Chapter 179: Black Turtle Seven Changes

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Staring at the raging inferno, Tang Lun rubbed his palms and laughed, his heart incomparably carefree.

This Chen Mo was finally dead.

The Fire Thunder Bullet was one-time use magic treasure. Magic energy initiated it, and it would explode upon contact with a hard surface, destroying everything in a range of several dozen meters. It was formidable. Even a Thunder Tribulation cultivator would suffer a calamity.

Because the Fire Thunder Bullet’s might was immense, in order to not inadvertently catch themselves in the explosion, cultivators would use this as a hidden tool in battle. However, it was very difficult for a Fire Thunder Bullet to strike the target. To a Saint Of War with clear vision and awareness, countermeasures would come without thinking. This hit was a result of Chen Mo growing careless as he handled the Vajra Tiger.

Tang Yunshen did not hesitate to fling out five Fire Thunder Bullets. This was enough to blast even a Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator’s body to smithereens.

“But it is a pity that Imperial Brother was unable to trade blows with Chen Mo. You definitely would have made him suffer a crushing defeat.” Tang Lun insincerely uttered praise.

Tang Yunshen did not follow the outdated conventions of martial artists. To him, who was tempered by the time he spent in the army, any method was permitted if it was able to kill the enemy. As for thoughts of exchanging blows with this genius warrior, he had no interest in doing so from the very start.

Chen Mo was very strong, he could sense that, but any enemy that could be dispatched without any action on his part was not worth his time, even if they were any stronger.

The flames crackled as they burned. There was a vague tiger growl.

Tang Yunshen, “Hm.” He felt that something was off and gestured with his hand, summoning twelve Spirit Destroying False Brilliance Flying Swords.1

A figure slowly walked out from the blaze.

Tang Lun’s conceit immediately vanished into thin air. He gawked at the person.


Chen Mo dusted off his clothes. The Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade that Auntie gave him was excellent. He really ought to give that ready-made clothing store a certificate of merit. Even the might of five Fire Thunder Bullets were unable to singe these white clothes. They remained purer than snow.

Chen Mo wiped away a bit of blood at the corner of his mouth. The power of the Fire Thunder Bullets just now was not weak, and his internal organs sustained minor injury. Thanks to his strong physical constitution and the Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade, the injuries did not become severe.

“Looks like his clothes are a treasure. As expected, Chang’an Mansion is very resourceful.” Tang Yunshen was somewhat jealous.

Tang Lun could not help but take a step back. The scene of Chen Mo utterly defeating that multitude of top-notch warriors was still fresh on his mind. He completely did not dare meet Chen Mo’s eyes with his own mere Qi Flower Late Stage.

“You wait in the back.” Tang Yunshen spat.

“I presume you are His Highness the Twelfth Prince, who trained in the Azure Dragon Imperial Guard?” Chen Mo exhaled.

“You know yet you do not kneel.” Tang Yunshen coldly replied.

Chen Mo laughed: “In terms of status, you actually have to call me Elder Brother.”

The children of the Two Lords were conferred styles of Highness, and their status was on equal standing with the imperial heirs. What Chen Mo said was true.

“That many people were unable to kill you. Lowlives really do have it hard.” Tang Yunshen’s attitude was arrogant. Although he knew he was unable to match Chen Mo’s recent martial achievements, he did not concede defeat at all in terms of power.

“I shall see what you are capable of.”

Tang Yunshen said disdainfully.

The twelve Spirit Destroying False Brilliance Flying Swords flashed and became twelve clouds of light.

Sword-light stabbed towards Chen Mo like a downpour.

Bang, bang, bang.

Metal rang out clearly. Chen Mo flung the Northern Dipper, and the twelve Flying Swords were all repelled. Tang Yunshen had Second Layer Thunder Tribulation cultivation, his Flying Sword magic energy profound. Chen Mo was not stupid enough to use a Saint Of War’s physical body to block them.

Tang Yunshen’s Divine Intent moved.

The scattered Flying Swords once again assembled into a sword array.

Ray after ray of sword light manifested and linked together like a chain. Chen Mo was unfazed, lightly brandishing Northern Dipper, deflecting the sword-lights again and again.




The crisp impact of metal rang rhythmically around Chen Mo.

Chen Mo beamed from ear to ear, moving forward inch by inch. No matter what angle Tang Yunshen’s Flying Swords attacked from, they were easily parried. The speed of the twelve Flying Swords was as swift as lightning, yet they were still unable to penetrate Chen Mo’s easygoing and sturdy defenses.

This kind of sensation was like Chen Mo playing with a little brother.

Tang Lun watched in astonishment. Could it be that this Chen Mo was holding back out of caution about Tang Yunshen. Perhaps he was even afraid. It looked like there was a chance.2 Although Tang Lun always waited to the side, he also had several tools on his body. He was prepared to move at a moment’s notice.

“Your sword chant is not mature enough. I can play with you until your magic energy is exhausted if you’d like.” Chen Mo shrugged.

Tang Yunshen’s expression slightly changed. This guy’s reactions were very quick. His own Flying Swords were even unable to injure him.

“I hear you inherited the imperial family’s Black Turtle Seven Changes. I am very interested and wonder how it compares to my Zhangtian Seal.” The corner of Chen Mo’s mouth curled in provocation.

Tang Yunshen sneered: “To see the Black Turtle Seven Changes, that would depend on if you have the qualifications or not.”

He retracted his hand and recalled his Flying Swords back into storage. Tang Yunshen grunted. Gathering qi into his dantian, all of his clothes floated. 

He suddenly vanished.

Chen Mo took a step back. Tang Yunshen now stood where Chen Mo had been a moment earlier, his fingers like blades.

Blood gathered into droplets at the tips of his fingers and dripped onto the ground.

Rip…Chen Mo’s chest split open, revealing a bloody gash that was neither shallow nor deep.

Chen Mo wrinkled his brow. The Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade was unexpectedly torn open. This guy’s technique just now was considerably more formidable compared to Wang Baoguo’s saber-qi.

Too brilliant!

Tang Yunshen did not disappoint. The genius warrior tempered by the most secretive Azure Dragon Imperial Guard was indeed unlike the rest. He was worth a slow sampling.

“Among the martial arts that the Azure Dragon Imperial Guard trains in, there is a very famous ‘Azure Dragon Shredding Wind Claw.’3 It concentrates True Qi to become far sharper than any blade.”

Chen Mo muttered.

“No need to thank me.” Tang Yunshen said expressionlessly.

“Just this much is far from enough to let you go with your life as recompense for my clothes.” Chen Mo stroked the hole in the Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade, slightly in grief. It was a pity that the clothes Auntie gave him were damaged like this.

“Then I may as well tear it and your body to shreds together.” Tang Yunshen sneered.

As he said this, he disappeared again.


Chen Mo retracted Northern Dipper and retreated, entering the scorching blaze and assuming the Bagua.

Tang Yunshen’s strike was not successful. Following Chen Mo’s firm boxing technique and evasion, he smoothly went for another jab. The Azure Dragon Shredding Wind Claw produced a murderous aura more terrifying than any blade.

This slash’s ice-cold killing intent was emitted from Tang Yunshen’s body, as if it was a frigid spring, pouring down from the top of Chen Mo’s head.

The Azure Dragon Shredding Wind Claw’s punch-intent was surprisingly unleashed in full. This Tang Yunshen had trained to the Saint Of War Realm as well, unifying spirit and flesh.

Chen Mo attacked with Bagua punch-intent.

Bagua and Azure Dragon clashed amidst the flames. Splitting murderous aura and the full Bagua melded, and the conflagration between them was surprisingly extinguished from the killing intent.

“Windroll Destruction Blade!”4

Tang Yunshen’s claw slashed. The wind flowing through the air suddenly became countless fragmentary blades that barreled towards Chen Mo. Normally, warriors would be caught in a sorry situation after he used this technique, but having seen Chen Mo’s Bagua, Tang Yunshen was well aware of how strong Chen Mo was. He did not dare get his hopes up.

Chen Mo used Kan Center Full. His arms flowed like water, destroying the wind blades.

But Tang Yunshen took advantage of this opportunity to use a magic treasure.

Who was he kidding. He was but a Second Layer Thunder Tribulation cultivator. Even if he was Saint Of War level, he would not be so stupid as to trade blows with Chen Mo on so-called equal footing. Seizing his chance while Chen Mo dispelled the Windroll Destruction Blade, he used a “spear” magic treasure.

This spear suddenly enlarged.

Tang Yunshen’s Divine Intent moved.

The spear became a blood-light that shot towards Chen Mo.

This “Heart Piercing Spear”5 was specialized in locking onto an enemy’s beating heart. It was capable of instantaneous penetration, and even a Saint Of War was incapable of blocking it.

The blood-light shot over.

This magic treasure Heart Piercing Spear had a homing ability; there was no way to dodge it. Chen Mo himself was disinclined to avoid it and instead used the Zhangtian Seal.

Under the Bodhi Soul Technique, Chen Mo already comprehended the Zhangtian Seal to its highest level, but because his cultivation was inherently insufficient, he was unable to wield it as perfectly as his father could. Even if he used his Saint Of War body, this Zhangtian Seal was still able to pierce through Heaven and Earth. He heavily smashed it into the Heart Piercing Spear.

The blood-light dispersed, and the Heart Piercing Spear was knocked away.

How can this be.

This brat cannot have practiced the Zhangtian Seal for more than a few days, how is it so strong. Don’t tell me he’s like me and began training from a young age.

Tang Yunshen gnashed his teeth.

After using the Zhangtian Seal, Chen Mo’s feet moved, shrinking the distance between them to an inch. He attacked, this time, using Tiger Pounces On Prey.

His Tiger punch-intent was fully displayed.

Just like an enormous tiger hunting a human.

Having secretly watched Chen Mo hunt the Vajra Tiger, Tang Yunshen was already aware that Chen Mo was extremely unfathomable. Generally speaking, a Saint Of War able to produce martial intent with a single martial art was already exceptional, but this guy surprisingly had two such techniques.

Of course, as far as Saints Of War were concerned, multiple punch-intents did not make a difference.

Tang Yunshen used “Azure Dragon Harnesses Wind” and floated backwards, pointing his finger forward. The Azure Dragon Shredding Wind Claw once again activated.

Chen Mo punched, the Bagua not losing out at all.

The two of them pitted punch-intent against punch-intent.

This genius of the Azure Dragon Imperial Guard did not disappoint him, for he was the only warrior up until now that was able to last more than a few blows against him, other than Star Generals, but this was still not enough.

Chen Mo had the intention of forcing him to use the “Black Turtle Seven Changes.”

The Tang Imperial Family’s country-protecting martial art, “Black Turtle Seven Changes” was developed from the the Black Turtle in the Book Of Changes. It was extremely profound, and it was known as the Tail Fire Star Field’s number one super first-rate martial art.

Chen Mo had the Bodhi Soul Technique and was able to see thoroughly understand the nature of the world’s martial arts in addition to quickly comprehending its connections. Chen Mo wanted to force out Tang Yunshen’s Black Turtle Seven Changes, for he wanted to study it.

Tang Yunshen did not know what Chen Mo was planning. Chen Mo deliberately held back, but Tang Yunshen believed this was merely because the difference in their levels was small. Of course, his Realm was higher by one level, but to be forced into such a sorry state by Chen Mo, he was already very irate.

So you want to see the Black Turtle Seven Changes, is that it?

Fine then.

I will have you understand it in death.

The Black Turtle Seven Changes was the country-protecting martial art. It was never flippantly revealed to anyone. Tang Yunshen had only previously used it a few times before when his life was at risk.

Once the Black Turtle Seven Changes was activated, that signified he had exhausted the limit of his abilities.

In order to kill Chen Mo, Tang Yunshen could not care that much anymore.

At this moment, Chen Mo’s Bagua Qian Three Linked and Kun Six Severed both struck together. The Bagua’s punch-intent was outstanding, peerless, unstoppable. After Tang Yunshen’s Azure Dragon Shredding Wind Claw was dispelled by the Bagua, he was already out of options. The young man extended his left arm and uttered a battle cry.

All of a sudden, wind burst forth from the earth, just like a geyser of water.

Tang Yunshen’s figure warped, as if obscured by mist, vanishing under the punch-intent.

The rising wind blew away Chen Mo’s punch, and afterwards, Tang Yunshen was suddenly up above him. Chen Mo immediately sensed the young man’s fighting intent, power, and speed had all increased. His agility, reach, and the power and speed of his claws had all surpassed Saint Of War level.

Chen Mo immediately understood the reason for this kind of sudden and explosive strengthening.

Black Turtle Seven Changes.

First Change!

Marrow Change!6

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  1. 滅靈虛煌飛劍
  2. This passage is supposed to show that Tang Lun is…not very bright for a warrior. He completely misjudges what Chen Mo is doing.
  3. 蒼龍裂風爪
  4. 風捲殘刃
  5. Ah, Gae Bolg, nice to see you here, too.
  6. 易髓

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