Chapter 163: Dominating Yu Xuanji

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Yu Youwei’s fingers strummed the strings endlessly. Accompanying the sound, a dozen rays of light shot forth. Sometimes they became blades, other times, they transformed into beasts. These were magics created from her Star Energy. Even a cultivator’s magic weapon would be hard-pressed to face off against them. A cultivator using Qi-blood or True Qi could only wind up dead.

Chen Mo activated his Star Energy, using the Bowl steps, his hands continuing to strike with the Bagua.

The lines beneath his feet carved into the ground forcefully as if with a blade.

His fist-shadows and Yu Youwei’s magic collided. Yu Youwei’s fingers continued to pluck, and several melodic lights ripped apart the Bagua’s punch-intent. This was merely a Saint Of War level punch-intent. It was not very challenging at all for a Star General’s Star Energy to handle this.

Just as the music’s yellow light was about to pierce through Chen Mo, he grabbed at empty space, summoning Northern Dipper and deflecting it.

“Echo” lingered on. Three stars flickered on the instrument. Yu Youwei was already fully stimulating the Destined Star Weapon’s power. The woman smiled: “To be Youwei’s man, these qualifications are not enough.”


The music was like a cold spring flowing down a mountain. A chill overflowed Chen Mo’s whole body, and another Star Magic shot over and struck Northern Dipper. To face off against a magic energy Star General, the best method was to make a breakthrough using martial force. Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper was able to resist Star Weapons, and he also had several Innate Skills that he was confident were capable of contending against Yu Youwei without any problem. But the woman was nevertheless very clever.

Instantly seeing through Chen Mo’s weak point, the music fired. Northern Dipper’s wind concealment immediately dispersed, and a thick layer of ice froze it over, temporarily disabling it.

They say that everyone loves a clever woman.

Chen Mo attacked with Qian Three Unbroken.


The air snapped three times, shooting through space towards Yu Youwei like giant cannons.


The music was unending, the notes distinct.

Before Qian Three Unbroken touched Yu Youwei, it already seemed to lose its power.

Several rays of Star Energy became blades that slashed at him.

Chen Mo hastily retreated, barely dodging. “Youwei, if you’re only using Star Energy magic, then you may not necessarily be able to get and advantage over me.”

Although the guzheng magic Yu Youwei used Star Energy to create was very strong, it was completely unable to pose a threat to Chen Mo. As long as he could exhaust Yu Youwei’s Star Energy, that moment was when she would be in the palm of his hand.

However, Yu Youwei was very quick-witted. How could a woman who dared to linger in a brothel for five years and play with Chang’an’s young lords in the palm of her hand not have realized this point. “Your Highness Chen Mo, do you really feel that Youwei is a magic energy Star General?” Yu Youwei laughter was pleasant to listen to, like a windchime dangling from the roof, near yet far.

Chen Mo raised his head to look at Yu Youwei’s bantering attitude. As a Star General, whenever she showed this kind of expression, that was a sign of danger.

This is bad.

Chen Mo raised a green light escape technique as he a maneuvered to attack Yu Youwei.

“Youwei is but a spiritual power Star General.” Yu Youwei’s fingers pressed on the guzheng’s strings. The strings trembled. These notes lacked any Star Energy metamorphosis, the sound undulating as it entered Chen Mo’s ear.

The music was pleasant and without killing intent. Just as Chen Mo felt this was strange, all of a sudden, his entire body shook. A ring of light locked his surroundings, and then Chen Mo was astonished to discover that he had lost all perception of his body. He was unable to help tumbling to the ground.

Chen Mo struggled with all he had, only to find out that all of his cells seemed to be clogged with some sort of enormous substance. His entire body was unable to budge one bit. He cultivated the Northern Dipper Great Overflow, a cultivation method that possessed immense brute force. It was very rare that some sort of pressure could make his body surprisingly unable to move.

Chen Mo circulated Star Energy and finally regained some feeling in his limbs, but his arms and legs were still sluggish, slow as a tortoise.

“Don’t struggle anymore. This is Youwei’s Yellow Rank ‘Deadlock.’2 It can completely paralyze targets in a certain range…Hm…” Yu Youwei slightly smiled from up on the balcony, somewhat surprised to find Chen Mo’s arms and legs just barely moving. “As expected, Your Highness is not average, you are a Three Flowers Gathered Overhead warrior who is capable of struggling under Youwei’s ‘Deadlock!'”

“However, Your Highness, this is futile.” Yu Youwei’s hands left the guzheng. She held the guzheng up with one hand as she descended, walking over towards Chen Mo step by step like a spry and lively fairy.

“Youwei’s Innate Skill is ‘Profound Sound.’3 Youwei can use ‘Echo’ to play a song, and from every kind of song, magic can be comprehended. This River On A Spring Night is a remnant that Youwei found many years ago in a Star Field. What a pity that it had only a few short verses.” Yu Youwei slowly narrated the origins of her attachment to the poem, as if she was reminiscing an old story. The girl’s expressions seemed to look into the distance.

From her eyes, Chen Mo could sense that “Thousand Theories And Wonders” Yu Xuanji went through enormous hardship in order to obtain this remnant of River On A Spring Night. It was a pity that such a fine poem was unable to be completed. To Yu Youwei, this was more torturous than death.

“Can Your Highness tell Youwei the second half? After all, Youwei truly is very fond of Your Highness and does not want Your Highness to suffer torment.” Yu Youwei’s tone was very sincere.

The immobilized Chen Mo was just like a piece of meat on the chopping board in the eyes of Yu Youwei. Already, he did not have the qualifications to bargain.

“You kill…me…Then you will never…get it…Little Sister Xuanji…Are you prepared?” Chen Mo spat out the sentence with difficulty.

“Hm?” Yu YOuwei’s smile froze: “How do you know Youwei’s other name.” Yu Youwei had another Star Name, Yu Xuanji,4 which was why she named her residence the Profound Theory Courtyard,5 but this Star Name was known only to herself and no one else.

Chen Mo’s compulsive utterance made the woman’s tone suddenly fill with killing intent. This was like she had been seen through.

Chen Mo said nothing, secretly circulating Star Energy to break free of Yu Youwei’s Yellow Rank “Deadlock.”

“Don’t waste your effort. A Three Flowers Gathered Overhead Saint Of War cannot not possibly break free of Youwei’s Yellow Rank.” Yu Youwei disdainfully sneered: “Your Highness Chen Mo is so insistent on declining. Then Youwei can only torment Your Highness.” 

“Your Highness is about to enter the court examination. What a pity that such a good body will now be ruined, with no prospects for the court examination.” Yu Youwei gently stroked Chen Mo’s chest, her words tantalizing: “As long as Your Highness speaks the second half, Youwei can guarantee that Your Highness will receive benefits, to settle differences in power during the court examination.”

“And…If I really insist?”

“Ai, why must you absolutely become Youwei’s Servant Star.” Yu Youwei was very regretful. If Chen Mo actually was able to bring out a man’s spirit, defeat her, and make her wholeheartedly submit, then becoming a Servant Star would be no problem.

But if he was unable to break free of even her trifling Yellow Rank “Deadlock,” how could such a man ever enter her eyes. “Since this is the case, Youwei shall bring Your Highness out of the Tail Star Field. Youwei will have all the time in the world to interrogate Your Highness.” Yu Youwei pondered.

“Then I’m afraid things won’t go as smoothly as you’d hoped.” Chen Mo suddenly smiled.

Yu Youwei was taken aback, discovering that Chen Mo’s words surprisingly had an easy flow, not difficulty whatsoever. 

Oh, no.

Yu YOuwei’s white hand strummed the guzheng, its music swelling.

Chen Mo’s figure warped. A Star Crest like snow appeared on his forehead. The Nose Locking Art was fully opened, and at the same time, his pores brimmed with Star Energy. Simultaneously, a Bagua Formation appeared beneath Chen Mo’s feet and activated.

The combined power they unleashed dispelled Yu Youwei’s “Deadlock.” Chen Mo then reached forth with his hand, boundless power as massive as the Five Sacred Mountains tumbling forth.

This kind of feeling was eerily similar to the same as last night’s banquet.

“This is?” Yu Youwei’s expression changed.

Chen Mo’s Five Finger Mountain pushed forth, its spiritual might bowling towards her.

Yu Youwei played her music, using Star Energy to resist. Northern Dipper became a sword, and the corner of Chen Mo’s mouth blossomed into a pleased smile. He drew the sword as smoothly as water flowed, neither fast nor slow, easily launching an attack. Dust was swept away, and a cold light slashed.

Her neck chilled, and Yu Youwei suddenly felt her body go limp. The music stopped.

A long saber was pressed against Yu Youwei’s neck, the chill from the blade making Thousand Theories And Wonders shiver. She had no doubts at all that this blade was able to kill her.

“Now do you still feel that Your Servant does not have sufficient qualifications?” Chen Mo haughtily asked.

This was the power of Invincible.

A breathtaking and outstanding slash.

This simply was the first time in Yu Youwei’s life that she had ever seen such an outrageous man. For a warrior to unexpectedly be able to reach this level, to be able to dispel her Yellow Rank, was inconceivable.

“Just who are you?” Yu Youwei asked in shock.

“Your Servant is Chen Mo, the man of Heavenly General Star ‘White Robed General’ Chen Qingzhi!”

“What…Chen Qingzhi, as in ‘Magnificent Army Avoids The White Robe’ Chen Qingzhi?” The color drained from Yu Youwei’s face. If it was not for the Star Crest on Chen Mo’s forehead, she definitely would have felt this was nonsense.

“I want to enter the Central Star Field, so I need your strength, Youwei.” Chen Mo sheathed his sword, forcefully staring at Thousand Theories And Wonders.

So long as there was the possibility they could be friends, he still very much wanted to sign a contract. By doing so, both sides benefited. But if such a thing truly was undoable, Chen Mo was no pushover either.

“The Central Star Field?” Yu Youwei looked at Chen Mo in astonishment. As a warrior who was not a Star General, to have thinking like this was unavoidably too audacious.

“Do your realize what the Central Star Field means?” Yu Youwei wrinkled her brow. Even an average Star General did not dare tread into that place. The Central Star Field was where the best Star Generals gathered. It could even be said quite bluntly that Star World’s nine thousand Star Fields were all under the Central Star Field’s control.

A single decree from the Central Star Field was enough to make the kingdoms of the Outer Star Field kneel in submission.

“My auntie is Chen Qingzhi. I must go there in the future.” Chen Mo left no room for questions.

Yu Youwei was finally certain that this man’s aspirations…were too universally shocking.

All of a sudden, Yu Youwei lost all her killing intent. Thousand Theories And Wonders smiled.

“Youwei never thought that she could see a warrior like you in the Outer Star Field.”

“Yu Youwei, are you willing to lend me your aid? Not only with the River On A Spring Night, perhaps I can also think of some things for other ancient poems.” Chen Mo’s eyebrows rose.

“Youwei is of course willing. A man like you truly makes Youwei very moved.” Yu Youwei retracted her Star Weapon music. Her finger provocatively poked Chen Mo in the chest, feeling this chest’s width and masculinity. If she set aside her preconceptions, this man indeed had the skills to conquer her.

Her finger slowly dragged upwards, finally stopping at Chen Mo’s forehead, on that magnificent Invincible Star Crest. Yu Youwei teased but was also regretful: “But you have forgotten, you are already Chen Qingzhi’s Servant Star. How can you become Yu Youwei’s man?”

“Since I dared to desire you, I naturally have a way.” Chen Mo was very confident.

Yu Youwei was confused: “Oh? Can it be that Your Servant is even able to break Star World’s rules?” Star World’s contract rules were that a “Servant Star” was only able to serve one Star General faithfully until death. Otherwise, why call it “Servant.” 

“Xuanji, let go of your body and mind for now, and wish to admit me.”

“Alright.” Yu Youwei followed through. This was very simple. It would work as long as she had the thought to form a contract. She actually wanted to see what method this man had. If he actually could sign a contract with her, she would not oppose at all. After all, he already had Chen Qingzhi. The fame of this woman was the most renowned in Star World in the last several decades. She could possibly even leave an eternal Star Name on the “Star Duel List.”

Seeing Yu Xuanji was completely in assent, Chen Mo smiled craftily.

“Then excuse me.”

Yu Youwei blinked. Suddenly, Chen Mo drew near the woman’s face and kissed her red lips.

Yu Xuanji was taken aback. Just as she was about to be angry, at the same time Chen Mo kissed her, a Star Energy rapidly transmitted between them. Then, they combined together, and the feeling of an electric shock spread through her whole body. Finally, a scorching sigil was engraved into Yu Xuanji’s forehead.

The Star Crest of their contract wrapped around them.

Yu Xuanji forgot about the fact that this man kissed her lips, for her body and mind were stunned by the scene that occurred.


Was dominated.

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  1. SFX
  2. 僵持
  3. 玄音
  4. 魚玄機 The given name of the real life figure.
  5. Profound Theory is one of the translations for 玄機

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