Chapter 159: “Seven Stars” Huan Wen

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Huan Wen’s speartip stabbed, its cold light like a serpent, a ray that was hair-raising to the extreme as it plunged towards Gu Wuyi.

Gu Wuyi was still as immovable as a mountain. Her wrist turned, and her own Star Weapon, the Three Star “Indestructible Loyalty,”1 manifested. It was an elaborate yet stylish and steady writing brush. It was not very striking, and Huan Wen even could not sense any killing intent from it.

Against Huan Wen’s incoming spear, Gu Wuyi tapped the brush against the air.

A lotus of pure intent bloomed in empty space.

This lotus was spotlessly white, pure as water. With an indifferent spin, it locked down the killing intent of Huan Wen’s Cold Night Locked Moon and dispelled this attack. 

“You’re a spiritual power Star General?” Huan Wen twitched her mouth, apparently somewhat annoyed.

Star World’s Star Generals were largely split into four types: martial force, spiritual power, magic energy as well as the legendary divine power. Martial force Star Generals were the most formidable in Star World. One thrust of their spear could decimate an entire army. They were famous throughout Star World. The Star Names that inspired awe were all mostly top-notch martial generals. Magic energy Star Generals were slightly lower. Their Star Energy was capable of myriad changes, which could be called wonderful, so much so that some martial generals would suffer under them. Other than martial force and magic energy, spiritual power was the collective term for all remaining Star Generals. These spiritual power Star Generals had all kinds of Innate Skills. The best were all of odd classification, but in Star World, their Innate Skills all received respect. Even the best martial generals would need to prostrate themselves. 

Who could not cower when they heard of the famous “Swordsmith of Gods And Demons” Ou Yezi, ancestor of Star Weapons. “White Clothed Sword Immortal” Li Bai also had sword arts that absolutely would not lose to a first-rate Star General.

However, upon seeing Gu Wuyi’s Indestructible Loyalty, Huan Wen was still considerably disappointed. Star Generals with a brush Star Weapon were mostly designated as spiritual power types. Their martial arts were average. The most famous “Calligraphy Sage of Lanting” Wang Xizhi2 probably would not appear in the Outer Star Field. Huan Wen did not recognize this Star Weapon, and since she could not recognize this Star General, this meant that killing her was as easy as turning over her palm.

This truly was not challenging.

As well, those spiritual power Star Generals that came to teach the Hundred Schools of Thought generally were not very strong at all.

“Forget it, I’ll just have some fun.”3

Huan Wen curled her lips into a smile. The girl’s figure seemed to shuttle back and forth, a silver light blossoming, practically filling space and obstructing Gu Wuyi’s surroundings.

Gu Wuyi’s spun her brush. Indestructible Loyalty wrote in the air, using Yellow Rank Technique Intention Lotus.

The brush dotted, and space blossomed with white lotus flowers. These flowers were formed from her intent, and they were under her complete control. The several dozen lotuses shot in all directions, blocking Huan Wen’s spear-light, finally averting this crisis. Just as Gu Wuyi was about to withdraw, Huan Wen’s attack was already following close behind.

The girl’s smiled appeared even more arrogant. Cold Night Locked Moon directly stabbed towards Gu Wuyi’s forehead.

A star-like silver light descended.

The tip of Gu Wuyi’s brush moved up and down. The Indestructible Loyalty Brush warded off the Cold Night Locked Moon Spear’s thrust. Sparks flew through the darkness from the clash of the weapons. “Not bad.” Huan Wen proudly said, as if trading blows with her was something exceptional. However, she could not help but be arrogant. As Great Chong Dynasty’s only well-known Star General, Seven Stars Huan Wen had quite the far-reaching reputation in addition to extraordinary martial arts.

“Let’s see just what your School of Mind is worth.”

Huan Wen’s spear stabbed. A whistling sound pierced through space. One Intention Lotus was poked apart, but the remaining power behind the spear did not diminish. Gu Wuyi’s eyes flashed with a cold glint as she drew a circle with her brush.

All of a sudden, there was an ear-piercing sound.

Currently, the banquet was especially rowdy. The number one jieyuan of each province were currently displaying each of their martial arts in the palace, exhibiting their talents.

Ling Kaicheng’s arm swept forth, unleashing an intense palm-wind. True Qi erupted, like an autumn wind sweeping away dead leaves, unstoppable.

The expressions of the young man before him slightly changed, yet he was unflustered as he punched with both hands. The power behind his punches was fluttering and fleeting, somehow gently mixing into Ling Kaicheng’s attack. When the young man saw his success, pride flashed through his eyes.

Ling Kaicheng sneered: “Brat, it’s too early to be happy.” The stocky man’s whole body trembled. He stomped the ground and kicked with his leg. The air whooshed, and like a gigantic cannonball, he struck his opponent, instantly kicking him away.

“Marvelous, the Ling Family’s Mountain Opening Fist is indeed formidable, worthy of being named the most powerful boxing style of the Southern Regions.”

“That technique just now should be the famous Golden Rush Break.”

“The Xu Family’s Minute Autumn Wind is also wonderful, it only had a bad match-up.”

THe surrounding guests erupted into cheers.

Ling Kaicheng and that Xu boy respectfully walked before Emperor Tang.

Right now was the final event of the banquet, a pre-exam competition. As the last chance to feel out an opponent before the court examination, the jieyuan from each province conducted one-on-one matches under Emperor Tang’s selection. The more skillful one could not only receive prizes, they could also enjoy fame in the court examination.

Emperor Tang smiled: “The punching power of the Ling Family’s heir is strong. Presumably, your punch-intent is proficient. Not bad, not bad. To have such accomplishments at this age, the Ling Family is fortunate. We are pleased.”

“The Dead Leaves Fist and Autumn Breeze Body Techniques of the Xu Family’s heir are both good.” Emperor Tang said: “This time, the Ling Family’s heir is the victor. Reward him.”

“Long live Your Imperial Majesty.” Ling Kaicheng said.

“Then the next pairing…” Emperor Tang feigned thinking. At this time, Crown Prince Tang Feng said: “Father Emperor, why not let the children of Lords Jiang Nan and Chang’an compete. Princess Yanyu and Chen Mo are both the greatest geniuses in the current Divine Warrior Examination. Neither of them seem willing to give in to the other, they must also wish to compete. Presumably, everyone is also eager to see this.”

Emperor Tang muttered. “Fine, We also wish to witness the bearings of the Two Lords.” A fleeting cold glint flashed through Emperor Tang’s eyes. Chen Luan immediately understood that Emperor Tang wanted to use this chance to inhibit her little brother’s momentum, to use Jiang Yanyu’s hands to stop Chen Mo. If either of them lost in martial force, then it could be said that Chen Mo’s reputation in Chang’an would be entirely ruined, to say nothing of the bet that Chen Mo and the crown prince had made before.

Jiang Yanyu gently smiled as if she had already anticipated this. She did not mind inhibiting Chen Mo just a bit, and she was indeed curious just how powerful Chen Mo’s strength really was.

“And Chang’an Mansion’s Chen Mo?” Emperor Tang wrinkled his brow. He did not see Chen Mo’s figure at his seat.

The others also threw their glances over. Chen Luan expressionlessly answered: “Little Brother feels unwell and left first.”

Feels unwell?! Everyone was stunned. Although a Three Flowers Warrior did not have a body free of impurities like a Thunder Tribulation cultivator did, in any case, controlling one’s body was not an issue. Otherwise, why call them Saints Of War. It was not the case that this guy was afraid of losing and used the bathroom as an excuse, right.

Everyone’s expressions were brilliant. Jiang Yanyu could not help but nearly smile. Emperor Tang was speechless, not having expected such a shameless reason. The bathroom, did the boy not fear turning Chang’an Mansion into a laughingstock. Chen Zhangtian feigned anger: “Mo’er is truly improprietous. Lin’er, go check on him.”

“As you command.” Chen Lin said.

“Fine. Let us watch others in the meantime. When he returns, do not let Us be disappointed.” Emperor Tang showed a bit of displeasure.

Right now, Chen Mo naturally would really stay in the latrine. Gu Wuyi’s tardiness and absence made his mind uneasy. Gu Wuyi’s Star General identity perhaps was exposed. Although Emperor Tang probably would not offend a Star General who possessed a Hundred Schools status, he had heard that there was a Fiend Star in existence in Chang’an.

Earthly Attacking Star Seven Stars Huan Wen. She was overbearing, callous, and incomparably conceited. Should she have designs on Gu Wuyi, that would be troublesome.

Chen Mo slinked through the darkness, his Divine Hawk Eyesight looking down over the imperial city.

The imperial palace was enormous. If they had truly laid a trap for Gu Wuyi, they would not do so in front of everyone’s eyes. Chen Mo sat crosslegged on the tiled roof, activating his intent to sense Gu Wuyi’s mind.

All of a sudden.

In a corner of the palace a kilometer away, he sensed a subtle spiritual fluctuation.

Not good.

Indeed, something had happened.

Chen Mo’s expression sank. He brainstormed, then changed into a set of black clothes and concealed his face. He stepped with the Cool Breeze Bright Moon in that direction.

Huan Wen grew more excited the more she attacked. Her silvery-white spear pierced through spear, a chilling spear-light tearing apart the darkness thrust after thrust. Gu Wuyi’s brush made a supreme effort to deflect those blows, the woman’s reactions were also absolutely swift, the changes in her speed unfazed against Huan Wen’s aggression.

As a spiritual power Star General, Gu Wuyi’s tenacity made Huan Wen slightly surprised. The Seven Stars very quickly changed from surprise to dissatisfaction.


Huan Wen’s spear attacked at the source. Spear-light flashed, and an absolute halo expanded, enclosing Gu Wuyi, completely shattering her defensive techniques. “Wuyi.” Mu suddenly roused himself. When he saw Wuyi was in danger, he hastily charged over. Without even looking, Huan Wen stamped her foot, and a mass of Star Energy uprooted the ground and sent him flying.

A Saint Of War did not have the qualifications to approach her body.

“Yellow Rank: Chest Opener!!”4

Huan Wen roared.

The Cold Night Locked Moon Spear’s attack instantly swelled. A vast expanse of white light smothered her like a net. Indestructible Loyalty swept forward but was unable to block this Yellow Technique. Gu Wuyi’s expression changed, and the spear knocked her onto the ground.

The splitting murderous air immediately exploded against the woman’s body. Blood gushed into the air. Gu Wuyi tightly grit her teeth, not shaken at all.

Huan Wen saw her counterpart was already helpless. She showed a disdainful smile and confidently walked over, her spear arrogantly pointed at Gu Wuyi. “This Highness dispatched someone specifically to draw you in, yet you did not recognize good fortune.”

“If you want to blame someone, then blame yourself and that Chang’an Mansion for being too close to one another. You surprisingly flaunted your power in front of This Highness, but truly, you overestimated yourself.” Cold Night Locked Moon’s tip pressed against Gu Wuyi’s throat, pricking into her flesh. 

“Don’t think just because you are a Hundred Schools teacher that you can consider everyone else beneath you. This Highness shall make you understand tonight just who dominates the Tail Fire Star Field!” Huan Wen was incomparably conceited, “Now, This Highness shall give you a chance to collaborate. If you are sensible, then henceforth, your School Of Mind shall be the Great Chong Dynasty’s foundation. This Highness can guarantee that in three years, I will help you destroy Zen.”

Gu Wuyi was aloof. Neither the dejection of defeat nor the anger of humiliation could be seen on her face. The woman was very calm all along, like a stone. Her intent was not swayed by any influence. 

“You fail to appreciate kindness. Don’t think This Highness won’t dare to kill you.” Huan Wen was enraged. She stabbed the spear through Gu Wuyi’s shoulder and lifted the her up.

“Wuyi.” Mu screamed.

A cold glint flickered through Huan Wen’s eyes. “Today, This Highness shall kill you. Just what ability does your School Of Mind have!”

Huan Wen retracted her spear. Star Energy concentrated into killing intent that was about to run through Gu Wuyi’s heart.

Just at this moment, an unyielding force attacked her. Huan Wen thrust with her spear, clashing against the meddler’s weapon, which was a long saber.

“Your dare act impudent in front of This Highness’ eyes.” Huan Wen was disdainful, attacking.

Bang, bang.

Huan Wen retreated, staring at her opponent somewhat in disbelief.

What weapon was that, that it was able to resist her Cold Night Locked Moon?

“Who are you?”

Chen Mo stood in front of Gu Wuyi, not answering Huan Wen. His hand gripped the saber’s hilt as he relaxed his mind to the most tranquil state in the world.

Just as Huan Wen asked her second question, he suddenly drew the saber.

A terrifying aura suddenly covered the area like a tidal wave.

This is bad!

A Heaven Earth Dark Yellow.

Huan Wen’s pupils shrank.

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