Chapter 201: Lady Sanmei’s Service Technique

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By the time they left Jiangnan Mansion, the weather had already turned gloomy. The faint sound of thunder could be heard rumbling in the rolling black clouds.

In the carriage, Chen Mo was recalling his conversation with Jiang Yanyu. Princess Yanyu had spoken with him about many matters pertaining to the Inner Star Field, like how cultivators with peak talent like hers in the Inner Star Field were as numerous as ox hairs. Cultivators who trained in Star Energy were common to see, but it was extremely rare for a cultivator to be able to obtain an Evil Smiting True Spirit.

Ever since the Purple Rose Star Emperor left behind the Evil Smiting True Spirits to subjugate Star World, cultivators who obtained the direct teachings of a True Spirit were the only method to contend against a Heavenly Spirit Star General. However, cultivators who possessed a True Spirit were often in peril in the Inner Star Field. They would receive the spying of Star Generals, cultivators, and other factions, attracting unwanted attention that would get themselves killed.

Hardly anyone in her sect knew that she possessed a True Spirit, and Jiang Yanyu specifically told Chen Mo to protect her secret. This was considered their promise.

“Little Brother.” Third Sister peeled back the carriage’s curtain to look at the sky.

Chen Mo retracted his thoughts. “Third Sister, what’s the matter?”

“Did Jiang Yanyu invite you into the Inner Star Field?” Chen Luan asked.

“She mentioned it. In a short while, her sect will dispatch people to escort her. They are able to breach the Star Barrier, which will attract cultivators, so there is an opportunity.” Chen Mo did not hide this.

Chen Luan was silent for a while, “Are you preparing to go?”

“I will definitely go to the Inner Star Field, but I won’t be going with her.” Chen Mo shook his head.

“Then you can only become a Human Immortal in order to have a chance.” Chen Luan smiled. Above Human Sovereign was Human Immortal, and those able to become an Immortal were able to cross the barrier between the Inner and Outer Star Fields. However, this itself was not necessarily an opportunity either.

“Elder Sister, you definitely can do it.”

“En, how can Third Sister leave you all alone, Little Brother.” Chen Luan smiled: “When do you plan on entering Greater and Lesser Thunder Tribulation?”

Chen Luan looked at the sky, at the thunder rolling towards them. This was the time for a cultivator to use heavenly thunder to temper the True Qi in their body and refine magic energy.

Chen Mo already passed the Divine Warrior Examination; he ought to be able to enter Thunder Tribulation. No matter how strong a Saint Of War was, they would still be lacking compared to a cultivator who utilized magic energy abilities.

Chen Mo also wanted to, but he already cultivated Star Energy. If he was to cultivate True Qi into magic energy after he used Thunder Tribulation, his Star Energy would not be as pure anymore, and the power of his Star Energy would drop considerably. This was one of the reasons why a Star General was stronger compared to a cultivator. Because a Star General cultivated Star World’s purest Star Energy, all of their powers were at their most primal.

Of course, Chen Mo thought of this as well. With his physical constitution, Fourth or Fifth Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation should be no problem, but by doing so, the Star Energy he cultivated before with the Northern Dipper Great Overflow would be ruined.

But Chen Mo’s cultivation was at last at a bottleneck. There was already not other possibility for a breakthrough.

Wondering if there was any news regarding the Star Manual of Masters Gan and Shi that Manao Attila had mentioned before, Chen Mo pondered and answered: “I’ll wait and see.”

Chen Luan did not understand Chen Mo’s hesitation. For any cultivator, entry into Thunder Tribulation was a must, but she was aware that her Little Brother was very smart and had his own position; she said nothing more.

After they returned to Chang’an Mansion, Chen Mo spoke briefly to his elder sister and drove the Nebula Chariot to Changluo.

Changluo, its luxuriant flowers like a brocade, everything clean and orderly.

Chen Mo first went to Changluo’s governor mansion to see Chen Huhao’s faction. Right now, the father-son pair Chen Huhao and Chen Qing already lost their original arrogant manner. Against the first perfect score tanhua in Divine Warrior Examination history, the entire Changluo Chen Family revered him like a tiger, not daring to be disloyal. Chen Mo had originally wanted to return to Azure Dragon Town to visit Little Tao and Iron Blade, but Qing Wan already went back bearing news about him. For the time being, he himself did not need to go back.

When he thought of this, Chen Mo went to Four Ladies Mountain first.

Eldest Sister Peak.

A fortress as fierce and tough as a wild beast crept through the mountain forest. Looking at it from high up, its line was like the firmaments, spreading through four fields. The four peaks were like an iron rake, impregnable.

Chen Mo could not help but be taken aback.

“We greet the Chief.”

When Chen Mo entered Eldest Sister Peak’s fortress, the warriors all were deferential to him. Chen Mo’s previous impression of them was boorish fools living in the mountain, ferocious but unable to cooperate. Now, each person was full of vigor, calm, and feeling unexcelled. As expected, the Five Great Heavenly General of the Hegemon King of Western Chu had taught them with the right methods. In the months he had not seen them, they had formed a training drill and were starting to resemble an army. As long as they could practice their formations, perhaps they would be able to match the Long Saber Army or the Imperial Guard.

“Your Highness White Clothed Tanhua, how rare of you to visit.”

Zhongli Sanmei walked out, teasing him.

“Big Brother.” Nianyou spread her little arms and launched herself over. Having not seen each other for so long, the little loli wanted to cry.

Chen Mo hugged her close. Seeing Zhongli Sanmei being so lazy, he asked: “Has the training been very difficult?”

“Very boring.” Zhongli Sanmei twitched her mouth and sat on a chair. “This King has taught everything she ought to. The rest is to let some of the regular forces go train themselves.”

“You’ve truly worked hard, Wife. How should This Husband reward you.” Chen Mo chuckled.

“Nianyou wants a reward, too.” Nianyou whispered into his ear.

Chen Mo kissed one of Nianyou’s delicate cheeks, and the girl closed her eyes in elation.

Zhongli Sanmei licked her lips. Her eyes had a greedy gaze: “In the time we haven’t seen each other, you’ve advanced very quickly and defeated that whatever person.1 How about you spar with This King.”

“Sure.” Chen Mo himself also wanted to know how far he was from a Star General. If he wanted to defeat Huan Wen, then Zhongli Sanmei was the best benchmark.

“Oh, right. Where did Ning Xiaoyuan go?” Chen Mo asked.

Zhongli Sanmei teased: “Do you miss that little lass?”

Chen Mo nodded.

“She returned to the East Sea County. This King has made a few business deals with her family and bought some weapons for the regular troops to switch out.”

The Ning Family’s weapons business was thriving. Chen Mo had also wanted to ask her if she knew anything about Emperor Tang’s secret dealings with the Sword Casting Villa.

Zhongli Sanmei brought Chen Mo into an underground sparring hall.

This place was several hundred meters deep. The surrounding rocks all emitted steam, and the room was blistering hot. This “Sanmei Room” was something that Zhongli Sanmei had dispatched people to specifically construct. During regular training, those in a spar would not be interrupted. Zhongli Sanmei’s Five Elements was Fire, so she highly fancied a place like this. But it was a pity that there was no Ancient Clinging Fire, otherwise, their training would be even swifter,

Upon entering this place, Nianyou’s little face was soaked in a layer of sweat. Chen Mo took off his Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade and wrapped it around her.

“This Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade you have is very precious. I don’t think someone from the Outer Star Field gave that to you.” Zhongli Sanmei narrowed her eyes.

“Auntie sent it.”

“Chen Qingzhi. This King truly wants to meet this White Robed God Of War, the one lauded as Magnificent Army Avoids The White Robe.” Zhongli Sanmei had never heard of anything pertaining to Chen Qingzhi’s Star Name a thousand years ago. However, for her to be able to single-handedly sweep everything away before her as she intruded into the Central Star Field, Zhongli Sanmei was very impressed.

She was comparable to the Hegemon King from back then.

“Sanmei, what is your current Realm?” Chen Mo helped look take care of Nianyou then walked to the center.

“Try for yourself.” Zhongli Sanmei swung the Burnt Out Three Calamities in one hand.

Chen Mo also brought out Northern Dipper.

Without any hesitation, Chen Mo launched a violent and swelling assault. The massive cave suffered his tyrannical force and tottered on the verge of collapse.

“Hm, certainly looks impressive.” Zhongli Sanmei praised.

The King Of Extinguished Ashes smirked. She extended her arms and brandished the Burnt Out Three Calamities. The spear caught Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper. Chen Mo exercised his Star Energy, and an enormous force like the Five Sacred Mountains bore down upon her.

Zhongli Sanmei’s figure flickered. Her body ignited like a flame, her red hair fluttering upwards. The King Of Extinguished Ashes’ counterattack was even more fierce than Chen Mo’s, as vigorous as a raging flame that had encountered kerosene. The incoming aggression was practically suffocating, and Chen Mo was unable to hold back her insolence. 

The short spear’s scorching tip was already stabbing towards his chest.

Chen Mo quickly retreated, swinging Northern Dipper horizontally.

Zhongli Sanmei urged on the blaze. Her offensive was like magma gushing out of the earth, layering wave upon wave before the first had even ended. Chen Mo resisted with all his might, secretly astonished. Just how was he still underestimating a Star General’s might. Without using a Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow, Zhongli Sanmei’s assault had already made Chen Mo feel unprecedented pressure.

This was not a feeling that a cultivator could bring about in him.

Chen Mo used Northern Dipper to strike with the Bagua. Their figures struggled back and forth in the Sanmei Room. A staff strike was like a thunderclap, a spear strike unleashed a dragon, a very intense exchange.

Nianyou cocked her head from the sidelines, not blinking.

“Not bad, but this is still a bit deficient if you want to face Huan Wen.” Zhongli Sanmei leapt up, thrusting her spear. When the short spear attacked, her Star Energy was like rain.

“You know about what I’m doing.” Chen Mo was a bit surprised. He used Northern Dipper’s immense body to block most of her attacks. At the same time, he unleashed the fully charged Bagua punch-intent in his hand.

Punch-intent soared and pressured Zhongli Sanmei.

To the King Of Extinguished Ashes, a Saint Of War’s punch-intent was simply a joke. Zhongli Sanmei shrugged her shoulders, breaking the punch-intent. Her second spear immediately followed up, swift as lightning.

“How could This King not know. Want This King to help go kill that bitch for you.”

Chen Mo caught several more spear attack. Zhongli Sanmei suddenly spun and shook the Burnt Out Three Calamities. A force exploded forth, directly repelling Chen Mo.

Before Chen Mo could answer, Zhongli Sanmei was already attacking again.

Deva Eyes!

Chen Mo’s eyes widened as he activated the Deva Eyes.

Zhongli Sanmei’s first time seeing the Deva Eyes surprised her. Chen Mo’s eyes were suffused with a Buddhist glow, unfathomable, like a deva or buddha, full of an expansive might. Zhongli Sanmei actually did not fear the might of an immortal or Buddha, but she had malice towards Chen Mo. The first time she saw these strange Divine Eyes, she was caught off guard for a moment, the depths of her mind shaken.

Her martial arts broke.

Chen Mo charged, his body techniques practically as swift as a swallow.

However, even if his usage of the Deva Eyes had stunned Zhongli Sanmei, to defeat her with this was still too insufficient. A smile hung on the corner of Zhongli Sanmei’s lips. She prepared to exercise her Star Energy.

Just a this moment, Chen Mo suddenly pointed his finger.

A ray of white qi fired.

Zhongli Sanmei was astonished to find her body trapped by this white qi. She was temporarily unable to move. The distance between them was no more than a hundred paces. Chen Mo’s linked usage of the Deva Eyes and Qiankun One Qi abilities made Zhongli Sanmei show a fleeting opening.

At this distance, Chen Mo easily broke through.

By the time Zhongli Sanmei broke free of Qiankun One Qi, it was already too late. The woman felt a man’s chest cover her in an embrace. Then, her lips were kissed by Chen Mo.2

Zhongli Sanmei blankly looked at Chen Mo’s close face and that crafty, victorious smile.

Oh, dammit.

“How is it. This Husband’s performance wasn’t bad, right.” Chen Mo proudly said.

Zhongli Sanmei threw off Chen Mo’s arm wrapped around her waist and harrumphed, “What was that power you used just now. It’s really too strange. It was actually able to shake This King.”

“This is something I comprehended at Chang’an.” Chen Mo said.

“Brat, you really are lucky.” ZHongli Sanmei was speechless.

“Of course, otherwise, how can I possess you.”

“How truly sweet your mouth is. Then Wife shall properly serve Dear Husband.” Zhongli Sanmei narrowed her eyes. She slightly smiled and brought out her second Burnt Out Three Calamities.

Cough. Only then did Chen Mo recall that Zhongli Sanmei had used just one of her Star Weapons in the duel just now.

“Sanmei, you’ve entered Concentrated Fiend Late Stage?” Chen Mo was pleasantly surprised.

“Watch this!”

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  1. Referring to Jiang Yanyu.
  2. Damn, Chen Mo’s aggressive.


  1. Personally, I wish that Chen Mo and his girls didn’t spend so much time apart..

    But damn! 200 Chs already!!!!

    1. TBH, I feel the separation between Chen Mo and his Star Generals feels both contrived and not. It feels a lot more forced than Su Xing’s because Chen Mo doesn’t have to spend time traveling the world gathering resources for an obviously large harem. He has far fewer Star Generals and his status virtually guarantees he can get whatever he wants. Furthermore, it’s in the Star Generals’ best interests to stay by him and keep him alive, given the particulars of the Servant Star contract, so why do they keep separating from him?

      At the same time, the separations do make sense. Bringing in a Star General to Chang’an would force the emperor to take action, which would advance the plot too quickly, and at the same time, it doesn’t make sense to have a confrontation with the imperial family when his cultivation is still relatively low. Additionally, his Star Generals are much more loosely attached to him compared to Su Xing’s. Their connection to him is merely out of mutual benefit rather than love as was with Su Xing.

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