Chapter 195: Battle For Top Three

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Fang Xi was a Fourth Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation, the direct disciple of the Wanshou Temple. He rank among the best all throughout his journey in the court examination, a powerful foe in all respects. Chen Mo did not expect that Jiang Yanyu would surprisingly choose to defeat him alone on the sixth floor. This woman’s was not the ordinary type of swiftness and ferocity, and this demonstrated even more clearly the absolute faith that Jiang Yanyu had in her strength.

This woman looked to be very troublesome.

Chen Mo surreptitiously examined this Jiang Yanyu.

Jiang Yanyu tidied her fine black hair and sat crosslegged.

The seventh floor was tranquil. No one said a word. Not even the sound of breathing was audible.

After a long while.

A secret compartment opened in this seventh floor, and three tokens appeared. Chen Mo and Jiang Yanyu tossed their gazes onto the tokens at the same time.

These tokens’ materials were distinguished between diamond, gold, and silver. Beautiful carvings of dragons, phoenixes, and qilin were on the tokens. The diamond token was engraved with zhuangyuan, the gold was bangyan, and the silver was tanhua.1

Top Three Tokens.

The last round of this court examination.

The rules were very simple. The warriors only needed to survive until the first rays of dawn illuminated the spire of the pagoda, and the token in their hand would earn them their final rank.

Chen Mo and Jiang Yanyu silently glanced at each other, seeing through the other’s thinking. Neither of them were in a hurry to go take the tokens. Having passed seven floors of trials, a cultivator’s nature would already have been tempered to be unflappable. The more rushed one was at this time, the easier they would show an opening.

Chen Mo and Jiang Yanyu rose neither slowly nor swiftly, leisurely walking towards the Top Three Shelf.

First step.

Second step.

Third step.

Chen Mo suddenly increased his speed, moving with the Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape. Jiang Yanyu’s eyes flickered with a bright light. As if a sharp sword was born into the world, a Misty Rain Sword Intent then launched.

The sword intent blocked Chen Mo’s way forward. Killing intent stabbed, and Chen Mo threw a punch. The Bagua Punch Intent clashed with the Misty Rain Sword Intent.

In the Realms of warriors, the mature Saint of War Realm of Chen Mo’s Three Flowers Gathered Overhead fundamentally could not possibly match Jiang Yanyu’s Third Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation. Just her Misty Rain Sword Intent was sufficient to utterly defeat a Saint Of War. But Chen Mo’s martial intent was profound. With the help of the Northern Dipper Great Overflow and the Bodhi Soul Technique, his punch intent seemed to reverse Heaven and Earth on emergence, becoming able to resist the sword chant.

Jiang Yanyu used her sword intent to force Chen Mo back. She spun around and vanished without a trace.

In Chen Mo’s view, he seemed to be in the middle of a hazy drizzle. Everything became very indistinct, and he did not know just what Jiang Yanyu had cultivated in the Inner Star Field, to be able to comprehend such a formidable ability.

Chen Mo continuously unleashed Kun Six Severed, sweeping away the sword qi.

The drizzle was scattered. Chen Mo spotted Jiang Yanyu standing over the zhuangyuan token. The zhuangyuan token had a forbiddance, and it would require time to dispel. Chen Mo used the Dark Yang Finger.

A sword qi as intense as the sun itself burst forth from his fingertip.

Jiang Yanyu easily waved her hand and used sword intent to deflect the Dark Yang Finger. She smiled: “Your Highness, it would be better to yield to the little lady.”

“And does the Great Chong Dynasty’s number one genius want that?” Chen Mo attacked with a punch.

Jiang Yanyu maintained a conceited smile. Suddenly, the hazy drizzle fell upon Chen Mo, becoming thousands of thin swords. These were tens of thousands of droplet sword-lights.

His Saint Of War punch intent was already immediately suppressed.

Any other warrior would already have been defeated.

Chen Mo did not hesitate to bring out Northern Dipper. He exercised his Star Energy and swung the staff.

The Northern Dipper iron staff was like a cruel blade, ruthlessly shattering the sword rain. A tyrannical and boundless power bruteforced its way through the curtain of rain, attacking Jiang Yanyu’s chest.

Jiang Yanyu’s brows rose. Her sword intent gathered once more, forming a vortex of rain.


Countless rays of sword qi were mercilessly suppressed and dispersed by Northern Dipper.

Jiang Yanyu spun, and her figure vanished into the rain, barely dodging Chen Mo’s strike.

What incredible speed.

Chen Mo was taken aback. This woman’s spin was unavoidably too graceful. He was completely unable to track her path.

“Your Highness, Yanyu wonders where you obtained that weapon? May Yanyu be so bold as to ask?” Jiang Yanyu emerged several dozen meters away in the rain, showing a skeptical expression towards Chen Mo’s weapon.

“My ancestors.”

Chen Mo spoke and activated his escape technique. He instantly crossed the distance, Northern Dipper once again bearing down.

A strange scene occurred once more.

Jiang Yanyu stepped backwards, and her figure vanished, as if a screendoor had been behind her. She easily evaded Chen Mo’s imminent strike.

“Your Highness is honestly overbearing.” Jiang Yanyu suddenly appeared beside him, her delicate hand chopping towards Chen Mo’s neck.

Her attack was was elegant to the extreme, as if she was helping gently dust off her lover. This gesture would make anyone’s entire body limp without any strength at all to resist.

Chen Mo suddenly felt a flow of essence, qi, and spirit. The acupuncture points she struck immediately numbed.

Jiang Yanyu’s swipe landed on Chen Mo’s neck, and his whole body was limp and numb. A clump of magic energy shot out from her hand. Chen Mo activated the Northern Dipper Great Overflow. Star Energy flowed through his whole body and broke Jiang Yanyu’s binding ability. He threw his shoulders and immediately spun around with a body technique, a Li Center Empty just barely thwarting Jiang Yanyu’s attack. His left fist thundered, and Li Center Empty displayed its power by using stillness to restrict movement.

The power of the punch exploded like a cannon.

Jiang Yanyu spun again, gracefully vanishing once more into the sword rain.

Chen Mo felt the place on his neck that she had gently brushed. His meridians were already severed, and the operation of his True Qi and Qi-blood were affected as well. Any other warrior would perhaps have died to Jiang Yanyu’s hand just now.

“That just now is called ‘White Hand Brushes Dust.’ Your Highness Chen Mo, you are but the first man that This Princess has used it on.” Jiang Yanyu once again reappeared a few dozen meters away. She wore a sorry expression, as if she was saying: She helped Chen Mo sweep away dust so gently, yet he was ungrateful and instead made her suffer minor injury.

Chen Mo’s gaze focused intently on Jiang Yanyu’s wonderful figure.

The three thousand Misty Rain Sword Intent once again unfolded, continuous and unending. It was honestly vexing. Chen Mo launched an attack once more. His speed was already swift to the extreme. When he swung his staff, the Misty Rain Sword Intent was swept away.

But Jiang Yanyu again spun gracefully, breaking away from under the staff’s strike.

“Sword array.” Chen Mo muttered. He had now seen through Jiang Yanyu’s sword intent, which already somehow formed a sword array. She probably utilized this drizzle to be able to appear and vanish as she pleased.

This woman honestly was quite the schemer.

A fragrant wind blew.

Jiang Yanyu repeated the same old cycle. Chen Mo growled. Northern Dipper attacked with Xun Lower Broken, and countless staff-shadows swept in all directions.

Had this been with any other Saint Of War, Jiang Yanyu would have sufficiently fearsome magic energy to go resist, but she was shocked to find that the strength of the Chen Mo in front of her was honestly too abnormal. They were separated by only a few dozen meters, but an intense staff-wind made all of her meridians throb. Jiang Yanyu had experienced this feeling once in the Inner Star Field when she encountered a Star General.

That Star General was but the illustrious Emperor Of Chen, Chen Baxian.2 Back then, she randomly swung a blade to make all of Jiang Yanyu’s meridians and pores all shiver.

This man unexpectedly gave her such a suffocating feeling.

Qian Three Linked.

Kun Six Severed.

Kan Center Full.

Chen Mo’s left hand unleashed Bagua punches while his right hand attacked with a Bagua staff. Fist and stick were in perfect coordination, the peak of wonder. A Saint Of War who unified spirit and flesh already had sufficiently powerful strength to use this.

Jiang Yanyu continued to twirl in the sword rain, forced by Chen Mo into a defensive without any chance for a counterattack. As a Third Layer Thunder Tribulation cultivator, this was undoubtedly an absolute disgrace.

Jiang Yanyu remained unperturbed, her expression not changing. The girl had absolutely formidable shrewdness. She had sparred with Huan Wen before. Although Chen Mo’s assault was fearsome, it was not enough to fluster her.

This man’s weapon was so swift and fierce, but using it definitely came with a price. As long as she waited for that moment, that would be his time of defeat.

Jiang Yanyu thought this to herself.

Chen Mo activated the Deva Eyes. His eyes were like an immortal’s or a buddha’s, full of a deva’s stare. Jiang Yanyu was shocked. All of a sudden, she found that her body was unable to spin. Under those eyes, Jiang Yanyu felt that she was completely naked, that she had been seen through.

Oh, no.

Northern Dipper steamrolled in front of her.

A terrible astral wind and a barbaric force immediately rushed like a tidal wave. This time, it was Princess Yanyu’s turn to feel stifled.

On Pagoda Island, it was already the final few hours before dawn.

The sky was suffused with the blue colors of day. Countless brilliant stars were in the middle of slowly retracting their own dazzling light and hiding behind the azure canopy of the heavens.

The basin’s surroundings were still brightly lit.

The palace lanterns were bright as day.

Everyone had grave expressions, talking privately amongst themselves.

Crown Prince Tang Feng was laden with anxiety. Although he was expressionless, he strained to maintain his composure, but the trace of worry in his eyes still betrayed his inner tension. 

Right now, it should already be the third round of the court examination.

The warriors unable to enter the third round already left the Seven Treasures Pagoda one after the other, following imperial guards who sent them outside the basin to rest and recuperate.

The closer they were to the court examination’s final juncture, the more influenced the mood of the people.

Some families that had still been hopeful of receiving information about their sons or daughter did not find the names of their children on the list in the end. Each and every one of them wrung their wrists and sighed, inconsolably mournful. However, the Qing Family from Chuan Province’s Azure Dragon Town had gone through great sorrow to enormous joy. That they continued to not receive information on Qing Wan made Qing Songgu nearly despair. He even thought that Qing Wan had lost her life, but after she appeared, she shocked practically all of the noble families attending the Divine Warrior Examination.

A Three Flowers warrior was actually able to reach the fifth floor, setting an inconceivable achievement.

“That woman seems to be part of the Chen Family. She must have received that Chen Mo’s shelter.” Tang Feng thought, somewhat jealous.

At this time, the crowd let out another gasp of astonishment.

“What is going on?” Tang Feng saw the crowd show very significant activity. Showing hope, he asked the person next to him. He was very hopeful that the person able to disturb the crowd was Chen Mo.3

But the answer he received very quickly made the imperial family’s section fall into silence.

It was not Chen Mo’s name.

The son of the One Year Duke Fang Kurong, Fang Xi, had washed out of the seventh floor.

“What? He actually was unable to enter the Top Three?” Tang Feng was shaken.4

Fang Xi was the number one of the current Great Chong Dynasty’s Wanshou Temple youth. In terms of position and talent, he did not lose out to Jiang Yanyu. That he unexpectedly was unable to enter the Top Three certainly was outside of everyone’s expectations.

“Fang Xi, this is a truly unique genius. He actually did not enter the Top Three.” Chen Lin was startled. The reputation of the Wanshou Temple’s number one direct disciple was well-known.

“It couldn’t be Little Brother who eliminated him, right?” Chen Lin swallowed his saliva. Just how intense was this Divine Warrior Examination, to unexpectedly be able to make even Fang Xi fail.

“Thirteenth Highness Tang Yunshen also hasn’t been seen. Little Brother and Jiang Yanyu aren’t there either. The three of them are probably the Top Three.” Chen Luan wrinkled her brow.

“Then isn’t Little Brother in danger.” Chen Lin was deeply worried. Jiang Yanyu and Tang Yunshen definitely would join forces to suppress Chen Mo.

“News has come from that side. Fang Xi seems to have been injured by sword intent and is currently unconscious.” Chen Luan obtained information on Fang Xi’s current condition.

Pagoda Island once again stirred restlessly.

“Things are looking increasingly grim.” Chen Luan’s brow tightly creased.

“Injured by sword intent?” Tang Feng was taken aback. Then he laughed.

Princess Yanyu indeed was worthy of being the dynasty’s number one. Surprisingly, she was the one who defeated Fang Xi. This was outside of everyone’s expectations.

As expected of the genius who was able to enter the Inner Star Fields, This Highness’ bet was not in vain.

With Thirteenth Brother in addition to Jiang Yanyu, oh, Chen Mo, after this Divine Warrior Examination, I must have you kneel and address This Highness as Master.

Tang Feng sneered to himself, a weight off his mind.

Emperor Tang kept silent when he saw the change in mood of the son beside him. Truthfully, he was also relieved.

No matter what, the imperial family had won this Divine Warrior Examination.

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  1. Remember, these are the 1st place, second place, and third place titles, respectively.
  2. 陳霸先
  3. They’re gasping as if something bad happened.
  4. Technically, he’s third place. But apparently, because he actually isn’t in that battle, he cannot be named as such.

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