Chapter 151: She Was Loftier Than Heaven

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Who could have imagined that the Flying Luan Princess of the Dynasty’s Four Great Aloofs also had such a warm face, but Chen Mo was aware of it. Back then, after he left Chang’an, his Third Sister also left Chang’an not long afterwards. She always wanted to exhaust every means possible to help him train in martial arts. For a time, a rumor spread through Chang’an that Chen Luan was searching for a Star General in hopes that she could find the legendary Servant Star Contract.

“It’s been too many years, you’ve grown so much. En, you are more and more like a man.” Chen Luan looked Chen Mo over, the corner of her lips holding back a smile.

“Yet you’re still so unwomanly, Big Sis.” Chen Mo recalled her haughtiness from when he was small.

Chen Luan chuckled: “You really are so bold, to dare tease your Big Sister.”

“Elder Sister knows all about your recent things. What you’ve done is definitely more outrageous than what your Elder Sister did back then.” Chen Luan’s smile was full of love to pamper him with. She counted on her fingers: “You defeated the Qing Family during the provincial examination when you were Qi-blood Nine Turns, making that genius girl of the Qing Family nurse a grudge. In the metropolitan examination your Hanshan Asks Shide astonished even the abbot of the Wanshou Temple. En, then, you subdued Changluo’s Chen Family…”

“Elder Sister also heard that you defeated a Thunder Tribulation in Chang’an…Is it true that slut from just a moment ago invited you to enter her Profound Theory Courtyard?” Chen Luan asked.

“I had no plans on going. It was all Second Brother.” Chen Mo did not hesitate to push all of this onto his Second Brother.

Chen Luan snorted, “That woman is playing with your Second Brother in the palm of her hand. He is truly an embarrassment. You had best not walk his path. Otherwise, Elder Sister will…Heh, heh.”

Chen Mo perspired: “Third Sister, I’m already grown up. I understand these sorts of things.”

“The fledgling has flown the next.” Chen Luan joked: “Then let Elder Sister see just how your strength is. They say you use a big stick, let Elder Sister see it.”1

“Right now?”

“Of course.”

Chen Luan waved her hand. Several dozen flying swords suddenly appeared out of thin air. These swords were like phoenixes, head to tail with each other, possessing form and spirit. This was none other than Chen Luan’s famous Flying Luan Sword Chant.

These Flying Swords became luan bird, firing sword-lights.

Chen Mo took out Northern Dipper, dispersing its wind screen.

Chen Luan could not help but be shocked by that immense iron rod in Chen Mo’s hand. She clicked her tongue and said: “Who gave you this weapon, it’s too…savage.”

Chen Mo laughed and used Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape, his staff swinging.

“Big Sis, watch this!”

“Watch yourself…” Chen Luan retorted. The dozen Flying Swords spread their wings and moved. Sword-lights immediately stopped Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper.

The girl formed hand seals. The Flying Swords combined into one luan that slashed at Chen Mo.

The sword-lights’ fierce chop left the entire mountain on the brink of collapse.

Chen Mo imbued Northern Dipper with the “quintessence of the Bagua.” Against his Elder Sister’s attack, he calmly responded.

Gen Overturned Bowl, Xun Lower Broken, Kan Center Full…

The Bagua’s styles were executed one after another.

“The Bagua? Truly not bad. In that case, watch Big Sister’s Hundred Birds Towards Phoenix.” Chen Luan’s smile did not fade as she spoke.

The flying luan suddenly scattered, becoming a hundred sword-lights.

These hundred sword-lights were as thoroughly red as flames, turning into the shapes of birds. As far as the eye could see, the space behind Chen Luan seemed to flutter with a hundred birds, giving off a suffocating feeling.

Powerful sword-qi spread out. Chen Mo used the Northern Dipper Great Overflow, forcing a breakthrough of these restraints.

At the same time.

The Hundred Birds Towards Phoenix Sword Array also activated. The Flying Swords descended upon Chen Mo, swift and fierce. Too late to react, Chen Mo’s field of view was filled with sword-lights.

This is bad.

Third Sister’s sword chant was too strong. Combined with her Thunder Tribulation cultivation, she could not be compared with that Thunder Tribulation cultivator from before. Chen Mo noticed that he could perhaps break through this sword array by activating the Invincible Innate Skill. However, it was very obvious that Chen Luan’s Flying Luan Sword Chant was not using full power.

Chen Mo thought quickly and decided to fight with all he had. 

He stamped his foot in “Kun Six Severed.” Northern Dipper swept, and then Qian Three Unbroken followed close behind, linking together Qian and Kun, bold as if devouring the Heavens and Earth. It heroically emerged without any fear. 

The power of the hundred bird-swords were about to attack when just at this moment, Chen Luan slightly smiled. The swords were like smoke, vanishing one after another without a trace.

Chen Mo was taken aback.

The Flying Luan Sword Chant again gathered into a luan that blocked his attack, and Chen Luan was already without fighting intent.

Chen Mo retracted his stick, exhaling. At this moment, he noticed his whole body was covered in cold sweat. “Big Sis, your sword chant is extraordinary.”

“Oh, come on. This shouldn’t be the extent of your power, right.” Chen Luan seemingly smiled.

Chen Mo was very innocent: “Third Sister, I’m only a complete Three Flowers Gathered Overhead, but you’re nearly Greater Thunder Tribulation. I was never your match.”

Although he could defeat Thunder Tribulation, someone like Third Sister was still a bit difficult to handle. The magic energy of Sixth Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation was profound and unfathomable. With his current Star Energy, unless he staked everything onto Yellow Rank Ice Breaker Snow Slicer, he would have absolutely no chance at winning.

“If this is the case, you will have a difficult time defeating Jiang Yanyu.”

“Third Sister, you battled Jiang Yanyu before?” Chen Mo just so happened to want to know just how strong this super genius was.

Chen Luan nodded: “Big Sis tried once.”

“What did Third Sister feel about her power.”

“Her Misty Rain Sword is very formidable. I was able to fight evenly, but I always felt that she was hiding some trick that she has yet to use.”

“What is Jiang Yanyu’s cultivation, to be so abnormal?” Chen Mo asked in shock.

“Her cultivation seems to be the same as yours, complete Three Flowers Gathered Overhead, Saint Of War realm.  But it is said that she cultivated Star Energy at an Inner Star Field sect. She received the instruction of a Star General, so she cannot be examined in the same way as the average warrior.”

No wonder.

Star Energy was a level higher than magic energy, which was why Star Generals roamed freely about Star World, leaving warriors and cultivators in their dust. But cultivating Star Energy required chance and coincidence. To be able to cultivate Star Energy was a chance less than one in ten thousand. Because Chen Mo had a Servant Star contract, he was able to cultivate Star Energy. Could it be that Jiang Yanyu was also a Servant Star?

“Forget about her. Before your court examination, Big Sis will properly educate you.” Chen Luan craftily said. She stared at Chen Mo as if she was looking at an unpolished jade that  had yet to be sculpted.

“However, in the future, don’t go to that brothel, understand?”

“Yu Youwei’s conduct is not like a prostitute’s…” 

“She…I can’t see through her…But you’d best still keep your distance from her. This woman is not simple.” Chen Luan was but worried that her young and experienced little brother would be unable to resist the enticement and fall down the wrong path.

“I can’t help it if she’s looking for me.” Chen Mo grumbled.

“That woman’s ken is extremely high, how can she possibly be looking for a man.” Chen Luan was unconvinced: “Don’t have spring dreams so often, Little Brother.”

“Yes.” Chen Mo smiled.

Chen Luan saw he was not concentrating, “Tomorrow, I’ll take you somewhere. That place is more suitable for warriors.”

“What place?”

“A place to concentrate.”

Chang’an Mansion, a personal study.

A frightening silence made the atmosphere as rigid as a boulder. Chen Mo stood in front of the hall, his expression unchanging, as he stared at his father’s stern and solemn gaze.

When Chen Zhangtian returned to the mansion, Chen Mo was summoned to give his regards, and now, a little while had passed. Father and son stared at each other just like this, not saying a word. When father was silent, Chen Mo naturally could not easily speak either.

Chen Zhangtian was esteemed as the Human Sovereign. In terms of an aura, he even encroached on the emperor. His every word and action all carried an intimidating oppression. Even his silence seemed to issue a might that crushed a person’s mind.

His gaze was sharp as a sword.

It it was not for Chen Mo cultivating the School Of Mind, rendering his mentality stable as a boulder, as well as his Servant Star Contracts, a normal warrior in the face of the Human Sovereign’s forceful gaze would have already collapsed.

After a long while, Chen Zhangtian was the first to finally retract his gaze. “Good, good, good.”

“Sit.” Chen Zhangtian motioned.

Chen Mo finally sat down.

“I heard you went to the Zhangtian Pavilion to learn the Zhangtian Seal.” Chen Zhangtian’s tone was very flat.



A moment ago, Chen Zhangtian had been probing Chen Mo all the while. The Zhangtian Seal required control over the imperiousness of the firmaments. If one’s power was insufficient, then the first cultivation would contrarily debilitate oneself. However, in that staredown just now, Chen Zhangtian already more or less understood the conditions of Chen Mo’s body.

“Saint Of War! To be able to reach the unification of spirit and flesh of Saint Of War at such an age, not bad. You already have sufficient qualifications to learn the Zhangtian Seal. For now, listen carefully.”

Chen Zhangtian’s palm smacked the table.

A ray of overwhelming power entered his chest.

An immense scene suddenly appeared in Chen Mo’s mind. The boundless sky spread in all directions, linking together into one. There was no up or down, no left or right. The world seemed to fall into a void.

His father, Chen Zhangtian, stood below the void, his palm outstretched.

All of a sudden, the vast and limitless void seemed to be seized by his hand, producing an endless majesty that seemed to stifle people. Then, Chen Zhangtian’s palm attacked.

The void disintegrated.

The sky seemed to collapse.

Chen Mo shuddered, suddenly woke up, only then noticing that he was still in the study, the surrounding scenery unchanged. His father was reading a book. The candle flickered, the book’s characters were static.

Everything seemed to have been an illusion, but Chen Mo knew that experience just now was no illusion at all. He was astonished to find that his pores had been shaken open by a kind of overwhelming force. The Nose Locking Art was surprisingly unable to withstand the flowing aura. True Qi flowed endlessly while he was nearly paralyzed.

If not for his innate sturdiness, he perhaps would have already fainted by now.

Chen Mo looked in amazement at his father.

“Polish this Zhangtian Seal yourself. You have Star Energy and the Bagua. I have faith that you will not disappoint your father.” Chen Zhangtian was expressionless, but his eyes nevertheless contained admiration.

To be able to recover so quickly from his Zhangtian Seal Realm, and without the slightest sign of fainting, Chen Mo was the first among the sons and daughter he had imparted the technique to. 

Chen Zhangtian was quite the character. He was at Pinnacle Of Men Realm. From just a glance, he could see that what Chen Mo cultivated was not ordinary magic energy, but rather Star Energy. 

“In a few days, His Imperial Majesty will host a banquet. At that time, you will accompany me together into the palace. That is all, you are excused.”

Chen Zhangtian then said.

Chen Mo thought that his father would inquire as to what happened to him, and he hesitated whether or not to spill the beans. How could he have anticipated that his father had no interest in prying at all. Pausing for a moment, Chen Mo saluted then withdrew.

After Chen Mo left.

Chen Zhangtian breathed deeply. He took a few step and opened a small box covered in dust and took carefully took out a portrait from inside it.

Depicted in the portrait.

In a world of ice and snow, there was a woman gripping a plum blossom like a sword, in full bloom amidst the cold.

The woman was drawn with only a few strokes, very simply, yet her jade bones and ice skin still looked so lifelike. With a careful look at the picture, one seemed to be able to see that every single stroke of the artist was full of the utmost care, profound. One could feel the deep concern the artist had for the woman.

And the painter of this portrait was none other than Chen Zhantian himself. Perhaps no one would have thought that the magnificent Human Sovereign would surprisingly instill his overflowing emotions into a painting.

Right now, Chen Zhangtian stared blankly at this portrait, oblivious to the fact he already was completely undignified.

“Li’er,2 is it really not a mistake to let him join the dispute between you Star Generals?”

“But I will still help you anyways.”

“Even if my power is insignificant.”

Chen Zhangtian closed his eyes, reminiscing that woman who was loftier than Heaven.

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