Chapter 145: Yanyu’s Hidden Sword

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“Does Chang’an Mansion’s Fourth Young Master have the qualifications to question Jiang Yanyu or not?”

“Yes, yes, of course.”

“Then do you have the qualifications to be dissatisfied with my Fourth Brother’s doubts?”

“Ye…No, Your Servant absolutely does not dare.”

“Who was about to make an arrest just a moment ago?”

“They all had eyes but were blind. To not have recognized Young Master Chen Mo, we ask Young Master Chen Lin for forgiveness.”

The Delicious Fill Restaurant’s main hall put on a dialogue that left people between laughter and tears.

General Wang Sizhong, one of the people in Chang’an with the most military power and head of the Black Turtle Imperial Guard, was currently bowing and bending at the knee to a young man, smiling apologetically. This famous Thunder Tribulation cultivator overflowed with cold sweat under Chen Lin’s forceful interrogation. This actually made Tang Lun and the others look on in disbelief. As a Supreme General, Wang Sizhong was more clear than others on Chang’an’s situation. Currently, Emperor Tang Mingshi and Lord Chang’an Chen Zhangtian were already locked in an undercurrent. He did not want to be seized by Lord Chang’an and become a sacrifice.

At any rate, Chen Mo was not the sort to be overly obsessed. When the other person was bowing so sincerely, Chen Mo did not bother about this any further.

“Then we shall not disturb Your Highness’ meal.”

Wang Sizhong excused himself. He waved his hand, and the Black Turtle Imperial Guard immediately withdrew from the restaurant. “Your Servant did not think you would surprisingly be Your Highness Chen Mo. Tang Lun truly is blind to actually not have recognized you. Please do not mind Your Servant’s indiscretion. In this Divine Warrior Examination, Your Highness will surely be able to compete against Princess Yanyu.” Tang Lun forced a smile came over and bowed politely.

“Not at all, Prince Tang Lun. If you want to bully someone around in the future, make sure you open your eyes wide. Otherwise, you would truly be blind.” Chen Mo seemed to smile.

Tang Lun laughed and nodded, “Your Servant shall definitely remember this. To apologize for today’s affair, I shall pay for your meal.”

“No need. This is the first time in so many years that my Fourth Brother has returned to Chang’an. Is there any need for an outsider to pay. But I appreciate the kindness.” Chen Lin set down the porcelain cup and declined without any sign of politeness.

Tang Lun sneered, bringing his henchman along in an immediate departure from the Delicious Fill Pavilion. He could not stand to remain in this place any longer.

Outside the Delicious Fill Pavilion, Pang Xinghai of the Black Turtle Imperial Guard was already waiting for him and asked: “Prince, is that actually Chen Mo the Cripple?”

Tang Lun shook his head, a bewildered expression upon his face as well.

He knew that Chang’an Mansion indeed had a fourth young lord. While Tang Lun did not have a recollection of what the boy was named, he heard his father once mention that this fourth young lord of Lord Chang’an was a cripple unable to circulate Qi-blood and was fundamentally incapable of martial arts. He remembered back then that his father had specially and happily held a banquet for many important guests to commemorate this misfortune.1

Chang’an Mansion’s three heirs were each giants among men. They were the envy of countless aristocrats and nobles, and now that a cripple finally emerged, that was an extremely pleasing event to them. Back then, many in the imperial court were in celebration.

But the events that occurred just then, that person named Chen Mo surprisingly defeated a Thunder Tribulation cultivator in one strike. If this fucker was a cripple, then the entire Great Chong Dynasty was very lacking in normalcy.

“Big Brother Xinghai, you really did not throw that fight just now?” Tang Lun was still not too willing to believe that this legendary trash was able to defeat a Thunder Tribulation cultivator so decisively.

Pang Xinghai’s complexion was ashen. A reply was clearly not needed.

If word got out that the renowned Black Turtle Imperial Guard’s Commandant of Exemplary Arms was defeated by a single Divine Warrior Examination jinshi before a crowd of watching eyes, this kind of humiliation would be very difficult to wipe away for the rest of his life. Only someone with a waterlogged brain would deliberately lose.

“If this brat returned to Chang’an with such great fanfare, then perhaps this was arranged by Chang’an Mansion. It looks like Lord Chang’an has made preparations.” Tang Lun sighed.

Perhaps Chen Mo’s name would shake Chang’an.

“But this is fine. Now that he has slandered Princess Yanyu, we can embellish the story to make Jiang Yanyu sort him out.” Tang Lun quickly brainstormed and inwardly sneered.

“Fourth Brother, why didn’t you say anything about your return. You should’ve let us pick you up, come on. Your Third Sister has wanted to see you all this time.” Chen Lin drank wine and asked.

“Elder Sister is alright?” Chen Mo remembered her with a fond smile.

“She wanted to go see you several times, but Father forbade it. Father didn’t want to implicate you in the vortex that is Chang’an.” Chen Lin said.

Chen Mo nodded in understanding. Although he had stayed in Azure Dragon Town up until now, he had heard word from his bodyguards about some of Chang’an’s affairs. Ever since a Star General, Huan Wen, appeared in the imperial court, the Tang Emperor intended to root out other powers. Lord Chang’an was naturally the one who bore the brunt of this.

“Fourth Brother, won’t you introduce this friend of yours?” Chen Lin looked at Xiang Feichen and smiled: “I’m Chen Mo’s Second Brother, Chen Lin.”

Xiang Feichen was left dumbstruck at Chen Mo’s identity, watching on all the while as the two brothers conversed, having completely not expected this seemingly unconventional young man was the Fourth Young Lord of the Great Chong Dynasty’s Chang’an Mansion. Upon hearing Chen Lin’s question, Xiang Feichen was somewhat overcautious. 

“I completely forgot. This is Xiang Feichen, a friend I made on the road.” Chen Mo introduced him.

“Your Servant is…Xiang Feichen…” After all, he was not even twenty years old. He was unable to be as collected as Chen Mo in the face of Chang’an Mansion’s Second Young Lord.

“A brother of Fourth Brother is also a brother of mine. No need to be so formal.” Chen Lin smiled.

“Your Highness Lin.”

At this moment, the shopkeeper reverently walked over, beaming from ear to ear.


Several waiters came carrying utterly fragrant dishes.

“These are Anchovy Wings and Twin Dragons Leaving Ocean. This Delicious Fill Pavilion brings these to calm Your Highness Mo’s nerves and refresh himself.” The shopkeeper said, trying to win favor.

Chen Lin smiled: “Sure, you are considerate. My Fourth Brother did not come to your Delicious Fill Pavilion in vain today.”

“From now on, Your Highness Mo is a distinguished guest of the Delicious Fill Restaurant. We shall wait upon you respectfully anytime.” The shopkeeper flattered.

Chen Mo waved his hand, hinting to him to leave.

“This guy actually can conduct himself.” Chen Lin looked at that shopkeeper’s figure, but it was unclear what thoughts lay behind Chen Lin’s eyes. “This Anchovy Wings and Twin Dragons Leaving Ocean are lavish meals specifically for the imperial court. Normally, you will need to let them know several days in advance to order them. Fourth Brother, today, you indeed have chanced upon fine food.”

Chen Mo ate a few mouthfuls when he abruptly sensed the spiritual power inside his body replenish. He realized this dish used high quality spirit grasses as seasoning, which surprisingly had the effect of increasing cultivation efficiency.

“Oh, right, Second Brother, there’s something I wanted to ask you.”

“What’s that?”

“Do you know Jiang Yanyu’s true age.” Chen Mo asked. “Xiang Feichen says he knows that Jiang Yanyu has already exceeded the age limit for the Divine Warrior Examination.”

“Really?” Chen Lin was taken aback.

Xiang Feichen solemnly vowed his certainty. “My father wouldn’t ever lie.”

“This is actually the first time I’ve heard about this. But if it’s true, my mind would actually be greatly relieved.”

Seeing his Second Brother Chen Lin smiled in schadenfreude, piquing Chen Mo’s interest. “Second Brother, from the looks of it, you’re very apprehensive of Jiang Yanyu?”

“This woman truly is a genius. We brothers are also considered unparalleled geniuses in the Great Chong Dynasty, and your Third Sister has the Flying Luan Sword Chant, her name spreading all over. She was a mere nineteen when she made zhuangyuan in the Divine Warrior Examination, but compared to Jiang Yanyu, she actually is nothing special.

“At most, she’s just Lesser Thunder Tribulation. Could she defeat a Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivator?” Chen Mo wrinkled his brow. He was nearly getting calluses on his ears from listening to stories about Jiang Yanyu, but he never expected that his own Second Brother, who was described as a genius, would be so impressed as well.

“What’s so special about defeating a Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivator, your Third Sister has the strength for this, too.” Chen Lin disagreed. With the support of their clan, countless magic weapons and abilities, a Greater Tribulation cultivator was not considered a formidable character. This was also why Wang Sizhong treated him so courteously.

“Then why?”

“I heard that Jiang Yanyu has caught the eye of a sect from the Inner Star Fields and has already been registered as a disciple.”

“The Inner Star Fields, a sect?” Xiang Feichen was astonished.

“The Inner Star Fields.” Chen Mo’s brow creased even more tightly. “Second Brother’s meaning is that she can contend against a Star General?”

Chen Lin solemnly nodded. A cultivator capable of facing off against a Star General could not be described simply as a genius. It was also no wonder he would be so impressed as well. However, if he came to know that Chen Mo had refined his experience from confronting Star Generals, what sort of expression would he make.

“Jiang Yanyu is in Chang’an right now. Her swordsmanship can be rated as uniquely breathtaking. When you’ve caused such a big ruckus, she’ll definitely remember you.”

“Fine. I also really want to see this legendary genius.” Chen Mo smiled.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about her. Fourth Brother, I heard that you’ve made quite the reputation for yourself in Changluo. Even Chen Huhao’s circle has been fixed into submission.” Chen Lin chuckled: “And now you’ve even defeated a Thunder Tribulation cultivator. It looks like you went through a lot. Tell it to Second Brother.”

“It’s a long story.”

“The longer it is, the more I’ll like it!”2

“I’ll take my time once we go back.”


Chang’an, Jiangnan Mansion.

A Suzhou-type garden.

The Competing Beauty Pavilion was a landscape in the garden of Prince Jiangnan’s mansion.3 The pavilion’s surrounding three to four mu of fields were each planted with hundreds of different flowers. Some had wild varieties, and even more had famous and precious breeds. They were planted crisscrossing each other, their heights irregular, their colors and densities all different. It brimmed with a natural feeling.

Every spring, the Competing Beauty Pavilion’s surrounding flowers would all bloom in full flower. Jade petals would flutter, and the falling flowers would be colorful and diverse

A young woman stood in the center of these gardens. She wore a silk skirt and shirt, donning a vest. Below her slender jade neck, there was a half-concealed sight as pure as white jade. Her waist had a simple belt, surprisingly unadorned. She had a pair of long and supple legs, exposed, and even her graceful lotus feet were soundless and alluring, issuing a captivating invitation.

Compared to those bare feet as untainted as lotus flowers, the young woman’s eyes were limpid and serene, as if shrouded in mist, full of mystery. Surprisingly, she gave off a terror that deterred  others from analyzing her any further.

The girl’s fingers were as beautiful as jade, slender and pure.

Jade petals covered the skies and sprinkled down. The girl’s hand moved, and the millions of flower petals in the garden all seemed to stop, surprisingly hovering in midair as if space itself had froze.

All of a sudden, a chilling killing intent attacked.

The girl’s finger pointed, seemingly raising three thousand droplets of drizzle to stop this cold killing intent.

“Jiang Yanyu, your sword-intent is increasingly pure. Others will all believe that your sword-intent is number one, but who can realize that your Hidden Sword Style is the most terrifying.”

A bright voice entered the gardens. Suddenly, the stagnant petals disintegrated like rain.

The woman who entered was, surprisingly, none other than the Great Chong Dynasty’s most famous Star General, Seven Stars Huan Wen.

And the slender, elegant woman comprehending sword-intent in the garden was precisely the genius warrior that everyone in the Great Chong Dynasty was talking about right now – Jiang Yanyu.

“Elder Sister Huan Wen, what is the matter, to have come without invitation.” Jiang Yanyu stepped delicately, as if walking in the rain.

“Don’t you know, Chang’an Mansion’s Chen Mo says you are hiding your age to participate in the Divine Warrior Examination. He views you as a rival.” Huan Wen said.

“Chen Mo?”

Jiang Yanyu thought for a moment and remembered who this was.

“That man who composed Hanshan Asks Shide?” The girl beautifully smiled: “I thought the person who composed words on the level of a Zen Classic would not be one to practice martial arts.”

“Hard to say, but he has defeated a Thunder Tribulation cultivator.”

“Then he is my rival.”

Jiang Yanyu stepped barefoot on the rainwater, charmingly smiling.

The Divine Warrior Examination was apparently a bit more interesting now.

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