Chapter 168: Accidental Scarlet, Sudden Reluctance

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“You agree?” Chen Mo did not expect her to be so forthright. He had thought he would need to spend some time cajoling her.

Gu Wuyi’s intentions were penetrating, able to understand the pros and cons in an instant.

She knew about Chen Luan. The Flying Luan Princess was always a guest from the first day she started her sermons. Her talent was very high in Gu Wuyi’s perspective, second only to Chen Mo. Gu Yanwu herself was very fond of her.

If the Flying Luan Princess became her apprentice, then the School Of Mind’s development in the Great Chong Dynasty would be even more assured.

Of course, there was something even more important; she was Chen Mo’s elder sister.

“This is great. I’ll go tell Third Sister.” Chen Mo was overjoyed at the unexpected reply. He could not wait to tell Big Sister this piece of news. With a Servant Star Contract, Bis Sister could cultivate Star Energy and inherit Gu Yanwu’s Innate Skill School Of Mind in the future, which would undoubtedly be very useful.

After Chen Mo left the room, Mu creased his brow: “Wuyi…”

“No need to say anything. He was able to save my life right in front of Huan Wen. I owe him. Everyone knows that Star Generals are unwilling to sign contracts, and that is because a Servant Star is of no help to a Star General. Chen Mo is different, as is his elder sister.” Gu Wuyi slowly explained.

Mu said nothing more.

Chen Luan was in a wing of the residence named the “Parasol Tree Chamber,”1 named for the Phoenix Perch Parasol Tree. The wing’s courtyard was very large, and hundreds of the parasol tree were planted here. The branches of these trees were lush, covering the sky. Chen Luan had been unusual ever since she was little. Perhaps it was because of this personality that she grew bold as a man. In the courtyard, there were no bodyguards or maids.

Under the moonlight, the yard was mottled with the shadows of trees, and the sound of leaves swaying had a whole other gloom.

Right now, Chen Mo was in a hurry to tell Sister Luan about the urgent news. Last time while they were healing, he could see that Big Sister had this idea. Back then, if she was willing, she was completely able to forcefully obtain Gu Yanwu’s contract, but she did not do so at all.

Chen Mo quickened his pace and rushed to her wing. He was just about to knock when a cold wind blew. The door creaked, opening slowly.

Big Sister knew he had come.

Chen Mo actually knew that although the Parasol Tree Chamber did not have bodyguards, it did have an array that Big Sister herself had established. She would be able to sense if a normal person intruded. Chen Mo did not think about this too much. He restrained his impatient expression, so as to avoid letting Third Sister tease him.

“Big Sister!” Chen Mo shouted. He looked around the room and did not see anyone.

“Don’t tell me she’s still cultivating this late?” Just as Chen Mo thought this, he suddenly heard a weak groan come from the bedroom. This voice was his elder sister’s.

Chen Mo said to himself, This isn’t good. He pushed the door, and a formation restricted his palm force, rebounding it back. This defensive array was very formidable, able to counter a Lesser Thunder Tribulation with enough to spare. Chen Mo feared something had happened to his elder sister. He immediately activated the Northern Dipper Great Overflow. His Star Energy’s brute force was unequalled, and he also used the Invincible Innate Skill.

He pounded with “Kun Six Severed.”

With a violent jolt, the array was punched through.

“Third Sister!”

Chen Mo shot into the room. When he saw clearly the scene before him, he was dumbstruck.

He saw Third Sister Chen Luan stand completely naked in the middle of the room. Her undershirt, vest, and pantskirt were all taken off and placed to the side, her snow-white skin completely visible. Chen Luan’s eyes were both tightly shut, her expression a bit painful.

“Is this a cultivation deviation?” Chen Mo was alarmed. There was not enough time to gaze at Third Sister’s alluring sight. He rushed in front of Chen Luan.

When he got a closer look, indeed, Third Sister’s whole body was as scalding as broth, beaded with sweat. Red light like a branding iron flickered up and down her body. This was exactly the sign of a cultivation deviation.

Chen Mo pointed his finger and pressed Chen Luan’s zhongfu,2 tiantu,3 shanzhong,4 and gaomang5 acupuncture points,6 using the Soul Technique to steady Third Sister’s disturbed qi function.

Gradually, Chen Luan’s body no longer spasmed, and the heat slowly abated. With a groan, she toppled into Chen Mo’s embrace.

“Third Sister!” Chen Mo shouted in a panic. Seeing Third Sister’s was still boiling hot, he thought it was not over yet, again imparting his energy.

“Little Brother…Enough…” Chen Luan slowly opened her eyes, bashfully biting her lip.

The acupuncture points he affected were all around the chest, and the position of the shanzhong was a bit embarrassing, suggestive to the extreme.7 Chen Mo had just been in a rush to save her and did not think too much. By the time Big Sister was fine, he finally felt embarrassed all of a sudden.

“I was just helping you, Big Sis.” Chen Mo wanted to find a hole to bury himself in.

Chen Luan regained her strength and pushed Chen Mo away.

Chen Mo automatically turned around.

“You’ve already seen everything. What’s the point in turning around now. Little Brother, you aren’t this innocent, are you.” Chen Luan snickered.

“You’re right.” Chen Mo turned back around.

Chen Luan stared at him, already wrapped in a coat. However, the thin garment could not hide the girl’s incomparably elegant figure. The scene from before was still vivid in his mind, so Chen Mo inwardly used the Soul Technique, finally calming himself.

Chen Luan’s cheeks were completely red, and her body heated up again, more intensely than when she was cultivating. The rapid pounding of her heart was very distinct in the room.

It was midnight. The wind blew, and the leaves fell. Brother and sister stood in the room, the atmosphere silent.

Chen Luan took the initiative to break the awkwardness: “Do you still miss Big Sister? When you were little, Big Sister certainly took baths together with you, didn’t you look enough then?”

Chen Mo burst out laughing. Back then, the two of them were a set of washboards, completely unlike the current Sister Luan, whose figure was curvaceous. She was simply something else. “Sister, why don’t you wear clothes when you cultivate?”

“I cultivated the ‘Scarlet Phoenix Chant’ to its ninth level. While I cultivate, my body becomes very hot, and my clothes will all burn away. So I generally don’t wear my clothes.” Chen Luan forthrightly said.

“Third Sister, why were you having a cultivation deviation just now?” When Chen Mo remembered this, the red fantasy in his mind instantly vanished like smoke.

Chen Luan looked and knew that her little brother was truly worried about her, her heart feeling quite happy. “Because of you.”

“Me?” Chen Mo was very innocent.

How could Chen Luan just say if it was not for her little brother barging into her quarters in the middle of the night, how would her heart be flustered otherwise, ruining her balance. Then, Chen Mo pounded the doors in a rush to rescue her, his powerful force directly disturbing Chen Luan’s heart and mind, thus causing her cultivation deviation.

“What’s the matter that you would seek out Third Sister so late? If there isn’t a good reason, Third Sister will properly punish you.” Chen Luan crossed her legs, staring at him.

Chen Mo recalled the purpose of his visit.

“Gu Wuyi wants to leave the Tail Fire Star Field.”

Chen Luan was not surprised. Targeted by Huan Wen, Gu Wuyi could only lay low for the time being. Leaving was still the best option. “And?”

“She wants to leave an apprentice in the Tail Fire Star Field to pass on the School Of Mind, to make the School Of Mind indestructible.”

Chen Luan grunted. “Can it be she wants me?” Chen Luan was indeed very interested in the School Of Mind. Compared to Zen comprehension, the School Of Mind’s cultivation of intentions was clearly more helpful in martial arts. Furthermore, the School Of Mind mixed in some Zen concepts. It could be described as two birds with one stone.


“This is no problem.” Chen Luan responded.

“Big Sister, I’m not done talking yet. She wants to sign a Servant Star Contract with you.” Chen Mo smiled and said.

Chen Luan’s jaw dropped, “Are you serious?”

“Yes. To be frank, her willingness to contract a Servant Star may be because of me. I received personal instruction from the School Of Mind’s Ancestral Master, Wang Yangming.” Chen Mo spoke forthrightly. “Big Sister, don’t mind this.”

“To be able to form a contract with a Star General is my honor. But don’t you want it?” Chen Luan asked.

“I already have one.”

Chen Luan was not surprised.

“Wuyi is waiting for you in my room. Let’s go together.” Chen Mo said.

Chen Luan looked at herself, draped only in a thin jacket: “You would make your Big Sister go like this?”

Outside the door, not long after, Chen Luan fully dressed and walked over with Chen Mo.

She was dressed in a red skirt and leather armor, fully highlighting the girl’s slim figure. Chen Mo’s mind could not help but recall again the marvelous body underneath those clothes. They all say that in Star World, Star Generals receive the favor of the heavens to be blessed with both beauty and strength. Chen Mo had seen many Star Generals before, but the one and only Third Sister in front of him was able to make him feel a bit frisky.8

Sin, oh, how sinful.

“Little Brother, it’s been so long since old times, want to take a bath together. You’ve seen me, anyways.” Chen Luan could not help but tease Chen Mo when she saw his embarrassment.

“If Father knew, he’d kill me.” Chen Mo shook his head. Although he wanted to, one misstep would spell irreparable disaster.

“Even if I married you, Father would not say anything.” Chen Luan disagreed.9

“Huh?” Chen Mo was taken aback.

“Never mind, let’s not talk about this. What is that Soul Technique you used just now to help Third Sister steady qi function. It’s incredible, to be able to instantly restore me.”

“That is the Bodhi Soul Technique.”

“Third Sister actually has an idea. My Scarlet Phoenix Chant is already increasingly difficult to train at the Seventh Level. This Scarlet Phoenix Chant has nine altogether, becoming more heated the higher I go, like my bones are melting. Little Brother, your Soul Technique can help me.” Chen Luan seriously considered this effect.

“If I can help Sister, Luan, then I would do anything.” Chen Mo was dutybound.

Chen Luan smiled and said: “Big Sister did not love you in vain.”

Star Position: Earthly Responsibility Star

Star Name: Gu Yanwu

Nickname: Reflection Of The Mind

True Name: Gu Wuyi

Star Number: ???

Star Weapon: Indestructible Loyalty (Three Star)

Realm: Concentrated Fiend Middle Stage

Innate Skill: Mind Firm As Stone10

Five Elements: Wood

Yellow Rank: Intention Lotus Flower11

Yellow Rank: Easy As One Stroke12

Life: …

A dark and gloomy gray Star Crest shimmered on Chen Luan’s forehead. Very quickly, information about Gu Wuyi poured into her mind. Gu Wuyi’s finger retracted from Chen Luan’s forehead. Calm as ever, she said: “You must not let down Wuyi’s kindness.”

“Your Servant would not dare.” Chen Luan was earnest.

With their contract signed, Chen Luan was in possession of Gu Wuyi’s Innate Skill, and she could borrow the Star Crest to begin cultivating Star Energy. However, because she herself was already past Lesser Thunder Tribulation, which tempered her pores and meridians through such a trial, the Star Energy she cultivated would not be too pure, even weaker than Chen Mo’s by a bit. Even so, against other cultivators, that was already enough of an advantage. Chen Luan was practically undefeatable against anyone of a similar level. Even against someone a level higher, they may not have certainty.

“Mu, let us go.”

With everything finished, Gu Wuyi was not at all reluctant to leave.

“I’ll see you off.”

Chen Mo drove the Nebula Flying Chariot to send Gu Wuyi and Mu to the place they originally met, the Yin Underworld. Star World’s Star Fields were numerous. Although they each were aware of the others’ existence, but in order to pass through Star World’s barriers, other than adepts capable of tearing open space, only by entering through special array passageways could people enter other Star Fields. To pierce through the borders of a Star Field would result in one being torn apart by the fragments of stars.

However, Heavenly Spirit level Star Generals faced no such hindrance. In the nine thousand Star Fields, they came and went as they pleased, as if this was nothing out of the ordinary.

Gu Yanwu had yet to reach this level. She could only reach the Distressed Yin Star Field from a hidden cave at Pingyang Mountain in the Yin Underworld.

In the deep night, the Yin Underworld appeared even more eerie. Compared to the feeling of parting, these frights were already unable to affect them.

Seeing Gu Wuyi about to leave Chen Mo was still a bit reluctant to part. Although his relationship with this woman was very shallow, over these past few days, they were like Senior Brother and Sister. Her departure meant their next encounter may never come.

Before she entered the cave, Gu Wuyi recalled something. She took out a black, iron-like token, “Hold on to this token. If in the future you feel this Star Field is boring, you can reach the Distressed Yin Star Field from this place. We will naturally meet again when the time comes.”

Gu Wuyi’s words were very tactful. Chen Mo realized her meaning, knowing that she was worried about his safety. “Sure. I’ll definitely come pay you a visit, but without any tricks.”

The corner of Gu Wuyi’s lip slightly curled, showing a rare smile. She then whispered something to Chen Luan before turning around and walking into the cave.

“Farewell. May we meet again in the future.” Mu cupped his fist.

“Please look after her for us.” Chen Mo said.

Mu said nothing. Why did it seem like this guy was entrusting his lover for protection.

Following the pair entering the cave, only the siblings were left at the Yin Underworld.

“Little Brother, let’s go, too.” Chen Luan pulled Chen Mo’s hand, making Chen Mo all of a sudden go back to when he was little, those times that were not at all happy yet filled with his Big Sister’s consolation and care.


The two of them held their hands even tighter together.

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  1. 梧桐廂
  2. 中府
  3. 天突
  4. 膻中
  5. 膏盲
  6. The ones mentioned in particular are located around the chest, throat, and back.
  7. The raws say gaomang, but the context indicates it should be shanzhong, which are located near the nipples. Gaomang, on the other hand, are located on the back.
  9. Uh…
  10. 心若磐石
  11. 心意蓮花
  12. 一筆無難


  1. “Even if I married you, Father would not say anything.” Chen Luan disagreed.

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