Chapter 150: Always Waited For You To Come Home

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Generation after generation of people are born endlessly, year after year the moon shines upon the river continually.

We know not who the moon above the river waits for, but we see the long river sending water away.

Like white clouds fading into the distance, those young men leave behind women worried for their return.


River On A Spring Night had eighteen lines in total. When he read through the halfway point of “worried for their return,” Chen Mo deliberately stopped.

Everyone was already captivated by his long poem, and they were somewhat anxious he did not finish. Yu Youwei’s gaze looked on with hope and anticipation, but that was promptly broken with Chen Mo’s pause.

Chen Mo held up his hands: “Apologies, but I cannot remember the remaining half for the moment.”

Everyone, both men and women, let out a regretful sighs. They all felt that this had yet to be fully expressed.

“Fourth Brother, this poem is too good.” Chen Lin took the lead to cheer.

If the crown prince’s side could campaign, so could Chang’an Mansion. Therefore, the people on their side also praised him in succession, not being stingy with the compliments they issued about his poem.

“Lady Youwei, judge just whose poem was better.” Chen Mo chuckled as he glanced at Tang Feng.

Tang Feng’s complexion was ashen to a frightening degree. He had listened to this song for five years and used one year to research, but Chen Mo’s first line was able to make Yu Youwei stop her music. To him, this simply was a thrashing slap to the face. If he lost, then he would be the biggest laughingstock in Chang’an henceforth.

“Then please make your assessment, Lady Youwei.” Tang Feng feigned calm, but his appearance clearly betrayed his inner fury.

Everyone was creating a disturbance. Chen Lin’s side was full of jeers while the crown prince’s side was silent. From the moment Chen Mo recited his first line, it was already very obvious whose poem Yu Youwei liked more. But some people were indignant, sneering: “Chen Mo only did half. This is too disrespectful to Lady Youwei’s guzheng song.”

“Exactly, what does half a composition even count for.”

Yu Youwei showed Chen Mo the most gentle smile she ever made in her entire life: “Does Your Highness Chen Mo really not remember? It is somewhat a pity to not be able to hear the rest.”

“I don’t remember everything from the dream. I’ll add on the rest when I remember later. If Lady Youwei is not pleased, then there is no need to consider it further.” Chen Mo shrugged, unconcerned, a manner that did not care to curry her favor in the slightest.

Yu Youwei’s expression shifted slightly, but she very quickly recovered to gracefulness.

“Lady Youwei, what do you say, just who can enter the Profound Theory Courtyard.” Chen Lin shouted. He was very happy to see the crown prince sullen to death.

“Yes, Lady Youwei, just choose whichever one you like.”

“In the end, will it be what His Imperial Highness composed after five years of listening, or will it be what my Fourth Brother made after his first session that conforms to Lady Youwei’s heart.”

Yu Youwei smiled.

“His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince and His Highness Chen Mo’s poems each have their own merits. Youwei likes them both very much. If His Highness Chen Mo is able to completely right the whole poem, then Youwei can make a judgment.”

As the queen of flowers at the Intimate Friend Pavilion, one able to fascinate everyone in Chang’an for five years, she naturally was smooth and slick.

Everyone could tell what her appraisal was, but it was not easy to oppose, after all, what Yu Youwei said was indeed somewhat reasonable. Although Chen Mo’s composition was clearly superior in terms of creativity and language, its greatest flaw was that it was not complete at all.

This also gave Yu Youwei wiggle room. The girl sighed in her heart, showing a smile that blamed no one: “Your Highness Chen Mo was able to write such a beautiful poem after his first time listening to Youwei’s ancient song. Youwei was very astonished, disrespecting everyone present. His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince has also expended enormous effort for Youwei’s song for five years without rest. This also moves Youwei very much. The merits truly are very difficult to evaluate.”

Chen Mo watched Yu Youwei, thinking to himself that this woman was honestly very calculating.

Using the explanation of their “first meeting” to downplay her loss of manners while also affirming Tang Feng’s five years of efforts, she could be said to have not offended anyone.

But in this world, it was impossible to get everything one wished for, a deal that satisfied both parties.

“Then it would be better to allow the crown prince to win. After all, he has put in five years of hard effort. Everyone can see that what I received in my dream was an arbitrary attempt.”

Yu Youwei gently bit her lips, thinking to herself that this man was loathsome for not understanding that he should want to protect her for being of the fairer sex.

“What do you mean This Highness’ win. For better or for worse, Lady Youwei naturally has calculations in her mind. Is Your Highness Chen Mo able to be so confident using just half of a poem?” Tang Feng said in a low voice.

Yu Youwei was helpless.

“Youwei is very fond of what both Highnesses have composed, however, how about we wait until His Highness Chen Mo remembers the second half of his poem before making the final assessment? Youwei’s Profound Theory Courtyard truthfully is not so profound. If Your Highnesses do not feel it unpresentable, then Youwei is very welcome.”

Yu Youwei was very smart to change the phrasing from “both Highness have the qualifications to enter the Profound Theory Courtyard” to a collective group instead. The Profound Theory Courtyard was no longer a holy ground too high to obtain. Rather, this was a kind of friendly invitation. Undoubtedly, this was to give Tang Feng enormous face.

Chen Mo himself believed it would be possibly to instantly dispatch the Great Chong Dynasty with the River On A Spring Night.

Towards the compromise she devised, Chen Mo said nothing further.

Tang Feng forced a smile. On the surface, it appeared as if a winner was unclear, but smart people realized that the crown prince was thoroughly defeated this time.

“Very well. This Highness shall enter the Profound Theory Courtyard some other day for a close chat with Lady Youwei. Today, This Highness first has other matters to attend to.”

Tang Feng already could not stand to stay in the Intimate Friend Pavilion any longer. Having found an excuse, he stood up and coldly glared at Chen Mo: “Good, Chen Mo, you truly are the biggest pleasant surprise of Chang’an Mansion. Someday, This Highness must ask you for a lesson.”

“No need to see Your Servant out then.” Chen Mo said.

Tang Feng stormed off in a huff. His people also tactfully excused themselves in succession.

After he left.

The entire hall roared with laughter.1

“Your Highness Chen Mo really is too awesome, to be able to make such a stunning poem after listening to Youwei’s ancient song for the first time.”

“For Lady Youwei to play her guzheng for the crown prince is simply like casting pearls before swine.”

Yu Youwei walked to Chen Mo’s side and offered a drink: “In that case, is Your Highness Chen Mo willing to go to Youwei’s Profound Theory Courtyard right now?”

“And Your Highness Chen Lin is welcome to come as well, of course.” Yu Youwei said.

Chen Lin was ecstatic. He tugged Chen Mo: “Deference is no substitute for obedience.”2

“Second Brother.” Chen Mo was speechless.

Chen Lin pulled Chen Mo in an effort to enter the Profound Theory Courtyard he had yearned for day and night. Just at this moment, a rainbow-light suddenly shot over, chirping like a blackbird.

Chen Lin raised his True Qi, thrusting out his palm. A qilin phantom suddenly leapt forth and collided with the blackbird.

Chen Lin’s Divine Intent moved. A powerful sword-intent filled the world. This was precisely his Life-cast Sword Chant.

“How bold of you to dare sneak attack me.” Chen Lin was furious.

Chen Mo poked his Second Brother.

“Fourth Brother, don’t stop me.” When entry to the Profound Theory Courtyard was right before his eyes, someone surprisingly dared to intervene. Chen Lin was but enraged.

“If I don’t stop you, your exit will be ugly.” Chen Mo hinted that he had no choice.

At the entrance, a righteous and stern woman appeared.

She wore a dark red skintight leather vest that outlined her figure, stretched taut over her graceful curves. The woman’s eyes were like stars, her brow like the moon, her red lips like fire, really breathtaking all around.

Her long and slender legs were clad in luan bird ornamentation, very good-looking.

In terms of beauty, she surprisingly did not lose out to Yu Youwei.

If Yu Youwei was as elegant as water, then this woman was as fierce as fire.

Upon seeing her, all the young lords in the hall were silent.

Chen Lin also froze, becoming very awkward.

“Little Sister, why are you here.”

The intruder was none other than the Flying Luan Princess, Chen Luan. She was Chen Lin’s younger sister as well as Chen Mo’s Third Sister. In terms of power, even Chen Lin was no match for her.

“Chen Lin, have you no sense of shame. To think you would dare bring Chen Mo to a place like this.”

Chen Luan’s figure moved, arriving right in front of them.

In his memories, perhaps because he was the son of a concubine, Third Sister Chen Luan had always cared very much for him, treating Chen Mo as her real little brother. That righteous and strict elder sister from when he was small was now even sharper than a sword.

Before Chen Mo could react, Chen Luan grabbed Chen Mo by the ear.

“Ah, Elder Sister, give a bit of face.” Chen Mo was embarrassed.

“And you, too. It’s almost time for the court examination, yet you unexpectedly came to a place like this full of prostitutes. You ought to be spanked. Hmph, fortunately, Elder Sister arrived just in time.” Chen Luan looked at Yu Youwei and snorted.

“Princess Flying Luan, you misunderstand, Youwei merely wishes to probe a verse with His Highness Chen Mo.” Yu Youwei explained.

“We’re leaving.”

Chen Luan was not fond of Yu Youwei. She seized Chen Mo’s hand, not allowing room for rebuttal as she left the Intimate Friend Pavilion.

Chen Lin was embarrassed and very apologetic – this little sister of his honestly was undisciplined and unyielding. Even as her older brother, he was helpless.

“The Flying Luan Princess truly cherishes His Highness Chen Mo.”

“Ai. Yes.” Saying this, Chen Lin sighed: “In the past, when my Fourth Brother was unable to practice martial arts and was ridiculed by everyone, she secretly taught all of those people a lesson. There was one prince from the imperial family who nearly died from her breaking his leg. This offended a lot of people.”

“Was His Highness Chen Mo truly unable to learn martial arts in the past?” Yu Youwei asked, curious.

The name Chen Mo spread throughout Chang’an following Hanshan Asks Shide. She was not too aware of what happened in the past.

“He was unable to circulate his Qi-blood. Back then, my Third Sister also left Chang’an. She had wanted to capture a Star General to sign a Servant Star Contract with my Fourth Brother.”

“This really is true.” Yu Youwei had heard of this. She was pensive, “Youwei was completely unable to tell. Youwei heard that His Highness Chen Mo even defeated a Thunder Tribulation cultivator the day he returned to Chang’an…”

“Yes, my little brother handled that Thunder Tribulation cultivator practically as easy as turning over his palm.” Recalling this matter, Chen Lin was very proud.

“Does Your Highness Chen Lin not feel it strange?” Yu Youwei was very curious. Chen Mo was silent for such a long time, yet he was able to emerge as a new force to be reckoned with and suddenly become a genius of martial arts that was on par with Princess Yanyu. No one would have believed it if they were told there was no inside story. 

“It isn’t important.” Chen Lin calmly answered, “What is important is that my little brother suffered so much hardship in the past. Now, he has everything he should.”

Yu Youwei recalled again that classic Hanshan Asks Shide, all of a sudden full of many thoughts.

“Right, is Lady Youwei sincere when she said I can enter the Profound Theory Courtyard?” Chen Lin was somewhat excited.

“Of course. Everyone has supported Youwei all year long, Youwei ought to be broadminded to everyone.” Yu Youwei gently answered.

“Lady Youwei speaks to for the sake of the crown prince’s face. Ha, ha, I see there’s no need.” Chen Lin laighed aloud.

Though half of what he said was true, Yu Youwei did not deny it. “Youwei is very curious about His Highness Chen Mo’s affairs. Youwei wonders if I could invite Your Highness Chen Lin to the Profound Theory Courtyard for a chat.”

“No problem. If you wanted to know, I’ll even tell you when he stopped wetting the bed.”

Leaving the Intimate Friend Pavilion, as fast as lightning, Chen Mo was dragged by his elder sister straight to a mountain before finally landing.

Once on the ground, Chen Luan split open his skull with a scolding. “Little Brother, how can you follow Chen Lin’s bad example. In the future, do not go to such a low-class place as that. And that Yu Youwei woman. You better be on your guard, hmph. Don’t be confused by her, otherwise, Elder Sister won’t forgive you. As for Chen Lin, you’re about to participate in the court examination, yet he still brought you to that sort of place. He really is causing trouble. When I get back, I definitely will tell Mother…”

Her worlds were like a string of pearls. Without waiting for her to finish speaking, Chen Mo’s heart filled with warmth as he happily hugged her. “Sister, I’m back.”


All of her complaints vanished like smoke, leaving only a sentence filled with endless tenderness.

“I’ve always waited for you to come home!”

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  1. Talk about lèse-majesté, imagine if Tang Feng suddenly re-entered the room.
  2. An idiom. Basically, “don’t mind if I do.”

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