Chapter 199: “White Clothed Tanhua” Chen Mo

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Crown Prince Tang Feng arrived with trepidation in front of the imperial study for an audience with his Father Emperor, yet this Great Chong Dynasty’s future influential successor was currently not the least bit mighty, rather, he was anxious.

“Greetings to Father Emperor!” Tang Feng saluted.

Tang Mingshi expressionlessly looked at him.

Tang Feng lowered his head, not daring to utter a word.

To the side, Daoist Wu Tunan smiled: “Your Imperial Majesty, there is no need to make things difficult for the crown prince. He could not have foreseen such a result either. Who could have imagined that Chang’an Mansion’s Fourth Highness would actually be able to defeat Princess Yanyu…From This Daoist’s perspective, the Inner Star Field’s sect is also nothing special.”

A trace of fury flickered past Tang Mingshi’s eyes. The curtain finally fell on the Divine Warrior Examination a few days ago, but who could have thought that Jiang Yanyu, who everyone waited for, would surprisingly lose. What added fuel to the fire was that the “master acknowledgment” bet between Tang Feng and Chen Mo had become the leisure time topic of Chang’an. The grand crown prince recognizing a fifteen to sixteen year old young man as his teacher, the entire Tang Family would lose all of their face.

“You must not meet with Chen Mo at all during this period.” Tang Mingshi said in a low voice. No matter what, he could not permit his son to address Chen Mo as “master.” Right now, he could only prevent the two from being able to meet. This at least offered his mind a bit of comfort.

Truthfully, without needing Tang Mingshi’s orders, Tang Feng had already planned to deliberately not see Chen Mo.

“Father Emperor, then about Thirteenth Brother…” Tang Feng wanted to speak but hesitated.

Upon hearing him open the tea kettle he should not have,1 Emperor Tang was unable to restrain his anger. Tang Yunshen’s disappearance during the court examination in addition to Tang Lun’s death to Tang Yunshen’s Azure Dragon Claw were rapidly spreading through the Great Chong Dynasty right now, which made the imperial family’s authority plummet. But the court examination had its own regulations. Emperor Tang had no way to pursue an investigation.

“Roll away.”

Tang Feng was terrified, humbly leaving the imperial study.

“Father Emperor, quell your fury, Your Son withdraws!!”

“We truly did not expect back then that that trash would surprisingly be so capable, to be able to defeat Jiang Yanyu. We truly have underestimated Chen Zhangtian’s abilities.” Emperor Tang was brooding.

“With things as they are, Your Imperial Majesty, there is no use in talking about this any further.” Qu Tunan held his chin.

“En. After this Divine Warrior Examination, Chang’an Mansion’s reputation is already like the sun in the sky. They are a great scourge to my Tang Family’s bloodline.” Emperor Tang wrinkled his brow, “Especially that Chen Mo. To have such outstanding talent at a young age is unprecedented to Us. It is not impossible that he may someday surpass the Human Sovereign.”

“Chen Mo defeated Jiang Yanyu. Perhaps Your Imperial Majesty can rope in Lord Jiangnan.” Wu Tunan smiled.

“Jiang Ruxiu is indifferent to fame and fortune. As a person, he is also cultured, and he particularly treasures his daughter. This will have to depend on Jiang Yanyu’s thoughts, however, that the boy would actually forsake the zhuangyuan in order to save Jiang Yanyu, We fear that Jiangnan mansion will remember this favor…” Emperor Tang was somewhat worried. “Let alone…”

“Your Imperial Majesty fears that Chen Mo will be eyed by an Inner Star Field sect?”

Emperor Tang closed his book: “Precisely. Ever since that year Jiang Yanyu was born, We have heard of the auspicious sign of a drizzle. Afterwards, she caught the eyes of an Immortal and entered the Inner Star Field to cultivate. This was over the course of twenty years, but We did not expect that even this would still be defeated.” The more he knew about Jiang Yanyu’s particulars, the more Emperor Tang felt that Chen Mo was frighteningly abnormal.

Although Jiang Yanyu was only Third Layer Thunder Tribulation cultivation, the truth was that she had the power to defeat Seventh Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivators. She was an absolutely terrifying existence. But Chen Mo was able to defeat her, which signified that this brat also had this power.

“What a pity that Daoist was unable to use medicines to plot against him.” Emperor Tang regretfully said.

Wu Tunan actually had thought of it, but Chen Mo was Lord Chang’an’s son after all. This kind of method could never be concealed from Lord Chang’an, so they could only dismiss the idea in the end.

“Actually, Your Imperial Majesty does not need to worry. While that brat is at the head of the Divine Warrior Examination, having obtained an unprecedented perfect score, he was only able to obtain tanhua because he saved a girl. According to the rules, he cannot be conferred the title of Supreme General.” Wu Tunan consoled.

“Daoist is unaware that although this is true, this brat’s full score achievement truly makes it so that the masses will never be convinced unless We confer him a significant award.” Emperor Tang shook his head.

“Your Imperial Majesty, do not forget, Chang’an Mansion’s grandeur may be boundless, but the Tang Family has something that Chang’an Mansion can never compare to.” Wu Tunan smiled: “This point is enough to make Chang’an Mansion keep quiet.”

When Emperor Tang recalled this point, his heavy expression finally showed a bit of relief.


Whether they be Chen Zhangtian, or Chen Mo, or even some unparalleled genius, they were, in the end, a class of cultivator. They may be able to surpass the entire imperial family, but there was one person they could never surpass. Perhaps even someday, this person could destroy Chang’an mansion very easily.

She was none other than a Star General.

Seven Stars.

Huan Wen.

“It seems We must go to the ‘Seven Stars Palace’ for an audience.” Emperor Tang grunted.

To be able to make the ruler of the magnificent Great Chong Dynasty use the word “audience,” it was obvious the status Huan Wen had.2

But only she was able to restrain Chang’an Mansion.

“Your Highness ‘White Clothed Tanhua3 Chen Mo, that the Profound Theory Courtyard can receive Your Highness’ presence is truly an honor to our humble dwelling.”

The maids Lü and Qiao welcomed Chen Mo into the Profound Theory Courtyard. Atop the pavilion, Yu Xuanji leisurely playing her qin at the moment.

Along with the sweet and melodious music, there was also Yu Xuangji’s seemingly smug ridicule.

“White Clothed Tanhua…This reached your ears rather quickly, Yu Xuanji.” Chen Mo said.

“Everyone in the Great Chong Dynasty knows about the announcement of the White Clothed Tanhua now. In order to save Jiang Yanyu, you unexpectedly renounced the zhuangyuan title. You are the sole perfect score in the history of the Divine Warrior Examination, yet you obtained a trifling tanhua status. Aiya, this is truly a great story. I, Yu Xuanji, never expected to be able to see something so interesting in this Star Field. Youwei did not stay five years here in vain.” Yu Xuanji softly chuckled.

Chen Mo smiled. The matter that he saved Jiang Yanyu and gave up on zhuangyuan was something he dispatched people to deliberately propagate. The purpose was to obtain Jiangnan Mansion’s support. At least they would have one less enemy to worry about in the future during a struggle against the Tang Family. But rumors always grow more exaggerated the more they spread. In the end, he carried Jiang Yanyu out of the Seven Treasures Pagoda. His white clothes and the completely bloodstained Jiang Yanyu made for a scene that could be described as magnificent beyond compare. Somehow, a White Clothed Tanhua nickname was added.

Generally speaking, Star Generals all had nicknames. He never expected that he himself would have one as well.

Chen Mo stepped with the tip of his foot, his body light as a swallow as he ascended to the top of the pavilion and stood beside Yu Xuanji.

“Your River On A Spring Night is beautifully played. Have you comprehended anything?” Chen Mo asked out of interest.

“Your Highness, would you like to listen?” Yu Xuanji leisurely asked.

“All ears.”

Yu Xuanji faintly smiled. Her white finger plucked the guzheng, slowly strumming. The music was gentle, like nature itself. Under her music, Chen Mo was amazed to find his Qi-blood was boiling and is True Qi flowing. After the song ended, Chen Mo felt his soul had been cleansed, and his Realm had received an upgrade. If a mere Qi-blood warrior had listened, Yu Youwei’s music would be enough to make the warrior’s Qi-blood temper to a rebirth, to easily increase their cultivation.

One session was able to increase Qi-blood by several turns. This Star General was amazing indeed.

To be able to be equivalent to several years’ worth of a cultivator’s training.

“But is this really all there is to it?” Chen Mo asked. If a legendary ancient poem was only able to increase a Qi-blood warrior’s cultivation, then that was too disappointing.

Yu Xuanji feigned grief: “Your Highness, you truly are too impetuous. Can it be that you feel Xuanji’s song was unpleasant to listen to?”

“The song is absolutely a good one, but I just feel it isn’t very exceptional.” Chen Mo was forthright.

“How can this ancient verse be comprehended in a year. Xuanji presently has only pried into the complete River On A Spring Night and comprehended a bit of its true meaning. It is not worth a mention compared to the complete song.”

“Is it so incredible?” If this was the case, Chen Mo was actually very expectant.

“Your Highness obtained tanhua. You must not be here solely to listen to Yu Xuanji’s music?” Yu Xuanji changed the topic. She was not willing to elaborate further on the River On A Spring Night.

“Don’t tell me you’re shunning me?” Chen Mo said: “Yu Xuanji, your song is famous far and wide in Chang’an. Many children of the nobility come visit, and I am no exception.”

“Is that so? Then Your Highness must come visit Xuanji often. There will be no more opportunities in the future.” Yu Xuanji played with a lock of her hair.

“You’re leaving?”

“Since Xuanji has already obtained the complete River On A Spring Night. Naturally I want to leave this godforsaken place. I must fully devote myself.” Yu Xuanji stroked her Flowing Water Echo. Her gaze was full of a spoiled expression. Only “ancient songs” could match with Echo.

“So you won’t care about me? In any case, I am still your Servant Star.” Chen Mo scratched his head.

“Servant Star? Xuanji sees that Your Highness perhaps is unreconciled about this ‘servant…'” As if there was a Servant Star that would dare force a kiss on her and be able to break free of her Yellow Rank. This was practically a humiliation. Yu Xuanji very surreptitiously twitched her mouth.


A man naturally could not be subdued by a woman, but Chen Mo did not retort either.

“Xuanji asks that Your Highness properly protect your life. The Tail Fire Star Field is not too peaceful at all right now. If Xuanji is a distance away from Your Highness, even if you die, Xuanji can still survive.” Yu Xuanji was serious.

It a Star General and their Servant Star were separated by a significant distance, an injury to their vitality would actually not be life-threatening, but this was still not considered a foolproof plan.

“Allow Xuanji to kindly remind Your Highness to not forget yourself in your successes. Do not forget who the Tang Family’s true enemy is in this Star Field.”

Chen Mo retracted his frivolous attitude and cautiously nodded.

Seven Stars Huan Wen.

The Great Chong Dynasty’s number one Star General.

So long as she still lived, Chang’an Mansion would always be faced with the prospect of a great enemy.

But in order to face the Star General, Chen Mo acknowledged he would perhaps have some chance by working together with Zhongli Sanmei and Yu Xuanji. If he added Scion Of Later Yan Murong Yanzi, killing Huan Wen was possible. But this was too dependent on the person herself.

“You killed the Tang Clan’s number one genius, the Thirteenth Highness, and you have also renounced zhuangyuan to save Jiang Yanyu. This will place the Tang Imperial Family’s faction below you. Emperor Tang will inevitably go seek out Huan Wen’s aid.”

“En, I think so, too.” Chen Mo agreed with her perspective.

Yu Xuanji raised her brow, “Then what plans does Your Highness have?”

“Right now, Huan Wen does not have the absolute power to be able to get rid of Chang’an Mansion. She’ll definitely remain in seclusion until she breaks through to Yellow Court Realm. During this time, I’ll think of a way to expand Chang’an Mansion’s power.” Chen Mo said.

“If Your Highness believes this can contend against Seven Stars, Xuanji has nothing to say.” Yu Xuanji evidently felt this thinking was too naive.

Chen Mo smiled: “Which is why when I came this time to listen to your music, Youwei, I also wanted to ask for your counsel.”

“Counsel on what?”

“I have your Innate Skill Profound Sound, but it seems tricky to use, so I wanted to see whether or not you could teach me.” Chen Mo thought that if in the future he wanted to turn music into a surprise attack, that would be great as well.

“I can.”

Author’s Note:

Planning the following plot.

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  1. 哪壺不開提哪壺, basically “touch a sore spot.”
  2. In essence, his language shows he is at a level basically subordinate to her.
  3. Tanhua is third place. How the fuck?

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