Chapter 164: Zen’s Wanshou Temple

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Star Position: Earthly Boat Orchid Star1

Star Name: Yu Xuanji2

Nickname: Thousand Theories And Wonders3

True Name: Yu Youwei

Star Number: ???

Star Weapon: Flowing Water Echo (Three Star)4

Realm: Concentrated Fiend Early Stage

Innate Skill: Profound Sound5

Five Elements: Metal

Yellow Rank: Deadlock6

Life Details: …

Yu Xuanji’s Star General information appeared in Chen Mo’s mind. A level of Concentrated Fiend Early Stage was not considered very high. To be frank, traveling through the Outer Star Field was a bit dangerous, however, as a spiritual power Star General, Yu Xuanji was capable of guzheng magic. Her Yellow Rank “Deadlock” was even capable of slowing a Star General, thereby buying herself a chance at life.

With Yu Xuanji’s current Realm her Yellow Rank’s power was average. It could only suppress warriors within a short range. If she reached Heavenly Star levels, then she could even stop entire armies. If she grew even stronger, then she could restrain even Earthly Star Generals. This was practically her trump card.

Yu Xuanji touched her red lips, her cheeks blushing as if she was drunk. That this man who stole her first kiss seemed not the least bit captivated left her a bit angry.

“Now, you tell Xuanji the other half of River On A Spring Night.” After signing the Servant Star Contract, Yu Xuanji was disinclined to address him as “Your Highness.” Clearly, he should be a servant, but this man in front of her did not have any awareness as a retainer.

“Why are you able to contract with multiple Star Generals?” Yu Xuanji was honestly bewildered. Could it be that there were too many secret rumors in Star World that she did not know about?

“Little Sister Xuanji, just which do you want to know, the River On A Spring Night or why I can form multiple contracts?” Chen Mo smiled and teased.

“The time is still early. Xuanji still has time to accompany Your Highness for a long conversation.” Yu Xuanji recovered her dignity as the queen of flowers, laughed for the outside: “Lü’er, Qiao’er, His Highness Chen Mo honors us with his presence. For the next few days, the Profound Theory Courtyard will decline other visitors.”

“Yes, Young Miss.”

The servants outside the courtyard responded, each covering their mouths in astonishment. The young miss actually invited a man into the Profound Theory Courtyard and even isolated it to send away other guests. This treatment was certainly too generous. Then it looked like His Highness Chen Mo was about to be the envy of Chang’an’s young masters again.

The ground shook, the pavilion rocked.

Huan Wen stood in the middle of the training field. No one dared to get within a hundred meters of her, and even the Vermilion Bird Imperial Guard kept a far distance away, afraid of getting caught up in the Star General’s rage. Huan Wen brandished her silver spear that was as white as snow. She had Concentrated Fiend Late Stage Realm. As long as her feet did not leave the earth, her Earthly Fiend Qi could flow without end, and she would be undefeated as long as she stood. With such an advantage, even a top-notch warrior the likes of the Human Sovereign could not easily ward her off.

The girl’s bright eyes were like swords, the Cold Night Locked Moon continuously stabbing the air. All around her, the air surged, raising a gale. These gusts were Earthly Fiend Qi, the power of an Earthly Star General, a power like a rainbow.7


A cold glint flashed in Huan Wen’s eyes. The woman spun around and stabbed.

Spear-light like lightning transformed into a dragon.

Suddenly, a drizzle unfolded, collecting and trapping the dragon. This Misty Rain Sword’s force seemed to be hidden in nothingness, without form or warning. When Huan Wen saw this, she retracted. The spear returned, and its power vanished into thin air. A young woman stepped out from the drizzle. She was none other than Jiang Yanyu.

“Elder Sister Huan Wen is very furious.”

“Why have you come?” Huan Wen pursed her lips, “You also want to know who it was?”

Jiang Yanyu nodded, “Just who dared to provoke Elder Sister Huan Wen?”

Huan Wen did not know either. Her foe was dressed in night clothes, as if prepared in advance. The most likely possibility was that he was that Wuyi’s School Of Mind Servant Star because only such a thing could possibly pose a threat to her.

“Will there be any trouble?” Jiang Yanyu raised her brow. Offending the Hundred Schools Of Thought was not every wise at all.

Huan Wen originally wanted to teach Wuyi a lesson about the outcome of standing on Chen Mo’s side, but she did not expect an ambush. However, Huan Wen was not worried. If her foe truly was sincere, they would not flee. “His Imperial Majesty has dispatched people to search for them. If any trace of them is found, they will not be allowed to leave the dynasty alive.”

“How is that man from the Chang’an Mansion?” Huan Wen asked. She had heard a rumor that person apparently did some incredible things that astonished the Wanshou Temple’s abbot.

“Chen Mo…Always finds a way to surprise people.” Jiang Yanyu smiled, “Yanyu heard that Yu Youwei invited him in the morning to enter the Profound Theory Courtyard, and he has not come out all day. Yu Youwei has also declined other visitors.”

“Oh, that queen of flowers.” Huan Wen had an expression of disdain. She held men who solicited prostitutes in the greatest contempt. It appeared this Chen Mo was no different.

“Elder Sister Huan Wen, do you feel that the person who you fought is Chen Mo?” Jiang Yanyu asked. Last night, Chen Mo also just happened to leave the banquet. Perhaps the two were related. “What weapon did the person who fought Elder Sister use. Was it a large staff?”

“A large staff, but it was a long saber. Who do you think it was?”

“If it was a long saber, then it should not be Chen Mo.” For some reason, Jiang Yanyu felt relieved.

Huan Wen scoffed: “Yanyu, you hold that man in too high a regard. What qualifications does he have to be This Highness’ opponent.” If she had let him escape, Huan Wen felt she may as well hang herself.

“He will be going to the Bodhi Cliff soon. Yanyu is indeed skeptical.”

“Come, spar with Elder Sister, This Highness recently comprehended another Yellow Rank!” Huan Wen raised her spear towards Jiang Yanyu.

Jiang Yanyu smiled.

Several days later.

Black clouds pressed upon the city, the gloomy sound of thunder increasingly loud. Within the black clouds, lightning transformed into malevolent shapes that seemed about to rush out from the prison of the thick clouds, tear apart the cloud layer, and break free.

Chen Mo lifted his head to look at the sky. This was his first spring rain since he came to Chang’an.

“Little Brother, do you want to try for Lesser Thunder Tribulation?” His elder sister stood behind him. She thought from his expression that he wanted to ascend to Lesser Thunder Tribulation, to leap into the ranks of cultivators from warriors.

Three Flowers Gathered Overhead Saint of War was practically the limit of the physical body for a warrior. Any stronger, and they would step into the Greater and Lesser Thunder Tribulations. And Lesser Thunder Tribulation utilized the world to draw thunder from a  “thunder roll climate” into the warrior’s body, tempering the whole body.

Rejuvenating one’s body with thunderfields from heaven and earth, they would henceforth be able to control worldly spiritual influences, operate Flying Swords, soar through clouds, and transform nature itself.

However, Lesser Thunder Tribulation was a pitfall. Even a Saint Of War was in grave danger when facing off against a thunderfield tempering. The First Layer of Lesser Thunder Tribulation tempered the pores, washing them clean of impurities. Connecting to worldly spiritual qi was a long and arduous process, and each of the Six Layers of Lesser Thunder Tribulation were thresholds for cultivators. After a large increase in magical energy, these normal heaven and earth thunderfields were no longer required when reaching Greater Thunder Tribulation. One could use their own body to draw in the thunder, which was a thousand times more dangerous than lesser thunder tribulation.

But if the First Layer Thunder Tribulation was successfully passed, the warrior would enter an entirely new Realm. Although Chen Mo had the strength to defeat Lesser Thunder Tribulation, he would hold an even greater advantage in the court examination if he was able to pass Lesser Thunder Tribulation and obtain control over spiritual qi.

“I’m not going.” Chen Mo retracted his thoughts. He cultivated Star Energy. After passing Thunder Tribulation to cultivate spiritual qi from the world, he would contrarily be unable to cultivate Star Energy. From his perspective, it was currently an arduous and unrewarding task, so Chen Mo did not consider passing the Thunder Tribulations from the very start.

“Good choice. With the current court examination so close, cultivating Lesser Thunder Tribulation right now is a bit dangerous.” Chen Luan thought Chen Mo was worried about this.

“I’ll go to the Wanshou Temple first. I actually want to see that Bodhi Cliff.”

“I’ll go with you.” Chen Luan released her Flying Swords and pulled Chen Mo on. An astral wind protected them, and with a hand seal, they soared into the sky, heading towards Longevity Hill outside Chang’an.

Along the way, Chen Mo specifically inquired Chen Luan about the rumors surrounding the Bodhi Cliff, in order to make preparations.

Chen Luan knew many things about the Bodhi Cliff.

This Wanshou Temple was a famous place even for the Great Chong Dynasty, so much so that any cultivator or warrior would want to investigate it. Because of Chen Luan’s status as Chang’an Mansion’s Third Highness, she had gone once before, but she was not able to stay for days like Chen Mo would. She merely went for a brief trip.

According to her, that Bodhi Cliff was a cave. Inside, the atmosphere was serene, and there was a Bodhi Tree, a Zen mantra at its center.

Zen cultivation was very much a mystery within a mystery, of every kind of meditation, epiphany, and enlightenment. Reportedly, meditating at the center of the Bodhi Cliff was to fully grasp those Zen mantras.

Those mantras were left by Zen masters from an ancient era. Whoever could comprehend one was able to make their cultivation reach a completely new level.

The Wanshou Temple’s abbot, Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness had meditated at the Bodhi Cliff for more than a decade and only comprehended one or two. However, he had reached Dragon Among Men, the limit of a cultivator. If he was able to comprehend them completely, then he would reach an unimaginable level. Whether he could surpass a Star General, no one knew.

“What is that mantra?” Chen Mo asked.

Chen Luan shook her head. Her memories of the Bodhi Cliff were very clear, but once she left, she suddenly forgot it.

“So no one has truly comprehended it?” Chen Mo asked again.

“Not this one. The Bodhi Cliff is from a primeval Star Field. Legend says that it’s a primordial Astral Treasure. To be able to genuinely comprehend it, that may only be possible for a Zen Star General.” Chen Luan said.

However, there had not been no rumor of this aspect in several centuries.

Of course, the Tail Fire Star Field was only a corner of the Three Thousand Star Fields, a remote position with a lack of Star Generals. Even if a Star General paid a visit, they perhaps would not stay for decades to meditate.

To be frank, whether or not that Bodhi Cliff was genuinely a primeval Star Field or a bluff was not exactly clear. Heaven knew if those Zen monks were deliberately exaggerating it for the sake of building Zen’s reputation. These kinds of matters were very common in Star World.

“In short, we’re still going to take a look.”


Wanshou Temple was situated at Longevity Hill, a distance of around five thousand li from Chang’an. Its peak was like a zenith, exceptionally spectacular. Below Longevity Hill, there were several hundred li of fertile lands tended to by the Wanshou Temple’s tenant farmers.

Riding the Flying Swords, Chen Mo saw from faraway row upon row of temples at Longevity Hill, forming a continuous chain. The air was thick with the scent of incense, and the melodious sound of Zen reverberated like a giant bell.

“The Wanshou Temple’s influence over this century was been very significant. If it was not for the Great Chong Dynasty requiring one of the ‘Hundred Schools Of Thought’ for its establishment, then this Wanshou Temple would have been destroyed a long time ago.” Chen Luan looked disdainfully at this scope that was comparable to the imperial palace.

Chen Mo knew of the fame of the “Hundred Schools Of Thought.” If a dynasty wanted to root itself in a Star Field, they required aid from one of the established Hundred Schools, an “orthodoxy.” Without a Hundred Schools, then there would be no country.

“Does the Wanshou Temple not have a Star General?” Chen Mo asked curiously.

“I don’t know. The Wanshou Temple has Four Great Law Protectors and several warrior monks. Just how powerful the Wanshou Temple is, I fear not even the imperial family knows. They say that there are some centuries year old monks established in the depths of Longevity Hill. Nobody knows just how formidable they are. This is also a reason why Emperor Tang is wary of them.” Chen Luan said.

Zen’s most famous meditation method was capable of entering a deeply meditative state. At the highest Realm, known as “Undamaged From Ancient Times,” they could even sit for several millennia without showing any change.

Of course, Chen Luan was unable to imagine meditating for thousands of years. However, Star World was too big, everything was possible. Several thousand years ago, there was some Star General nicknamed Dream In A Millennium.8 She slept for ten thousand years and barely twitched a finger.

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  1. 地·蕙蘭星
  2. 魚玄機
  3. 千機曼妙
  4. 流水餘音
  5. 玄音
  6. 僵持
  7. In the raws. IDK why there’s a reference to a rainbow.
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