Chapter 170: Auntie’s Gentle Kiss

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Chen Mo’s eyes were watery. He held onto the spear with both hands, letting the killing intent ravage his body, but his eyes remained fixed on Huan Wen. He would not kneel, even in death.

“An insignificant man dares to be mighty in front of This Highness.” Huan Wen gripped her spear tightly, and one of the Stars on the Cold Night Locked Moon gradually glowed.

The Stars forged on a Destined Star Weapon were able to emerge in succession according to the Star General’s will. Each Star on the Star Weapon was stronger than the last. Powerful Destined Star Weapons would expend even more of a Star General’s Star Energy, and the Stars on a normal Star General’s weapon were not easily revealed.

When Huan Wen activated the one Star, the force coming from Cold Night Locked Moon surged throughout his limbs and bones like a torrential downpour. Pain and suffering were no longer sufficient descriptions for what Chen Mo felt.

Chen Mo exercised the Northern Dipper Great Overflow with all his might. His excellent physical constitution and brute strength resisted the Cold Night Locked Moon’s pressure, and his buckling knees straightened out little by little.

Huan Wen’s eyes glowered with a chill. The second Star shimmered.

Chen Mo used both hands to grasp the spear shaft tight. His veins bulged as killing intent carved over Chen Mo’s skin like myriad blades. Frightening wounds like 

“Kneel before This Highness!” Huan Wen violently shouted. All four Stars on her Destined Star Weapon glowed.


Chen Mo was unable to hold on. His kneecap hit the ground.

Huan Wen showed a smile, but when she looked again, she could not help but be stunned to see only one of Chen Mo’s knees had actually touched the ground. This guy’s determination was so strong. Even a Great Thunder Tribulation’s God Transformation Cultivator could not possibly resist her so easily, yet he was surprisingly able to maintain one knee.

No wonder he was able to shift the ground in Chang’an. If the Tang Imperial Family had such a talented individual, they could accomplish anything.

For the first time, Huan Wen truly had the urge to kill.

But Huan Wen knew she was not allowed to kill this Chen Mo. As Chang’an Mansion’s Fourth Young Lord, he was also Chang’an’s mightiest character. Huan Wen could kill him, but she would fall into infamy. She herself indeed cared not for her reputation, for infamy was also a way to spread her name, but she could not allow herself a tarnished reputation because killing a warrior was truly too insulting to her honor.1

Today, the reason she specifically chose the eve before the court examination to come probe Chen Mo was because being suppressed by that mysterious person left her very displeased, full of fury with nowhere to vent. Chen Mo’s momentum was too abundant, and learning that this Chen Mo had vanished without a trace during that banquet, she wanted to test what connection the two may have had.

If the person that night actually was Chen Mo, Huan Wen naturally would kill first and celebrate later. She would never let anyone who had offended her go; however, when she forced things to this stage, this man still showed no tricks. She had overthought things.

The second reason Huan Wen had was to thwart his drive before the court examination, to extinguish his most recent and arrogant heroic mettle. This way, she could maintain Jiang Yanyu’s advantage.

“Good, good, good.” Seeing Chen Mo was so stubborn and unwilling to admit defeat, Huan Wen spat out three words in succession. Not only did her rage obtain no relief, it became even more pent-up.

“If you do not kneel, This Highness shall turn you into a cripple. Then you will bow to everyone from now on!”

Huan Wen’s eyes flashed with a cold glint. She extracted her spear and slashed.

Competing Beauty Pavilion.

Jiang Yanyu raised her head to look at the sky. A Cloud Piercer Arrow shot up into the sky like a roc and entered the clouds. It suddenly exploded, the beautiful firework blossoming splendidly.

Jiang Yanyu was somewhat entranced. Chen Mo’s face suddenly flashed in her mind.

“Ha, ha, This Highness specially commissioned the Firework Mill’s people to create this ‘Great Roc Smoke Flower.’ It is the only one of its kinds. This can definitely wish Little Sister Yanyu first place in the Divine Warrior examination.” The man sitting across from Jiang Yanyu complacently watched the exploding firework.

He was none other than the crown prince, His Imperial Highness Tang Feng.

“Yanyu is very grateful for Your Imperial Highness’ consideration.” Jiang Yanyu came back to her senses, inwardly bewildered why she would think of him.

“Little Sister Yanyu, what were you thinking about just now?” Tang Feng could tell her mind was elsewhere.

“Tomorrow is the court examination. Yanyu is wondering what is that Chen Mo doing right now? Yanyu heard that he went to the Wanshou Temple and delivered a sermon about the ‘Poor Woman’s Lamp Offering,’ which made all the senior monks quite astonished.” Jiang Yanyu smiled.

Tang Feng’s expression changed.

Chen Mo. This damned Chen Mo’s recent publicity was too great. He could hear topics about him at all times of day.

“We have all underestimated him. We always thought he was a fluke, but now it appears that prior experience has instead made His Highness Chen Mo even more understanding.” Jiang Yanyu sipped her tea.

Tang Feng hatefully said: “If I had known, I would have killed him back then.”

“Should Your Imperial Highness’ words enter the ears of anyone else, it would certainly have a profound influence on Your Imperial Highness’ reputation.”

Tang Feng looked all around. The Vermilion Bird Guard were all expressionless, not listening at all.

“But he will not frolic around much longer. Wait until Huan Wen breaks through to Yellow Court, then the first thing we will take is Chang’an Mansion as a blood sacrifice!” Tang Feng sneered, draining his cup of wine.

Yellow Court Realm was another of the Star Generals’ Realms. When the time came, even the Dragon Among Men Chen Zhangtian would be powerless to defend himself.

“Yanyu knows a bit about the bet between Your Imperial Highness and Chen Mo. However, be at ease, Your Imperial Highness. Yanyu has specific reasons for returning to the Tail Fire Star Field this time. Other than for the sect’s trust, Yanyu must absolutely obtain the Divine Warrior Examination’s zhuangyuan and will not yield this to anyone else.” Jiang Yanyu slowly said.

“Then that is too good. If Chang’an Mansion produces two consecutive generations of zhuangyuan, that would honestly be too unsettling.” Tang Feng clapped his hands. Several bodyguards stepped forth carrying three square-shaped boxes. They were crafted beautifully, inlaid with precious stones. Jiang Yanyu could sense the flow of Star Energy in one of the boxes.


Tang Feng smiled: “Tomorrow is the court examination. In order for Little Sister Yanyu to achieve success in a single stroke, This Highness has specially dispatched people today to make three court specialty meals for Little Sister Yanyu to taste. This Highness hopes Princess Yanyu will like them.”

Jiang Yanyu laughed, “Yanyu recalls that your imperial family also has a young genius, who has even served as a leader in the Azure Dragon Imperial Guard and is an exceptional soldier. Why does Your Imperial Highness invite Yanyu rather than him? Do you not fear discriminating in who you favor?”

“Although he is participating in the Divine Warrior Examination, how can he compare to Little Sister Yanyu. But that Imperial Little Brother naturally has been looked after just as well as This Highness.”

“Then Yanyu shall see these offerings.” Jiang Yanyu said.

The three boxes were opened. Inside naturally were not delicious and fine foods. The court specialty meals that Tang Feng spoke of were none other than the dynasty’s best treasures.

The first box contained a pill. It was smooth, round, and exquisite, smelling of orchids.

This was a Grade 2 “Washing Green Mind Pill,” able to instantly recover the magic energy of a Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator and heal all minor injuries. Across the Star Fields, it was priceless.

In the second box, nestled in a pile of silk, was a jadeite, bird-headed ruyi scepter. A bird of completely green flame was faintly visible, ready to emerge from the scepter at a moment’s notice.

The “Green Brocaded Ruyi Scepter”2 was a mighty and powerful magic weapon.

Between the two boxes, one was a first-rate pill and the other a high quality magic weapon. Any sect or school would be shaken, but the crown prince did not even blink to bring these out.

These two articles did not make Jiang Yanyu’s expression change at all. Her ken was very high even in the Inner Star Field. However, after the third box was opened, even Jiang Yanyu could not help but be taken aback.

As if Tang Feng had anticipated this, the corner of his mouth curved proudly.

Laying inside the third box were several blinding, glittering, and sparkling pieces of jade. 

“These are Astral Coins?”3 Jiang Yanyu recognized the formal name of this item.

“Correct, these are none other than Astral Stone Coins. This Highness was fortunate enough to obtain a few.” Tang Feng said.

Astral Stone Coins were perhaps considered quite unfamiliar in the Outer Star Field, but Jiang Yanyu was very acquainted with them. Astral Stone Coins were refined from bathing in the glow of the stars. Contained within them was the Star Energy that was most needed by Star Generals. Anyone with an Astral Stone could absorb the Star Energy within the rock for their own use.

In the Inner Star Fields, this was a very important circulated currency that replaced gold.4

Although Jiang Yanyu had stayed in the Inner Star Fields before and had possessed a few fragments of Astral Coins, she never had one completely intact. In the Inner Star Fields, coins like this were called “Astral Cents,”5 which did not have very high value. The Star Energy of the Astral Coins before her eyes were replete. One level higher than Astral Cents, they could be called “Astral Dollars.”6 Even Jiang Yanyu was moved.

“Your Highness truly is too thinks too highly of Yanyu. However, Yanyu cannot accept so great a gift.” Jiang Yanyu smiled.

“Sigh, Little Sister Yanyu is too formal. This is nothing more than a simple treat, something only for the sake of mending Little Sister Yanyu’s body. This Highness absolutely does not have any ulterior motives.”

“Is that so? En, then Yanyu shall have a taste.”

Tang Feng was very happy. So long as he could make Chen Mo’s defeat certain, these things were not worth much in his eyes. To be able to become the teacher of Chang’an Mansion’s Fourth Young Master, what else could be more valuable than this?

“Chen Mo, heh, heh, to have picked a fight with This Highness, you are a bit naive.”

“Chen Mo, you are the first man that This Highness will remember. Very well. This Highness actually wants to see whether or not you can defeat Jiang Yanyu in the court examination!”

The white mist seemed to be cut open alive. 

The forest on both sides of the mountain path was devastated. All over the place were gorges carved out by killing intent. Huan Wen turned around and left, descending the mountain, leaving behind her arrogant figure.

A youth was on one knee in the middle of the road. Blood dribbled out from the cuts all over his body, staining him red like a spring. Chen Mo lowered his head, just like a dead man, barely breathing without any sign of life. This was the greatest defeat Chen Mo had encountered in this life.

And the martial arts achievements he had been so proud of before in Chang’an City had been punched through by Huan Wen’s arrogance as easily as a sheet of paper.

In the end, Huan Wen was unable to make Chen Mo kneel. Truthfully, Chen Mo already had no way to resist. So long as Huan Wen used her spear to stab him, she could make his knees buckle. But Huan Wen suddenly felt very uninterested. Even if she made Chen Mo kneel like this, it would only make her feel even more humiliated.

She clearly had come to dash Chen Mo’s spirits, but when the time came, Huan Wen felt she herself had lost her spirit.

Truly very disappointing.

Chen Mo gradually regained consciousness. He thought to activate the soul technique, but it was no use. His wounds honestly were too severe. Although Huan Wen did not kill him, she had deliberately left him barely alive. Tomorrow’s court examination would be very troublesome.

Chen Mo was very powerless. He weakly lowered his head.

All of a sudden, he heard a series of footsteps approach, sounding as if they tread on snow. A person stood in front and looked down at him.

“Huan Wen, if you want to make me kneel to you, you’re dreaming.” Chen Mo stubbornly said.

The person softly sighed. Chen Mo suddenly felt his whole body warm up. A white cloak was draped over him. Chen Mo lifted his head to look, and his heart was suddenly very conflicted.

The newcomer was not Huan Wen, but she was even more brilliant than Huan Wen, the beauty of dark ice and snow. She was similarly proud and arrogant, but she made Chen Mo feel warmth.

Silvery white pupils full of the tenderest feelings in this world stared at Chen Mo.

She was Heavenly General Star Chen Qinghan.

“You did very well.” Chen Qinghan’s hand lifted Chen Mo’s shattered chin, gently kissing Chen Mo’s lips.

The most icy gentleness in all of Star World suddenly wrapped around Chen Mo’s tongue.

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  1. In other words, she doesn’t mind a bad reputation…except for when it concerns her treatment of weaklings. Apparently, warriors are considered so far beneath a Star General that killing them is actually considered disgraceful…
  2. 翠錦如意
  3. 星幣
  4. Wow, using Star Energy containers as a medium of exchange.
  5. 星厘幣
  6. 星元幣. Please feel free to suggest alternative translations for these currencies.


  1. Re: “Astral stone coins” and such, didn’t 108MOD have spirit stones already? They are so bog-standard in cultivation novels that it sort of boggles the mind that they are being introduced here in chapter 170.

    Also, Chen Luan may actually be a non-blood-related big sister, but I am fairly sure that Chen Qinghan and him are actually blood related. And tongue? How naughty…


      Anyways, the author probably only just came up with this currency. In-universe, it is probably the case that the Outer Star Fields are considered so backwater and low-level in cultivation relative to the Inner Star Fields that this currency just hasn’t diffused to this place.

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