“Jiang Yanyu’s talent is undoubtedly outstanding, but to see you treat her like some saintess and not allow others to question her is honestly ridiculous.”

Chen Mo’s sympathetic gaze infuriated Tang Lun. “You brat, what did you say!”

“To be capable of defeating a Thunder Tribulation warrior before she is twenty, this level of talent is unprecedented in the Tail Fire Star Field. They say that Jiang Province once had the auspicious scene of ‘three thousand droplets of drizzle, luan spreads its wings.’ This perhaps is an omen of Jiang Yanyu’s talent from birth, but my brother’s thinking is not strange either. At most, he is unreconciled or a bit envious…But you…Are you a dog at Jiang Yanyu’s side?

“Protecting her everywhere, not allowing anyone to be skeptical. A clear conscience will laugh in the face of false accusations, but you jumping out like this seems to show that you have something on your conscience. As a warrior, you are also pitiful.” Chen Mo coldly said.

“Y-y-you dare speak of me in such a way!”  Tang Lun’s eyes widened, steam billowing out of his ears from the anger. He thought that he had already occupied the highest place in public opinion. How could he have thought that this brat would be so crafty, to surprisingly downplay and reverse the situation. It was like he had stepped on a rake.

This was the first time that Tang Lun, who had lived like a prince since he was young, had ever been spoken of so unpleasantly. He burned with fury.

“How bold, to actually dare speak of King Baisha’s heir like he’s a dog.”

“And what are you then!”

“Courting death!!”

Tang Lun’s companions joined together in opposition to Chen Mo, baring their teeth.

The spectating warriors vaguely felt what Chen Mo said was wrong, but they also felt his words were somewhat logical. For the time being, they could not retort. They all pensively nodded. 

“This is reasonable, Princess Yanyu is so talented.”

Luo Sheng and Xiang Feichen were both dumbstruck. Luo Sheng whispered, “Where did you meet this friend, he is too silver-tongued, to surprisingly change our side to the one that stands righteous in an instant.”

“Nonsense, that you dare slander Princess Yanyu means you also slander me. Today, I must teach you a lesson on behalf of the Princess.” Tang Lun roared in anger, his heart filled with the impulse to break Chen Mo’s corpse into tens of thousands of pieces.

He was at Two Flowers Gathered Overhead. He breathed, spreading his arms like a white crane about to take flight, lunging with his whole body.

This movement instantly splintered the surrounding tableware. Space seemingly locked tight around Chen Mo as a powerful aura radiated from Tang Lun’s arms, slashing like two sabers.

This “White Crane Revealing Wings” was a first-rate martial art of the white crane form. Whether it was in speed or attack power, he was impeccably perfect. His fluidity was comparable in beauty to his mother’s Crane Dancing Over White Sands.

His surrounding companions all praised him, and even Pang Xinghai the Thunder Tribulation cultivator also inwardly nodded.

Chen Mo remained unfazed. To him, Tang Lun’s White Crane Revealing Wings was no better than a bluff. Without even taking a step, Chen Mo’s hands moved according to the Taiji, using Gen Overturned Bowl.

A brute force directly trapped Tang Lun’s white crane mimicry wing attack. Chen Mo then punched, catching the incoming power like a bowl.

Tang Lun’s expression changed enormously. He changed from attack to defense. Against the trapped forced, he transitioned to a jab, avoiding the murderous aura with power that was indiscriminate in its destruction. He attacked again, this time with the White Crane Form’s strongest martial art, the “Crane To Western Paradise.” This technique bore significant backlas. Under everyone’s gazes in this large hall, Tang Lun did not want to be defeated in one blow by a seemingly bookish youth, no matter what. To him, as the progeny of King Baisha, this would practically be the greatest shame.

But he faced Chen Mo.

A warrior who had once traded life and death blows with a Star General.

Chen Mo threw his shoulders. The Taiji’s complete force emerged, instantly dissolving Tang Lun’s counterattack. He put force into his body, using Kan Center Full through his arms.

The attack that was as fluid as water immediately ensnared Tang Lun’s Crane To Western Paradise. Tang Lun’s Immortal Crane Form instantly struggled incessantly, as if he had fallen into water. His chest hurt from being stifled. Tang Lun had no way to resist and was repelled.

Pang Xinghai was quick with his reactions, extending his hand to grab the repelled Tang Lun, averting humiliation. But everyone present was a seasoned warrior. Anyone with eyesight could discern that this prince of King Baisha was practically unable to hold his own in the slightest.

“Just who the hell are you.” Tang Lun’s expression slightly changed.

“Your Distinguished Self’s martial art appears to be super first-rate. Does this mean you are determined to shield your companion?” Pang Xinghai coldly said.

“It looks like you also think of Jiang Yanyu as a saintess. Is an outsider not allowed to doubt?” Chen Mo seemingly smiled.

“What the hell are you, you dare call the Princess directly by name.” Although he had experienced Chen Mo’s easy defeat of Tang Lun, Pang Xinghai was disdainful nonetheless. In his eyes, even a Three Flowers Gathered Overhead who was as practiced as a Saint of War was no match for him. Seeing Chen Mo humiliate Tang Lun, his own mind already had the idea to teach a lesson. Just when he was worried he would have no opportunity, he heard the disrespect in Chen Mo’s words and immediately seized the hilt of his blade, shouting. Tremendous intent shot all over the place like a tidal wave. All warriors’ bodies stiffened, promptly feeling the terror of this Commandant of Exemplary Arms.

“And what the hell are you, to dare be impudent to me.” Chen Mo was blunt, speaking coldly.

Pang Xinghai was not angry but smiled instead. This was the first time a warrior had ever dared to speak to him like this. Even if this was not for Tang Lun’s face, just based on this brat’s attitude, Pang Xinghai wanted him to pay the price. Not even a court examination juren should think he could escape.

Pang Xinghai gestured, and a set of more than ten Flying Swords soared.

“Sword Chant!”

Gasps echoed in the restaurant.

The Sword Chant ability of a Thunder Tribulation cultivator was far, far more powerful than a warrior’s martial arts. This was comparable to a warrior resisting a sword. No matter how powerful they were, they could not possibly contend against a weapon.

The restaurant owner was terrified, saying to Chen Mo: “Friend, please admit your mistake.”

“A cultivator’s Sword Chant. In that case, I too, want to experience it. If I can’t get past even you, how can I possibly challenge Jiang Yanyu.” Chen Mo did not concede at all.

“Stubborn!!” Pang Xinghai coldly said, his Divine Intent moving.

The dozen Flying Swords became a golden stream of light, like a golden anaconda. The sword-light flashed, nearly blinding everyone’s eyes. A golden sword-light then twisted towards Chen Mo.

Chen Mo did not dare underestimate it. He released all his power, his Three Flowers Gathered Overhead, blending them well.

“Impossible, a Saint Of War!!”

“To think he is a Saint Of War!!”

“He is a Saint Of War!”

Amidst the amazement, Tang Lun was struck dumb, not having expected Chen Mo to surprisingly be Three Flowers Gathered Overhead, the Saint Of War Realm that combined spirit and flesh. A warrior may have Three Flowers, but Three Flowers Gathered Overhead was not a level that just anyone could reach. It required the warrior to have powerful mentality, experience, and fortune to be able to reach a true unity of spirit and body. Saint Of War level warriors were practically existences that brought their bodies and martial arts to their peak. Once a Saint Of War, the warrior’s martial arts could even trade a couple blows with a Star General. Even warriors as powerful as Pang Xinghai who had entered Thunder Tribulation with ample experience did not reach this level. Of course, even without Saint Of War Realm, the powerful magic energy after reaching Thunder Tribulation was still an enormous advantage over a Saint Of War.

The abilities of a Thunder Tribulation cultivator often were placed above martial arts.

Although it was very surprising that Chen Mo was able to enter Saint Of War Realm at such a young age, Pang Xinghai was proved himself worthy as a veteran Commandant of Exemplary Arms one step away from making general. He immediately composed himself, urging on his Sword Chant.

The sword-light was like a serpent, lunging down.

Chen Mo attacked with his fists, each punch shockingly bearing the Bagua’s punch-intent, their level excellent. The Bagua punch-intent was heavy, like an array that entangled the incoming Sword Chant completely, but this was far from enough to handle a Thunder Tribulation cultivator.

Pang Xinghai’s figure moved, and the swords suddenly became one enormous blade in his hand. The man swung his sword down, suddenly cutting Chen Mo’s Bagua punch-intent to pieces.

Chen Mo activated the Northern Dipper Great Overflow, spilling forth his spiritual power as he swept Northern Dipper over.

The Northern Dipper hidden under the Wind Concealment Divine Stone exploded with a force that seemed to overflow the Heavens, directly shaking off Pang Xinghai’s Sword Chant suppression. It met the incoming slash of the giant sword with great ease.

Pang Xinghai sneered in his mind. The warrior used his weapon to block it. Unless it was a high casted Star Weapon, this was otherwise a joke. Just as he was cut apart Chen Mo’s weapon, he suddenly discovered that the Sword Chant was unable to slice through it.

Pang Xinghai was taken aback. This is bad.

The Sword Chant promptly changed and drew a sword array to attack Chen Mo.

The greatest power of a Sword Chant was its limitless transformations, but this required the Divine Intent control of a cultivator. Oftentimes, they were not as comfortable to use as a weapon, which could be as fluid as one’s own arm, but against a Saint Of War’s attack, this was still a fatal weakness.

In that instant his Sword Chant transformed, Chen Mo used the Bowl Steps and the Northern Dipper Great Overflow, smashing the iron staff into him without leaving an opening.

This blow shattered Pang Xinghai’s protective golden armor to smithereens. The man had just barely used an ability to evade at the last moment, but he was still unable to avoid Northern Dipper’s excessive might that directly swept him into the wall, knocking him about in an unsightly manner.

Chen Mo swept again, knocking down the Flying Swords. Without the cultivator’s Divine Intent support, these Flying Swords were nothing more than a bluff.

Everyone was stunned, not daring to believe this.

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