Chapter 192: Theravada Fruit

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Chen Mo combined the Deva Eyes with the Bagua punch-intent. Cui Wumeng was already an arrow at the end of its trajectory. For her to face Chen Mo head-on was undoubtedly overestimating herself.

The Asura Punch-intent was smashed to pieces by Chen Mo’s Bagua, finally descending upon the little girl’s body.

Cui Wumeng had thoroughly given up. She stared helplessly as Chen Mo’s fist hurtled towards her. She had already exhausted everything she had and was without any more strength to resist.

The punch-wind came straight at her, blowing the hair along the sides of Cui Wumeng’s face up like silk. The girl squeezed her eyes shut, making no noise, showing no dread.

A moment later, Cui Wumeng did not feel the force of the punch that would have brought her pain. The girl opened her eyes, finding Chen Mo looking at her with an amused expression. That face of his was practically stuck against her own. She could clearly feel the warmth of his breathing.

Cui Wumeng was completely red from fury. Just as she was about curse him, Chen Mo’s palm struck the back of her head. The little girl gasped and lost consciousness. Just before she completely fell unconscious, she heard Chen Mo say, “I’ll bring you to fifth floor and make you see your own limits clearly.”

This bastard!

Chen Mo’s left hand carried Cui Wumeng while his right hugged Qing Wan. He entered the sixth difficult, “to be perfect.”

The surrounding statues of bodhisattvas were already on the level of Buddhas, their figures a hundred meters tall.

That Buddha said: “Buddhism’s Pure Land, the country of colored glass, thou art people without the root of wisdom. Hurry and leave.” Supreme majesty smothered Chen Mo, as if mountains were barreling towards Chen Mo from all directions.

Chen Mo sneered. A bodhi treasure tree then blossomed from his heart, reaching straight into the heavens. Its verdant flowing light glowed and dispelled the ancient Buddhas’ might in its entirety. Chen Mo activated the Deva Eyes, truly seeing like a deva as he charged through a path.

Chen Mo skyrocketed forth when he followed this route.

The lights of the surrounding arhat golden bodies slowly receded. A while later, he finally passed through countless arhat pavilions, and a flight of stairs appeared from above. Chen Mo took one step onto the stars and was thus considered to have passed the sixth difficult. He looked at his Divine Warrior score, a perfect 80.

Entering the fifth floor, as expected, Jiang Yanyu and Fang Xi were still “entangled.” The two of them had already reached the fifth level first.

The fifth floor was another manner of appearance. This place was brightly lit with lanterns, and the surroundings were enormous frescoes.

The murals depicted celestial maidens, Buddha kingdoms, seas of bitterness, paramita, and all living things.

One fresco seemed to concentrate the Buddha kingdom into itself.

Jiang Yanyu and Fang Xi were just focusing their attention onto the murals when they heard activity and turned their gazes. They spotted Chen Mo carrying people in his arms, and the two of them could not help but crease their brows. Chen Mo threw Cui Wumeng onto the ground then placed Qing Wan on the floor, “Looks like I’m third again. Which one of you became first place?”

Why were there so many opponents in this Divine Warrior Examination, all of them having perfect scores on the third floor. Back in Third Sister’s time, the only one who could compete with her was the Tang Imperial Family, but on the fifth floor, a point disparity appeared. Third Sister boasted that Chen Mo was a genius surpassing her, but he did not expect that he would still be unable to place first. This truly betrayed Elder Sister’s praise.

“The zhuangyuan rank is certainly not obtained on the basis of points.” Jiang Yanyu looked at the fresco, heedlessly speaking.


Chen Mo did not allow himself to worry about this. He admired the fifth floor’s murals together with them, to see whether or not he could comprehend anything at all. These depictions were very interesting, the images they portrayed a great, wide world. If he was like Fang Xi, a disciple who obtained Zen’s Dao, perhaps he would have appreciated this like a treasure. Even to other warriors, they would feel something profound, but Chen Mo already comprehended the bodhi. Observing a little longer, he felt these dull.

He looked around, and not long after, Cui Wumeng and Qing Wan both slowly roused. Seeing that they had surprisingly even reached the fifth floor, they did not dare believe it.

“Hmph, a soft-hearted man like you will definitely regret what happened today.” Cui Wumeng displayed that venomous heart of hers, showing a “no good deed goes unpunished” expression.

He wondered where she learned such a philosophy.

Chen Mo was disinclined to pay attention to her. Cui Wumeng was grateful, but he believed that the Duke of Impermanence was a smart man. Someday, I’ll discuss this with you.

“Chen Mo helped you out of the kindness of his heart, yet you are so irreverent. You are a twisted warrior.” Qing Wan criticized her.

“Hmph.” Cui Wumeng looked away. If it was not for her current lack of energy, she definitely would have traded three hundred blows with Chen Mo in a grand battle, to absolutely exact vengeance.

“This must be the Duke of Impermanence’s Princess Wumeng?” Jiang Yanyu delicately walked over and smiled.

“Don’t think you’re a genius. I’m only ten years old this year. In the future, I’ll definitely surpass you!” Cui Wumeng was unimpressed with this Great Chong’s number one genius, Jiang Yanyu.”

“You are only ten?” Chen Mo and the others were shocked.

This age was even younger than he thought.

Cui Wumeng counted on her fingers then looked at toes; she wore military boots that exposed her toes. Everyone very clearly saw her curl her big toe, and she added: “Eleven.”1

The way that this little girl counted made Chen Mo want to laugh.

Although she was a Saint Of War, she still had a bit of innocence.

Jiang Yanyu tightly creased her brow, profound glancing at Cui Wumeng. “To be able to reach Saint Of War at ten years old and enter the fifth floor, Little Sister Wumeng has already entered the annals of the Divine Warrior Examination.”

She was indeed correct. The aristocratic children that participated in the Divine Warrior Examination were mostly seventeen to eighteen years old. At this age, both martial arts and cultivation were already at their peak, and this was the most suitable time for the Divine Warrior Examination. It was unprecedented in the history of the Divine Warrior Examination for someone like Cui Wumeng to enter at only ten or eleven years old.

“Can I surpass you?” Cui Wumeng asked.

Jiang Yanyu meaningfully replied. “I believe I will surely be unable to compare to you in the future.”

It was unclear if her words were merely politeness or not, but Cui Wumeng was very pleased to hear this. She had a very favorable impression of this Princess Yanyu. If only that bastard Big Brother could also speak so pleasantly, she would be even happier. Cui Wumeng complacently glanced at Chen Mo.

Chen Mo pensively glanced at her.

“Little Sister Wumeng, you had better quickly recover your True Qi in order to properly face the next floor. Big Sister here has a Grade Four ‘Li Essence Qi Formation Pill.'”2 Jiang Yanyu’s appearance of forming a close relationship made Chen Mo very speechless.

“I don’t want it. I have medicine.” Cui Wumeng refused her kindness. Besides, because her spiritual power was drained, normal medicines would not be useful at all. Cui Wumeng knew that she was unable to get through the next floor.

Everyone sat on the fifth floor for a while, each looking at a fresco in appreciation.

After a moment, Monk Seven Treasures finally appeared.

After this, no warriors were able to enter the fifth floor. In other words, the only ones able to successfully reach the fifth floor in the end were Chen Mo, Jiang Yanyu, Fang Xi, Cui Wumeng, and Qing Wan. Compared to Divine Warrior Examinations in the past, the headcount was very reduced. Of course, the most important point was still that this was the result of those very prospective jieyuan already washing out after facing off against Chen Mo. In particular, a “third rate” opponent like Tang Yunshen who could claim the throne was even less able to pass successfully.

However, that three of the five people had all reached the present stage with a perfect score of 80 points could be considered unprecedented performance in the Divine Warrior Examination.

“Everyone can enter this place, all of you are connected with my Buddha. Old Monk has a pill to present to everyone.” This time, Monk Seven Treasures did not have his usual, expressionless politeness. Rather, he waved his hand, and a golden fruit the size of a jujube floated in front of each person.

“This is called a ‘Theravada Fruit.’ It is specific to this Seven Treasures Pagoda’s Buddha Kingdom world. It takes ten years to bloom and ten years to bear fruit, twenty years to a cycle. This happens to be the twentieth year, so Old Monk presents these to all you Benefactors.” Old Monk Seven Treasures said.

Buddha Kingdom world?

There was even such a place in the Seven Treasures Pagoda?

Chen Mo did not see it at all along the way here. Of course, the route he walked was through places specific to the Divine Warrior Examination. To not have seen it was not strange. He had actually seen the Buddha Sea beyond the colored glass road’s fog. Perhaps there was some relation.

This Prehistoric Treasure was indeed very profound.

How good would it be if he was able to obtain it.

Any warrior would have thought the same as Chen Mo upon seeing the Seven Treasures Pagoda’s ability to create myriad miniature worlds, but they would also realize that to shake up a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, only a cultivator that surpassed the Human Sovereign or perhaps a Star General was able to do so.

The Theravada Fruit was a holy fruit of Buddhism. After ingestion, the cultivator’s Buddhist and Zen abilities could develop further. Not only was it limited to this, the cultivator’s cultivation, martial intent, and sea of consciousness would all be even more steady.

The cultivation of Buddhist powers. This clearly was Buddhism’s trick to rope people in.

As Chen Mo thought this to himself, he looked at Jiang Yanyu. As expected, she wrinkled her brow at this Theravada Fruit. She did not consume it on the spot and instead stored it in her bag.

Cui Wumeng disliked Buddhism, but she heard it could steady her sea of consciousness and martial intent. The little girl had never seen such a good thing and curiously fiddled with it. Fang Xi was known as a direct disciple of the Wanshou Temple. Out of all the people present, he was the one who treated this fruit like a god. However, he also did not consume it at once. Perhaps he would eat it after he exited the Seven Treasures Pagoda, bathed, changed clothes, burned incense, and prayed for blessings.

Chen Mo looked at the Theravada Fruit in his hand. He cultivated the Bodhi Soul Technique and the Deva Eyes. He actually had a connection with Buddhism. Anyways, consuming it had no disadvantages. Chen Mo wasted no time in swallowing the fruit in a single gulp.

Once the Theravada Fruit was in his stomach, a warm current flowed through his limbs. His whole body felt warm and extremely comfortable.

“Chen Mo, you consumed it too early. If you cultivate a Buddhist ability then eat it, there will be twice the effect with half the effort.” Jiang Yanyu was somewhat regretful that Chen Mo had wasted it.

Chen Mo grinned: “Stabilizing martial intent and the sea of consciousness isn’t bad either.”

“If everyone is ready, then please enter the fifth floor.”

Old Monk Seven Treasures returned to the topic at hand.

A gate of light appeared in front of each of the five. It was very clear this time that the five of them would be separated. Fang Xi did not hesitate, speedily stepping into the door of light.

“Yanyu shall be waiting on the sixth floor, Your Highness Chen Mo.” Jiang Yanyu did not want to fall behind. She smiled sweetly and entered the door.

“You had best defeat her!” Cui Wumeng walked in front of her door and suddenly shouted at Chen Mo.

Chen Mo smiled and looked at her. “Is this your way of encouraging Big Brother?”

“I will defeat you, and then I will be number one.” The little girl had formulated the perfect plan. Chen Mo better not have second thoughts.

“I’ll just treat this as you cheering on Big Brother.” Chen Mo nodded.

“Big Brother, go die in a ditch.” Cui Wumeng was still foulmouthed as she entered her door.

Finally, only Chen Mo and Qing Wan were left on the fifth floor.

“Thanks to Your Highness, Qing Wan was able to witness the might of the treasure pagoda, ai.” Qing an sighed. “Qing Wan has no regrets. Qing Wan has always felt that Your Highness has an extraordinary root of wisdom in Zen. Only by giving this Theravada Fruit to Your Highness to consume will it not be wasted.” Qing Wan snapped her fingers.

The Theravada Fruit shot towards Chen Mo. He grabbed it, and without waiting for him to say anything, Qing Wan already stepped into the door of light, vanishing into thin air.

Chen Mo helplessly shook his head and entered the door.

Monk Seven Treasures slightly closed his eyes, always showing a meditative appearance. Only after Chen Mo entered his door did he slowly open his eyes and watch Chen Mo’s departing figure.

That complexion that was as calm as a dry well surprisingly showed a small smile.

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