Chapter 180: Battle Of Limits

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Jiang Yanyu strolled leisurely in the forest. She was already close to the Seven Treasures Pagoda, and she had gathered six of Buddhist Seven Treasures, lacking only the final “colored glass.” Along the way, she had found a few shards, but because the point value was not high, Jiang Yanyu was not keen on picking them up.

She was determined to win this Divine Warrior Examination’s zhuangyuan, and there was practically no one in the court examination who could prove her match.

She seemed to be walking around her own backyard, relaxed and carefree.

The twenty to thirty smoke signals that rose above the Pagoda Basin were unable to draw her attention. She more or less surmised that Chen Mo should have taken care of those warriors that Emperor Tang had arranged for. Those smoke signals were probably their defeat.

However, what did this even amount to. Jiang Yanyu herself had the strength to dispatch them.

After walking awhile.

A Colored Glass Vajra Tiger suddenly appeared in front of her, devouring the body of a warrior.

She found the last of Buddhism’s Seven Treasures.

Jiang Yanyu slightly grinned.

The Colored Glass Vajra Tiger sensed the warrior’s presence and lifted its ferocious green gaze, its whole colored glass body glowing.

Jiang Yanyu still wore her smile, walking daintily towards it.

This insufferably arrogant Vajra Tiger seemed to smell danger. Its aggression dampened at once; it lowered its head and surprisingly backed away with a meek appearance.

With Jiang Yanyu’s every step forward, the Vajra Tiger took another step backward.

This Demon Beast that could even hunt and kill a Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator was so timid, any other warrior would not have dared believe it.

Jiang Yanyu’s expression changed. Her Misty Rain Sword’s intent unfolded out of thin air. Deadly sword-lights promptly surrounded the Vajra Tiger. Princess Yanyu walked before it. The Vajra Tiger was finally unable to bear it any longer and roared, releasing its colored glass light to ward off the sword-intent. The Demon Beast pounced, lunging over ferociously.

Jiang Yanyu’s brow rose, and she pointed her finger.

The Misty Rain Swords filling the skies then descended. Before the Vajra Tiger even touched Jiang Yanyu, it was cut down to the ground.

The power of the sword-intent could only be matched by Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivators of the God Transformation Realm. The Vajra Tiger was no match at all, crawling along the ground, its whole body trembling.

Jiang Yanyu slightly smiled. In passing, she broke off a piece of colored glass as gently as if she was picking a flower. She stared at this piece of beautiful and fine glass, muttering: “Chen Mo, oh, Chen Mo. Compared to Yanyu, you might not have such an easy time. On the contrary, Yanyu is a bit envious of you.”

Jiang Yanyu did not spare the tiger another glance. She walked towards the Seven Treasures Pagoda, strolling as if admiring the scenery.

A vain loneliness appeared on her beautiful figure.

The loneliness of someone without a rival.

Black Turtle Second Change.

Change Blood!1

Black Turtle Third Change.

Shed Body!2

Black Turtle Fourth Change.

Divine Body!3

Tang Yunshen did not stop once he started using the Black Turtle Seven Changes. He next continued through the Black Turtle Fourth Change.

The Black Turtle Seven Changes was the secret martial art that protected the country, developed from the Black Turtle. Legend said that The Black Turtle dominated as the god of the Northern Sea using its tortoise and serpentine body. Its vitality and longevity were marvelous, and with each shed skin, the tortoise-serpent became more and more like a dragon.

The Black Turtle Seven Changes was based on this mystery. Each transformation was a new change to the life force within the warrior, stimulating even greater potential.

Strength, magic energy, True Qi, and speed would all have minor improvement compared to before. When the Black Turtle Fourth Change “Divine Body” was reached, the user’s body was invulnerable to blades, invincible as a vajra. Also, their strength would grow a hundredfold compared to their innate potential. It could be said that this was an increase in one Realm.

Tang Yunshen’s martial arts were excellent, and having used the Black Turtle Fourth Change, Chen Mo relied on his superb skills honed from fighting Star Generals as well as the Bodhi Soul Technique’s abilities to handle him.

Chen Mo’s eyes were like torches as he used the Bodhi Soul Technique to its limit, thoroughly understanding the states of each of Tang Yunshen’s Black Turtle Seven Changes.4

Chen Mo did not dominate, merely occupying Tang Yunshen by continuously “entangling” him. Although Tang Yunshen’s current power and speed were a level stronger than Chen Mo’s, if Chen Mo wanted to flee, then Tang Yunshen had no way to stop him at the moment.

Tang Yunshen was unaware that Chen Mo was using the Bodhi Soul Technique to learn his own martial art. He increased the power of his attacks as well as their speed. Although the Black Turtle Seven Changes was very powerful, it overtaxed a warrior’s capacity. After usage, they would enter a period of weakness that was especially dangerous.

Don’t tell me this brat is waiting for me to weaken?

A cold glint flashed past Tang Yunshen’s eyes. He stopped his assault and activated his sword chant.

After the Black Turtle Fourth Change, his magic energy was exceptionally strong. The Spirit Destroying False Brilliance Swords split into a hundred sword-lights that attacked Chen Mo head-on.

Chen Mo already brought out Northern Dipper, activating his Star Energy to ward them off.

Using the Flying Swords to obstruct Chen Mo, Tang Yunshen somersaulted and chopped with his palm.

Palm-wind reached out like a dragon claw.

Rip, rip, rip.

Five bloody gashes were torn open on Chen Mo’s chest.

What swift speed.

Chen Mo’s heart chilled. Northern Dipper raised an astral wind, launching in all directions.

Bang, bang, bang.

Tang Yunshen’s twin claws ripped apart Northern Dipper’s wind. He seized hold of the staff, contending against Northern Dipper fearlessly. The Azure Dragon Shredding Wind Claw was trained to the pinnacle, far surpassing any blade. The Divine Body of the Black Turtle Fourth Change made him indestructible like a vajra. The two of these together surprisingly could contain Northern Dipper.

Tang Yunshen understood that Chen Mo’s weapon was bizarre, and he reached out to snatch it.

Chen Mo chuckled. You want to steal it, then I’ll just give it to you. Northern Dipper left his hand and sunk like an enormous mountain. Tang Yunshen stumbled, and before he could get a good grip, Chen Mo’s figure swelled in size and brandished two fists.5

The Bagua punch-intent hid the sky and covered the earth.

Chen Mo’s legs walked the Bagua, and his arms drew the Supreme Ultimate.

Li Center Empty, Kan Center Full, Gen Overturned Bowl, Dui Upper Open, and the rest of the eight were used in succession.

Tang Yunshen sneered disdainfully.

Under his Black Turtle Fourth Change, Tang Yunshen had Third Layer Thunder Tribulation magic energy protecting his body. In addition to the Divine Body possession, even a super first-rate martial art could not possibly break him down.

Good, see how I will slaughter you.

Just as Tang Yunshen thought this, he suddenly heard Tang Lun shout from the side: “Imperial Brother, look out for the Bagua under you.”


Tang Yunshen glanced out the corner of his eye. At some point in time, a True Qi Bagua formation had been forcefully etched into the ground.

Chen Mo’s martial art, the Bagua Fist, was certainly not like other super first-rate martial arts. Back then when he was caught in the Bagua Array at the underground palace and encountered that mysterious girl, this array was able to be laid following the Bagua itself, the trigrams carved in succession. Once formed, the target was trapped at the center of the Bagua. Chen Mo’s Bagua punch-intent would become several times stronger, disintegrating the opponent’s defenses.

This technique was certainly time-tested for Chen Mo. Used together with Star Energy, it was comparable to a Yellow Rank.

Chen Mo stared at Tang Yunshen and smiled: “Is this the limit of your Black Turtle Seven Changes?”

The Bagua punch-intent covered Tang Yunshen. Eight different types of intent transformations were enough to collapse the defensive line of any warrior. When Tang Yunshen saw the unfavorable situation, he finally used the fifth and final change of his Black Turtle Seven Changes.

“Origin Return!”6

Tang Yunshen’s power once again spiked. His Third Layer Thunder Tribulation cultivation swelled to Fourth layer, and his magic energy overflowed the heavens. His Spirit Destroying False Brilliance Flying Sword received boundless magic energy, gathering into a sword array around him. He easily broke the whole Bagua Array apart.

Fourth Layer Thunder Tribulation. He was a full four Realms higher than Chen Mo’s Three Flowers Gathered Overhead!

Chen Mo showed an excited expression, his eyes receptive and his mind like a mirror, recording every quality of Tang Yunshen’s Black Turtle Seven Changes.

Chen Mo activated the Bodhi Soul Technique and cultivated the Black Turtle Seven Changes.

Tang Yunshen’s Divine Intent fired as he tried to use his Fourth Layer Thunder Tribulation Divine Intent to trap Chen Mo, but in an instant, he surprisingly could not get a firm grasp on Chen Mo.

What is the meaning of this?

His Divine Intent was unexpectedly completely useless.

How could Tang Yunshen have known that while under the Bodhi Soul Technique, Chen Mo’s mind was like a bright mirror, untainted by filth. He naturally could not be touched by any intent.7


Tang Yunshen struck a hand seal, and his Flying Swords attacked again.

“Chen Mo, if you have any other abilities, use them.” Tang Yunshen laughed aloud as he used one of his powers. A foehn wind surged over the ground, forming a giant dragon.

Having already completely memorized Tang Yunshen’s five of the Black Turtle Seven Changes, Chen Mo realized this ought to be Tang Yunshen’s limit. He did not dare hesitate any longer.

His hand recalled Northern Dipper and circulated Star Energy.

He first used the Zhangtian Seal to contest that giant dragon of wind. Then, Chen Mo leapt upwards, his Northern Dipper continuing the assault. This time, Chen Mo did not hold back at all, utilizing all of his Star Energy while he also activated Attila’s “Trampling” Innate Skill.

Each wave of Northern Dipper seemed to raise its own formidable gale, rippling across a hundred meters. Tang Yunshen’s Flying Sword advantage was immediately vanished from the face of the earth.

What is happening?

Tang Yunshen was astonished.

What is the meaning of this? Chen Mo’s power changed ina sudden instant. THat weapon was wielded without any techniques or abilities that he could see, but the power of each attack surprisingly made even his heart shudder.

He had never felt his kind of power before.

Just what kind of trick is this guy using?

Tang Yunshen was endlessly infuriated. He recognized himself as a genius without equal, but he was completely unable to see through Chen Mo. Tang Yunshen pushed forth his palm again, the Azure Dragon Shredding Wind Claw becoming even stronger. Imbued with Fourth Layer Thunder Tribulation magic energy, the winds and clouds of the world were like a claw, ripping a hundred camphor trees to shreds.

Chen Mo swung Northern Dipper, using the brute Star Energy to resist.

His Star Energy that was under “Trampling” spread out. Compared to Tang Yunshen’s Flying Swords, this was more frightening.

Tang Yunshen’s head hurt more and more. Every Northern Dipper attack his Flying Swords sustained damaged his own life. Beforehand, he did not feel anything, but following the increasing severity and violence of Chen Mo’s assault, this pain was growing more and more intense.

This is bad.

I’m actually no match for him.

Tang Yunshen’s face was deathly pale. He did not dare believe the initial judgment borne from the fear in his heart.

Several dozen exchanges later.

The Flying Swords were dispersed. Chen Mo broke through the Flying Sword barrier and reached in front of Tang Yunshen. His gale assailed Tang Yunshen, who showed terror.

Star Energy!

This is Star Energy!

When the man sensed this, he once again activated the Black Turtle Seven Changes, turning and fleeing.

“Thinking of running?”

Chen Mo sneered. The imperial family was always using every kind of stumbling block, every kind of plan to kill him. How could he let himself be trampled upon. Since this court examination was life and death, Chen Mo indulged his desire to kill, to get rid of this genius from the imperial family.

He could tell that the Tang Yunshen was naturally talented enough to be cross the world unhindered. Tang Yunshen was much more exceptional even compared to his own Second Brother. Perhaps he was the imperial family’s number one. This time, if Chen Mo let him escape, given Tang Yunshen’s talents, he would naturally make a cultivation breakthrough. The next time they met, Chen Mo perhaps would need to use the Yellow Rank Saber Technique and the Qiankun One Qi in order to kill him.

Chen Mo gave chase using the Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape. Tang Yunshen practiced the “Lightning Speed Into Clouds,” which was a formidable body technique and escape technique. While under the Black Turtle Seven Changes, it was even more mighty. However, Chen Mo used Northern Dipper’s brute force to inhibit Tang Yunshen, who had no way to break free.

Tang Yunshen’s heart was stricken with fear. He spotted the dumbstruck Tang Lun, and malice appeared in his heart.

Tang Lun grabbed several talismans and threw them towards the two.

The talismans turned into lightning bolts. They were Heavenly Calamity Talismans.8

But the Heavenly Calamity Talisman proved to be mere annoyances to the two of them, completely unable to inflict harm. Tang Lun knew when he saw Tang Yunshen staring at him that something was off. He turned and was about to run.

“Little Cousin, help Me.” Tang Yunshen grabbed the young man. The earth burst forth with a foehn wind that pierced through Tang Lun like a claw and tossed his body heavily in front of Chen Mo.

Chen Mo did not anticipate that Tang Yunshen would use his own cousin as a shield, which caused Chen Mo’s body techniques to stop as he knocked Tang Lun aside with a palm. With this single second, Tang Yunshen seized his chance and fled deep into the fores, all traces of him vanishing. Once his “Lightning Speed Into Clouds” was free of the opponent’s inhibition, that truly was as fast as lightning.


Chen Mo cursed.

A scourge remained.

He turned his head back to look at Tang Lun. This man’s eyes were stuck wide open, a hole torn into his chest by a claw. He was merely Qi Flower Realm. Ripped apart by Fourth Layer Thunder Tribulation, that was an instant death.

They were all people of the imperial family, so Chen Mo did not feel any sympathy. Spotting that this guy surprisingly had an Astral Stone, he took it in passing.

Chen Mo subsequently left this place, moving to a safe location.

Once free of danger, Chen Mo immediately felt exhaustion all throughout his body. His body seemed to be sucked dry of all strength. He used a lot of energy in the succession of battles, particularly at the end against Tang Yunshen, when he utilized all his Star Energy. Otherwise, this would have been problematic.

Chen Mo took a deep breath. His Divine Intent moved, and he brought out the Star Dollars that Auntie left him. He needed to use the Star Dollars to restore his Star Energy, or else he would have not fighting strength left when he encountered Jiang Yanyu.

However, his efforts were not in vain. At long last, he had learned Five Changes of the imperial family’s country protecting treasure, the Black Turtle Seven Changes. Next, he need only use the Bodhi Soul Technique once more to cultivate it. He should be able to make major breakthroughs very quickly.

Thinking of this, Chen Mo closed his eyes, and as if he was sitting under the Bodhi Tree, entered meditation.

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  1. 換血
  2. 脫胎
  3. 神軀
  4. Damn, this technique really be like the Sharingan, copying every minute detail.
  5. Remember, Northern Dipper is extremely heavy.
  6. 歸元, as in a return to an original state.
  7. So this thing provides immunity to Divine Intent telekinesis, huh?
  8. Shares the same name as the one that gave Su Xing his nickname, “Purple Thunder Monster.”

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