Chapter 198: Great Wisdom King Cleave VS Ice Breaker Snow Slicer

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Mist and dust scattered in the seventh floor. Chen Mo took several steps back, Invincible coming to a stop. He felt all of his Star Energy deplete, nearly paralyzing him on the spot.

Exhausting all his Star Energy, even exposing his Servant Star status right in front of her, he finally defeated Jiang Yanyu.

This woman truly was worthy of being called the Great Chong Dynasty’s number one.

Chen Mo was already unable to hear Jiang Yanyu’s breathing. Under the Deva Eyes, through the mist and dust, the sight that greeted him was a beautiful figured backed against the wall. Her clothes and skirt had long been ripped to shreds thanks to Northern Dipper’s brute force, revealing an expansive, erotic, snow-white sight. Jiang Yanyu was barely breathing. On her body, Chen Mo similarly was already unable to sense the existence of even a trace of magic energy.

At this time, anyone could land a finishing blow on this genius.

Chen Mo turned his head back and walked towards the zhuangyuan token.

As long as he obtained this token, this Divine Warrior Examination zhuangyuan would be his.

When he walked in front of the zhuangyuan token, Chen Mo suddenly was shocked. He sensed the flow of Star Energy in the air. Chen Mo whirled his gaze around. The mist and dust dispersed. Jiang Yanyu’s head was lowered, her black hair pouring over her lowered stance like a waterfall.

“How can I lose to a warrior of the Outer Star Fields.”

Jiang Yanyu let out a voice as thin as gossamer, as if she was mocking him, or perhaps using the last bit of her pride to support her conviction.

Chen Mo suddenly noticed the girl held a resplendent stone of starlight. The starlight on the stone was flowing like water over her whole body, surprisingly making the girl slowly show signs of vitality.

“This is bad.”

Chen Mo did not hesitate at all. He then flipped over his hand, similarly taking a Star Dollar stone into his hand, absorbing the Star Energy inside of it.

Jiang Yanyu lifted her face, a smile of unparalleled beauty, a refined and picturesque countenance.

The corner of her breathtaking lips curled into a smile, as if saying…

She did not lose yet!

Star Energy was recoverable, but the injuries on her body could not miraculously heal. Jiang Yanyu was battered and bruised. Just moving a finger was very difficult, and even her Life-cast Sword Chant was already unable to be controlled anymore with Divine Intent.

Even though she recovered her Star Energy, if she did not have an Innate Skill like a Star General, the effect was not very significant.

Unless she had some trick for a comeback.

Chen Mo did not dare count on a fluke as he also used the Star Dollar to recover his Star Energy.

Because Northern Dipper was honestly too taxing on him, the exhaustion plaguing Chen Mo’s body was like a bottomless pit. The Star Dollar’s endless restoration was completely unable to satisfy a single swing of Northern Dipper.

Chen Mo thought of using the Black Turtle Seven Changes or the Bodhi Treasure Karma, however, the former was the country-guarding treasure of the imperial family. To reveal it now before mastering it would be very troublesome. The latter, the Bodhi Treasure Karma, consumed significant amounts of spiritual power on the fifth floor. Given his current level, another usage perhaps would leave him in a worse state compared to Jiang Yanyu.

If his spiritual power was damaged, that was fatal to a cultivator.

Without a choice, the two of them could only rely on Star Dollar Stones for recovery, to see who was able to rejuvenate first.

Chen Mo was much faster than Jiang Yanyu, his Star Dollar losing its Star Energy and turning into an ordinary rock. Chen Mo threw it aside and immediately brought out the big stick.

He growled, his figure moved, and the staff smashed towards the absolutely defenseless and powerless girl.

Jiang Yanyu’s hair fluttered, revealing a glimpse of her erotic sight, but the girl seemed to not perceive this. She raised her arm, revealing even more of her snow-white body. However, only victory was in Jiang Yanyu’s eyes right now.

Just as Chen Mo was about to strike, a sudden change occurred. In the empty space behind Jiang Yanyu, the phantom of a woman appeared.1

This woman’s figure was illusory, unreal, as if she would appear only inside a dream.

Chen Mo was very familiar with this, and he was suddenly stupefied.

This is an Evil Smiting Hall True Spirit??

She wore golden armor, a skirt, and a shirt. Her figure was slender, and the fretwork of her armor was engraved with Buddhist scriptures. A pair of vigorous suan’ni boots released a vigorous wind, and she stepped into the air.

The girl’s pupils were gold in color, like a lotus flower rotating about. From head to toe, the woman in front of him emitted an air more austere than any Buddhist ancestor.

She was like the Buddha, the one who sat among the clouds.

A golden long sword was gripped in the woman’s hand. The sword’s tip contained a Buddhist swastika.2 It was a Vajra Evil Smiting Sword. A dull yellow Star Crest glowed on her forehead.

That Star Crest was not an ordinary one, it was one intertwined among one hundred seven others.

She was worthy of the name Evil Smiting Hall True Spirit.

Chen Mo completely did not expect that Jiang Yanyu was surprisingly concealing such an ability; she had an Evil Smiting Hall True Spirit herself. Having seen Zheng Yanran’s Ice Breaker Snow Slicer Yellow Rank Sword Technique, Chen Mo was naturally more aware than anyone else the power of an Evil Smiting Hall Primogenitor3 True Spirit.

Jiang Yanyu’s eyes moved.

The Buddha-like woman already strode forth like a shooting star, attacking.


How is she able to move?

Chen Mo was caught off guard once again. This True Spirit was able to launch an attack. He hastily gripped Northern Dipper horizontally to block, clashing with that Vajra Evil Smiting Sword.

The golden armored woman attacked three times in succession, a thrust, a slash, and a sweep, all entangling him.

Northern Dipper’s power was ensnared by this True Spirit woman’s Vajra Evil Smiting Sword. Fortunately, Chen Mo had ample experience facing Star Generals. This smoothly flowing attack would have already killed any other cultivator. Several wounds were cut into his body by the Vajra Evil Smiting Sword, but Chen Mo still barely preserved his life.

At the same time, Jiang Yanyu also completely absorbed the Star Dollar’s power.

Having obtained plentiful Star Energy, Jiang Yanyu’s eyes glowed like the heavenly stars.

Jiang Yanyu naturally did not think that an Evil Smiting True Spirit’s simple attacks were able to defeat Chen Mo. Shen she brought out this final, hidden trump card, victory already became very simple between the two of them.

Only one of them could live!

A voice was shouting in her mind. Jiang Yanyu’s arm raised behind her. At the same time, the True Spirit woman vanished. The Misty Rain Sword appeared in Jiang Yanyu’s hand once again, and countless Buddhist swastikas appeared in the surroundings, each one like a blooming lotus flower. Sword-light twisted and warped, and there seemed to be the chanting of Buddhist mantras.

Not good.

Chen Mo had just barely handled the True Spirit woman’s swift and severe assault, and his energy was currently somewhat dispersed. All of a sudden, he saw that Jiang Yanyu was about to use her final move.

Just as he expected.

She had also learned the Yellow Rank Technique of the Primogenitor Star General.

All the power in Jiang Yanyu’s body came screaming out. The Misty Rain Sword in her hand seemed to echo with the sounds of thousands of Brahmanistic chants.

She thrust her sword, and a grand, imposing sword qi poured out of the blade, bearing a force that could pulverize even an Acala Wisdom King towards Chen Mo. He had no way to evade. Even if Chen Mo wanted to counterattack with Northern Dipper, he was too late. As he retreated, he caught sight of the incoming sword qi that was as enormous as ten thousand Buddhist sects, and his expression changed.

In a split second.

The Seven Treasures Pagoda shot golden light in all directions, sparkling in the air. The immortals and Buddhas in the pagoda all howled.

Yellow Rank Technique.

Great Wisdom King Cleave!!4

Everyone on the island suddenly felt the ground let out a tremor. Immediately afterwards, the figures of tens of thousands of Buddhas appeared over the Seven Treasures Pagoda. Then, golden Buddhist light illuminated all things.

Everyone was speechless.

“Just what the hell is going on here?”

“Just what the hell are Little Brother and Jiang Yanyu doing in there, why is there such big activity.” Chen Luan’s fingers dug into her palm, drawing blood.

In the past Divine Warrior Examinations, there had never been a time during the final Top Three that would make the Seven Treasures Pagoda display such a phenomenon, as if ten thousand Buddhas were crying.

Every warrior and cultivator present was solemn, staring at one another.

The size of Chen Mo and Jiang Yanyu’s battle activity exceeded everyone’s expectations. Before that, Jiang Yanyu had but returned from an Inner Star Field sect, bearing splendor that would make even the Human Sovereign gasp in amazement. Everyone was unable to imagine that the “cripple” that had stayed quiet for more than a decade before this would be able to keep up with her to the very end, to battle with such tremendous intensity over the zhuangyuan.

“No way, how can Jiang Yanyu possibly lose to that trash.” Tang Feng resolutely said. A corner of the table had already been crushed to pieces. The crown prince endlessly muttered inside his mind.

A trace of light shot over from another peak, gradually sprinkling over Pagoda Island. Dawn was about to arrive.

Seven Treasures Pagoda, seventh floor.

Jiang Yanyu finally exhausted all of her power for a single Yellow Rank “Great Wisdom King Cleave” that brought enormous sword qi thundering towards Chen Mo. The floorboards of the whole seventh floor were disintegrated by the sword qi. Against such a powerful Yellow Rank, any Saint Of War would categorically have no possibility of returning alive. Even a Thunder Tribulation cultivator would be in danger.

This was Jiang Yanyu’s final move.

Her pride as the Great Chong Dynasty’s number one genius.

Evil Smiting True Spirit.

The Great Wisdom King Cleave attacked Chen Mo from the front. Just as it was about to shred him to pieces, at the last moment, a jade annulus flew out from his Astral Stone. This jade annulus was no different from Jiang Yanyu’s a moment ago, only that its shape was a bit different. Surprisingly, it was a Profound Star Barrier.

This Profound Star Barrier was bestowed upon Chen Mo by his stepmother, Lady Xin.

He never thought that it could help him at this critical moment. However, the Profound Star Barrier’s Star Energy was not very strong. As Star World’s most common Astral Treasure, it was a bit powerless to resist the Yellow Rank. But this nevertheless gave Chen Mo a moment to catch his breath.

The Profound Star Barrier unleashed a wall of Star Energy that stopped the incoming Great Wisdom King Cleave.

The power of Great Wisdom King Cleave inherently was concentrated. Against any defensive magic treasure or ability, it was able to produce serious injury. The Profound Star Barrier was no exception. The jade annulus immediately cracked when it suffered the Great Wisdom King Cleave, unable to bear the enormous Star Energy expenditure.

Chen Mo seized this chance to catch his breath. Without any hesitation, the Northern Dipper Staff in his hand transformed into a long saber.

The Profound Star Barrier could not withstand the Great Wisdom King Cleave and finally disintegrated.

Against the overbearing and imminent sword qi, Chen Mo calmly drew his sword, his movements resembling nature itself, as natural as how a fish breathes underwater, how a bird soars into the horizon.

A slash without any urgency or rush. The draw naturally was exceptionally self-confident in power.

Chen Mo’s Yellow Technique “Ice Breaker Snow Slicer” was unleashed. Behind him, the specter of a girl in hanfu similarly appeared.

Saber-light as brilliant as snow cut open the most breathtaking arc through this world, splitting the Great Wisdom King Cleave in two. Most of the energy behind the enormous sword-qi had been consumed by the Profound Star Barrier. When it met Chen Mo’s Yellow Rank, it was naturally unable to resist. The sword-qi was cut in half. Great Wisdom King Cleave had been broken.

The remaining saber-light then naturally cut towards the young woman.

Jiang Yanyu was stunned to see the saber-light strike herself.

“True Spirit…” The hanfu girl’s phantom instantly receded. Jiang Yanyu collapsed on the ground, blood spilling from all over her body, unconscious.

She lost.

The seventh floor recovered its original appearance. Chen Mo panted heavily, returning the blade to nothingness. Jiang Yanyu was gasping for breath in a pool of her own blood. A ghastly slash wound was left on her body. If it was not for Great Wisdom King Cleave dispelling a portion of the Ice Breaker Snow Slicer’s qi, that strike would have cut her in two just now.

Even so, Jiang Yanyu’s life was rapidly fading. She practically could not wait for help.

The first ring of the bell that signaled the court examination’s ending sounded.

Daybreak’s light already was about to illuminate the top of the pagoda.

Chen Mo looked at Jiang Yanyu. If he used medicine right now, he could still preserve the girl’s life, but doing so meant he had no time to go refine the zhuangyuan token. Without the zhuangyuan token, he would not be considered the official zhuangyuan even if he was the last one standing.5

Save her or not?

The second knell echoed.

Chen Mo sighed.

Following the second knell, everyone on Pagoda Island was eagerly looking forward to the final result.

That it would take such a long time exceeded everyone’s expectaitons.

Even the gentle and cultivated Jiang Ruxiu showed a bit of unease. He was already uninterested in reading his book, having set it down as he instead gazed at the Seven Treasures Pagoda.

After the third ring, the light of dawn happened to illuminate the bright pearl on top of the Seven Treasures Pagoda. Thereupon, Buddhist light shot in all directions, and the light of day ripped apart the darkness.

“Princess Yanyu is a disciple of the Inner Star Field. How can she possibly lose. She must have won.”

“Exactly, no matter how strong Chen Mo is, there’s no way he can beat the Princess.”

“I may as well be frank. His Highness Chen Mo ought to thank Heaven and Earth that he can obtain tanhua.”

Everyone was making conjecture.

Everybody was holding their breath. Pagoda Island was silent as a dry well.

“Someone’s coming out.”

Nobody knew who shouted this, but everyone, all tens of millions of stares, turned towards the Seven Treasures Pagoda together. A golden lotus and Buddhist light formed a barrier like a bridge, arcing over to right in front of an imperial carriage.

A figure walked out from inside the Seven Treasures Pagoda.

After the shadow was peeled away.

The figure slowly became clear. Every single person present, from Emperor Tang, Chen Zhangtian, and Jiang Ruxiu to every commoner warrior, was frozen in place.

The man walked out carrying the Jiang Yanyu they had been proclaiming to be zhuangyuan, and it seemed that Jiang Yanyu had never cut such a sorry figure before. Blood dripped all over her body. She was full of cuts and bruises, and they were even unable to sense her breathing, shockingly as if she had died. 

Jiang Ruxiu bolted to his feet.

Emperor Tang stood up in shock.

Chen Zhangtian suddenly rose.

Chen Luan, Tang Feng, Chen Lin, Cui Pan, Fang Kurong and more stood up from their seats. All the sons of major and minor aristocratic families and all the commoners could not help but automatically stand up to face the man carrying Jiang Yanyu.

At this moment, only one name existed in all the Great Chong Dynasty.

He was.

Chen Mo!

Tens of thousands of li above the clouds of Pagoda Island.

Heavenly General Star White Robed General Chen Qingzhi was monitoring this Divine Warrior Examination.

“Chen Qingzhi, you cannot appear in this Star Field anymore.” A voice suddenly reached her ear. THe cloud beside Chen Qingzhi assumed Wang Yangming’s form.

“Are you ordering Your Servant?” Chen Qingzhi did not even spare her a glance.

“You have stayed in the Tail Fire Star Field for too long. You have already stirred the vigilance of the Central Star Field. If you draw her over here, do you think you can hide your nephew from her given his current reputation?” Wang Yangming calmly said.

Chen Qingzhi was silent.

“Right now, ‘she’ controls the Confucian School. Her influence has already touched the Central Star Field. Reportedly, the Central Star Field has voices that express they should ‘dismiss the Hundred Schools, revere only the Confucians.’6 The reason I am helping you is for the sake of my School Of Mind’s future prospects, Chen Qingzhi. Don’t you forget.”

“Your Servant thanks you for your reminder.” Chen Qinghan’s gaze was still fixed on the island.

“Your nephew seems to have already defeated that Inner Star Field girl. You should be able to rest your worries. After this, I hope to never sense your presence in the Tail Fire Star Field.” Wang Yangming faintly threatened. “You have your own matters to settle, not remain here worrying about a man.”

As the founder of the School of Mind, she had never spoke without thinking.

Chen Qinghan was expressionless. Only when Chen Mo walked out and received the shock of everyone there did she finally relax her brow. She disintegrated Wang Yangming’s External Projection with a strike of her palm.

“I have no need for anyone to tell me, Qinghan, what should be done.”

“If you disappoint Me, I will!”

The seemingly smiling, seemingly real and fake voice gradually faded into the Nine Firmaments.

Chen Qinghan gave one last glance before departing.

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  2. If you don’t recall from the title, this description should make it clear which Star General this is…
  3. 始祖
  4. This is Song Jia, one of the first Star Generals that Su Xing’s team ever defeated.
  5. OK, so apparently he must refine it in order to actually become zhuangyuan. Beating the others before the time limit is somehow insufficient.
  6. A slogan from the Han Dynasty.


  1. Is it finally over? It’s great that the author likes his cliffhangers, but this isn’t the first time nor the second nor the third that he pulls that “but wait! This defeated enemy suddenly is standing again, and will now use their most powerful attack which they totally should have used before they got to this state!”

    I get it, Jiang Yanyu is a genius, but let’s move on to the next arc, shall we?

    Anyway, thanks for the translation! I’ve been avoiding nagging too much, but sometimes I can’t help myself…

    1. Yes! This arc is finally over. The next couple chapters will be devoted to resolving the final few side issues around the Divine Warrior Examination, and then it’s on to the next arc.

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