Chapter 144: The Return That Shocked Chang’an

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The Delicious Fill Pavilion sank into a deathly silence. The self-righteous warriors who came to dine were all enormously proud of their successes on the eve of the court examination. They were eager to set begin. The distinguished jinshi from every major region of the Great Chong Dynasty were all among the most outstanding. Even a character like Princess Yanyu was described as a once in a century genius. At the very least, she had a chance at zhuangyuan, but bangyan and tanhua were also good.1 

But what was this situation in front of them?

A warrior who was no more than sixteen or seventeen had unexpectedly struck down on the spot with a single punch a cultivator operating a sword chant.

This was simply abnormal.

Everyone’s mouths hung agape, astounded by the scene that unfolded before their eyes.

Pang Xinghai’s pained groans roused Tang Lun’s group from their stupefied stares. This prince of King Baisha was about to blow his top. He pointed at Chen Mo and malevolently said: “You have guts, to unexpectedly dare injure an officer of the imperial family inside Chang’an. This is an act of rebellion…”

Chen Mo coldly looked at him.

Tang Lun’s words immediately were swallowed back down in fear.

This brat was too abnormal, to surprisingly be capable of defeating a Thunder Tribulation cultivator. Could it be he was concealing his cultivation? At this time, there was a din outside the pavilion. A crowd of golden armored Black Turtle Imperial Guards charged in with their golden blades and cavalry.

Once he saw them, Tang Lun’s expression showed joy.

“Imperial Bodyguard Zhan,2 quickly seize this rebel.”

The leader, Imperial Bodyguard Zhan, had high cultivation at Three Flowers Gathered Overhead. The several dozen other imperial bodyguards alongside him were all at this Realm. If there truly was a fight, Tang Lun believed these guards of the imperial palace perhaps were no match either, but this was not important. As long as this guy dared to make a move against the imperial guard, that would serve as evidence for a charge of rebellion. By then, he would be enemies with the entire imperial family.

No matter how abnormal he was, it was impossible for one man to contend against a hundred Thunder Tribulation cultivators.

Tang Lun showed a complacent expression.

The other spectating warriors could not help but shake their heads, feeling pity for Chen Mo for the pending situation. To be targeted by the imperial guard, this youth would perhaps be crippled.

Imperial Bodyguard Zhan’s group looked at the unconscious leader and flew into a rage as they stared at Chen Mo. “How bold of you, to humiliate the imperial palace’s guard. Seize him.” The dozen bodyguards carried out their orders, not hesitating at all to lunge forth.

As the others thought, this Imperial Bodyguard Zhan felt that anyone under the Son of Heaven’s rule who dared to oppose the imperial guard was truly suicidal. When the dozen bodyguards cruelly grabbed at the brat, Imperial Bodyguard Zhan was in the middle of pondering how to torture this brat. But nobody expected that Chen Mo would instantly lash out with a punch. The Bagua punch-intent thundered, like a mountain collapsing.

One imperial bodyguard was sent flying out of the restaurant by the attack.

This sudden change made everyone surprised at the turn of events.

Impossible, this young man unexpectedly dared to act against the imperial guard. This was making enemies of the imperial family. All of the warriors present were frozen.

“You would actually dare resist.” Even Imperial Bodyguard Zhan was taken aback.

“Are you making laws up?” Chen Mo narrowed his eyes.

“A jinshi dares to be so savage!” Imperial Bodyguard Zhan viciously shouted. He took out a talisman that floated into the air. This talisman transformed into a ray of light and instantly vanished.

This was a Sound Transmission Talisman. Generally, they were used to issue orders, but Imperial Bodyguard Zhan realized he was outmatched and called for an expert.

“Do not let him escape.”

The dozens of imperial bodyguards surrounded Chen Mo. Although they glowered at him, none of them dared to make a move. Pang Xinghai’s state was still in their eyes.

Chen Mo leisurely sat down, pouring himself a cup of tea and drinking it.

“Brother, you make it look so easy.” Xiang Feichen laughed aloud, sitting together with him. This man was a hero, knowing that Chen Mo had stirred up trouble and brought attention to himself for his sake. He did not arouse suspicion on Luo Sheng, naturally drinking together with Chen Mo.

The scene had become very odd.

Chen Mo and Xiang Feichen slowly drank and chatted with the imperial palace’s guard in their surroundings, glaring daggers at this bright and happy scene.

Tang Lun did not understand where this brat’s boldness came from. Could it be he truly believed he was capable of contesting the imperial guard? In Chang’an, the imperial guard was representative of the imperial family’s face. A warrior dared to not give the imperial family face?

Pang Xinghai was roused by Imperial Bodyguard Zhan. The moment this Thunder Tribulation cultivator was clear-headed, he stamped in fury, “Bastard, where did that brat go, This Father will rip him apart.”


Imperial Bodyguard Zhan hinted with his eyes.

When Pang Xinghai saw that Chen Mo was surprisingly still drinking tea, terrifyingly calm and composed, this Commandant of Exemplary Arms also immediately cooled his temper enormously. That their counterpart could be so secure in the backing behind him, perhaps this was not merely as simple as having extraordinary strength. “Prince, do you know this brat’s identity?” Pang Xinghai walked beside Tang Lun and lowered his voice. As His Majesty the Prince, he would clearly know about the Great Chong Dynasty’s top officials.

Tang Lun pursed his lips. He was no fool, having also noticed that something was not right, but he racked his brains and still was unable to figure out who Chen Mo was.3

This person did not seem to be among the Great Chong Dynasty’s young masters.

Furthermore, to be able to contend against the imperial guard in Chang’an, even the prince did not dare. Nay, there was one person who was able to call forth the wind and summon the rain in Chang’an, and that was none other than Lord Chang’an, Chang’an City’s master. However, Lord Chang’an’s two Young Masters Qi and Lin and the Flying Luan Princess were too old compared to this boy. “Let us wait and see. For the time being, act according to regulations.” Tang Lun stared at Chen Mo and smiled insincerely.

Pang Xinghai also felt this was good enough.

A Three Flowers warrior was able to defeat him, who had Thunder Tribulation cultivator. This brat’s martial arts were not only super first-rate, he may have other unfathomable abilities. Pang Xinghai’s eyes glinted coldly.

“Brother Chen Mo, this incident is because of me. Next, I’ll cover for you.” Xiang Feichen drank wine as he pondered how to break out of the encirclement.

His seriousness somewhat touched Chen Mo. “No need, there isn’t any need to mind something so trivial.”


Xiang Feichen forced a smile, “Even though I don’t know where Brother Chen Mo’s confidence comes from, offending the imperial guard isn’t something trivial. In Chang’an, other than Lord Chang’an himself, no one would dare oppose His Imperial Majesty’s imperial army.”

“And Chang’an Mansion should be alarmed now.”

On Chang’an’s Black Turtle Street, the imperial guard were all mobilizing. The leader of this dozen of Thunder Tribulation cultivators was on a riding sword, arrogant and overbearing as he flew towards the Delicious Fill Pavilion. All of the commoner residents were put on edge by the intimidating atmosphere, hiding in their houses.

The atmosphere was extremely murderous all of a sudden.

Boom, boom.

Thundering footsteps echoed from outside, drawing the gazes of everyone in the Delicious Fill Pavilion.

This look immediately made the youngsters present gasp, chills shoot straight through their whole bodies.

Close to a hundred imperial bodyguards already surrounded the Delicious Fill Pavilion. These imperial guards gripped weapons, their murderous gazes making these warriors keep quiet out of fear. The legs of some of the less courageous even buckled from fright.

“The Black Turtle Imperial Guard is enforcing the law, all bystanders step back.”

A Thunder Tribulation cultivator yelled out in a low voice. Following his words, a dozen Thunder Tribulation cultivators walked into the Delicious Fill Restaurant together.

“The Black Turtle Imperial Guard actually mobilized nearly half their forces.”

“Oh, Heavens, this is going too far.”

“He is so screwed.”

Everyone was alarmed.

The imperial family had the Four Great Imperial Guards, the Vermilion Bird, Black Turtle, Azure Dragon, and White Tiger. Each of these imperial guard corps were composed of four hundred fifty warriors whose power the imperial family had absolute confidence in. Half of these imperial guards were tasked with defending the imperial city, so it was extremely rare to see a majority of the guard mobilizing.

A broad-chested and thick-browed man stepped forth. This man was none other than the leader, conferred the title Black Turtle Supreme General by the court, Wang Sizhong,4 one of the few people in Chang’an with military authority.

Wang Sizhong’s steps were like boulders, each footfall bringing extremely great pressure. The Delicious Fill Restaurant was deathly silent.

“What happened that you would actually activate the Black Turtle Fire Talisman!”

Wang Sizhong expressionlessly stared at Imperial Bodyguard Zhan and Pang Xinghai.

“Lord Supreme General, this child flouted the law and slandered the Princess. He even injured me and other law enforcers.” Pang Xinghai promptly said.

“He injured you?” Wang Sizhong wrinkled his brow.

Pang Xinghai lowered his head, not daring to make eye contact.

Wang Sizhong looked to Chen Mo. Spotting the two Three Flowers warriors, he knit his brow. Then he nonchalantly said: “Arrest these two and send them to the imperial prison. Await His Imperial Majesty’s decision.”

The dozen Thunder Tribulation cultivators stirred restlessly. Should Chen Mo show the slightest sign of a suspicious move, they would immediately release their killing intent.

Xiang Feichen was already unable to say anything more in the face of the dozen Thunder Tribulation cultivator. Chen Mo took a deep breath, dispelling the invisible pressure.

“You’re the ones who will be arrested if you apprehend me.” Chen Mo set down the cup, his tone as cold as ice.

Pang Xinghai, Tang Lun, and the others stared. This was the first time they had seen a warrior so adamant even at death’s door.

“You disobeyed the law in Chang’an and injured my subordinate. Do you still want to resist?” Wang Sizhong was very indifferent. If Chen Mo resisted him, he was prepared to take action to apprehend the boy.

Wang Sizhong had Great Thunder Tribulation cultivation. Handling a Three Flowers warrior was as easy as turning over his hand.

Hearing him say so, Imperial Bodyguard Zhan immediately prepared to be the first to take revenge on Chen Mo’s prior conduct. Just at this moment, there was an even greater clamor from the crowd. A group of long-robed warriors carrying long sabers slipped in like fishes. A third ring of imperial guardsmen had now surrounded them.

“The Long Saber Guard?”

“Chang’an Mansion’s Long Saber Army!”

“Why has Lord Chang’an joined in.”

The people present witnessed an unbelievable development.

Tang Lun and the others stopped their movements and looked over at the same time. A handsome yet slovenly young man strode forth. He had hardly stepped forward when he broke into curses: “Wang Sizhong, you dare apprehend a person from my Chen Family. Did you really believe I wouldn’t apprehend you?”

“Chen Lin!”

When Wang Sizhong saw this man’s identity, he wrinkled his brow for the moment. Chen Lin was Chang’an Mansion’s Second Young Master, an absolute hero. Although he was merely at the Sixth Layer of Lesser Thunder Tribulation, who in Chang’an would dare disrespect him?

“Young Master Chen Lin, do you wish to oppose His Imperial Majesty? Our Black Turtle Imperial Guard is handling the situation. Young Master Chen Lin, do you want to interfere?” Wang Sizhong was displeased.

“Handling the situation? Who gave you the courage to handle the situation to the point you overrule my Chen Family.” Chen Lin seemingly smiled.

Overrule the Chen Family?

Everyone noticed the meaning in his words and looked to Chen Mo, confused.

“What relationship does this person have with your Chen Family? According to what I know, your Chang’an Mansion does not have such a character.” Tang Lun said.

Chen Lin gave them an exasperated expression that said, These fucking idiots. He directly walked in front of Chen Mo and sat down, carefully scrutinizing him. Then, his smile was increasingly energetic. “Chen Mo, why didn’t you invite your big brother out for tea?”

“You’re here now, aren’t you?” Chen Mo smiled. “Second Brother!”

“What, Second Brother?”

“No way, he’s from Chang’an Mansion!”

Everyone was shocked.

Tang Lun, Pang Xinghai, Wang Sizhong and the others stared at Chen Mo in disbelief.

“Would this person perhaps be Chang’an Mansion’s Fourth Young Lord?”

Wang Sizhong hesitantly asked.

“You imbeciles, open your eyes wide for This Father and remember clearly. This is my Fourth Brother, Chen Mo, Chang’an Mansion’s Fourth Young Lord. The Black Turtle Imperial Guard has overstepped its authority. Must I speak to His Imperial Majesty regarding your lack of discipline and control?” Chen Lin struck the table, his tone extremely detached yet full of dissatisfaction.

The imperial court’s bodyguards had acted against Chang’an Mansion. The consequences of this crime were not light.

Imperial Bodyguard Zhang’s group promptly cupped their fists and admitted wrongdoing: “We greet Your Highness Chen Mo. Subordinates had eyes but did not see. We plead for your forgiveness!”

Pang Xinghai’s expression was unsightly to the extreme – this brat who defeated him was surprisingly that legendary trash young master. This was the biggest joke in the world.

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  1. First, second, and third places, respectively
  2. 展侍衛
  3. Not a surprise since Chen Mo was in exile for a decade.
  4. 王思忠


  1. it’s funny how the several law enforcement agencies in what is supposed to be the most developed city in the Tail Star Field behave generally like Triads, instead. Arrest, beat up, anything goes so long as you belong to the right mafia, I mean house.

    Thanks for the translation!

    1. Yeah, it’s really funny how a prince can point at someone and say “get that guy,” only to have the equivalent of a duke’s son intervene and say “no touch.”

      There really is some intense factional dispute going down.

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