Chapter 160: Suppressing Huan Wen

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The light of Ice Breaker Snow Slicer was released upon draw.

Instantly, it was like a sudden blizzard smothered Huan Wen. Against the Great Chong Dynasty’s number one Star General,1 Chen Mo did not dare be careless. With only a brief buildup, he used his strongest Yellow Technique.

Because he wanted to save Gu Wuyi, even though this Yellow Rank was a bit sudden this time, it still concentrated a large portion of Chen Mo’s Star Energy. When this attack executed, Huan Wen was completely too late to evade, unable to dodge.

The saber-light was like snow, cutting against her body again and again.

As if slicing through snow cover, it was soundless, evoking a bone-chilling cold.

Huan Wen was dominant in the Great Chong Dynasty, her nature proud and arrogant. If he killed her, the Chen Family would have no need to fear the Tang Family at all.

Ice Breaker Snow Slicer receded, and Chen Mo’s expression suddenly changed.

Huan Wen, who had suffered the Yellow Technique attack, had merely been pushed back a few steps. Her black robes and silver armor had several cuts, but she appeared nearly unharmed.

The Yellow Technique that was able to kill Great King Mulu surprisingly only gave Huan Wen minor injuries. This Seven Stars was at least Concentrated Fiend Realm Late Stage already.

“Courting death!”

Huan Wen was in a towering rage. She wielded her spear in one hand, stabbing. The Cold Night Locked Moon became a white line that led straight towards Chen Mo’s chest. She had used Yellow Rank Technique “Chest Opener.”2 Powerful killing intent instantly made Chen Mo’s heart stop. His whole body’s functions surprisingly were unresponsive.

The speed of a Concentrated Fiend Star General was honestly too fast.

By the time Chen Mo perceived Huan Wen’s killing intent, her speartip was already right before his eyes, no way out.

“Look out!”

Gu Wuyi’s figure threw herself in front of Chen Mo, Indestructible Loyalty writing in the air. A spirit-light unfolded and intercepted Huan Wen’s Yellow Technique, but she was only a Spiritual Power Star General, after all, somewhat strained in a direct confrontation against Huan Wen’s Yellow Technique.

Cold Night Locked Moon shredded Indestructible Loyalty’s defenses, about to rip open Gu Wuyi’s chest. Just at the critical moment, the fleeting instant that Gu Wuyi fought for made Chen Mo finally regain his senses. He extended his hand and pulled Gu Wuyi back as he swung Northern Dipper.

Chen Mo had plenty of combat experience against Star Generals, and he even killed Great King Mulu. But tonight against Huan Wen’s aggression, he discovered that a Star General’s ferocity was something he could not afford to underestimate.

Cold Night Locked Moon broke open Northern Dipper’s attack. Huan Wen’s figure moved, her spear-light enveloping them like a waterfall.

Chen Mo saw from a glance that continuing like this was dangerous. He himself was already completely stuck on the defensive, to say nothing of a counterattack. Huan Wen’s attacks were extremely quick. Her Star Energy far exceeded comparison to a warrior’s True Qi. Each strike was sufficient to disintegrate a Saint Of War. Because Chen Mo’s body cultivated the Northern Dipper Great Overflow, it was sturdy. Otherwise, he would not have lasted more than a few blows even against a Concentrated Fiend Late Stage Star General with his stiff resistance.

So incredible.

As expected of the Great Chong Dynasty’s number one Star General.

Chen Mo thought quickly. He used Auntie’s Innate Skill, “Invincible,” and a white Star Crest carved itself into his forehead, instantly glowing. After using Invincible, a particular power flowed from the Star Crest throughout his whole body.

Invincible could concentrate his power to a single point then unleash it in a single burst. The more enemies there were, not only would this using this force not exhaust him, it would also become even stronger. However, even against a single person, Invincible was still formidable.3

Chen Mo raised his saber and slashed. Under the effects of the Invincible Innate Skill, he immediately broke free of Huan Wen’s powerful pressure, igniting the mere remnants of Star Energy left in his body.

The long saber devoured the darkness and released a sharp ice-cold roar as it rolled towards Huan Wen. Chen Mo’s body techniques also instantly became as erratic as a white steed flitting by.

Huan Wen was taken aback. She angrily grit her teeth and pulled back, her one-handed grip on the spear becoming two-handed as she resisted Chen Mo’s assault.

The killing intent and roar that the long saber emitted were unable to penetrate Huan Wen’s Cold Night Locked Moon. The woman’s martial arts were superb, and she was also at the pinnacle of Concentrated Fiend Realm. A Star General at this Realm could easily slaughter a cultivator, even if they were against Thunder Tribulation. Even with an Innate Skill and Star Energy, Chen Mo found it hard to contend against her.

The surrounding massive court willows broke apart following the pair’s exchange, row after row falling over. 

A white figure continued to withdraw. If Emperor Tang saw this, he perhaps would not dare to believe his own eyes – Huan Wen was unexpectedly being suppressed into a step by step retreat.

It appeared to be Chen Mo’s complete advantage, but on the inside, he was actually complaining non-stop.

Chen Mo was not a genuine Star General. Usage of Invincible required enormous expenditures of Star Energy to maintain, and his earlier use of Ice Breaker Snow Slicer meant that Chen Mo was already spent. If Invincible stopped, the he could see the consequences from his enemy’s predator-like eyes.

This Huan Wen seemed to see a weakness in Chen Mo’s oppressive attacks, dealing with them without fluster. She was only waiting for him to show the smallest of openings. 

This is bad.

I’ll die if this goes on!

Chen Mo sensed danger. All of a sudden, he stopped his assault, straightened his body and soared straight into the firmaments like a dragon.

Huan Wen was knocked back. She tightly gripped the Cold Night Locked Moon, showing a cold grin. As long as Chen Mo descended, she could make this meddler understand how stupid his decision was.

Chen Mo leapt five hundred, six hundred meters into the air. He retracted Northern Dipper, and at the same time, put his hands together in the form of a seal. Ancient spiritual power gathered in his palm, blending with his right palm following his hand movement.

Huan Wen grunted and was about to thrust her spear.

Chen Mo’s right palm suddenly slashed the air.

Suddenly, the entire imperial city let out an enormous jolt, as if there was an earthquake. The imperial palace rocked endlessly, and a gigantic palmprint descended.

This palmprint was massive, as if the Five Sacred Mountains were striking the place Huan Wen stood. The ground disintegrated from the pressure, and the surrounding trees and palace halls surprisingly all collapsed.


A deafening power echoed over Chang’an. Even people far outside the imperial palace could see a giant mountain descend from the heavens, completely intimidating the dark night.

Five Finger Spirit Mountain!!

Huan Wen roared, raising her spear to meet it, circulating her Star Energy. The world dimmed. The spear did its utmost to resist Five Finger Spirit Mountain’s pressure. If an ordinary warrior, or even a Thunder Tribulation cultivator, had faced Five Finger Spirit Mountain, perhaps they would have already been in imminent peril, yet Huan Wen did not shrink back at all. She used her spear to contest against the ancient ability.

Five Finger Spirit Mountain used the power of the earth to crush the target, and an Earthly Fiend Star General precisely was born with Earthly Fiend affinities. Even if Huan Wen used all her power, she was unable to break through.

Huan Wen’s expression changed. The giant mountain completely smothered her. The force that cratered the earth was like thousands of curtains, closing off several dozen li. As far as the eye could see, that stern and elegant figure was nowhere to be found. 

Chen Mo landed on the ground. He did not dare hope for any flukes. This Huan Wen’s strength was unfathomable, and his own Star Energy was already completely drained, unable to continue combat against her. Chen Mo was not in the mood to care about how significant an injury that Five Finger Mountain brought to Huan Wen. He grabbed the weakened Gu Wuyi. After he seized the unconscious Mu, he used the Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape to quickly flee this place.

Meanwhile, at the banquet, Emperor Tang was somewhat impatient to see the competition between the two jieyuan.

These two jieyuan had exceptional martial arts, but they basically could not enter Emperor Tang’s discerning eye. Tang Mingshi glanced at Chen Zhangtian’s table, holding his temper as he asked: “Zhangtian, just what is happening with your fourth son?”

“He is absent without leave, truly too disrespectful to our imperial family.” Tang Feng’s expression was poor as he asked the question.

Chen Zhangtian smiled and said: “Fourth son is unruly, we ask Your Imperial Majesty’s forgiveness. When he is found, Your Humble Servant shall definitely teach him a good lesson.”

“Chen Mo repeats over and over that he does not fear Jiang Yanyu, and he even made a bet with Me…Hmph, I feel that he is afraid, diffident, a coward who flees before the battle.” It was difficult to find such a good opportunity to kick someone when they were done. Tang Feng naturally would not let this go.

In front of everyone’s stares, Chen Mo surprisingly left the banquet. Anyone else would have thought he was afraid.

When the crown prince said this, the people on his side echoed him one after another.

“What His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince says is true. Maybe His Highness Chen Mo actually ran away?”

“But His Highness Chen Mo is someone able to enter the Bodhi Cliff.”

“I don’t believe it. Wasn’t His Highness Chen Mo very disdainful of Princess Yanyu? This was the perfect chance for him to demonstrate his capabilities, so why did he run. His body must be feeling unwell. Heh, heh.”

“Little Sister Yanyu, why don’t you say something?” Tang Feng gave Jiang Yanyu a glance, hinting that she should say something about the person in question. Right now, Chen Mo’s fame in Chang’an was too strong. This was the perfect opportunity to diminish his influence.

“Perhaps His Highness Mo has some emergency.” Jiang Yanyu generously smiled. Her manners instead made everyone submit wholly.

“The result will naturally be evident in the Divine Warrior Examination. A contest right now would not for nothing. If you dare to slander my little brother, that would be insulting my Chen Family!!” Chen Luan could not bear these people vilifying Chen Mo. Killing intent was contained in her words.

The others also heard rumors of Chen Luan’s overprotectiveness of her little brother. Seeing that the Flying Luan Princess was somewhat furious, each of them embarrassed. They said no more, for they did not want to draw fire onto themselves.

And what Chen Luan said was a bit reasonable. In the end, the Divine Warrior Examination would decide the winner. Running away before a battle right now completely lacked any significance. Only if he actually withdrew from the court examination would he then be a joke.

Tang Feng wrinkled his brow. He was displeased with Chen Luan’s words, but he could not easily retort.

“Luan’er, do not be discourteous.” Chen Zhangtian softly said.


Just as Emperor Tang was about to speak, all of a sudden at this moment, the entire palace rocked. The tables and food all shuddered, and dust fell from the ceiling.

Everyone was startled. Before they could make sense of what had happened, they heard an enormous rumble outside the hall. That sound was like a giant mountain collapsing. Everyone present felt a force squeeze their chests.

Emperor Tang’s expression changed. His silhouette suddenly vanished from the throne.4 The gate splintered with an explosion, and he was already out the doors.

Everyone hastily charged out the door. The scene they witness before their eyes stunned them.

In the imperial palace, an earthly qi appeared and curled into an immense mountain.

This is bad.

Emperor Tang used an escape technique, rushing over there.

Chen Zhangtian and Jiang Ruxiu glanced at each other, somewhat startled, following along. The remaining cultivators and warriors also rushed over there. Each person was discussing what had happened. Surprisingly, such a big disturbance had occurred in the imperial palace. It could not be that someone reckless was assaulting the imperial palace, right.

In a few moments, Emperor Tang and everyone else arrived at that place.

The Five Finger Mountain was already slowly dissipating like smoke, its pressure already gone. Standing in the middle of everyone was a young girl – a cold and detached young girl who made everyone feel chills.

“Your Highness Huan Wen!”


“Who is capable of injuring Her Highness Huan Wen?”

Everyone’s expressions paled. Emperor Tang, Chen Zhangtian, Jiang Ruxiu and the others were stunned.


Just as Emperor Tang was about to protect her.

“Fuck off!!”

Huan Wen spat. The Cold Night Locked Moon moved. The four stars surprisingly twinkled, and killing intent pounced towards Emperor Tang and the others. Powerful killing intent made Chen Zhangtian and the others feel chills all over. They promptly used their hands to block, barely defending.

Behind them came a scream. Many jieyuan warriors were astonishingly seriously injured.

Chen Zhangtian looked at his daughter. Chen Luan was also pale, sustaining light injuries.

When they looked to the arena, Huan Wen’s figure had already vanished without a trace.

“Who is so bold, to unexpectedly dare sneak attack Her Highness Huan Wen.” Jiang Ruxiu wrinkled his brow.

Emperor Tang’s complexion was ashen. He coldly said: “No one is allowed to utter even half a word of what transpired tonight, otherwise, We will punish him with nine familial exterminations!!” 

“Your Humble Servants do not dare!”

Before the ministers could look after the injured warriors, they immediately knelt and acknowledged the emperor’s orders.

Emperor Tang coldly snorted. Huan Wen was but the treasure in his heart, the pride of Great Chong Dynasty. That she suffered a sneak attack, how could his heart bear it.5

It could not be that School Of Mind actually had such a powerful Star General.

Emperor Tang was uneasy. No longer interested, he did not say anything to the Two Lords and promptly left this place.

The eunuchs let out sharp shouts.

“Banquet adjourned!”

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  2. 開膛 Does a xenomorph pop out, too?
  3. Again, it seems this power provides greater buffs when he faces increasing numbers of enemies.
  4. So he actually has formidable powers?
  5. He treasures her as a military asset. But it seems he shares a casual relationship with her as well…

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