Chapter 153: “Reflection Of The Mind” Gu Yanwu

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Wuyi’s words nearly made her choke to death. Just what kind of person was this little brother, to be able to make Great Master Wuyi, who even His Imperial Majesty was unable to see, say something like this. Chen Luan seriously asked: “Apologies, Great Master Wuyi, what is the meaning of these words.”

“It can’t be dual cultivation…Ah…” Chen Mo’s wild delusion was ruthlessly pinched by Elder Sister.1

“I must return your mind to its origin around midnight. This way, you can combine those two powers.” In response to the jest in Chen Mo’s words, Wuyi’s brow did not show even a single wrinkle.

Return to original state?

Chen Mo was confused.

According to Wuyi’s explanation, the Ancient Impure Qi sunk to the ground while Pure Qi rose to the sky. Only with a return to the origin could he combine the Zhangtian Seal and the Five Finger Mountain together. Chen Mo feigned understanding. At any rate, it would be around midnight. This time period was most suitable.

The two of them discussed the path of the School Of Mind. Owing to Wang Yangming’s imparted teachings as well as some of his understanding of the School Of Mind from his previous life, Chen Mo’s comprehension was very quick. Chen Luan listened along, feeling more and more amazed the longer she listened.

After a while, Mu suddenly interrupted: “Senior Sister, the imperial palace has dispatched Supervisor Yin.”2

“Again with making me go to the imperial palace?” Wuyi was slightly exasperated.

Chen Mo knew of Supervisor Yin as well. He was the manager of the internal affairs of the imperial palace, responsible for all of His Imperial Majesty’s trifles. His position was not considered low. Since he came with a scroll, that would signify an imperial edict, demonstrating that Emperor Tang saw Wuyi as very important. Wuyi evidently was not too appreciative. She knew that the Great Chong Dynasty’s imperial family revered Zen. For her to enter the imperial palace and preach would only be a waste of time. 

When Supervisor Yin saw the Flying Luan Princess, he was very surprised, hastily bowing in greeting.

“And this sir must be His Highness Chen Mo.” Supervisor Yin put on a smile of flattery. In the Great Chong Dynasty, lords were on the same level as the emperor. Lord Chang’an was also the namesake lord of the national capital. His position was impressive, and even the imperial palace’s supervisors must show the highest etiquette upon seeing him.

The people of Chang’an had heard that Chen Luan was listening to the School Of Mind at the Watchful Mind and did not feel this was strange at all. However, Chen Mo was already famous yet unseen. But judging from their relationship, Supervisor Yin actually could deduce Chen Mo’s identity – everyone in Chang’an knew that the only man close to the Flying Luan Princess was her blood-related little brother, Chen Mo.

“Supervisor Yin, is something the matter?”

“Presenting His Imperial Majesty’s edict. Two days from now, His Imperial Majesty is convening a banquet and requests that Great Master Wuyi enter the palace to explain the School Of Mind.”

“Inform that emperor of yours that my School Of Mind will not enter the palace.” Wuyi cool refusal did not give the Tang Emperor any face at all.

Supervisor Yin’s expression changed, and his tone lowered: “Great Master Wuyi, His Imperial Majesty also respects that you were able to debate with the Wanshou Temple’s abbot. You absolutely must not betray the earnest thoughts of His Imperial Majesty.”

Wuyi was unmoved. As she was a Star General, the emperor of an Outer Star Field dynasty was completely not worth a mention to her.

When Chen Mo heard there would be a banquet, he recalled that he happened to be going as well, “Wuyi, His Imperial Majesty went to a lot of trouble for this. Don’t decline.”

“What?” Wuyi wrinkled her brow.

“The banquet that day is being held before in honor of the court examination. At that time, the number one metropolitan examinees from every major area will all be invited. The Great Chong Dynasty’s influential officials and the generation’s genius warriors will also attend. Don’t you want to expand the School Of Mind? Letting these students hear the School Of Mind isn’t a bad thing.” Chen Mo furtively said.

What the School Of Mind taught was that the mind was principle. Wuyi had come to Chang’an to teach. Anyone willing had come, and those unwilling were not forced to attend. She had no interest in being in front of a large crowd, but seeing Chen Mo’s request, her thoughts were clear, “Fine then. Return with your orders, I accept.”

Supervisor Yin looked at Chen Mo with a complicated expression. How could he not be aware of the reason for Wuyi’s change. This Chen Mo was unexpectedly able to make the Great Master of the School Of Mind change course. He truly did not know what capabilities the boy had. Thinking to himself, Supervisor Yin still put on a smile. Before he came here, Gu Wuyi had already refused to enter the palace many times, not giving the imperial family any face, but her identity was easily deduced by those who were attentive. Thus, Emperor Tang did not want to create side issues, so he of course would not dare.

Star World was a place where a hundred schools of thought contended. Offending one school could meet with a country-ending disaster.

“Your Humble Servant takes his leave.” Supervisor Yin said and retreated.

“Little Brother, you, oh, you. You’ve done it this time.” Chen Luan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Elder Sister, the hell I do?” Chen Mo was bewildered.

“Emperor Tang’s invitations to Great Master Wuyi to enter the palace and discuss the School Of Mind were all declined. This time, you surprisingly were able to make Great Master Wuyi change her mind…Emperor Tang will be itching to drink your blood for this.” Chen Luan was intrigued. With so many warriors in this Watchful Mind Dojo, this matter would very quickly spread throughout all of Chang’an. The emperor would never let this go.

Chen Mo disagreed. He had done too many shocking these during the past few days of his return to Chang’an, and this one was no different. “Big Sis, I won’t be going back fro the next couple of days. I’ll be staying at the Watchful Mind Dojo.”


The penetrating moonlight became even more dazzling. A milky way of stars spread over the whole sky, gleaming like water.

Midnight was known in Star World as a time of change, where the days were demarcated. Chen Mo sat in the center of the room, trying several times more until Gu Wuyi walked in. The girl’s black clothes were magnificent, those phoenix eyes like sheets of white paper dotted with ink, a bit pure and cold.

A fragrance wafted through the room, making his entire person feel relaxed.

Chen Mo restrained the throbbing in his mind as he asked Wuyi: “What do you plan on having me do?”

“Continue according to your normal cultivation, but do remember to exercise the School Of Mind.”


Chen Mo formed his hand seals, releasing the Five Finger Mountain tablet. Five Finger Mountain’s immemorial spiritual power immediately flew out and into his pores. Then, he activated the Zhangtian Seal he received from his father. True Qi flourished in his body, fusing with his pores. However, like before, the two forces were in mutual conflict.

Gu Wuyi looked at Chen Mo, and the Star Crest on her forehead flickered.

The Star Name she inherited was “Reflection Of The Mind” Gu Yanwu. She was most skilled in seeing into the hearts of people, and she had joined the School Of Mind for many years. Her comprehension was much deeper compared to Chen Mo’s.

Gu Wuyi pointed her finger. A dark light entered Chen Mo’s chest. All of a sudden, Chen Mo felt his body burn. The immemorial spiritual power descended while the Zhangtian Seal’s True Qi soared upwards as the two broke free of one another.

Amidst the heart-rending pain, his pores abruptly closed.

Chen Mo had the School Of Mind, so he was exceptionally perceptive of this change. Without open pores, his body was like a dark cave, returning to the most primal state of chaos. Chen Mo immediately understood what he needed to do.

He struck a hand seal, and the Bagua Array emerged on the ground. The Bagua changed continuously, forming a vortex. The True Qi that was rising gradually descended, and the falling spiritual power slowly ascended.

“Beginning of the world, the Wuji creates life, primordial chaos returns to its origin, combine!”

Chen Mo comprehended the mystery of this original mind as he continuously formed hand seals.

The two types of different forces slowly melted into the primordial chaos, no longer rejecting each other. When he sensed this change, Chen Mo was delighted, throwing himself in even further.

The tap that Gu Wuyi gave Chen Mo just now was the Primordial Chaos Original Mind, something from the School Of Mind. Originally, normal people were unable to comprehend it, however, Chen Mo had received the direct teachings of the School Of Mind’s founder, Higher Mind Of All Things Wang Yangming, so he very easily accomplished it.

Chen Luan was currently standing guard outside the room for Chen Mo. Mu was to the side, waving his great sword, cultivating a strange and eerie sword qi.

The door opened, and Gu Wuyi left the room first.

“Great Master Wuyi, how is my little brother?” Chen Luan asked.

“He needs some time to harmonize.”

Learning that everything wen smoothly, Chen Luan was relieved, “Great Master Wuyi is a Star General then?”

Gu Wuyi was expressionless, not responding.

Chen Luan smiled and said: “My little brother truly is fortunate, to surprisingly be able to know Great Master Wuyi, This Elder Sister is very relieved.”

“He has received personal instruction from my School Of Mind’s Ancestral Master. I should be the one speaking of his luck.” Gu Wuyi calmly said.

Chen Luan’s jaw dropped in shock, “Great Master Wuyi is not joking, right.” A founder of one of the Hundred Schools of Thought, how exceptional an identity that was.

Gu Wuyi did not like to explain too much. She lifted her gaze to the stars.

Midnight passed, and the bright starlights in the sky receded. The night grew increasingly quiet. All of a sudden, Gu Wuyi asked: “Can I ask you a question?”

“Great Master, please ask.”

“How much do you understand about your little brother, Chen Mo.” Gu Wuyi looked at Chen Luan.

“This…” Chen Luan showed a slightly bitter smile: “I honestly am not very qualified to be an Elder Sister. Ever since he left Chang’an, I very rarely saw him. I only heard some things about him from inside the mansion.”

Gu Wuyi nodded. Whatever Chen Luan knew, Gu Wuyi also came to know after she arrived in Chang’an, however, she was still not very certain how the Tail Fire Star Field knew of the School Of Mind, it was practically unfamiliar. Just how did this man know about the School Of Mind, and how was he capable of speaking words that impressed the Ancestral Master.

Even if she had the nickname “Reflection Of The Mind,” she was still unable to see through him even with that direct dip into Chen Mo’s mind just now.

This feeling was just like…

His mind did not belong to this world.

“His original mind is boundlessly large. Who knows whether this is good or bad for Star World.” Gu Wuyi muttered, worried for the very first time.

Imperial palace.

In a brightly lit study, Emperor Tang was currently reviewing a report. The more he looked, the heavier the Great Chong Emperor’s heart became. In the end, he threw the Purple Velvet Coiling Dragon brush in his hand with all the force he could muster. He was full of fury.

“Your Imperial Majesty, what would surprisingly anger you so.” Daoist Wu Tunan picked up the brush and respectfully passed it back up.

“This Chen Mo truly is too undisciplined and uncontrollable!” Emperor Tang was gloomy.

“Oh.” Wu Tunan looked and also showed a startled expression.

Emperor Tang had specifically ordered people to monitor Lord Chang’an, particularly that Chen Mo who most recently flourished in the limelight. Practically all of Chen Mo’s movements the past two days had been reported.

But in just two days, this brat had nearly made Chang’an transition to a new dynasty.

Defeated Thunder Tribulation.

Struck a bet with the crown prince.

Completed Yu Youwei’s ancient poem that no one else could for five years.

Each thing this brat did made people flabbergasted.

“It appears that Chang’an Mansion’s Fourth Highness is a master of pen and sword, a rare hero.” Wu Tunan smiled, very quickly recovering his composure.

The heirs of Chang’an Mansion were each outstanding, and it was precisely this point that made Emperor Tang’s heart bear a grudge. Originally, Emperor Tang was very comforted that Lord Chang’an produced a cripple like Chen Mo who was incapable of martial arts. Who could have imagined that this guy would surprisingly be even more abnormal than his siblings.

No, you could not find anyone in the Great Chong Dynasty who was more abnormal than him.

What genius in his youth could compose a verse that all of the Great Chong Dynasty’s scholars could not.

Only an anomaly.

“This boy must have encountered something fortunate after he left Chang’an. Does Your Imperial Majesty really not know?” Wu Tunan asked.

“From reports in the past, he really is indeed a cripple. We do not understand.” Emperor Tang wrinkled his brow.

“Your Imperial Majesty need not worry. It was only a poem, nothing more. The ending of the court examination relies on power. With Princess Yanyu, taking care of him should not be an issue.” Wu Tunan smiled.

This was the only thing that could comfort Emperor Tang, however, upon recalling that this Chen Mo was unexpectedly able to compose a verse that impressed even Yu Youwei, Emperor Tang was still considerably displeased. What upset him the most was the crown prince back then when they competed with verses. Did this not clearly show that the imperial family lost.

“Your Imperial Majesty.”

At this time, Supervisor Yin returned.

“How did that Wuyi answer? Has she agreed to attend the banquet?” Emperor Tang decided to throw out these minor issues. His thoughts all remained on that Wuyi.

This woman came to Chang’an a few months ago to teach the School Of Mind, her skill level extremely high, high enough that it was possible that she was a Star General passing by. He had heard that the Inner Star Fields had a Hundred Schools Of Thought in contention. Star Generals all had backgrounds in the Hundred Schools, but Emperor Tang did not find this strange.

Now that he was locked in an intense power struggle with Lord Chang’an, if he could rope her in, then Chen Zhangtian would completely pose no threat at all.

“Answering to Your Imperial Majesty, Great Master Wuyi has already accepted your invitation.” Supervisor Yin said.

Emperor Tang was elated.

“Congratulations, Your Imperial Majesty. This woman’s origins are unclear. If you can make connections with her, that would be enormous help to the imperial family, so much so that time may be needed to abandon Zen.” Wu Tunan congratulated the emperor.

“She finally agreed to enter the palace. Our sincerity was not in vain.” Emperor Tang picked up a cup and drank his tea, his mood very good.

“Your Imperial Majesty, Your Humble Servant wonders if he should speak about something.” Supervisor Yin trembled in trepidation.

“What could make you fidget so. Supervisor Yin, this is not your style.” Wu Tunan smiled.

“Great Master Wuyi did accept, but Your Humble Servant believes that it was only because of a certain person that she agreed.”

“A certain person? Whose face would be so great to make her accept? The Wanshou Temple’s abbot? En, he actually could have.” Tang Mingshi smiled.

“Answering to Your Imperial Majesty. This person is Chang’an Mansion’s Fourth Highness, Chen Mo!” Supervisor Yin did not dare hide this.


Tang Mingshi and Wu Tunan were suddenly shaken.

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