Chapter 191: Not Very Adorable Cui Wumeng

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Chang’an’s Zhangtian Pavilion contained many talisman treasures, but Chen Mo did not fancy any of them. Not a single one was as interesting as this “Four Symbols Bundling Immortal Talisman” in his hand.

Since you want to face me, then I’ll just help myself to your things.

Don’t you always need to pay the price for trying to bully someone?

When the Ren Family youth saw his talisman treasure had been stolen, he gave a heart-rending scream: “Q-Quick, help me get the talisman treasure back.” This talisman treasure was the generational heirloom of the Ren Family, and it was related to the clan’s fortune. Each powerful noble family had a similar or several powerful items for protection, acting as the family’s foundation.

These clan-protecting treasures, other than by a clan’s head, would only be used when the family was faced with a life and death crisis. For warriors like them, although they were the current pride of the family, it was extremely rare to receive something like this directly. Those like the Duke of Impermanence who could give a Heaven Earth level Spirit Treasure to his daughter for her use were one-of-a-kind. Even the Tang Imperial Family could not do so. 

The Ren Family only brought out the Four Symbols Bundling Immortal Talisman based on this speculation. Should it be lost, the Ren Family could henceforth forget about changing their fortunes in Gai Province for at least the next few decades. 

Without needing the Ren Family heir’s instruction, his other four companions already seized the initiative.

To be able to steal a High Grade Magic Treasure, this Highness of the Chang’an Mansion was simple abnormal. Heaven knew what sort of tricks he had. The warriors did not dare underestimate him at all. They used their strongest trump cards. Each person had unprecedented coordination in their thinking to end the battle as swiftly as possible.

“Tercel Seizes Rabbit!” Yin Le lunged, his hand like a talon, his entire person clawing towards Chen Mo like a fiendish falcon. His Mimicry Martial Art had reached the pinnacle, and under Three Flowers Gathered Overhead power, this lunge body technique was swift as the wind, his five fingers like iron hooks as they brought a whistling astral wind.

The Zhang Family’s heir threw out a Serpent Spear. This Serpent Spear was like a twisting viper, dividing into several dozen snake-shadows. Each snake-shadow flicked its snake tongue, fully displaying a murderous aura. This “Viper Exits Cave” technique was sharp and insidious.

The Ren Family warrior used “Unbound Hand.” Fist-shadows filled the sky, dazzling the eyes as they fell like rain. Each fist-shadow was absolutely silent, yet they carried the might to split stone. These were enough to pulverize even a thousand catty stone slate. This was the mightiest technique of the “Unbound Hand,” the “Ten Thousand Stone Fragments.”

There were also two more warriors who attacked from two other directions. Similarly they were using unique skills and all the power in their bodies.

The five warriors attacked from the cardinal directions as well as from above. With incoming from five directions, there was no way to escape at all.

The five of them were able to reach the fourth floor, and each of them possessed profound strength. They could even defeat a Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator if the situation presented.

Qing Wan was unable to help but feel stifled upon seeing this formation.

Chen Mo gripped the talisman treasure, pondering whether or not to use it. But when he recalled that talisman treasures had a limited number of uses, unlike true magic treasures that could be used without limit, activating it even just once against these people was too wasteful.

Seeing them all use special techniques, Chen Mo was neither slow nor rushed, moving leisurely.

His eyes narrowed. Spirit-light flowed, and he lifted his gaze.

Yin Le, who was executing Tercel Seizes Rabbit, was locked onto by Chen Mo. He felt the power of an immortal or a Buddha hit him in the face, making his vast sea of consciousness as well as his True Qi suddenly disperse. 

Chen Mo’s Divine Intent moved. Yin Le’s body was manipulated through thought alone and flung in front of the Ren Family warrior.

The Ten Thousand Stone Fragments descended, mercilessly pounding Yin Le’s body.

Chen Mo extended his right hand, and as if he was running it through shallow water, gently grabbed the Serpent Spear. He had the Bodhi Soul Technique. As long as it was a martial art, it would not easily escape his eyes. “How is this possible.” The Zhang Family youth turned pale with fright when he saw his Serpent Spear was grabbed. He immediately wanted to pull the spear back, but Chen Mo subsequently rattled the spear. 

True Qi shook through the Serpent Spear, sending it piercing straight through the Zhang Family youth’s chest. He gave a bloodcurdling scream as his entire person was already sent flying away. 

Chen Mo’s Deva Eyes swept around, intimidating the remaining two weaker warriors. His Divine Intent went forth and heavily defeated their defenses.

Chen Mo’s series of movements could be said to be as fleeting as a white steed, passing by in the blink of an eye. Before Qing Wan could get a clear look, she saw that the five people had all been defeated.

The only one still unharmed was the Ren Family’s young man. The Ren Family’s specialty was in body techniques, and he was able to evade the killing intent the first time. However, after his four companions were defeated in succession, the Ren Family youth’s stomach churned from fright. He used another Ten Thousand Stone Fragments, but this time, his target was actually Qing Wan, who stood behind Chen Mo.

Chen Mo threw a punch. The Bagua punch-intent directly smashed the palm-shadows to pieces. The Ren Family youth saw he was no match, turned and fled, thinking to at least obtain a high score on the fourth floor in the end.

Chen Mo was disinclined to use the Zhangtian Seal to take him down. Instead, seeing how he ran as if his life depended on it, Chen Mo let him go. Given his level, he probably would not pass the third difficult.

The others that Chen Mo knocked unconscious had lost their qualifications on the fourth floor and were expelled from the Seven Treasures Pagoda. Not long after, the Ren Family’s young man screamed, and unsurprisingly, tumbled back down, disappearing. In only a moment, the warriors that tried to surround and annihilate Chen Mo had all been eliminated.

“Stare long enough?!” Chen Mo said.

“You…” Qing Wan could not retort. Chen Mo was a Saint of War who was practically beyond the level of a Saint of War. Forget overcoming a five on one against Three Flowers Gathered Overhead, he was actually able to steal a talisman treasure so easily. Was that ability from before Chang’an Mansion’s most famous Zhangtian Seal? But to be able to steal a magic treasure with just a Saint Of War’s body, the Zhangtian Seal was too terrifying. Qing Wan was unaware that Chen Mo had used the Qiankun One Qi. In her heart, she was secretly stunned at just how powerful Lord Chang’an was. 

“Let’s go for now, we don’t have much time.” Chen Mo saw that the incense stick was burning to the end and no longer wasted time.

He grabbed Qing Wan’s arm and pulled her straight up. Qing Wan did not resist as strongly as she did initially. After seeing Chen Mo’s performance, the girl was deeply aware that the gap between them was too great. Struggling was completely senseless.

Second difficult, Hearing True Buddha Law.

Those tens of thousands of asura golden bodies in the surroundings stared Brahmanistic chanting, their dharma boundless. Upon reaching this difficult, Qing Wan was already unable to persevere with her strength alone. All the True Qi and Qi-blood in her body were unable to even circulate. Chen Mo had no choice but to grip her tightly by the waist to avoid letting her fall down.

Third difficult, Beget A Good Heart.

This floor’s asura statues already changed into various kinds of malevolent yaksha or were replaced by asura. The yaksha wept, and the asuras glowered; they were all terrifying. Chen Mo brandished fist after fist of Bagua punch-intent to finally break through the siege of the myriad asura and yaksha.

Having passed through the third checkpoint, Qing Wan already had the qualifications to enter the fifth floor.

Chen Mo did not give up and continued to advance.

The fourth difficult was to be born in the central kingdom. This central kingdom was not the China that Chen Mo recognized from his previous life, rather it was the center of people and the place where the dharma of the sutras was prevalent, the Buddha Kingdom.1

The fifth difficult was “to be born in human form.”

Chen Mo used the Deva Eyes to see through the fifth difficult. His Divine Warrior Score became 77 points. Having reached this stage, Qing Wan, who was hugged against his chest, had already fallen unconscious.

Just as he was about to break through the sixth difficult of being perfect, Chen Mo stopped.

The sounds of battle came from above. In truth, along the way, many warriors had already been forced down in defeat by the arhats. At the fifth difficult, just about all of the warriors had washed out.

At the sixth difficult, two warriors were currently in a deadlock.

One was dressed in porcelain-like red clothes, the other in gray clothes and black armor.

Chen Mo was familiar with both of these people, for they were none other than Cui Wumeng and the fifth place Qu Kuo.

Qu Kuo had First Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivation. He was in the middle of using a full power sword chant and an awl magic treasure to ward of Cui Wumeng. Cui Wumeng was a Saint Of War, and she had a Heaven Earth Level Spirit Treasure for protection. Qu Kuo basically was no match for her. His powerful Flying Sword ability was basically helpless to break through Cui Wumeng’s Asura Punch-intent, to say nothing of her Yellow Springs Miasma.

“Princess, must you obstruct Your Servant.” Qu Kuo shouted, seemingly unreconciled.

Cui Wumeng continued to sneer. Her Asura Punch-intent crisscrossed like demons, beating Qu Kuo’s Flying Swords into disarray. She breathed out a clear qi. The Yellow Springs Miasma then shot onto the Flying Swords like blades themselves, corroding the Flying Swords.

A cultivator’s sword chant was linked to their own life. If the Flying Sword sustained damage, the Divine Consciousness would also suffer.

The Yellow Springs Miasma was a poison from the Yellow Springs Belt, and Qu Kuo had no ways to defend against it. His face contorted in pain. The man screamed in terror, doing everything he could to fight, using his strongest martial art, Ocean-splitting Palm!

His palm chop was like a blade, and his killing intent surged, overturning the seas as he attacked Cui Wumeng.

Cui Wumeng’s constant use of the Jadefall Belt was taxing on her. The Yellow Springs Miasma surprisingly did not defend against this attack, and a cut appeared on Cui Wumeng. The girl snorted and threw a punch.

The Asura Punch-intent’s had a rare thirst for slaughter. Under this punch, her killing intent roared like a demon god, completely smashing Qu Kuo’s Flying swords and magic treasure. Qu Kuo was no match at all and was struck by another punch. After he screamed, he fell down from this high height. This man’s eyes spotted the ceiling, yet he was defeated by a little girl seven to eight years his junior. When he lost consciousness, he immediately vanished. He had been removed from the Seven Treasures Pagoda.

“Big Brother, you’re here.”

Cui Wumeng cocked her head and smiled. Her lips were pale, but they carried an extremely disturbing wickedness.

“You can’t be thinking of obstructing me?” Chen Mo was speechless when he sensed the little girl’s intentions.

Cui Wumeng activated her soul technique, gathered her True Qi, and once again activated the Jadefall Belt.

Chen Mo shook his head, “You already have the qualifications to go to the fifth floor. Why not leave things at this. There is no need to throw away all your efforts at the very last moment.”

Cui Wumeng giggled, her gaze like a starving evil spirit.

The girl did not reply, but Chen Mo had already more or less guess her plan. Cui Wumeng was no match for him. Although she was a Saint Of War who unified spirit and flesh, her foundations were not as solid as his. Furthermore, he also cultivated Star Energy, and he could sweep everything away with Northern Dipper. Cui Wumeng merely relied on the Heaven Earth Level Spirit Treasure Jadefall Belt in order to be able to last this long, but using the Jadefall Belt required formidable spiritual power. As far as Cui Wumeng was concerned, reaching this stage was already her limit. She was very aware that taking another step would result in her inevitable defeat, so she stopped right in front of the sixth difficult.

Even though she currently had the qualifications to enter the fifth floor, the current her was already unable to continue fighting, which was no different from defeat. Cui Wumeng had already beaten all warriors other than Jiang Yanyu and Fang Xi. Now, there remained only one person she most wanted to defeat.

This time, Cui Wumeng was making her final battle. If she could successfully defeat Chen Mo, her martial intent could advance a step. She could lose without regret.

“Little Sister, you truly are frightening.” A more or less ten year old girl could plan so deeply, which made Chen Mo unable to be help but be speechless.

She really was not very adorable.

That “little” word provoked the fury in Cui Wumeng’s eyes. “Let This Princess see how big you can be!!” Before she finished speaking, a sharp roar erupted from Cui Wumeng’s throat. The Jadefall Belt pushed its last bit of power and gathered on her body. Cui Wumeng somersaulted ad threw a punch towards Chen Mo.

Wherever the girl passed, a black smoke rolled. Specters flickered, ghosts and gods wailed, lingering incessantly.

The Asura Punch-intent had surprisingly reached its limit.

Qing Wan’s body shivered endlessly against his chest. A warrior’s instinct made her afraid. Chen Mo remained unmoved. There already was nothing in the world that was worthy of his fear.

Seeing Cui Wumeng’s resolute punch, Chen Mo’s fingers grasped empty space.

Cui Wumeng’s fighting spirit was worthy of his utmost respect, his strongest punch.

Chen Mo attacked.

Moving like flowing water, following the wind and clouds, it appeared to be as weak as a feather, yet it was actually as heavy as Mount Tai.

The Bagua punch-intent and the Asura punch-intent fully clashed.

Thunder rolled.

Bangbangbang, bangbangbang.

The thousand arhat golden body statues in the surroundings suffered the oppression of the pair’s punch-intents, astonishingly disintegrating, exploding to pieces.

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  1. 中國 In this context, the central kingdom is India, where Buddhism originated, not China.

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