Chapter 171: Eve Of The Court Examination

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A clump of Star Energy flowed in from Auntie’s lips, entering Chen Mo’s body from their entwined tongues. This Star Energy was full of an icy tenderness, cramming Chen Mo’s heart.

The grievous wounds covering his bodies slowly healed following the Star Energy’s treatment. Chen Mo’s muddled consciousness suddenly cleared up, and his hands could not help but automatically wrap around Auntie’s waist.

The gentle kiss very quickly ended. Chen Qinghan stared at him.

What Chen Qinghan used just now was an “Inseparable Love Healing”1 contained in their Servant Star Contract. She sent her own Star Energy into her servant’s body, allowing him to recover his injuries.

This was a super high level ability. Only a kiss from a Star General who was wholeheartedly concerned about her Servant Star could activate this function.

Chen Qinghan found a lake, making Chen Mo wash himself clean of the blood and dirt caking his body. Although she had used “Inseparable Love Healing” to mend his minor wounds, some remaining injuries, like the puncture to his lung, still needed the victim to heal on their own. Of course, with a Saint Of War’s physical constitution, his body was mostly recovered. Injuries like this did not mean much.

However, after Inseparable Love Healing, there was a period of weakness. Chen Mo sensed that the True Qi in his body was weak and his Star Energy depleted. Chen Mo looked at the “Qi Returning Dew” in his Astral Stone. There were still a few droplets left from what Xiyi originally gave, and Chen Mo was reluctant to drink.

Chen Mo turned his head back, throwing a glance at the young woman sitting near the pond.

His body had grown quite manly, yet Auntie hardly spared him a glance. Chen Mo was inwardly hurt.

After bathing, Chen Mo changed into a white shirt that Auntie had brought him. It was seemingly like silk, light and satiny, the craftsmanship exquisite. It was like wearing a layer of soft snowflakes. Chen Mo’s whole body felt very pleasant. The True Qi inside his body slowly received replenishment, and his wounds also mended. This clothing evidently was not some ordinary article.

“Auntie, is this clothing a treasure?” Chen Mo asked.

“This ‘Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade’2 cannot be considered a treasure. It is sold everywhere in the Inner Star Field’s clothing shops.” Chen Qinghan pensively stared at Chen Mo.

Clad in all white, this young nephew was refined and scholarly. Combined with those rather charming cheeks, he was quite bright on the eyes.

Chen Qinghan had never looked at a man head-on. Today, Chen Mo nevertheless made her sit up and somewhat take notice.

“The Inner Star Field actually can sell a treasure like this all over the place, I really want to go see.” Chen Mo sighed. Compared to some treasures stuck to the body, this Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade was much better. The Zhangtian Pavilion had many treasures like these clothes, but they paled in comparison.

Chen Mo did not realize this “Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade” was indeed sold in the Inner Star Field’s tailor shops, but the price was as high as a thousand Astral Dollars. This was not something the average person could afford.

“I disgraced Auntie just now.”

Chen Mo saw that Chen Qinghan had been staring at him all along, and he apologized in shame.

“You do not blame Auntie for merely watching?” Chen Qinghan seemingly smiled. Truthfully, she had been watching everything since Huan Wen had found Chen Mo, but from start to finish, Chen Qinghan made no moves. She was indifferent to the point that one would feel she was heartless.

But Chen Mo did not think this at all, “Auntie has her own way of thinking. I cannot blame Auntie.”

Chen Qinghan nodded, very satisfied with Chen Mo’s attitude, “If you would have Auntie go kill Huan Wen right now, Auntie can fulfill this request.”

Kill Huan Wen?

Chen Mo was taken aback.

Given Magnificent Army Avoids The White Robe’s Realm, killing an Earthly Fiend Star like Seven Stars Huan Wen was as easy as pinching an ant to death. Of course Chen Mo itched to kill her. This woman was ridiculously self-important, condescending, and temperamental, she honestly was an enormous scourge upon the Chen Family. Someday, sooner or later, she would become a timebomb-like existence.

Killing Huan Wen would sever the fortune of the Great Chong Dynasty’s imperial family. No matter how they caused trouble, the Chen Family would not need to fear them.

Although he was very eager to kill Huan Wen as quickly as possible, Chen Mo still shook his head. “I want to enter the Inner Star Fields in the future as a helping hand to Auntie. If I cannot kill even Huan Wen, then what qualifications do I have to enter the Inner Star Fields.”

“Auntie has not misjudged you.” Chen Qinghan slightly nodded, slightly pleased with Chen Mo’s answer.

If Chen Mo actually had her go kill Huan Wen, Chen Qinghan would do so, but henceforth, she would break off relations with Chen Mo. A man who was dependent on her was not worthy of handling big responsibilities.

Chen Mo pondered for awhile, already treating Huan Wen as a threshold for his entry into the Inner Star Fields.

“Today, Huan Wen came to dampen your spirits. It seems you ought to have realized this point.”

“Relax, Auntie. Victory and defeat are common in military operations. A crushing defeat will only allow Nephew to become even more powerful.” Chen Mo chuckled. To be able to receive Auntie’s kiss from such a defeat, he was even willing to suffer a few more.

“You are even acquainted with sayings from the School of the Military.” Chen Qinghan’s brows rose. The School of the Military was quite obscure in the Tail Fire Star Field. That Chen Mo was able to learn about this made her very surprised.

“I know a lot of sayings from the Hundred Schools. Does Auntie want to listen?” Chen Mo winked. Before Chen Qinghan’s eyes, he had nothing to keep to himself.

Chen Qinghan fiddled with her black hair beside her ear.

Auntie’s current sitting posture could be said to be alluring. She closed her legs as she sat on the grass, her legs appearing even more slender. Although boots concealed her thighs, these curves provoked even greater indulgence in fantasy. Auntie also wore a split short skirt that was longer towards the back. This posture let a man’s imagination roam.

Chen Qinghan patted the grass, hinting to Chen Mo to sit beside her.

“Huan Wen envies the meteoric rise in your reputation in Chang’an. Tell Auntie about what has happened to you recently.”

“Sure.” Chen Mo sat next to Chen Qinghan, endlessly narrating his experiences. He mentioned his grand feat of conquering the “Scourge of God” Attila, the pride of deciphering Four Ladies Mountain’s mystery, his surprising return to Chang’an, and the Wanshou Temple’s Bodhi Cliff.

Chen Qinghan gazed far into the distance, quietly listening.

Faraway, where the green mountains were unending, the streams flowed ceaselessly, and where stepped fields were cultivated.

A man and woman were a scene out of a portrait.

When Chen Mo woke up, it was already dark, and Auntie had left without a word. He conversed happily with Auntie, unaware he talked the entire day away and even forgot that he somehow fell asleep.

Chen Mo stroked this Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade that he wore, knowing that Auntie specifically gave this to him before the court examination. Chen Mo rose and exercised his Star Energy. The wounds over his body were chaotic, but he should have no problems handling the court examination.

Just as he was about to leave, Chen Mo suddenly spotted a dozen glowing stones in the grass beside him.

Picking it up, the stone contained ample Star Energy within. Chen Mo had heard of this before from Zhongli Mo. This type of stone was a Star Dollar, a currency of the Inner Star Fields. It was a very widely circulated medium of exchange.

To the Inner Star Fields, Star Dollars were merely used to purchase items, but in the Outer Star Fields, the Star Energy contained in each Star Dollar was enough to make a cultivator’s power swell.

“Huan Wen, it was all thanks to you that I was able to get so close to Auntie today. I will definitely repay this ‘favor’ by a hundredfold someday!!”

Chen Mo made his decision, boarding the Nebula Flying Chariot and departing this place.

Chang’an Mansion.

Chen Luan was pacing back and forth in worry right now. Second Brother Chen Lin could not bear to continue watching, “Third Sister, stop walking in circles. Your big brother’s eyes are about to go dizzy.”

“Shut up.” Chen Luan rebuked him. “Fourth Brother’s whereabout are unknown right now, aren’t you the least bit worried?”

“Who would dare provoke Little Brother right now.” Chen Lin muttered. This little sister of his was imposing to the extreme. Normally, he did not dare provoke her either.

Now just happened to be the final night before the court examination. According to custom, the families of jinshi entering the court examination would arrange a family dinner, to boost the morale of their heir. With appropriate arrangements, they would finally light fireworks and send them high up for good luck.

“Daughter, you cannot speak to Second Brother like this.” Chen Luan’s mother shook her head.

“Luan’er is worred for Mo’er. But Lin’er, you truly are not worried at all.” Chen Zhangtian’s main wife, Lady Xin, spoke and resolved the conflict.

“Little Brother is like the sun in the sky right now. Daughter fears the imperial family will not rest easy. If that Huan Wen seeks out Little Brother for trouble at this time, how can that end well.” The more Chen Luan considered it, the more likely this possibility felt. She said to her father: “Lord Father, please allow Daughter to enter the palace to question Huan Wen.”

Chen Zhangtian sat upright without saying a word, but his brow was tightly creased. “You cause trouble. Why would Huan Wen seek out a warrior.”

Chen Luan bit her lip. She nearly wanted to blurt out that the person who suppressed Huan Wen at the banquet that day was Chen Mo. If Huan Wen discovered a clue, perhaps she would not be willing to let matters go.

“Little Sister, don’t you worry.” Chen Lin comforted her.

Just at this moment, a servant shouted: “His Highness Mo has returned!”

The gates opened, and a scholarly youth in white clothes entered.

At first glance, Chen Luan had thought some beautiful man had walked into the wrong house. When she looked closer, she was astonished to find he was Chen Mo. All of a sudden, she hugged Chen Mo extremely tightly in pleasant surprise.

Chen Zhangtian, Lady Xin, and Chen Luan’s mother all knowingly glanced at one another, not saying a word.3

Chen Zhangtian fake coughed.

Chen Luan blushed and asked: “Little Brother, where did you go? Why have you returned so late, tomorrow is the court examination.”

“Son has made Father and Mother worry. I went to Changluo to see a friend.” Chen Mo said.

“En, if nothing is the matter, then sit.” Chen Zhangtian said.

“Tonight, Big Sister made your favorite simmer-fried fish, look.” Chen Luan pulled Chen Mo into the hall by the arm.

When Chen Lin saw this little sister, one of the dynasty’s Four Great Aloof Beauties, dote on Chen Mo like she was an elder sister, he was quite awestruck. Was this the same peerlessly talented little sister who tongue-lashed men.

At a family banquet, they would all chat about what they seen or heard of the court examination. FOr example, which experts were worthy of attention in the court examination, whatever cards someone had in their hand, etc. But right now, the court examination’s greatest focus was Chen Mo. Other than Jiang Yanyu, he did not need to worry about anyone else.

“Today, the crown prince went to Jiangnan Mansion. I fear he went to Princess Yanyu.”

“Ha, ha, he has no way to extricate himself from the bet he made with Little Brother. If he loses, he can forget about being crown prince.” Chen Lin laughed.

“Mo’er, have you any certainty?” Lady Xin tenderly asked.

This matter concerned the positions of the Chen and Tang Families. Everyone was very anxious.

“Son will not disappoint Mother.” Chen Mo was very confident.

“Luan’er, you were the zhuangyuan of the prior Divine Warrior Examination. After you eat, tell Chen Mo about the court examination, what he needs to pay attention to.” The concubine ordered her daughter.

Chen Luan had the same idea.

“Little Brother, the clothes you’re wearing are truly beautiful. Where did you buy them, I also want one.” Chen Lin felt the material. This feeling was divine.

If he wore these clothes, then he would captivate all the beauties in CHang’an.

“Yes, I’ve never seen these clothes.” Chen Luan was in awe.

“This is something that Mother entrusted to someone to give me. I just never brought it out.” Chen Mo found an excuse.

Lady Xin glanced at her Lord Husband. Chen Zhangtian apparently had no interest at all.

“Tonight, you must rest well to face tomorrow’s court examination.” Chen Zhangtian said.

After awhile, everyone finished eating dinner. Chen Zhangtian and Lady Xin left the hall while Chen Mo, his Big Sister, and his Third Brother took a pile of “Cloud Piercer Arrows” to launch.

Several of the fireworks entered the firmaments a hundred zhang above, blossoming into glittering brilliance.

Above Chang’an.

Hundreds of thousands of fireworks exploded, enveloping Chang’an in magnificent colors.

Chen Mo sat on the steps of the hall. Today, he was met with the two different worlds of life and death, but he had already calmed down enormously.

Chen Luan turned back and walked over, sitting down together with him to watch the brightness covering the city.

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  1. 繾綣治療
  2. 天蠶雪錦
  3. So it seems Chen Zhangtian has another concubine? And that Chen Luan is her daughter rather than Lady Xin’s?

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