Chapter 2: My Auntie Is Chen Qingzhi

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Chen Mo thought he had heard wrong.

Chen Qingzhi?

This girl who was no more than sixteen or seventeen years old called herself Chen Qingzhi.

“You’re a Star General?” A northern wind poured into his mouth, chilling Chen Mo to the point his organs were frozen stiff. Compared to identity of the girl, the chill in his body was completely insignificant.

Star Generals.

Star World had nine thousand Star Fields, millions of Star Names, inherited by young girls. Girls able to become Star Generals long separated themselves from the category of Human Stars. She was at least Earthly Star. However, this was not what shocked Chen Mo the most. As far as he knew, the Star Names these Star Generals inherited were all famous people that he heard of throughout history.

However, up until now, Chen Mo had never personally seen a Star General. He only heard that the Great Chong Dynasty Imperial Family’s Star Maiden who inherited “Young Hero From Ancient Times” was particularly famous.

“No manners.”

The bamboo swayed, and the girl’s figure vanished, instantly appearing in front of Chen Mo. She flicked him with her finger, and with this flick, Chen Mo clutched his head as he crouched in pain.

“Call me Auntie.”

“You’re my auntie?”

“You don’t believe me?”

“I do…I just think that for an abandoned child like me, there wasn’t anyone willing to treat me as her nephew.” Chen Mo was self-deprecating.

Chen Qingzhi’s face was absolutely calm. Those bright, snow-like pupils were unfathomable. In truth, she had observed Chen Mo already for over a month. She knew that he was diligent in his training and that his perseverance was considerably deep. In the girl’s eyes, he was even more stubborn than the other Star Cultivators, but it appeared that there was still no sign of an improvement.

“Chen Qing…Auntie, what about my mother then?” Chen Mo asked. Ever since that year he began to have awareness, his memories of his mother were very hazy, but he understood from others that his mother was one of his father’s concubines and that she left when he was very young. The outside world even gossiped that because Chen Mo’s mother knew early on that he was unable to practice martial arts and was trash, she left to avoid suffering future humiliation. But Chen Mo knew that his mother who could tell him the story of “Zhuangzi and the Crane” could not possibly be so superficial.

“I do not know. Ever since I inherited the Star Name, I have remained outside mundane matters. But passing through this place, I just happened to see you.

Just happened to see.

The Chen Mo who had just been full of warmth immediately had his heart sink when he heard this flippant phrase. However, to be able to see his aunt still made Chen Mo very happy. It was just that the auntie in front of him was honestly too cold. She had a kind of people-repelling chill. Chen Mo had even wanted to hug her, but he could only dismiss this idea.

“Auntie, I still do not know what you are called?” Chen Mo shot a glance at the white-haired woman. No matter from what angle he looked, the auntie before his eyes was stunningly beautiful.

Eyes like stars, a brow like a portrait, lips like rouge, hair like snow, and her face was graceful. She was like a statue carved of black ice, perfectly beautiful and without blemish. The clothes she wore were very strange. On the outside, she wore a white robe, and on the inside, she had a very gorgeous white leather armor. Her undershirt was inlaid with colored glass and red patterns, perfectly outlining her well-developed curves. Her lower body was covered with a cloak-like short skirt, with the frontside short and the backside long. Those snow-white legs were like sharp swords,  able to hurt people just from them glancing at them.

Her temperament was especially cold, making people unable to look at her directly.

As for Chen Mo’s nature, that was very strong. He had never seen a beautiful woman, but the beauty in front of him honestly could not have appeared in reality.

In other words.

She was cold and elegant to the point she could not be counted among people.

To have an auntie like this was not bad. The Chen Mo who had always been very appreciative of beauty immediately thought of encouraging sayings in his mind, like “a waterfront tower gets the moonlight first” and “don’t water the neighbor’s fields with your own water.”

“So long as you know I am your Auntie, that will suffice.” The girl’s expression had “I have never told a man my True Name” written all over it.

Which was then met with Chen Mo’s embarrassed smile.

The girl softly smiled. Her grin was honestly like a spring sun over white snow, extremely pleasant to look at, “Come, extend your hand.”

Chen Mo reached out, and the girl grasped Chen Mo’s wrist, gently shaking it. Chen Mo immediately felt as if his entire body was being stung, as if he could feel the illusion of his qi and blood boiling briefly. “Eh?” Auntie wrinkled her brow.

“No need to look. I’m incapable of practicing martial arts.” Chen Mo bitterly smiled.

He was the son of the Great Chong Dynasty’s Lord Chang’an. When he was little, he received considerable care. Although his father faked an ice-cold expression, his Elder Brother and Sister both were very anxious about his inability to practice martial arts and thought of every possible method, seeking divine physicians for examinations, warriors to rub his bones, each day using every kind of expensive medicine to soak his entire body, stimulating his meridians, practicing the best cultivation methods, even seeking out Buddhists, Daoists, Legalists, Confucianists, and others in search of assistance. If it was anyone else, even a piece of rotten wood would have become as good as an intricate carving, but no such change took place in Chen Mo.

The years passed, yet he still remained unable to cultivate Qi And Blood. Only then was it determined he was unable to practice martial arts for life, finally exiling him to Azure Dragon Town for the rest of his life.

Chen Mo still remembered his Elder Sister’s inconsolable and heartbroken expression and everyone’s disappointment before he left. Naturally, there were still other dukes and marquis secretly snickering at him. Everything of everyday was engraved into Chen Mo’s memory. He vowed there would definitely be a day where he would honor the current Chang’an, be a sovereign who descends the world.

Auntie pensively stared at Chen Mo. Her beautiful brow was twisted into a graceful line.

Chen Mo did not know if the Auntie in front of him was sympathetic or disappointed, judging without saying a word. In this world of ice and snow, the girl appeared even more brilliant than that white snowcover, more elegant and touching.

“When Heaven is about to place a great responsibility on a great man, it always first frustrates his spirit and will, exhausts his muscles and bones, exposes him to starvation and poverty, harasses him by troubles and setbacks so as to stimulate his spirit, toughen his nature and enhance his abilities.”

All of a sudden, Auntie slowly recited Chen Mo’s words from a moment ago, as if she was still thinking it over. These words honestly were too classical. Even at her level, she could not avoid being overwhelmed by emotion. In the end, she made a decision. “Since you are Elder Sister’s son and my nephew, we cannot allow anyone to look down on you.” 

“Auntie, do you have a method that lets me circulate my Qi And Blood?” Chen Mo was hesitant.

When he was in Chang’an, he had exhausted all possible means at Chang’an Mansion without a result. Could the Auntie in front of him actually do it?

“Auntie is not clear about your circumstances either. It seems that your qi and blood has received some kind of restricting force that is making it unable to circulate. However, Auntie has a method to help you through this difficulty.” The girl did not keep the suspense and directly told him. “That is to turn you into a Servant Star.”1

“Servant Star?”

Chen Mo was shocked.

Servant Star was an ability particular to Heavenly Spirit level Star Generals. Each Star General had one single chance to induce a transformation into an ordinary person. After said transformation, that person would henceforth be able to train Star Energy, becoming a Star Cultivator that was also called a Servant Star.

The benefit was that Star Cultivator who became a Servant Star was able to inherit the aforementioned Star General’s unique Innate Skill. The more the Star Cultivator trained, the better the benefit the Star General could also receive. However, since they were a “servant,” the Servant Star was unable to act in any way that could harm the Star General. After the transformation process, the Star General would debilitate their own cultivation. Furthermore, when the Servant Star died, the Star General herself would also receive backlash, a glaring weakness. Although Servant Star was a path many ordinary people took to become instant successes in Star World, the truth was that many Star Generals would not choose a Servant Star at all. 

With regards to lofty Star Generals.

Servant Stars were mostly a kind of burden.

Historically, Servant Stars had never been able to surpass the original Star General.

Other than out of a close relationship, there were no Star Generals who would choose a Servant Star.

“Do you wish to become Auntie’s Servant Star?” The girl asked immediately.

“But I don’t want to receive orders.” In his previous life, he already had enough of living just to fulfill orders. In this life, Chen Mo wanted to a bit more free. Otherwise, his previous death would have been in vain.

The girl seemed to smile.

As a white-robed god of war, there presumably were countless people who were willing to become her Servant Star. This little brat surprisingly had a condition. “I have no interest in ordering a man about.” She resolutely agreed.

“But you will need to agree to one of my requests as well. If I feel you will burden me, I will personally kill you!”

“Dear Auntie, isn’t this too cruel.” Chen Mo was speechless.

“Yes or no.” The girl coldly asked.

Chen Mo grit his teeth and steeled himself. Just wait until I have the strength to defeat you, I’ll personally push you down. “Fine.”

The girl was expressionless. She extended a hand to touch Chen Mo between the brows.

Her fingertip was like ice, chilling to the bone.

“In this life, you shall bear the name of the Heavenly General Star.2 Yang enters righteousness, and Yin returns to hell. Crossing countless battlefields, may you never be defeated, and may no one ever love you.” The girl recited. A Star Crest appeared on her forehead. Then, it drilled into Chen Mo’s mind. In a split second, his mind suddenly opened, as if starry skies were pouring in. All of a sudden, Chen Mo felt the world spin.

In this boundlessness, a lot of memories pertaining to Auntie abruptly appeared in Chen Mo’s mind.

Star Position: Heavenly General Star2

Star Name: Chen Qingzhi4

Nickname: White Robed General5

True Name: Chen Qinghan6

Star Number: ???

Star Weapon: Nine Secluded Condensed Frost7 (Seven Star)

Realm: ???

Innate Skill: Invincible8

Five Elements: Metal

White Robed General? Chen Qingzhi?? Chen Mo’s consciousness seemed to fall into chaos, utter confusion. A clump of majestic, expansive, and powerful Star Energy seemed to flood into his head. Then, it seemed to break through some kind of shackle, pouring throughout his whole body in torrents.

Chen Mo felt like he had fallen into the pits of hell, as if scorching every inch of his skin to the point of melting. Finally, a snow-white ray immediately entered into Chen Mo’s mind. Immediately, his qi and blood boiled.

A long while after, Chen Mo’s vision slowly cleared up.

In his delirium, he caught sight of Auntie giving him a beautiful, innocuous look.

“Try to circulate your qi and blood.”

Chen Mo was long already familiar with the method to train qi and blood. When he circulated his qi and blood this time, there was no sluggishness like usual. He could clearly feel qi and blood slowly flowing like a trickling stream. Upon sensing this change, Chen Mo was overjoyed beyond compare. He could control his qi and blood circulation. Even though this was a minor change, this was enough to demonstrate that he was not far from Qi And Blood Nine Turns.

Chen Mo continued to struggle, standing upon the dike, assuming the Qi And Blood Circulation stance. A warm Star Energy flowed throughout his entire body. The streams continued to multiply, finally gathering into a sea. His qi and blood suddenly activated.

This training lasted from morning to night.

Chen Mo at last was in complete control of the circulation of his qi and blood, entering the condition for Qi And Blood One Turn. If a warrior was able to control  the reactions of qi and blood circulation, they could begin to temper their whole body. From this stage, they would enter Human Star and were already qualified to seek even greater goals on the Yellow Road.

More than ten years of longing repressed in his heart, more than ten years of suffering ridicule for this, more than ten years of frustration in order to attain this “Qi And Blood One Turn” thoroughly exploded. Chen Mo could not help but bellow.

“Star World, I, Chen Mo, have come!!”

The vast river in his eyes had suddenly become not so faraway, not so enormous.

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  1. 侍星
  2. 天軍星
  3. 天軍星
  4. 陳慶之
  5. 白袍將軍
  6. 陳卿寒
  7. 九幽凝霜
  8. 所向披靡, lit. sweep away all that lies before you.


    1. This particular figure comes from Chinese history, but even I didn’t know who this person was. Go check out Chen Qingzhi’s wikipedia page!

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