Chapter 3: The Young Master of Chang’an Mansion

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October’s chilling sky very quickly dimmed.

When the blackness of night descended, a spectacular scene slowly unfolded before Chen Mo’s eyes. He lifted his head to look and could only see countless stars suspended in the night sky, like a glittering river of stars. From time to time, a shooting star fell, and from time to time, a shining star rose. They spun about as if they were alive. These magnificent landscapes that could only be witnessed using time-lapse photography left Chen Mo quite in awe.

The spectacular starry river calmed the excitement in Chen Mo’s heart as he recalled the previous Servant Star Contract.

Star World.

It was the general term for this world. In truth, the source of its name was this very starry sky hanging above his head. These stars were innumerable. Legend said that each Star represented a Star Name, and when a maiden inherited or died, the night sky would who the rise of a shining star or the fall of another.

Indeed, maidens.

These Star Names originated in the Three Thousand Worlds’ famous existence. Only women with “the power to reproduce” were capable of inheriting a Star Name, to forever pass down that “name.”

In the Servant Star Contract he just formed, Chen Mo knew everything about the girl, the one succeeding the Star Name of Chen Qingzhi.

In other words, the auntie in front of him was Chen Qingzhi, yet she also perhaps was not Chen Qingzhi, that white-robed god of war.

Regarding Chen Qingzhi, because Chairman Mao read history and lauded Chen Qingzhi’s legend with “read this legend again, and be in awe,” Chen Mo knew some of this.1 However, he felt this White Robed General whose low martial prowess was reputed as “arrows cannot penetrate wood, unable to ride horseback” had quite the overstatement in military successes.2

But when he looked at Auntie again, with her robe as white as snow, her chilling eyes, and a domineering presence like a tiger’s, she simply was that form of Chen Qingzhi hailed as a legend.

“Now that you are already circulating your qi and blood, try to activate it.” General Star Chen Qingzhi said.

Chen Mo was capable of some qi and blood circulation cultivation methods. He previously had already polished them to the point he knew them like the back of his hand. Practicing for a moment, the result was very slow. Qi And Blood Nine Turns was the fundamental for a warrior. This kind of easiness could not be rushed. Chen Mo once again stood on a muddy stake.

In the past, he was considerably interested in history and delved into Chinese boxing. In modern neijia boxing,3 stake-standing was a basis of learning; the so-called stake arts was the fundamental for kung fu masters. Just like constructing a skyscraper, the taller the building, the deeper and steadier the foundations rested. Stake-standing was the same.

Stake techniques, for better or for worse, could be said to be a person’s lifetime level of martial arts achievement.

In the past, Chen Mo had followed his master since he was little in practicing the “San Ti Shi”4 stake-standing as well as the bagua stakes. This Time Immemorial Stake was the Innate Yellow Emperor Stake Technique. As if his own legs were rooted into the earth, his whole body was as receptive as an echoing canyon, becoming one with the world. At first glance, he seemed born from the earth itself, nurturing his body with Heaven’s spiritual power; this was the everlasting Time Immemorial.

It was considered the most profound stake method in this world.

Chen Mo’s feet were shoulder-width apart. All the joints in his body were kept in awkward positions. His internals were open and his externals were clear. His hand slowly and gently raised, not higher than his face but not lower than his shoulder. He moved his body in a routine, his left hand passing in front of him towards the right, his right hand passing towards the left, then drawing both in front of his chest and pushing his leg slightly forward.

While it appeared completely unremarkable, these stake techniques actually were a different method along the same path for the local warriors.

Chen Qingzhi watched in dissatisfaction: “According to the Baopuzi: On long-standing injuries to bones, the flaws of your Time Immemorial Stake Method are too great, and there is a particular place that is suitable for Divine Intent activity. Divine Intent must be relaxed and free, deliberation must be firm, and strength must be steadied upon an ethereal spirit. As they say, the inorganic does not move, and the enviless are uninteresting. The ethereal spirit guards silence, and it responds to all things.”

Chen Mo was befuddled. He more or less understood that Auntie said his Time Immemorial Stakes were a technique such that “large movements were not as good as small movements, and small movements were not as good as no movement.”  It was through motionlessness that one would experience the movements of his limbs and bones both moving and not moving. Only by steadying his qi and blood at the beginning like this could his breathing be maintained.

Slowly, Chen Mo’s stake technique became increasingly natural, his breathing smoother, and his breath was slowly calming. His qi and blood were drawn out, and his pores opened, as if absorbing the mist. Qi flooded his body, immersing all of his meridians and bones.

Continuous like existence, seemingly there was no end. His energy was endless, unceasing.

Gradually, Chen Mo’s qi and blood circulation became increasingly rapid, smooth.

In just a few hours, Chen Mo’s qi and blood circulation was unfettered, fully reaching the Qi And Blood One Turn stage.

“Auntie still has some time. Within the next fifteen days, if you train your qi and blood to the flesh and muscles, to Three Turns, come find me again.” Chen Qingzhi expressionlessly left this sentence. By the time Chen Mo looked, he was already unable to see any trace of her on the vast riverbank.

Chen Mo returned to the mansion. Having trained the entire day on an empty stomach, he was already famished. Just as he was readying to have Little Tao go prepare him some food to eat, a middle-aged man and a youth were having a discussion in the hall. Upon seeing Chen Mo, they walked over to greet him.

“Nephew Chen Mo, where did you go, why have you returned only just now.” The middle-aged man was named Chen Huhao,5 a distant elder, while that youth was named Chen Qing,6 Chen Huhao’s son. Before Chen Mo’s arrival, the Chen Family’s Changluo Estate had all been managed by them. Although Chen Mo was an abandoned child, he was still from the main family. Compared to their branch status, he was much higher.

After dropping into Azure Dragon Town from out of the blue, he intangibly brought pressure to the local Chen Branch Family. However, one of these two was Three Flowers Overhead while Chen Qing had the power of Blood And Qi Nine Turns. As far as the martially incapable Chen Mo was concerned, they were still very contemptible.

Chen Mo also was aware of this point. Normally, he did not feel like interacting with them. Today, seeing them approach, he could not help but wonder what wind blew them into Azure Dragon Town.

“We heard that you went out first thing in the morning. We wonder what did you go off to do?” Chen Huhao politely smiled. “If there is something you need, just have Your Servant go do it. The weather is turning cold, you must worry about your health.”

“Many thanks for your concern, Uncle Huhao. A grown man like me is not a child anymore. Must I inform others what I do?” Chen Mo said.

“You are free to do whatever you please, but do not forget your own status. If someone harms you or makes a mistake, we cannot easily explain ourselves.” Zhen Qing calmly said.

“I can explain myself for myself. No need to worry on my account.”

“Then I have overstepped.” Chen Qing smiled.

Chen Mo felt this guy’s smile was somewhat shady. He had no interest in feigning civility with these branch family members, “Uncle Huhao, is something the matter?”

“Since the Divine Warrior Examination is about to begin, I wanted to speak with you about this matter, nephew.”

The Divine Warrior Examination was an event held once every four years in the Great Chong Dynasty. Similar to an imperial examination system, it similarly held a provincial examination, a metropolitan examination, and a court examination, but the difference was that the entrance examination was not so simple. As long as the Divine Warrior Examination selected the dynasty’s most prospective youth and talent, they would strive enormously to nurture them. However, what most attracted people was that the top three scorers in the Divine Warrior Examination would enter powerful sects for cultivation, break through Earthly Star, and become top dogs.

“What about it?”

“I have applied to use one and a half million gold to buy some medicine and cultivation methods. Qing’er is currently already Qi And Blood Nine Turns. The distance to cultivating to Three Flowers Overhead is merely a single step. Thus, we want to use this Divine Warrior Examination for a breakthrough. The elders have already given their approval. We are only waiting for Nephew Chen Mo’s approval now.”

Seeing a formidable warrior that had opened Three Flowers Overhead show such respect, Chen Mo laughed on the inside.

One and a half million gold was not that much, and Chen Huhao’s request was not unreasonable at all. Before the Divine Warrior Examination, many noble families would spare no effort to bolster their strength. Chen Mo was about to assent when he suddenly recalled that he himself was currently already capable of Qi And Blood One Turn. He just so happened to be in need of some medicines. To reach Qi And Blood Nine Turns Early Stage, the aid of medicines could help cultivation develop even faster. ‘Uncle Huhao, this is not a problem. However, I also want to buy some medicine. Can you help put an order for me.”

Isn’t that just a waste for trash like you to concoct medicine. Chen Huhao was inwardly displeased, but he outwardly smiled: “Can it be that Nephew Chen Mo can cultivate?”

“I want to try.” Chen Mo smiled and said.

“Fine then, however, after the Divine Warrior Examination begins, each of the major pharmacies will increase their prices drastically. Everything will be severalfold more expensive. The surplus the family can use this time is not much either.” Chen Huhao showed hesitation.

Chen Mo knew that he wanted to skimp. Then, Chen Mo said: “Is that so? I’ll arrange a list. Everything will be fine so long as you buy it all together. I don’t care about the rest.”

“Since Nephew says so, good.” Chen Huhao was left with no choice.

“Uncle Huhao, would you like to stay for dinner?” Chen Mo asked.

“No need, we must return tonight. This matter cannot be delayed.” Chen Huhao tactfully declined.

Chen Qing’s eyes glinted. He spoke to the black-clothed bodyguard, Iron Blade, at the gate: “Properly protect Young Master Chen Mo. Should the Young Master be injured, you will have to suffer the consequences.” Very fiercely leaving behind these words, Chen Huhao and Chen Qing finally left. Chen Mo chuckled as he watched them. Rubbing his empty stomach, it growled. “Little Tao, quickly prepare something for me to eat. I’m famished.”

Chen Huhao and Chen Qing boarded their carriage and traveled along the official’s path towards Changluo.

“That piece of no good trash is depending on his old man, Lord Chang’an. Otherwise, I truly want to slap him dead.” Chen Qing’s complexion was sinister, a complete turnaround from his previous benevolence. He was a warrior capable of Qi And Blood Nine Turns. No one in Changluo dared to disrespect him, yet he never imagined he would have to look at trash unable to practice martial arts.

His father shut his eyes and relaxed, his mood superb.

“Just let that trash enjoy this feeling of superiority. Later when you stand out from the others, the most he will ever be will still be a useless person. There will come a day when you can repay his attitude today a hundredfold.”

“Father, I cannot swallow this. We used to spend millions, since when were we required to ask this sort of trash for permission.”

“If you cannot swallow this, then you are not very far from death.” Chen Huhao chided.

Chen Qing twitched his mouth.

Chen Huhao thought of something else: “I do not know what this Chen Mo is doing buying so many medicines.” Looking at the list in his hand, most of the medicines were not expensive at all. The total was about five hundred thousand in gold, but they were all very common things to gather qi and supplement blood. They were appropriate for warriors before Qi And Blood Three Turns. “Can it be he is already able to circulate his qi and blood.”

“Impossible, we dispatched people to monitor him. They did not feel this trash had any progress at all. And today, when he went jogging, he was utterly ridiculed by those good-for-nothing warriors, yet he showed no signs of a change at all. Hmph, what trash he is.” Chen Qing was disdainful.

“If only.” Chen Mo was a cripple. They also had backing. If Chen Mo was able to cultivate, then things would be bad. Sooner or later, this Chuan Province would be under his control. At that time, that father and son would truly sink down into becoming servants.

“I will have the guards properly monitor him. If he truly can cultivate…”

Chen Qing’s eyes flickered nonstop.

“Do not be haphazard. After all, he is Lord Chang’an’s son.” Chen Huhao stiffened his face.

“I know. Even if that trash can actually cultivate, he will not be able to catch up to me no matter how hard he tries. He is not worth a mention.” Chen Qing twitched his lips, smiling innocently.

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  1. The historical Chen Qingzhi is a famous commander.
  2. Historians cast a lot of doubt as to the successes of Chen Qingzhi, with many claiming that he exaggerated a lot of his “accomplishments.”
  3. Internal kung fu
  4. 三體勢, Heaven, Earth, and Man.
  5. 陳虎豪
  6. 陳擎


  1. So, ‘Servant Stars’ and ‘Human Stars’ are essentially Star World’s versions of Star Masters and Star Cultivators, huh.

    Well, there’s A LOT I’d like to say on the weirdly unnatural attitude about even calling them ‘Servant’ Stars since the ones with the clear downsides are the contracting Star Generals here… and bc the inherent mechanisms seem more or less unchanged, minus not needing a Birth Treasure Outline for your contracted Star General.

    ….Actuly, if the Kiss and Subjugation methods are usable, then something feels REALLY off about the way the world views these contracts, minus the general hesitation to outright disadin towards a contract with that many surface level downsides. And that’s even considering that Liangshan’s version was modified a bit. If the base is the same, then I’m hoping that gets addressed a bit.

    1. I don’t know if Servant Stars count as Star Masters, but it’s said in Chapter 1 that Human Stars are considered Star Cultivators. It appears that men are stuck as Human Stars, but women seem to be able to advance from Human Star to Earthly Star and beyond.

      IDK how contract mechanisms work in Star World, but I hesitate to even mention the Kiss and Subjugation contracts. Those were contracts that existed in the Star Duels of Liangshan Continent. It’s clear to me that Servant Star is a whole different ball game.

      1. Concerning the Kiss and Subjugation methods.
        That’s what I’m curious about.
        Yes, it’s too erarly to say for sure, but the mechanics of the base contract seem virtually identical to the Star Duels Model.

        Given rhat the Star Duels are just a cruel, ruthless recruitment drive for beings that can kill Moujia using rules from Star World by someone from Star World, then I’m hesitant to write off the Kiss and Subjugation methods out of any potential native Star World variety soley bc, if the system was modified for Liangshan….. why add in rules you know are loopholes and would culturally be against to begin with.

        That literally makes ZERO sense ‘unless’ common attitudes were artificially tampered with.

        Again, I’m just speculating with what I know so far, but I’m confident that something is rrally off about this entire system.

        1. Plus, there’s just too many weird inconsistencies in the system.

          I’m just not sure if it’s intentional, or meant to be hand waved bc plot.

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