Chapter 176: Unrivalled In All Directions (Latter)

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Chen Mo was adjusting his breathing.

Against the attacking genius warriors, he was still motionless. His fists clenched tightly, and he slowly said: “Since you want to be so ignorant, then this will be perfect to make you withdraw from the court examination.”

When he finished speaking, his energy spiked. All of his True Qi flowed.

“Your Highness Chen Mo, do you actually believe you can take all of us on alone?” Wang Baoguo scuttled forth, bellowing loudly.

Thereupon, the strongest martial arts of Chang’an’s warriors came thick and fast.

“Great Obelisk Fist – Cloud Splitter Stone Piercer!”

“Splashing Ink Spear Skill, Open Window Moon Gazing!”

“Falling Goose Palm Technique – Lone Goose Glimpse!”

“Life Risking Strike!”

“Serpentine Chain, Python Strangles Crane!”

The grandeur of the dozen warriors thundered, person and technique united. Their attacks emerged in succession, changing constantly. These warriors all with Three Flowers Gathered Overhead level of power were enough to kill even a Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator.

Chen Mo moved his hands and widened his stance. Bagua punch-intent emerged, enveloping the surroundings.

Chen Mo smiled.

He received all the attacks.

Emperor Tang sat motionlessly on his throne. In the forest, thousands of warriors fought to proceed through the court examination. Although they could not see it, they could still vaguely sense the wretched murderous atmosphere in the Pagoda Basin. Each court examination was a trial of blood and iron. The warriors able to survive and pass would receive enormous strengthening to their warrior hearts.

This time, Chang’an Mansion’s Chen Mo could be said to have had a meteoric rise after his return to the capital, sweeping away all that lay before him. However, Emperor Tang had already dispatched people to order the best warriors of the imperial family’s faction in this court examination to annihilate Chen Mo. They would inevitably strangle him before he could enter the Seven Treasures Pagoda.

Chen Mo was perhaps very strong, possessing power to defeat a Lesser Thunder Tribulation.

But each of Chang’an’s warriors had gone through a hundred battles. Compared to other jinshi, they had ample combat experience and abilities. Perhaps he would be able to fight off one or two, maybe even four to five warriors of a similar level, but it would be absolutely impossible for him to handle ten.

Without a magic treasure or sword chant, Emperor Tang could not imagine how Chen Mo could have any power to avert this desperate situation.

It was regrettable that they were unable to probe Chen Mo’s strength in that banquet. Otherwise, Emperor Tang could have arranged even stricter measures.


There was no need to worry too much. Even if these warriors were unable to, he was very confident in his son.

“Second Brother, Little Brother has gone to participate in the court examination. The imperial family will definitely have arranged for their people to make a move against Little Brother together. Have you finished our own arrangements?” Chen Luan asked.

Chen Lin was puzzled. “Arrangements?”

“Of course I mean our own people.” Chen Luan glowered.

“Cough…” Chen Lin forced a laugh: “I actually thought about it, but Father said there was no need. We need only have them strive to pass with all their strength.”

“Hm?” Chen Luan did not understand.

Chen Lin whispered: “It seems Fourth Brother feels he can handle it himself.”

Chen Luan did not say anything more.

At some point in time, those amused expressions that were watching the show had become grave. Ling Kaicheng’s expression was increasingly astounded.

The Nanjiang Faction’s warriors were still betting on how long Chen Mo could last against the assault of the imperial family, but the longer they watched, the more disbelief they felt. Against the powerful martial arts and powers of Chang’an’s warriors, Chen Mo had an abundance of leeway, maneuvering about unpredictably and erratically. With each attack he evaded, his feet stamped into the ground a perfect Bagua diagram.

Chang’an’s warriors were miserably defeated one after another.

“This is bad, Wang Baoguo and the rest will lose.”

Sensing this frightening fact, Ling Kaicheng suddenly understood and rose to his feet.

When even these warriors who were the best in the court examination were unable to take down Chen Mo, they themselves absolutely lacked these qualifications. “Brother Cheng, just what kind of monster is this Chen Mo. How can a mere Saint Of War be that strong.”

“Don’t tell me he’s the same as the Princess?”

“We have to take action quickly. We absolutely cannot allow Chen Mo to pass this court examination.”

Ling Kaicheng yelled, and his whole body shook. He used his own Mountain Opening Fist, and the other young men and women followed closely behind.

Several dozen warriors attacked, their power shaking the earth, the sea seemingly boiling.

What a waste of time.

Chen Mo grabbed Northern Dipper out of thin air.

The iron rod swept, and a gale howled. Two of the young men immediately lost their footing, only feeling their whole bodies get pulled by demonic brute strength. Even when they wielded their True Qi to its limit for protection, they were unable to gain a semblance of control.

The gale was like a giant hand swatting their entire bodies. The True Qi and Qi-blood inside their bodies was immediately dispersed.

The two youths were sent flying away.

“Ling Kaicheng, this Chen Mo is very strong, you can’t be careless.” Wang Baoguo took a broadsword into his hand. His Life Risking Saber Technique was considered extremely powerful. Among his peers, other than Jiang Yanyu and Thunder Tribulation cultivators, he had practically never met someone who could be his match. But against Chen Mo, his sword seemed to get stuck. No matter what, he was unable to wield that tyrannical saber-qi.

“This is a super first-rate martial art, look out for the Bagua.” Ling Kaicheng saw the Bagua diagram carved every time Chen Mo attacked, and he broke into a cold sweat.

Chen Mo’s punches attacked, bringing power able to disintegrate iron. Ling Kaicheng’s Mountain Opening Fist was the number one boxing technique in the Southern Province, and his was practiced to the peak, able to clench a rock into dust. When True Qi entered his body, he was able to ward off weapons.

Ling Kaicheng did not hesitate to punch Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper, attempting to use his own sturdy and violent strength to first restrain Chen Mo’s weapon. He could also discern that Chen Mo’s weapon held a very great advantage with its boundless power.

Chen Mo swung his staff. Ling Kaicheng struck with the Mountain Opening Fist’s “Shaking Five Sacred Mountains.” It was fully able to smash a thousand catty copper cauldron into smithereens in one move, carrying a powerful surplus of power. The warriors near Ling Kaicheng felt the pressure and were shaken back, vomiting blood.


Ling Kaicheng originally thought he could seize Chen Mo’s staff and give the rest a chance to close in for the kill.

But just as his fists struck Northern Dipper, that arrogance in his heart abruptly crumbled. His strength that he believed to be so grand instead received the oppression of an even more frightening brute force.

This strength was surprisingly similar, with the might to split apart the Five Sacred Mountains.

Ling Kaicheng screamed. His bones were shattered, his arms already crippled.

Northern Dipper was able to contend against Destined Star Weapons. Chen Mo again stirred his Star Energy. He was no different from a Fiend Star. A mere Three Flowers Gathered Overhead’s physical body defending against him was the same as a praying mantis stopping a car; it was suicide.

Chen Mo kicked Ling Kaicheng in the chest. The man’s tough and stocky body caved in as his entire person was sent flying a hundred meters away.

“Brother Cheng!!”

The Nanjiang Faction’s warriors were frightened out of their minds.

There was no time to feel grief or anger.

Chen Mo’s next attack was already coming. “Taste my ‘No Dogs Under Heaven,'”1 came his sneer. He swept Northern Dipper around, filling all directions with staff-shadows, unleashing his True Qi every which way. The warriors surrounding Chen Mo only felt a chill along their backs.

Then, scream after wretched scream rang out.

The weak warriors were all sent flying away, collapsing onto the ground, struggling painfully.

Chen Mo’s “Xun Lower Broken” had considerably unrivalled power in all directions, and the timing of its usage was perfect.

“Life Risking Sword Technique – Heaven And Earth Longevity!!”

Wang Baoguo seized his chance, slashing with his broadsword. This slash was brought to the point of perfection, the greatest of heights. The saber-qi seemed to be born from Heaven and Earth. Even Chen Mo could not track its trajectory. In an instant, the saber-qi fell upon Chen Mo’s white clothes.

This Heaven And Earth Longevity was the strongest move of the Life Risking Saber Techniques, used with the idea of taking someone else down with the user. No matter what, it was able to deal a mortal blow to the enemy. Similarly, the user themselves would also show the biggest of openings such that the enemy could strike him down at any moment. But as long as the user was faster, the enemy would either die first to the blade, or the saber-qi would leave the enemy heavily injured, interrupting what would be the fatal counterattack.

Wang Baoguo was fully convinced he would see blood, fear, and a scream.

But Wang Baoguo was wrong. Chen Mo took his strike head-on, surprisingly not avoiding it in the slightest. Instead, his domineering aura became even stronger.

What kind of fucking constitution is this.

To unexpectedly be capable of warding off his strike, could it be that this guy actually already had Thunder Tribulation and was at the level of possessing protective magic energy.

I’m finished.

Wang Baoguo despaired.

Chen Mo’s palm swatted him. A resounding slap left Wang Baoguo dazed. Then, with three consecutive kicks, Qian Three Unbroken dispersed Wang Baoguo’s True Qi and sent the man flying.


The remaining warriors were dumbstruck. The assault they had originally wanted to mobilize was firmly paralyzed from fear. Never in their lives had any of them thought that a single Three Flowers Gathered Overhead warrior would actually be so formidable. They were at the same level, but compared to Chen Mo, they were like mere children. Even if their opponent was a Saint Of War, the distance between them was like that of Heaven and Earth.

All of a sudden.

Lightning shot over.

The sole First Layer Thunder Tribulation cultivator of Chang’an’s warriors finally made his move. Although his magic energy was weak, he was already capable of controlling magic treasures.

And magic treasures were supreme existences in Star World. Sometimes, a single powerful magic treasure was enough to supplement a disparity of several levels.

“Die.” That nineteen or twenty year old young man shouted.

His magic treasure “Rushing Thunder Edge” was as swift as thunder, as fast as lightning. Against a warrior without any magic energy, it held an enormous advantage. A warrior’s True Qi was fundamentally unable to stop a magic energy attack.

Although Chen Mo already was on guard, the Rushing Thunder Edge came too fast.

A blade stuck into his chest.

That cultivator was elated to see his magic treasure land a strike on Chen Mo. His magic treasure had properties of thunder and lightning, swift and able to paralyze a target’s body. An insignificant Three Flowers Gathered Overhead was naturally unable to break free.


Just when the cultivator felt pleased with himself, all of a sudden, that Rushing Thunder Edge fell to the ground. Chen Mo’s body was like an iron bastion. The Rushing Thunder Edge was unexpectedly unable to penetrate.

Even his snow-white clothes did not show the slightest tear.

These clothes are a treasure!

The cultivator turned pale.

Chen Mo stomped, pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa.

Six footprints were carved into the ground.

Kun Six Severed!

The cultivator thought to wield his sword chant, but the First Layer Thunder Tribulation cultivator’s magic energy was too weak. Even if a sword chant was not as powerful as a martial art, it was simply trivial to pit it against a Saint Of War.

Before his Flying Swords could even attack, Chen Mo stepped into the air, thrusting his palm out.

The sword chant was shaken, and its power was immediately scattered.

That cultivator’s expression was shocked. He suddenly felt his entire body become rigid, his magic energy all of a sudden crumble away. A giant palmprint appeared on his body.

“Zhangtian Seal…”

Struck by the Zhangtian Seal, the cultivator already had no way to save the situation. He collapsed wide-eyed as he watched himself defeated by Chen Mo.

Chen Mo turned around. The surrounding warriors were sprawled on the ground, groaning and gravely injured. “You…Just what kind of person are you…” Wang Baoguo vomited blood, gasping for breath.

He had never imagined in his life that it could be possible for so many people to fall to such a miserable state facing off against a single Three Flowers Overhead warrior. Wang Baoguo was unable to even see the slightest bit of seriousness or injury on Chen Mo’s face. The only thing he gave was a calm expression, as if this was a negligible incident.

Only now did these people who had mocked Chen Mo for running from the banquet finally understand – this Highness’ power was so unfathomable.

Chen Mo smirked. His Divine Intent moved. A talisman flew out from each of the several dozen cultivators’ clothes. They were already incapable of resisting Chen Mo’s Divine Intent and could only stare helplessly as the talismans flew out.

When these talismans flew out, everyone could only whimper.

These talismans were called “Smoke Signal Talismans.” In the court examination, activation of these signified a request for rescue, but it also represented defeat and withdrawal from the court examination. For every jinshi, this was the greatest disgrace.

“No…” Wang Baoguo yelled in despair.

The talismans ignited, and several dozen smoke signals rose into the heavens.

The tens of thousands of people on Pagoda Island cried out at once.2

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  1. This is just a joke technique that Chen Mo came up with on the spot.
  2. Yeah, it’d be a real shock to see so many of these signals activate all at once.

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