Chapter 175: Unrivalled In All Directions (Former)

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The “Twisted Light” targeted Chen Mo. Its sleek, dragon-like body stirred up the current, unleashing piercing lightning from within its body. Immediately the water nearby transmitted a numbing current.

Chen Mo had no interest in fighting it underwater. His finger pointed, and he attacked with Qiankun One Qi. The Rank Five Demon Beast’s whole body shuddered, and its charged lightning was extinguished like a candleflame. Under the Qiankun One Qi, the Rank Five Demon Beast was completely unable to resist it. The power cultivated through its whole body was instantly dispersed by Chen Mo, leaving it empty and weak.

Chen Mo brought out the Northern Dipper Saber and slashed.

Without any sloppy movements, in one smooth action, saber-light like a dragon quietly cut open the deep sea. The Twisted Light that had lost all of its abilities was instantly gouged open with a bloody gash by the slash. Chen Mo’s Divine Intent moved. The Black Frost Centipede leapt out. The Twisted Light was heavily injured, no longer a threat. The rest would be left to the Black Frost Centipede to eat as it pleased.

Chen Mo lowered his head to look at Qing Wan’s pale face; she had lost consciousness underwater. As far as a warrior without magic energy was concerned, breathing was a very large obstruction. Chen Mo kicked off with the tip of his foot. There was a boom as he breached the surface.

When he reached the bank, Chen Mo lay Qing Wan flat against the grass. The girl appeared to have drowned, for she was not breathing and did not have a pulse. For a warrior who was not capable of Three Flowers Gathered Overhead, they could not stay in the water too long.

CHen Mo used both his hands to begin chest compressions. Seeing that she was non-responsive, he then lifted Qing Wan’s chin and tilted her head back. He pinched her nose and took a deep breath. He opened his mouth and sealed Qing Wan’s with his own, forcefully starting artificial respiration.

Out of the corner of his eye, he glimpsed Qing Wan’s chest expanding and contracting with the movements of breathing. He knew then that Qing Wan’s respiratory system should be clear of obstructions. About a minute later, the girl coughed and spat out several mouthfuls of seawater and kelp. She slowly regained her breathing and pulse.

“Chen Mo.”

Seeing Qing Wan recover her consciousness and open her eyes, Chen Mo breathed a sigh of relief. This was a standard process for artificial respiration. He did not expect that there would be a day he could use it in this Star World.

“Ha, ha, Your Highness Mo truly is very romantic.”

A peculiar voice came from the forest. Chen Mo seemed to have already anticipated this as he did not respond at all, merely watching Qing Wan and draping her in a coat.

A dozen men and women walked out from the forest.

Chen Mo lifted his head and looked around. These men and women wore yellow brocades and robes, were Three Flowers Gathered Overhead, and had gazes like a tiger eyeing prey. They were the Chang’an warriors affiliated with the imperial family.

“You actually have extra time to spend with a woman, impressive, impresisve.”

“Your Highness, taking advantage of someone unconscious truly is the shame of us warriors.” The girl sneered.

The warriors of the imperial family mostly belonged to the families of princes and other high-ranking officials. They received strict training from their youth, and each of them could be described as geniuses. Among the dozen was even a Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator, his magic energy flowing.

“Have you come to obstruct me on orders of the emperor?” Chen Mo rose, moving his body.

“Why say that these are His Imperial Majesty’s orders.” A warrior introduced himself. “I am Wang Baoguo.1 I heard about Your Highness’ fame in Chang’an and always wanted to witness it.” 

“Wang Baoguo? Chief Wang Sizhong of the Black Turtle Imperial Guard is your father?” Chen Mo smiled and asked.

“The very same.” Wang Baoguo’s tone was powerful and resonating, befitting the son of an imperial guard. A domineering aura was in his bones. “I am the Wang Family’s second son.”

“I am Yu Huailing, daughter of the Minister Of the Left…”

“My father…”

These young warriors introduced their families one after another, to make Chen Mo remember them.

The strength of these warriors was considerable. They could run amok across a portion of the Great Chong Dynasty, but to think this was enough to hinder him, Chen Mo basically disdained this as beneath contempt.

Having waited precisely for this moment, more footsteps came from behind him.

“Why is this place so rowdy, huh. Did everyone come here to get coral?”

A bell-like voice rang in everyone’s ears. Everybody turned their gazes to look in the direction of the voice, and another group of men and women appeared from the forest behind Chen Mo. This group was dressed in all sorts of clothing, their presence not to be outdone. Chen Mo had some recollection about the man leading them. He remembered this man as that one person who compared Zen to parents back at the banquet.

This man was called Ling Kaicheng or something.

“So it turns out Your Highness Chen Mo is here. I was wondering why it was so noisy here.” Ling Kaicheng grinned widely and awfully candidly. 

“Your Highness Mo is indeed a character who surges through Chang’an like a storm, to be able to receive such great attention even here.” Ling Kaicheng narrowed his eyes, showing a bit of craftiness.

“Ling Kaicheng, His Highness Mo is ours, don’t you interfere.” Wang Baoguo said.

“Ha, ha.” Ling Kaicheng laughed, sitting on the grass as he pleased. The young men and women with him wore sneers as they sat down as well, looking like they were watching a show.

“Do as you please. His Highness Mo has become a guest behind Yu Youwei’s curtains. Presumably, Chang’an’s young lords are all very envious. Whatever you want to do to him, I can understand.”

“But Princess Yanyu is our idol. He actually slandered the princess as falsifying her age. THis truly makes us very furious, so we ask everyone a little chance to let us also vent.”

Everyone stared at Chen Mo and sneered.

More than twenty warriors already treated Chen Mo as a turtle in a jar. They already made clear they wanted to take Chen Mo’s qualifications as a passee here. They had the self-confidence, and these people were all well-known figures in the court examination. It could even be said that they were the most outstanding of their generation in the Jiangnan faction and the imperial factions. Each of these people had power and cultivation that were more or less around Three Flowers Gathered Overhead.

Chen Mo was very calm, not minding this situation at all. He looked at the sky. Time was already running short. Next, he still had tridacna, amber, colored glass, and a pearl to obtain. “If introductions are over, let’s move on to the main topic. Stop waiting the court examination’s time.”

“Good, good, good. Your Highness is so bold.”

Seeing Chen Mo surprisingly maintain calm against the encirclement of more than twenty warriors, his expression unchanging, these people all could not help but smile instead of turning furious.

They had come prepared to face Chen Mo. No matter what, they needed to decisively defeat Chen Mo here, even turn him into a cripple, to break off Lord Chang’an’s hopes.

“Then allow me to face Your Highness.” A young man walked out. “Lian Feizhang, son of the Marquis of the Eastern Sea. Please instruct me, Your Highness.”

The Eastern Sea marquis belonged to the Eastern Province and had an important affiliation with the Eastern Flower Sword Sect. The Billows And Great Calm Sword Technique they cultivated was considerably famous, categorized as a first-rate martial art.

Lian Feizhang brought out his sword. Light flowed around the sword, which surprisingly was casted to Four Star.

The young man stirred his dantian, manifesting his Three Flowers Gathered Overhead. Seeing Chen Mo was still unfazed, he was inwardly angry. He took a step forward and slashed.

A sword-light like flowing water cut past. It appeared unremarkable, but it concealed its sharpness. This technique called “Green Water Tiny Swell” was the Billows And Great Calm Sword’s most profound move. The attacking sword force appeared to be mediocre and ordinary, but once it was within range, it would undergo eighteen different transformations to kill the enemy. 

Weaponry martial arts generally were far stronger stronger than unarmed martial arts, and similarly, they were even harder to wield. But Lian Feizhang used this technique actually perfectly in one smooth move. Clearly, he had already been training in this for a very long time. In order to prepare for this court examination, the family specifically bestowed upon him this “Green Water Sword.” The two of them were one, and the sword chant had a chance even against a First Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation’s magic treasure.

All of the warriors were aware of the young man’s particulars. When they saw him use this technique, they inwardly shouted in excitement, revealing sneers one after another. They were ready to see how this Highness would receive the technique.

Chen Mo surreptitiously twitched his mouth. He took a few steps forward, fearlessly facing the incoming sword-light.

What a joke.

When he was able to face a Star General’s Destined Star Weapon calmly, an ordinary warrior’s armaments or Star Weapon basically presented no threats from his perspective.

The sword-light arrived, and Lian Feizhang complacently grinned.


Killing intent surged like a tidal wave. The sword-light fluctuated wildly, dazzlingly chaotic as it surrounded Chen Mo.

Chen Mo leaned to the side and used “Li Center Empty.” This evasion was perfect and receptive as an open valley, easily avoiding Lian Feizhang’s slash. The young man was astonished. His next move “Clear Water Visible Depth” attempted to obstruct Chen Mo’s counterattack. The weapon became a water-light and vanished from sight. This Clear Water Visible Depth embodied the mystery of “spin” in a weapon, able to funnel an enemy as the user wished at the most critical of moments.

How laughable.

Chen Mo took one step to reach Lian Feizhang’s side. His palm chop landed on the back of Lian Feizhang’s head. The young man screamed and fell unconscious.

If it was not for Chen Mo holding back, that chop just now could have disintegrated Lian Feizhang’s medulla oblangata and instantly killed him.

With but a single move, Chen Mo defeated Lian Feizhang.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

The young men and women who were together with the imperial family were all a close circle, and they all got along well with one another. Often, they would learn from each other. Wang Baoguo was very aware that Lian Feizhang’s father was the Marquis of the Eastern Sea, and Lian Feizhang’s brother was also appointed as vice-commander of one of the dynasty’s Eight Great Battalions, the “Eastern Victory Battalion,” a Rank Three military officer.

Lian Feizhang himself had military successes as part of the Eastern Victory Battalion. Wang Baoguo himself conceded he would be unable to defeat Lian Feizhang in a single blow.

The atmosphere was as quiet as a tomb. Those laughs and idyllic attitudes from before were already grim. Without a word, each of them pondered how they would have faced Lian Feizhang’s Billow And Great Calm Sword Technique just now if it had been them on the receiving end, but no one could confidently defeat him one blow.

“Indeed, Your Highness Chen Mo has some capability. No wonder you would dare challenge Princess Yanyu.” Wang Baoguo took a deep breath, calming his warrior’s heart. 

“Everyone, there’s no need to waste your breath on this man who disrespects women. Let’s attack together.” Yu Huailing was far from having the sincerity that a male warrior had. Seeing Lian Feizhang’s defeat struck fear into her. She promptly called for her companions to attack together.

They normally were somewhat arrogant and proud. For the moment, they stared at Wang Baoguo.

Chen Mo was not inclined to waste time, so he attacked Yu Huailing.

Yu Huailing practiced the Fish Dragon Transformation body techniques and was similarly Three Flowers Gathered Overhead. Her figure became agile and nimble, flanking Chen Mo and attacking with a “Flying Fish Boxing” punch. Her arm was like a fish breaching the water’s surface, soaring upwards. Before her punch connected, the force itself arrived first, about to pound the back of Chen Mo’s head as viciously as a club. The power was as vast and surging as a river, continuous and endless to absolutely not give Chen Mo any breathing room.

Chen Mo’s Bagua shifted, dispelling the girl’s punch.

When Yu Huailing’s first attack failed to land, her second punch followed up, chaining them together. Just like flying fish swimming feely about, she concealed myriad changes. If she reached the level of a Saint Of War where spirit and flesh became one, and if she also had Flying Fish punch-intent, perhaps Chen Mo would have felt troubled, but she only had strength, no punch-intent. Chen Mo handled her with ample room to spare. He exercised the Bodhi Soul Technique, seeing through the nature of the Flying Fish.

Chen Mo’s legs moved, and Kan Center Full appeared. Like an enormous net restraining the girl’s arms, he pulled her right in front of him.

The girl cried out in alarm, her smile disappearing. She did not expect that her punching force that could kill a person from a distance would be seized by Chen Mo when she least expected it.

She immediately used the Fish Dragon Transformation to try and escape.

Chen Mo struck her arms, and it was like the roaring sea’s enormous waves covering her. Fish may swim in the depths, but even they would be instantly killed when met with a howling storm. 

Yu Huailing’s nimble “Little Fish” could not pass through the Bagua’s punch-intent. She was promptly sent flying, landing faraway along the shore.

The girl staggered to her feet, staring in disbelief at Chen Mo. Her throat twitched, and tears streamed down her face. She fainted on the spot.

Everyone exhaled, not daring to believe what they were seeing.

Two of their best friends with formidable martial arts were unexpectedly defeated at the first move.

This Fourth Young Lord of Chang’an Mansion was far beyond their reckoning.

Wang Baoguo’s expression changed. He knew he could no longer hesitate, and me malevolently said: “Let’s attack together!!!”


The moment he spoke, the dozen warriors of Chang’an did not hesitate to take action together against Chen Mo, using their strongest martial arts. Chen Mo exercised the Bodhi Soul Technique, memorizing each and every one of the martial arts these warriors believed to be so grand.2

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  1. 王報國 A very descriptive name. 報國 means “dedication to one’s country.
  2. Eh, it’s Madara vs Shinobi Alliance all over again.

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