Chapter 154: No Way

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An explosive sound.

The Twin Dragon Water Drinker porcelain cup in Emperor Tang’s hand suddenly turned into powder.

“Your Imperial Majesty, quell thine anger.” Supervisor Yin knelt on the ground.

“Is what you say true? It was because of Chen Mo that she accepted?” Emperor Tang was completely stern.

Wu Tunan: “Perhaps you are mistaken? On what basis can that brat receive the respect of a Star General. Tell everything, spare no detail.” 

Supervisor Yin then recounted in explicit detail everything he had seen without leaving a word out.

Emperor Tang’s expression was frighteningly gloomy.

This time, even the Daoist Skyless Wu Tunan retracted his easygoing smile as he sunk into contemplation.

Emperor Tang waved his hand, indicating to the supervisor to withdraw.

“Daoist, are you able to discern just what is going on with this Chen Mo of Chang’an Mansion?” Emperor Tang asked.

Wu Tunan muttered: “This Daoist sees that he perhaps had either the luck or coincidence to obtain the ability to cultivate Star Energy.”

This actually could explain Chen Mo’s meteoric progress in martial force, but according to the information that Emperor Tang knew, Chen Mo did not have such an opportunity to contact any Star General. Furthermore, what Star General could even fancy him? To reform him completely in a few short months, this Star General would inevitably be invincible with a significant background. In that case, a problem had appeared…Was there actually such a Star General who would seek out a burden like a Servant Star?

Rather than believe this, Emperor Tang was far more willing to believe that Human Sovereign Chen Zhangtian used some underhanded trick.

“Ever since this Chen Zhangtian created the Zhangtian Seal, he has made Us feel that this person’s ambitions are enormous. He perhaps truly can achieve something like this.” Emperor Tang muttered.

“Even if that is true, what is there to fear.” Wu Tunan disagreed. “Your Imperial Majesty has indeed forgotten that on the day Jiang Yanyu was born, she was fancied by the Inner Star Field and selected to cultivate there. In this Divine Warrior Examination she is participating in…Hm, This Daoist does not know where he received the information, but the boy actually deduced that Jiang Yanyu is concealing her age…However, this inevitably means that he cannot possibly be a match for Jiang Yanyu. Your Imperial Majesty, you can be entirely at ease.”

He had devised all of those rules himself. So long as he could deal with a thorn in his side, what did concealing an age even matter.

“Daoist Skyless, what you say is true. However, this boy has only recently returned to Chang’an, and this string of incidents he created is earth-shattering. We fear this is intentional.” Emperor Tang said.

“At the banquet, Your Imperial Majesty may as well find someone to beat down his arrogance. Now that this boy is a talent in both martial and literary arts in Chang’an, This Daoist does not believe no one in the Great Chong Dynasty is able to wipe him out.

“This matter must be carefully deliberated.” Emperor Tang pondered. He looked at the free and unfettered Daoist Skyless and smiled: “Daoist Skyless has a magic weapon, the Skyless Parasol. If Daoist Skyless can take action, then We would not be so troubled.”

“That brat is still not worthy of This Daoist’s intervention.” Daoist Skyless’ tone was very disdainful. Although Chen Mo was very famous in Chang’an, he was still only a cultivator who was not even Thunder Tribulation, after all. However, upon mention of the magic weapon he was most proud of, Wu Tunan slightly grinned, “This brat is not worthy of dying to This Daoist’s Skyless Parasol. But This Daoist actually can make him taste my pill arts.”

Emperor Tang was delighted. He certainly was aware of the power of this Daoist’s pill concoction.

“Then We are relieved.”

Competing Beauty Pavilion

“…Who on the riverbank was the first to behold the moon? When did the moon over the river first shine on people? Generation after generation of people are born endlessly, year after year the moon shines upon the river continually.” Jiang Yanyu looked at the verse in the envelope, slowly reading it aloud. For some reason, she was a bit fond of it, especially this part. These few lines were full of a sort of helpless melancholy.

“Good, truly well written. What a pity it is not complete.” Jiang Yanyu’s face blushed as she sighed in regret.

“What, you would surprisingly be captivated by the verse of a commoner.”

A disdainful jeer came into the Competing Beauty Pavilion.

There was only one person in Jiangnan Mansion who would dare speak to her like this.

Huan Wen strut into the Competing Beauty Pavilion, showing contempt for this poem.

What a martial force Star General most loathed was this kind of effete, sorrowful, sentimental nonsense

“To be able to surprise even Yu Youwei, this poem is indeed very well-written. Yanyu feels inferior.” Jiang Yanyu was very calm.

“And she is a pretentious singer, nothing more.” Huan Wen sneered.

“Elder SIster, these words are most certainly inappropriate. Yanyu sees that Yu Youwei’s ancient poem is very complex.” Jiang Yanyu gently smiled.

Huan Wen thought highly of herself and disdained this. “Right, I came here this time bearing information from EMperor Tang for you about something.”


“There will be an opening banquet in a few days for the court examination. Emperor Tang wants you to prepare.”

“What does His Imperial Majesty wish for Yanyu to prepare?” Jiang Yanyu was all smiles.

“Oh, so it’s like this. The Wanshou Temple’s abbot will also appear at the banquet. During the banquet, he will ask you a topic that you will need these days to come up with an answer for. Also, you will need to prepare this as well.” Huan Wen handed over a letter.

When Jiang Yanyu opened it, her expression was witty and thoughtful.

“His Imperial Majesty plans to thwart Young Lord Chen Mo’s arrogance at the pre-court examination banquet.”

“This boy has recently been somewhat too showy. We must properly teach him to behave himself.” Huan Wen sneered.

Jiang Yanyu grunted.

“This is the topic, and this…”

“Elder Sister Huan Wen, no need.” Jiang Yanyu declined Huan Wen’s kindness, blossoming with a smile as tender and beautiful as a flower. “Yanyu does not want to take advantage of a man.”

“Suit yourself.” Huan Wen did not care either way. In a Star General’s eyes, the arrogance of a man could be extinguished at any moment, not worth a mention.

“Generation after generation of people are born endlessly, year after year the moon shines upon the river continually. Should Chen Mo die, this beautiful verse would truly be a perfect song.”1 Jiang Yanyu recited once more, suddenly somewhat reluctant.

The gateway to Chang’an’s imperial palace, with its red walls and green glazed tiles, its copper and iron casting, its lofty halls that stretched as far as the eye could see, its majesty and splendor were endless.

The floor was like iron, and a ceremonial procession of troops bearing banners, playing majestic horns, beating drums, and tolling bells separated in all directions. They were fully armed, equipped with white helmets and silver armor. Hung at their waists were swords, and the carried bows and arrows on their backs for stern protection. These were the White Tiger Imperial Guard, charged with the defense of the imperial palace. Unlike the Black Turtle Imperial Guard responsible for protecting the area outside the imperial palace, they protected the interior. The White Tiger Imperial Guard possessed the strongest authority to enforce the law. Not only was their swordsmanship outstanding, their archery was also first-rate. 

In the imperial palace, just the movements of these White TIger Imperial Guards was like a ferocious tiger. Normal warriors would be frightened out of their wits, not daring to breathe. These imperial guards put on an entirely impressive display.

“Chang’an Mansion has arrived, permit their passage!!”

An officer loudly announced.

Great Chong Dynasty’s two lords had the highest treatment of “entering the court without haste, treading the halls with sword, visiting without appointment.” Other ministers were required to undergo a strict inspection in order to enter the imperial palace, even to go on foot. Chang’an Mansion did not need to go through so much trouble. Several carriages poured into the Imperial City, making the surrounding banquet attendees, both examinees and aristocrats alike,  currently going through the inspection process incomparably envious.

Chen Mo sat inside one of the carriages. He looked at both sides of the imperial palace’s main thoroughfare. There were black lacquered wooden pavilions, engraved flying eaves and arches. On the way in, he spotted those well-trained imperial guards, their gazes stern.

How was a dynasty’s wealth and power displayed? Naturally through etiquette. Etiquette was was prestige, and these standards of etiquette were best embodied by those who closest to the imperial family. The imperial family was strong, and they had confidence, the so-called arrogance.

The Great Chong Dynasty’s Great Ancestor himself established the Four Great Imperial Guards. This White Tiger Imperial Guard were completely without weakness. Even in front of Chang’an Mansion’s private carriages, they were neither servile nor overbearing. Their gazes even contained a slightly steely ferocity.

In their eyes, they could sense hidden danger and hostility in Chen Mo’s intentions. It appeared that anything could happen between them at any moment.

While the White Tiger Imperial Guard were like this, Chen Mo wondered what kind of manner the remaining Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird Imperial Guards carried themselves with. He immediately could spot the Vermilion Bird Imperial guard. They were responsible for the security and safety of the officials entering the palace. They could be considered personal bodyguards, but the Azure Dragons were very mysterious. Rumor had it this imperial guard that obeyed only the Tang Emperor’s orders gathered the Great Chong Dynasty’s finest elite talents. They even said that the Tang Imperial Family imparted portions of the country-guarding treasure, the “Black Turtle Seven Changes,” to the Azure Dragon Imperial Guard.

“Big Sis, is Chang’an Mansion’s current power comparable to the FOur Great Imperial Guards?” Chen Mo lowered his curtain and asked his fellow passenger, his Third Sister.

For this banquet, Chen Luan absolutely had to sit together with him.

However, traveling together with a beauty, her fragrance filling the entire carriage compartment, nevertheless made him feel excited.

Chen Luan opened her eyes and pondered for a while. “There are six hundred Long Saber Guardsmen. However, they are still a bit inferior compared to the Four Great Imperial Guards.” Chang’an Mansion’s Long Saber Guard was also an enormous force inside the Great Chong Dynasty. What the Long Saber Guard was most famous for was that all of its warriors each wielded a long saber, casted with Four Stars. They were able to contend against a Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator.

For this banquet at the imperial palace, Chang’an mansion also would dispatch several Long Saber Guardsmen in accompaniment.

However, they were still much more inferior relative to the Four Great Imperial Guards.

The Four Great Imperial Guards numbered more than a thousand. Each of the guard corps possessed many Thunder Tribulation cultivators. There was no chance of victory in a direct confrontation. And other than with crack troops, the threat any other motley crew presented to them was practically negligible.

This meant that if one day they truly stood against Emperor Tang, Chang’an Mansion’s situation was not optimistic at all. It was known that Lord Jiang Nan could possibly stand on the imperial family’s side. It was no wonder Chen Huhao wanted to betray the main family. He perhaps could see that Chang’an Mansion was facing poor odds.

“In this year’s Title Bestowal Ceremony, Emperor Tang intends to weaken Father’s power, to limit the Long Saber Guard to three hundred members.” Chen Luan’s eyes carried a bit of hatred.

The Title Bestowal Ceremony granted titles. Although someone on the level of Lord Chang’an would not be affected too significantly, the one who with the greatest power and authority would always face an unending stream of schemes plotting to weaken them.

“If the Long Saber Guard’s Blood Drinkers can be forged to Five Star, or even Six Star, then there is no need to fear the Four Great Imperial Guards.” Chen Mo thought.

Chen Luan found her little brother’s naivete adorable. “Little Brother, Four Star is already the absolute limit of a casting master. To cast all of the six hundred Long Saber Guards to Five Star, this wouldn’t be possible unless you have the Sword Casting Villa empty its pockets to help. Then maybe it can be achieved, but this is only a maybe…For Star Weapons that aren’t Destined, casting a Star is too difficult.” Chen Luan shook her head. Given the Outer Star Fields’ circumstances, Five Star was practically the limit for a Star Weapon. Anything higher was very challenging.

But raising a Four Star to Five Star was too difficult. If it failed, the weapon would be completely ruined, unrecoverable.

However, if they truly could cast to Five Star, then indeed, facing the Four Great Imperial Guards would not be a problem. They would not even need to fear encountering the vassals of the allied armies.

Chen Mo smiled, silent.

“Little Brother, how is the cultivation of your Zhangtian Seal and Five Finger Mountain?” Chen Luan asked

“Their fusion was pretty good. It’s already about halfway.”

“That’s actually pretty good. Little Brother, Big Sis really has a whole new level of respect for you.” Chen Luan’s gaze was quite provocative, making Chen Mo blush endlessly.2

“What’s Big Sis impressed about.”

“The Five Finger Mountain ability is considered an Immemorial ability, and you actually found it.”

“Wait until I complete its cultivation, then I’ll teach you, Big Sis. And Big Brothers, too.” Chen Mo smiled.

Chen Luan poked Chen Mo’s forehead, the gesture charming, unspeakably pampering: “Then it’s a promise. If you dare fool Elder Sister, Elder Sister will castrate you.”

“Big Sis, don’t you want another little brother or sister.” Chen Mo laughed.

A mischievous smile did not hesitate to flit across the corner of Chen Luan’s mouth. Her response was quite firm and decisive.

“No way!”

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  1. The intent here isn’t that she wants Chen Mo to die. If he dies, the verse will remain forever unfinished, but his additions to it would be regarded as “perfect” as no one could ever top them. She wants Chen Mo to live, so she can hear the rest.
  2. She’s your half-sister, man…Sweet home, Alabama…


  1. Wait, I thought that the identity of Chen Mo’s aunt as a Star General was known to the State? How come the Emperor didn’t think of her?

    1. She herself is known, her relationship to Chen Mo and his mother is not. The mausoleum break-in was enough to get one person thinking recently, but it was dismissed as unrealistic.

    2. They know she’s a Star General, but they don’t know she is connected to Chen Mo at all. From their perspective, she’s simply a rogue Star General who raided a tomb.

  2. You commented on the scent bit, but not on the end part that I personally find more explosive. Her decisive rejection means she either actively doesn’t want him to have kids or, I’ll mention for completeness sake at least, she would rather have a different relationship with them than an aunt. It’s a firm declaration that she refuses to let her brother ever get married. Strong bro-con.

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