Chapter 167: Qiankun One Qi

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“Little Brother, just be frank, what did you comprehend at the Bodhi Cliff?” Leaving the Wanshou Temple, Chen Luan asked en route while on the riding sword. There were no Wanshou Temple monks, so there was no need to worry about eavesdroppers.

“There wasn’t a good time just now.” Chen Mo had nothing to hide from his dear Elder Sister, so he spoke about the Bodhi Cliff from the mantra to comprehending the Bodhi Soul Technique.

Chen Luan was both drunk and stupefied, delight upon her face: “Big Sister just knew that you definitely could succeed, Little Brother. But Big Sister truly did not think that you could see through the mantra that the body is bodhi and grasp that the bodhi is fundamentally without a tree…Ai, Little Brother, Big Sister feels it a shame you didn’t join with Zen.”

“Just a fluke, a sudden enlightenment.” Chen Mo laughed. He was fully aware of his own meditative mind. It was only because he had lived two lifetimes that he understood a bit more than others.

Comprehension, comprehension.

What Zen talked about was precisely this. Chen Mo’s abnormal understanding could only be explained this way.

“Big Sis, let’s not return for the moment. Find someplace isolated. I want to see if I can combine the Five Finger Mountain and Zhangtian Seal using this Bodhi Soul Technique.”


The Flying Sword descended to an old, unnamed peak. Chen Luan helped act as a lookout.

Chen Mo first struck with a set of Bagua fist-intent, carving a Bagua Array into the ground. Standing at its center, he activated the two powers of the Five Finger Mountain and the Zhangtian Seal.

The Five Finger Mountain represented qi of the great earth while the Zhangtian Seal borrowed the power of the blue heavens. The two types of True Qi sharply contrasted. One sunk like impure qi and the other ascended like pure qi. The powers of the abilities were completely incapable of fusing.

Chen Mo formed a hand seal. The impure qi descended to his lower body, making it heavy as lead, as if his entire person was about to burrow into the ground. The pure qi rose to his upper body, and his pores were suffused with the aura of an immortal, itching to fly up from the ground. The two forces tugged against each other, opposing one another with equal sharpness. Chen Mo only felt himself about to be torn in two. It only took the slightest mistake for this to become a disaster with no hope of recovery.

The two were both great powers. For them to tolerate each other was easier said than done. 

All of Chen Mo’s skin alternated between shades of green and red, as if Yin and Yang were fluctuating, fiery as coal one instant, as chilling as a cellar the next moment. The situation seemed very frightening. 

Chen Luan was nearby, tightly furrowing her brow, very worried.

Chen Mo grasped that bodhi was as a bright mirror, and the soul technique had reached its peak. Following what Gu Wuyi said, he first returned his intentions to their original state. Only a state of mind that was without Heaven and without Earth could better control the abilities. Subsequently, he activated the Sixth Patriarch Bodhi Soul Technique.

Heart like a bright mirror, an untainted spirit.

The illusion of a luxuriant and vigorous ancient bodhi tree slowly grew out of his body. The bodhi’s branches and leaves were black, awash with green light.

That original mind followed the Bodhi Soul Technique and became an unmatched primordial chaos. In the middle of the Bodhi Soul Technique, Chen Mo saw the vessels of these two True Qi incomparably clearly. The pure qi moving upwards and the impure qi sinking downwards were sucked in by the primordial chaos, gathering slowly towards the center of his being. This time, the two powers merged without instantaneous rejection, making Chen Mo delighted, concentrating even more on the start of their fusion.

Half a day later, Chen Luan finally saw the Yin Yang light fluctuations up and down Chen Mo’s body gradually fade. No longer did his body alternate between hot and cold, restoring its normal temperature.

After a while, Chen Mo opened his eyes and exhaled sharply.

“Little Brother, how is it?” Chen Luan asked.

“Success.” Chen Mo opened his palm. A white or grayish True Qi gathered in the center of his palm. This True Qi appeared unremarkable, but it vaguely had a kind of boldness that grasped Heaven and Earth in one’s hand.

“This Bodhi Soul Technique is so amazing, to surprisingly combine two powers so easily.” Chen Mo sighed. If it was not for the help of this Soul Technique, to combine the most antagonistic powers in the world was basically impossible to complete this quickly with his current cultivation.

Chen Luan said in gratitude: “Little Brother, to be able to create an ability that surpasses Father’s at your current age, Big Sister feels even a Star General is nothing special.” 

“A Star General would completely disdain abilities.” A Star General’s Innate Skill surpassed the existence of abilities. Their “Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow, Universe, Eternity, Flood, and Desolate” developed from the most primal and original mystery of the world. Even an Ancient Ability could only eat their dust.

Chen Luan smiled and said: “Don’t be so modest, let Big Sis be the first to see what your original ability is.”

Chen Mo had the exact same idea.

Chen Luan pulled back a hundred meters, releasing her Flying Luan Sword Chant. This Flying Luan Sword Chant was created after she encountered the Divine Beast Luan in her travels through the north. It was one of the very best sword chants in the Great Chong Dynasty, with hardly a rival in the same generation.

Eighteen Flying Luan Swords transformed into flaming red birds, crying out.

Chen Luan’s Divine Intent moved. The eighteen Flying Luan Swords spread their wings and attacked. Eighteen rays of sword-light brimmed with ancient sword-intent, their arrogance unequalled.

Chen Mo growled. With a punch, he struck with the merged True Qi of the Zhangtian Seal and the Five Finger Mountain.

White qi like a thread struck the Flying Luan Swords.

The arrogant and ferocious luan birds suddenly shuddered. The eighteen Flying Swords all were dispersed, the sword array they unfolded defeated at the first blow by Chen Mo’s attack.

Sword chants were all refined using the cultivator’s life. When a sword chant sustained damage, the cultivator themselves would similarly be affected. Chen Luan suppressed a mouthful of blood in her throat. Indeed, she was the zhuangyuan of the previous Divine Warrior Examination, her talent outstanding. The Divine Intent of her nearly Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivation stirred once more. The scattered Flying Swords quickly gathered together, transforming into thousands of rainbow sword shadows.

Chen Mo smiled, his True Qi moving to attack Chen Luan.

That white qi dissipated. In an instant, Chen Luan’s expression became incomparably astonished. A powerful force bore from the heavens while the earth below her filled the world and trapped her, and the thousand gorgeous sword-lights her sword chant turned into were surprisingly frozen in space all at once by this white qi, unable to move.

Chen Mo’s figure warped, already close in front of Elder Sister. The current Chen Luan was already without any power to resist. Of course, with Chen Luan’s strength, full power activating of her magic energy perhaps could get rid of Chen Mo’s suppression, but doing so would inevitably hurt Chen Mo.

Chen Mo took a deep sniff of Third Sister’s scent and chuckled: “Sister, you really do smell great.”

He hardly finished speaking when the white qi vanished. Chen Luan’s body went limp. Already without the pressure, Chen Luan blushed furiously as she scolded Chen Mo: “You’d actually dare take advantage of Big Sister.”

“Sis, what do you feel about the ability just now?” Chen Mo asked.

“Too unbelievable. Even if Big Sister used full power magic energy, maybe I can only end up injuring us both. This power of yours is unprecedented. Big Sister is unexpectedly unable to restrain you.” Generally speaking in Star World, only cultivators of higher Realm were able to suppress lower Realm cultivators, but Chen Luan’s nearly Greater Thunder Tribulation strength was surprisingly suppressed by Chen Mo’s Three Flowers Gathered Overhead Realm. Furthermore, only be injuring herself could she be able to ward it off. If Chen Luan had not witnessed this personally, she would not have dared believe.

Chen Mo was not surprised. Five Finger Mountain and the Zhangtian Seal were originally suppression-type abilities. The two of them combined naturally wielded enormous power, and if one was to be caught off-guard, it could present a threat to even a Great Thunder Tribulation cultivator.

“Little Brother, once word of your ability gets out, you will certainly make people envious. Right, have you thought of a name for it?” Chen Luan asked.

Chen Mo directly said, “I’ll just call it Qiankun One Qi.” In the Book of Changes, Qian represented “Heaven,” and Kun represented “Earth.” This power was the combination of Five Finger Mountain and the Zhangtian Seal, so this was quite apt.

“Right, Sister Luan, I’ll teach you the Qiankun One Qi.”

“Big Sister can learn it?” Chen Luan smiled.

“Should be no problem.” Since he had already completed the combination into Qiankun One Qi, Chen Mo needed only to split a portion of it off to Chen Luan, then teach her some cultivation incantations and procedures. However, Chen Mo had limits having only just refined it into Qiankun One Qi, so he could only distribute it to Chen Luan.

“Then Big Sister shan’t be stingy.”

After some time, Chen Mo imparted the Qiankun One Qi to Chen Luan and then informed her of the cultivation incantation. Chen Mo had the Bodhi Soul Technique and was already understood martial arts abilities from studying associated fields. Although Chen Luan was very talented, she also had some time to cultivate.

Chen Mo was a bit sorry that he was honestly unable to pass on more if it was not the Sixth Patriarch’s Bodhi Soul Technique. He also wanted to pass this on to Elder Sister. Chen Mo had never been miserly when it came to his family.

Chen Luan was aware of his kindness and did not mind these. But seeing Chen Mo gradually mature step after step, she could only watch his back from afar and could not help but feel disappointed and frustrated.

When they returned to Chang’an Mansion, it was already very late at night. Taking his leave of Chen Luan, Chen Mo returned to his room.

When he opened the door, he saw Gu Wuyi was sitting down, neatly dressed. Mu was nearby, gripping his great sword firmly, silent.

“Wuyi, has your recovery been well?” Chen Mo poured himself some tea.

“Many thanks for your rescue.” Gu Wuyi flatly said.

“Ai, you say it like it was my mistake.” Chen Mo sat beside Gu Wuyi.

Gu Wuyi glanced over Chen Mo’s nonchalance, expressing nothing.

“My invitation for you to enter the palace back then was out of my selfishness.” Chen Mo frankly explained. He knew that Emperor Tang would suppress him for sure at the banquet. If he had a a Great Master of the School Of Mind, one who was related to him, appear, then he would not need to worry. However, he never expected Huan Wen to take action, completely in spite of the might of the Hundred Schools.

And how could Chen Mo ever understand Huan Wen. It was only today that he learned this woman’s overbearing nature was indescribable.

“I know.” Gu Wuyi was very calm, cultivating her “intention.” Chen Mo could not conceal his thoughts from her at all.

“Yet you still agreed with me?”

“Your Ancestral Master personally taught you. I ought to help you.” Gu Wuyi said. “I am also responsible for this matter. That Huan Wen is already at Concentrated Fiend Late Stage. She is more formidable than I thought.”

“After all, she is the Great Chong Dynasty’s number one.” Chen Mo still had lingering fears towards her might.

Gu Wuyi said: “When your Chen Family has such an enemy, I fear you face grave misfortune.” Concentrated Fiend Late Stage. By relying on Human Sovereign Chen Zhangtian, Chang’an Mansion could still barely restrain her, but when the time comes and Huan Wen breaks through to Yellow Court Realm, no one in the Tail Fire Star Field would be her match.

“With things as they are now, I can only hasten my cultivation. That Huan Wen is not undefeatable.” Chen Mo lowered his voice, “Huan Wen is currently searching for your whereabout. I fear she has plans to kill you and take your Star Energy to enhance her own power. You have to be a bit more careful about yourself. For the time being, you can live here. Even the imperial family will not come search Chang’an Mansion.”

“She will notice sooner or later.” Gu Wuyi shook her head, “I already planned to return to the Distressed Yin Star Field.”

“You’re going back?” Chen Mo was startled.

“I have already imparted the School of Mind in Chang’an, and there are many superbly talented apprentices. I do not need to linger here, and your School of Mind already far exceeds mine. I am unable to help you with anything.” Gu Wuyi’s intentions were complete. With a glance, she saw through Chen Mo’s True Mind and glimpsed a level she was unable to strive for. “I heard you went to the Zen’s Bodhi Cliff these past few days. Presumably, you had some gains.”

“I was lucky enough to grasp Zen’s profound mystery.” Chen Mo scratched his head.


How truly self-effacing. Who knows how many people sought after such luck.

Gu Wuyi looked at Chen Mo. This man’s mind was honestly difficult to fathom.

“When you leave, I don’t know when we can meet again.” Chen Mo was quite reluctant to part: “Can we leave something behind?”

“Do you want to form a contract with Gu Wuyi?” Gu Wuyi’s tone was flat.

Chen Mo chuckled, “Although I really want to kiss you, I cannot be too selfish. You’ve met my THird Sister Chen Luan before. She also admires your School of Mind very much. Do you want to form a contract with her. Of course, it’s fine if you aren’t willing. I know you Star Generals are very cautious about Servant Stars, even unwilling to entertain one…My suggestion is just my selfishness…”

“I can.”

Gu Wuyi simply and quickly ended Chen Mo’s non-stop torrent of babble.

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  1. Ok, I truly wasn’t expecting Chen Mo to deliberately pass up on a contract in favour of his sister. Colour me impressed.

    I mean, he was willing to teach his new trump ability to her immediately, which already puts him ahead of 99% of Chinese Xuanhuan protagonists, but at the end of the day, he doesn’t lose the opportunity to use the skill if he teaches it to someone else. The contract, on the other hand, is something much more exclusive wherein if she gets it, he can’t get it as well.

    Of course, I fully approve of him not being selfish and letting her have some Star Energy to cultivate, as well. It seems like this older sister can still be a relevant force even in the final phase of the novel. Good going, author.

    1. The author is probably trying to get the team set up like in 108MOD. Chen Mo already has 4 contracts at this point, but he has yet to have a fellow female cultivator as part of his team. On the other hand, Su Xing already had Gong Caiwei and Zhao Hanyan at a similar point in 108MOD.

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