Chapter 194: A World For Two

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Chen Mo walked into the sixth floor. This time, the hall was finally devoid of people. He was the very first to arrive.

Relying on two of Buddhism’s most valuable treasures, the Bodhi Soul Technique and the Bodhi Treasure Karma, Chen Mo had at last accomplished something unprecedented. He already possessed 90 points on the sixth floor, already receiving the qualifications to be in the court examination’s final round, the “Top Three.”

Chen Mo walked around this floor. It was similar to the other levels from before. There were many murals pertaining to Buddhist classics, and there also many golden lotuses blooming along the walls. Countless Buddhist voices chanted mantras in this floor’s empty space.

Seeing nothing particularly special, Chen Mo found a prayer mat and sat down. Although Chen Mo did not lose a point to the “My Buddha” examination before he entered the sixth floor, his three consecutive uses of the Bodhi Treasure Karma had expended enormous amounts of his spiritual power, which was much more challenging to replenish than stamina.

Chen Mo took out that sarira he obtained at the end. It was said that a sarira formed after a senior monk who had obtained the Dao subsequently underwent nirvana. Contained inside was the entire cultivation of the senior monk. This was a Buddhist treasure that could only be found by serendipity. It could be used for medicine, forging, cultivation, and so on.

Chen Mo had heard that Zen had a particular sarira refinement technique called “Sarira Great Zen Sutra.” If one was able to cultivate nine hundred ninety-nine Buddhist sarira into their own body, then it was reported that Buddhism’s strongest ability, the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, would be able to take root in the cultivator’s mind.1

The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower gathered Buddhism’s abilities into the body; it was an existence on the level of Buddha itself. A thousand years ago, the Purple Rose Great Emperor possessed precisely this ability. Whenever his lotus flower bloomed, golden lotuses would flood the thousand worlds, and countless people were defeated.

Chen Mo glanced at this sarira and carefully stored it away. After all, it was formed from a senior monk’s nirvana.

Chen Mo meditated and stabilized his breathing, slowly rejuvenating himself.

He was the only one on the sixth floor, quiet as antiquity. The surrounding dharma chants lingered in his ear, full of a supreme dignity that took pity on all living creatures.

Chen Mo had Yu Youwei’s Profound Sound Innate Skill, giving him abnormal sensitivity to any tune. As he breathed, he listened to this dharma. He unwittingly hummed along in his mind. Profound Sound could give him a superb understanding of any song, even be capable of turning into killing intent, but this could not work on just any random song. Chen Mo had tried it before on some pop songs to no avail.

This Brahmanistic chanting was ancient, full of great wisdom, able to cleanse the spirit.

After listening for a while, the hall’s doors were pushed open.

Chen Mo retracted his thoughts and turned his head back to look.

A young man in Zen clothes walked into the hall.

“Hm?” Fang Xi apparently did not expect that someone would already be on the sixth floor. He was blank for a while.

Chen Mo faintly smiled at him.

Fang Xi’s gaze contained a bit of skepticism. He did not dare believe that there was actually someone able to reach the sixth floor faster than him. Fang Xi hid this feeling in his heart and recovered his Zen appearance, nodding as he sat to the side.

Not long after, Jiang Yanyu also entered the sixth floor.

Seeing that she was the third to arrive, Princess Yanyu could not help but smile.

Chen Mo continued to be very hopeful for a miracle, to see Qing Wan be able to enter the sixth floor, but it was clear this miracle would not manifest at all. A while after this, when the hall’s doors tightly closed, no one else was able to enter the sixth floor. Cui Wumeng and Qing Wan had already been eliminated.

The court examination had reached the sixth floor. In the end, Chen Mo, Jiang Yanyu, and Fang Xi were the only three left.

Changes in the Divine Warrior score also appeared.

Chen Mo went up from third place to first, thanks to his ninety points. Fang Xi had lost three points during the My Buddha examination, receiving a total of only 87 points. Jiang Yanyu had lost five points, obtaining 85.

“Your Highness Chen Mo, you truly do surprise people. You did not lose a single point in My Buddha?” Jiang Yuanyu was startled upon seeing the scores.

“My Buddha” trapped them in the Buddha Kingdom, and comprehending the mystery of dharma was very challenging. In the end, Jiang Yanyu used the Misty Rain Sword Intent to sweep away all of the polo trees to finally pass. This certainly did not take a short time, but when she recalled that Chen Mo was able to enter the Bodhi Cliff, Jiang Yanyu felt a bit relieved.

This man perhaps was actually even more talented than Fang Xi.

Jiang Yanyu threw a glance at the youth in Zen clothes that had continued to be first place until now. Fang Xi’s eyes were closed, expressionlessly practicing the Dead Tree Zen. His inner thoughts could not be gleaned.

“I was just lucky, that’s all.” Chen Mo modestly said.

“Zen makes no mention of luck.” Fang Xi spoke, his voice surprisingly young.

Chen Mo and Jiang Yanyu stared at Fang Xi, the two of them breaking into a smile.

“Just treat it as cause and effect.”

A ding-dong sound.

All of a sudden, a flight of stairs to the seventh floor slowly appeared out of thin air and linked with the ground.

The Divine Warrior points updated once more.

Chen Mo was astonished to find his ninety points become one hundred. Jiang Yanyu and Fang Xi each also gained ten points.

Second round, high achievement finished!2

“We already passed this sixth floor?” Chen Mo asked.

“The sixth floor is called ‘Warrior Examination.’ All warriors will enter into a battle royale. When only five are left, the warriors will be considered to have passed.” Jiang Yanyu said.

Now that there were only three of them, they naturally automatically passed.

When the Warrior Examination ended, the court examination’s second round for candidate stopped as well. 

Only the last floor was left – the seventh floor’s “Top Three.”

When Chen Mo heard her say this, he was actually quite relieved. To be able to rest a little while was great. He had used up his spiritual power in the Buddha Kingdom and still needed to recover.

However, with only the three of them left, that struggle for zhuangyuan would be a bit of a headache.

Chen Mo thought.

The three of them stared at one another then looked at the flight of stairs up to the seventh floor, none of them taking the initiative.

Jiang Yanyu was the first to smile and say: “Your Highness Chen Mo, your journey presumably has been even more arduous than ours, and you are currently first. Your Highness, please go on first.”

“Then I’ll wait for the two of you.” Chen Mo raised his brow. He flatly smiled and walked into the seventh floor.

“My Buddha of Compassion.” Fang Xi was the second to go, but just at this moment, sword-qi surged suddenly, becoming a hazy drizzle that blocked Fang Xi’s path.

The Zen-clothed youth spun around dumbstruck. He saw Jiang Yanyu’s fingers forming a hand seal for her sword chant. Her Flying Swords became a sword-intent that filled space.

“Princess, what is the meaning of this?”

“This Princess does not want anyone to interfere. A monk such as yourself makes This Princess somewhat displeased, so This Princess does not want to let you enter the Top Three.” Jiang Yanyu gently smiled.

Her words were spoken forcefully, full of a woman’s boldness.

“If Princess is to confront me in this place right now, then I fear you will be troubled when you face His Highness Chen Mo.” Fang Xi calmly said.

Jiang Yanyu did not answer. Her Divine Intent moved, and her sword intent then attacked Fang Xi.

The young man held his palm up. He shouted, and an enormous magic energy welled up in all directions, completely withstanding the Misty Rain Sword Intent, “Then I shall come see just who is the Great Chong’s number one genius.” Fang Xi moved his finger. His Flying Swords soared out from empty space. The entire bodies of these Flying Swords were like wood, and a golden Buddhist mark surrounded them.

The corner of Jiang Yanyu’s mouth curled. She moved a finger.

Her sword intent was like a drizzle, enveloping the entire sixth floor. These sword intents were omnipresent shooting towards Fang Xi like a fine rain.

His Zen aura was released. The Buddha-marked Dead Tree Flying Swords rolled around Fang Xi’s whole body. Countless sword-lights released rays of Buddhist law-marks to stop the sword intents.

Fang Xi had Fourth Layer Thunder Tribulation cultivation. He had meditated with the Dead Wood Zen for more than ten years, his magic energy was profound, and his mentality was strong. He was completely unafraid of Jiang Yanyu’s Misty Rain Sword Intent.

His Zen clothes fluttered. Fang Xi’s figure rushed towards Jiang Yanyu like a wolf. Along the way, he thrust out his palm.

The hazy Misty Rain Sword Intent was blown apart by the palm strike, as if an enormous palmprint had dispelled the sword intent. Powerful magic energy then squeezed towards Jiang Yanyu.

“Great Mercy Hand?” Jiang Yanyu identified this ability.

The Wanshou Temple’s Great Mercy Hand was one of the Great Chong Dynasty’s Supreme Grade abilities. Under the palm attack, all magic treasures and defensive abilities would be hard-pressed to block it.

Boom, boom, boom.

As expected, the Great Mercy Hand’s palmprint pierced through sword intent and space as it barreled towards Jiang Yanyu.

Jiang Yanyu sidestepped, spinning light as a feather. The Great Mercy Hand’s magic energy brushed past her cheek, and a depression appeared in the wall. 

Fang XI was stunned, having not anticipated that the girl would unexpectedly be able to dodge the Great Mercy Hand with such a method. Jiang Yanyu’s spin immediately made her figure vanish, as if she had stepped into thin air, her presence completely gone.


Fang Xi snorted. He used the Vajra Protection ability. Four Great Vajra Truth Bodies leapt out from empty space, their hands griping weapons as they guarded his from all directions.

A vajra raised its demon-subduing prod and swung it towards the side.


Jiang Yanyu waved her hand. The sword intent blocked this attack. She took a step back, a small smile on her face: “Incredible, as expected of the Wanshou Temple’s direct disciple.”

“Go.” Fang Xi chanted.

The three Great Vajra then attacked Jiang Yanyu, their prod-shadows overlapped, blowing away the sword intent. Jiang Yanyu spun once more, her graceful figure vanishing into the drizzle.

The three Great Vajra landed on nothing. Jiang Yanyu already reappeared a distance three meters away from Fang Xi.

Fang Xi was stunned, confounded by Jiang Yanyu’s body techniques.

“Not good, this is a sword array.” Fang Xi had the Fruitless Wanshou soul technique, and he very quickly understood the reason. The Misty Rain Sword Intent had astonishingly unfolded into a Flying Swords’ sword array without his knowing. He hastily sat in Zen, chanting a dharma.

“You actually have passable eyesight. This is This Princess’ ‘Misty Rain Spinning Body.” So long as my sword intent is like the rain, you cannot hurt me.” Jiang Yanyu smiled.

“Is the famous Princess Highness only capable of dodging and running? Your Servant is disappointed.” Fang Xi’s hands formed a hand seal. All of a sudden, twelve Buddhist beads flew out from his sleeve.

This was his magic treasure, “Life Sacrificing Prayer Beads.”

The twelve prayer beads emitted a gloomy light. Each bead was encircled by a Buddhist mark, their light flowing. The twelve Buddhist-marked Dead Wood Flying Swords hovered around his body. The Life Sacrificing Prayer Beads immediately floated above the hilts of the Flying Swords.

These “Life Sacrificing Prayer Bead” magic treasures could imbue his thoughts into the Flying Swords. By doing so, the twelve Flying Swords would be like twelve Truth Bodies for him.

The twelve Flying Swords released vajra phantoms. One sword slashed, and the drizzle was sliced apart. The twelve Buddha-marked Dead Wood Flying Swords then entered and attacked the drizzle, invincible. Because the twelve swords were all Truth Bodies, that also meant that Fang Xi was able to manipulate these twelve Flying Swords to execute twelve different attack abilities.

Even Jiang Yanyu’s “Misty Rain Turning Body” could not evade it.

The Vajra Protection at the center of the Flying Swords, and it was powerful without equal. The Buddhist light surprisingly made the sword intent recede little by little.

“Using your trump card ability so quickly?” Jiang Yanyu smiled when she saw Fang Xi was so resolute, feeling completely unthreatened.

Fang Xi’s actual body was doing Dead Wood Zen. The four Great Vajra Protectors guarded him as his Divine Intent was divided to the twelve Flying Swords. He was not easily moved. The Buddha-marked Dead Wood Flying Swords wildly slashed. Jiang Yanyu continued to retreat, for she had no chance to spin.

“Great Mercy Hand!”

The twelve Flying Swords then transformed into twelve gigantic Great Mercy Hands that fell towards Jiang Yanyu. It was already impossible for Jiang Yanyu to dodge once more. Attacked by a Fourth Layer Thunder Tribulation’s twelve Great Mercy Hands, defeat was practically certain for any Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator.

“Do you think that breaking my Misty Rain Sword Intent’s sword array assures you victory?”

Jiang Yanyu was unfazed. Her brows were like a portrait, a trace of disdain on the corner of her lips.

“Then I shall let you see.”

Jiang Yanyu’s delicate hands retracted. The diminished Misty Rain Sword Intent suddenly all gathered on her jade hand, as if rainwater was summoned to her palm. The sword intent was completely sucked into her jade arm.

But an even sharper sword-qi then appeared in her hand.

If it could be said that the Misty Rain Sword Intent from before was surprisingly a hazy drizzle, then it had already transformed into a violent downpour in her hands at this moment.

Fang Xi, who was using Dead Wood Zen, abruptly widened his eyes, showing an astonished expression.

What is this?

Hidden Sword Style.

Misty Rain Hidden Sword!

On the seventh floor, Chen Mo was in the middle of deep thought as he stabilized his breathing.

Soft footsteps came from the stairs. Chen Mo opened his eyes, and a wonderful figure appeared in his view.

Jiang Yanyu had changed into a skintight golden-colored cultivator outfit. The long robes were skirt-like, and they depicted the scenery of Jiangnan. Chen Mo sensed the unfathomability she cultivated back from the Inner Star Field on her body.

Deep and profound.

Chen Mo did not see Fang Xi’s figure at all, however, he had apparently guessed this point. His eyes slightly moved.

This woman.

“I kept you waiting, Your Highness.”

Jiang Yanyu curled her lips into a victorious smile, using an understanding voice.

“Right now is a world for the two of us.”

“Let us properly enjoy it.”

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  1. This offers a retrospective as to how highly Chao Gai valued Su Xing, that she would plant something that took nearly a thousand Buddhist’s sarira to form into someone with only the possibility of ending the Star Duels.
  2. Remember, the first round was gathering the seven treasures.

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