Chapter 202: Fighting For A Spot

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“You entered Concentrated Fiend Late Stage this fast?”

Zhongli Sanmei objected. She was not a Star General who had only just recently inherited her Star Name, but being sealed had led to her cultivation dropping down to rock bottom. She fundamentally did not need to cultivate like others. Of course, there was another point. Chen Mo’s status as a Servant Star was a very big surprise to her, but the stronger Chen Mo’s Star Energy, the faster Zhongli Mo’s recovery.

The Great Chong Dynasty’s number one Star General, Seven Stars Huan Wen, was no more than Concentrated Fiend Late Stage. If he had assistance from the similarly leveled Zhongli Sanmei, Chen Mo was confident this should be sufficient to face Huan Wen.

“How about it, do you want This King to help you destroy her.” Zhongli Sanmei moved her muscles and bones. To be frank, she was a bit bored sometimes without a Star General to fight.

“When the time comes, I’ll ask for your help. Right now, I want to use Huan Wen as a test for my entry into the Inner Star Field.” Chen Mo’s thoughts were unshakable.

To treat the killing of a Star General as a test, Zhongli Sanmei had never heard such preposterous talk in the Inner Star Fields. If any other man had dared speak such big words, Zhongli Sanmei’s first action would be to kill him. However, seeing Chen Mo was doing such a thing instead made her become increasingly fond of him. She felt a man of character should be like this.

Nothing could surpass this involvement and interconnectedness.

“As you wish. Wait until This King recovers to Yellow Court, then let’s go to the Inner Star Field.” Zhongli Sanmei said: “What do you plan on doing next? That Huan Wen should not be the type to sit idly by and watch you win.”

Chen Mo nodded.

Huan Wen’s identity before she became a Star General was that of a branch of the Tang Clan, one who possessed the imperial bloodline. Although one would forsake worldly blood relations and family connections after becoming a Star General, Huan Wen always devoted herself to training in the Tail Fire Star Field. In particular, a Seven Stars Palace in the imperial palace had been constructed specifically for her; Huan Wen herself was still sentimental about the Great Chong Dynasty.

For the sake of consolidating the imperial family’s position as rulers, Huan Wen casually destroyed several threats as easily as if dusting something off.

“If you wanted to increase your cultivation, then you should be going to temper Thunder Tribulation, right?” Zhongli Sanmei and his Big Sister Chen Luan had the same thoughts. To the current Chen Mo, this indeed was the simplest and quickest way to get results. In Star World, might always made right. To face off against Huan Wen, so long as Chen Mo was able to ascend to Greater Thunder Tribulation, God Transformation, or an even higher level of power, perhaps he would be capable of barely handling Huan Wen just by relying on the cultivation of the particular properties of Star Energy.

But Chen Mo knew this really was barely enough. To temper Thunder Tribulation was nothing more than refining True Qi into magic energy. To other cultivators, this was the difference between clouds and mud, but to Chen Mo, who possessed Star Energy, this was not very helpful. It could even be said that because magic energy was in his body, his Star Energy had contrarily become not so pure, maybe even a bit weaker.

“I want to first help the Long Saber Army upgrade their Star Weapons, block the deal between Emperor Tang and the Sword Casting Villa, then see whether or not there is a good way to be able to get the best of both worlds of cultivation. Attila mentioned the Star Manual of Masters Gan and Shi. This is a cultivation method for Star Energy, an enormous help to a cultivator.” Chen Mo muttered.

When Zhongli Sanmei recalled that deranged and self-centered woman of the Western Regions, her face filled with disdain.

To unexpectedly force a kiss on a man just to save her life, this was truly unprecedented.

“This King has also heard of the Star Manual of Masters Gan and Shi. This is Star World’s oldest ability. This King heard it can turn magic energy into pure Star Energy.”

“If this is true, then it’s too good to miss out.”

Zhongli Sanmei disdainfully said: “You actually believe that Western Regions woman? An ancient cultivation method like this is top-notch even in the Central Star Field.”

“I can only believe her.” Chen Mo had no choice.

Zhongli Sanmei concurred, “If I had known earlier that I’d bump into a man like you, This King should have searched for a few cultivation methods for you back then, some first-rate abilities. This King has experienced many in the past.”

“Enough about this. I’m preparing first to go on a trip to the Western Regions, to gather information about the business of the Sword Casting Villa. I’ll see whether or not I can find an opening from the Great Tool Court.” Chen Mo said.

Zhongli Sanmei lost interest the moment she heard about casting ordinary Star Weapons. “This King won’t join in on something so boring. If that Western Regions woman actually comes looking for you, I’ll intervene then.”


“Is Big Brother going away again?” Nianyou blinked.

Chen Mo smiled: “Wait until this business is over, then I’ll take you out to play.” It would not be too convenient bringing Nianyou along for the Sword Casting Villa matter.

Although Nianyou was reluctant, she still grunted in understanding.

Several days later.

Great Tool Court.

Jin Wuliang was currently vexed as he looked at a gold card. The four men and one woman sitting in front of him were all locked in intense debate.

“Branch Master, you must allow my apprentice to participate this time. Dang’er1 has single-mindedly cultivated forging techniques the past two years. He is able to distinguish a thousand combinations of spirit stones and materials. He definitely can bring honor to our western branch.” A red-faced, thick-necked old man said impatiently.

Another middle-aged man apathetically said: “Three years ago, that apprentice of yours was called one in ten thousand, yet he was defeated in the junior examination. This caused the Western Branch’s points to be the lowest. If we allow him to go again, I really cannot stand it.”

“Dang’er is already an Early Stage casting master, and he has upgraded a Star Weapon.” The old man did not give up. “This Old Man has raised him meticulously these past two years, he definitely can redeem the loss to the branch.”

“Hmph, the Western Branch has already ranked dead last for three years. Our points are at risk. How can we allow that apprentice of yours to participate, that is ridiculous. In the end, you only defend him so staunchly because he is your grandson. Who isn’t aware of your thinking.” The only woman among them spoke very bluntly and coarsely.

“Sai Zhishi2 is right. We cannot let your apprentice participate. The Sword Casting Villa has always wanted to head the Western Branch with one of their people. Branch Master Jin, we must take our time in deciding this matter. I feel my apprentice is pretty good. Although he is young, he has signs of extraordinary talent. He has a small amount of fame in Lifeng City.3 Young he may be, but he is bold and courageous. He strives with an effort we do not, perhaps he can surprise everyone.” Another long-robed and scholarly man said.

“Chang Zhiyong,4 that apprentice of yours participating in the ‘Wiping Sword’ was actually ridiculous.” The old man furiously cursed. “Talk about who else can participate.”

“Allow my apprentice.”

“My apprentice.”


The four of them talked over one another, arguing awfully noisily, all of them fighting over a spot in the sword competition.

Jin Wuliang expressionlessly watched them argue. Naturally, he was aware of their thinking. The Four Sects Wiping Swords was a grand occasion that the Sword Casting Villa held once every four years. To be able to have their apprentice show their face was a very important matter. Regardless of success or failure, they were able to obtain very valuable forging experience. The master would even by eyed by the Sword Casting Villa and enter the villa’s practice. 

The ones sitting down were all various managers for the Sword Casting Villa’s Western Branch, the elite, so to speak. Normally, they were each in charge of different tasks. They were gathered this time because of the Sword Casting Villa’s upcoming major function.

Elder Qi walked into the room. Everyone immediately went silent.5

Jin Wuliang showed an expectant expression: “Well, Elder Qi, have you obtained information about Brother Shi Jin?”

Elder QI shook his head.

Jin Wuliang was in incomparable despair. He originally wanted to use this chance to rope Shi Jin into participating this Wiping Sword and had exhausted every kind of method, but he never expected that one-of-a-kind brat would vanish into thin air. There actually was not a scrap of information about him. There was a lot of information about him in the casting parting. With Shi Jin’s superb skills, he absolutely could not hide. This could only indicate there truly was no further contact with this group, otherwise, he would not be silent.

The managers immediately said: “Branch Master, how could you believe in that outsider.”

“The Western Branch cannot count on outsiders. I think he probably was some other disciple of the Sword Casting Villa.”


“Exactly, that brat is so young, maybe he doesn’t have any skills. To have been favored by Branch Master back then, it must be coincidence.”

“Managers, you are not ware that Fellow Shi Jin back then had easily beat This Old Man’s test. All of the Casting Great masters present all know as well.”

The group had more or less heard some things, but they still were not too willing to believe a young brat could have any level of skill.

“It’s impossible to find him anyways. Now that the Four Sects Wiping Sword is upon us, Branch Master cannot hesitate any longer. Otherwise, the Western Branch will lose automatically without a fight. We’ll be laughingstock of the Jianghu.”

Please consider this carefully, Branch Master.”

“No need to consider. It’d better be my Great Disciple. His qualifications and experience are the deepest.”

Thereupon, everyone broke into argument again.

Jin Wuliang listened in annoyance, but what they said was true. The Western Branch belonged to the Western Regions, the environment of which was vile. They were always in a lack of talents, and young casting masters were not as numerous as in the other three branches. Naturally, there were hardly any astonishing talents.6

Although Elder Yun’s Great Disciple was his grandson, it was because of his blood relation that he received many years of care to be considered the Western Branch’s most outstanding young casting disciple. But when Jin Wuliang recalled his spectacular defeat in the junior examination, Jin Wuliang was in great despair.

Just at this moment, a subordinate reported from outside: “Branch Master, someone has requested an audience.”

“Can’t you see we’re discussing an important matter. Who is so blind as to come distrub us.” Manager Yun yelled: “Make him leave for now. Just say that the Great Tool Court is busy and will not entertain visitors.”

“Ahem…He calls himself Shi Jin, a good friend of the Branch Master and specifically came to visit you.” The subordinate hesitated a moment.

“What did you say??”

Jin Wuliang suddenly jumped up from his seat and walked straight across the hall, not looking at the flabbergasted expressions of the managers, nearly throwing his hands about in excitement. He pushed open the gate, urgently saying to the subordinate: “Quickly, quickly bring me to see him.”

“Branch Master, this is?” The managers all were blank.

Elder Qi laughed.

“Everyone, the Western Branch has hope.”

“Don’t tell me it’s that brat?”

“Let’s go look.”

“Let’s see just what capabilities he has that the Branch Master yearns day and night for him.” Sai Zhishi sneered.

Everyone stopped arguing and hurried after Jin Wuliang.

Chen Mo was currently in the sitting room, staring at the rows of casted weapons along the wall. These weapons came in all manners of shape and form, their quality first-class. They were considered premium products. Clearly, they were specifically arranged for customers to look at as a display of the Great Tool Court’s profound casting level. After cultivating the Deva Eyes, Chen Mo’s eyesight was already powerful to the extreme. From his perspective, although these weapons were casted very excellently, they were still not perfect, even a bit flawed.

Chen Mo inwardly shook his head. These weapons in the drawing room were too average.

“Brother Shi Jin.”

An excited voice came from outside the door.

Chen Mo turned his head and saw Jin Wuliang’s familiar figure. Before he could say anything, the man strode over, but after Jin Wuliang was sure that this was the person he was waiting for, he hugged Chen Mo tight.

“Brother, I’ve truly missed you too much.” Jin Wuliang took a few steps back. He noticed that Chen Mo had apparently changed greatly from before; there was an indescribable air of achievement about him.

“Your Servant was in secluded cultivation and casting, so I never had the chance to come visit Senior Wuliang.” Chen Mo smiled.

“Ai, calling me ‘senior’ is much too formal. Just call me Big Brother.” Jin Wuliang laughed.

“So this is the person that Branch Master wanted to find. He’s practically a flimsy scholar. If Branch Master wants to hand the fate of the Western Branch to him, This Old Man will not agree.”

Suddenly, a group of people burst into the drawing room and instantly filled the space. Among them, an old man sized up Chen Mo at a glance and sharply bellowed his grievances.

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  1. 當兒
  2. 塞執事. I don’t if this is a name or a title.
  3. 栗風城
  4. 暢志勇
  5. I think this is actually supposed to be Elder Ding.
  6. Yeah, no one wants to live in what is basically a desert environment.


  1. I can sympathise with the elders. Some teenager shows up and automatically cuts to the beginning of the queue, that’s a bit too random. They should at least have him show off his abilities so they’re satisfied that he’s much better than all their apprentices — if he’s only a little bit better, they still ought to favour their own apprentices which have known addresses and can be found easily.

    Of course, if they knew that Shi Jin was a pseudonym for Chen Mo, they would probably not say a word about it. Of course, it’s inconvenient for Chen Mo to use his real name here, doubly so because he’s on a mission to advance the interests of the Chen clan, and it’s better not to advertise the fact ahead of time.

    1. Agreed. Some of these apprentices have been preparing as long as a decade for this opportunity. To have some random kid come in and take the spot really would be infuriating, especially when the Western Branch is already desperate for talent. It really would be a slap in the face of the efforts that some of these people have invested.

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