Chapter 208: Pure Green Furnace Fire

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“Just who is this Shi Jin, can you speak about his background?” Northern Darkness Has Snow’s inquisitive question immediately attracted the envy of the surrounding people.

To be able to receive the interest of the Four Great Sword Sects, his future prospects were infinite.

Jin Wuliang was overjoyed at the unexpected stroke of luck. To be able to looked upon by the daughter of the Four Great Sword Sect’s Northern Darkness Sword Sect, the Western Branch would undoubtedly seize victory. Besides, this Northern Darkness Has Snow was a lofty character in the Jianghu. This would be helpful in raising the Western Branch’s reputation.

The Northern Branch’s Kuang Yi had an unsightly expression. Any way it was put, his apprentice, Ding Haiyan, had received the Northern Darkness Sword Sect’s patronage. Right now, the Northern Darkness Sword Sect’s daughter was surprisingly inquiring about another man. How could he stand by and watch such a thing. “Immortal, to issue a conclusion right now is still quite premature. There are still multiple other contests. Immortal, why not continue to watch.”1

“Senior Kuang Yi, everyone saw your apprentice’s display, such an undisciplined outburst just now. I certainly do not want to leave my first casted sword to someone like this.” Northern Darkness Has Snow instead politely declined.

“That was only a brief mistake.” Kuang Yi awkwardly explained.

“Since he can extract Gentleman Jade, I obviously must win over such a casting master.” Northern Darkness Has Snow smiled: “What do the rest of you say.”

“Of course. Immortal can be at ease. Fellow Shi Jin absolutely can be trusted. His talent is boundless. He is normally secluded in the Western Regions, and Your Servant also had to expend enormous effort to finally invite him into the Sword Casting Villa.” Jin Wuliang knew what everyone would want to refute next, so he said: “Presumably, everyone here will not oppose such a highly skilled casting master joining the Villa?”

“Are you certain he can be trusted?” The Sword Casting Villa Master cautiously asked.

“Villa Master, can it be that the skill of a casting master is worthy of skepticism?” Jin Wuliang smiled.

No one had anything to say.

The casting level of the person in question was stunning to them. If the Sword Casting Villa let him go, then they definitely would have lost a great talent. The Villa Master himself would also lose significant influence.

“We had better watch his upcoming performance.” The Villa Master was without a choice.

There was no luck involved in the upcoming challenges.

In the two prior ones, Chen Mo’s display was sufficient to make the other casting masters of the Villa feel stunned, let alone the young casting apprentices who were his fellow competitors in this contest. They basically were not even in the same league.

In the next contest, “Wood Element,” Chen Mo used a “Metal subdues Wood” trick to easily carve a model city, winning universal acclaim.

The fourth was a contest using water forging techniques, and Chen Mo once again left everyone in his dust.

For four contests, Chen Mo maintained first place, obtaining 16 points. On the other hand, the previous favorite, Ding Haiyan, was defeated in a landslide, his morale crushed. In one of the previous contests, he made a mistake that landed him in fourth place. In four contests, his 10 points pitifully placed him in second.

From the very first moment when he roused himself up until now, Ding Haiyan wanted just one win.

The last contest of this first round was “Fire.” This time, the trial was very simple. The casting master was to use the furnace to repair an item. The repair that was better was the winner. This tested a casting master’s control over heat. A skilled casting master controlling the degree of heat was able to directly determine the success level of the forged item. Compared to the first four, this trial was the most important.

Ding Haiyan rallied himself. He believed he had cultivated heat control very painstakingly. In the Five Elements, Water subdued Fire. The Northern Darkness Sword Sect took “Water” as its basis. He was very self-confident in this aspect.

Although he was defeated four times, in the end, the opponent was an outsider. To cast a weapon, control over fire was the most important thing.

He must recover his momentum.

Ding Haiyan inwardly grit his teeth. A flower appeared over his head, stunning Pan Shi’an and Tai Ran.

Flower Gathered Overhead!

Everyone gasped.

At Ding Haiyan’s age, his casting arts already had a very profound level of mystery. Now, he even had Flower Gathered Overhead cultivation. In all of the Great Chong Dynasty, he was a rare character.

Everyone looked at Chen Mo.

Chen Mo was calm, not in the slightest rattled by the power of that Flower Gathered Overhead. It did not seem to exist in his eyes.

Ding Haiyan snorted: “An outsider’s fame is short-lived. Only with casting arts for fire control can one forge a Divine Weapon. This time, I will beat you for sure.”

“I hope so.” Chen Mo leisurely replied.

Ding Haiyan gnashed his teeth. This brat did not respect him at all. If it was not for the attentive gazes of tens of thousands of people hindering him, he actually wanted to slap Chen Mo dead with his Flower Gathered Overhead cultivation.

The four of them arrived in front of their respective furnaces. Spirit sand materials from the Five Elements were prepared in the surroundings.

Chen Mo held up the item to repair. It was a dagger, its blade already warped and cracked; it was a badly damaged weapon. It was nothing special for a casting master to repair something. If he was to repair this flawlessly, he would require a very long time, but in this contest, time was short. To fix it perfectly this quickly was a veritable test of the control over a casting master’s process.

Under Elder E’s order, the last contest of the first round began.

The four furnaces emitted steam, and a burning wind scalded in all directions. The people nearest immediately felt the intense heat. Ding Haiyan adjusted his mentality, calmly proceeding according to his usual casting arts. In order, he then placed “water” material into the flames. In the Five Elements, Water restrained Fire. Using water to control the fire’s burning progress was a casting master’s classic technique.

But to control heat perfectly as they pleased required the casting master to have enormous experience or to have a corresponding understanding of the Five Elements.

Ding Haiyan was confident in controlling fire with water. As expected, among the four of them, his furnace’s blaze changed as he wanted. It was scorching one moment, then cool the next.

Pan Shi’an and Tai Ran also used this repair technique, but they were not as proficient as he was.

Ding Haiyan listened to those astonished voices in the surroundings, and his heart soared with endless pride, sweeping away his earlier haze. He glanced at Chen Mo, who was also meticulously controlling the heat in the forge. Chen Mo was completely focused, but the color of his flame was different from the rest. Its color was becoming darker bit by bit.

“What trick is this brat playing now?” Ding Haiyan furrowed his brow, not understanding.

“It must be another cheap trick, hmph.” Ding Haiyan no longer paid him any attention. As long as he was the first to fix the dagger, that would be fine. Although his usage of water’s property to subdue fire was perfect in controlling the heat, it was a bit challenging to perform a flawless repair in such a short time frame. However, the others could not possibly have a better method. As long as he finished his repairs first, the final victor would still be him.2

Thinking of this, Ding Haiyan worked even harder.

“This Book Of Casting that Mother left behind really is fantastic.” Chen Mo muttered to himself. He watched the flames in front of him change little by little to the dark, suffocating shade he imagined. He seized an appropriate amount of Spirit Sand and sprinkled them into the furnace. Sparks ignited, erupting high into the air.

Above the ring, the Sword Casting Villa’s high floor was somewhat confounded.

“Jin Wuliang, what is your apprentice doing?”

“He doesn’t seem to be using a Water Element Spirit Sand.”


Jin Wuliang was at a loss for words. How could he know what Chen Mo was up to. In regards to understanding of casting, he had never seen a fifteen to sixteen year old youth more incredible than him. The boy was simply abnormal, and he did not know from where Chen Mo obtained his extraordinary knowledge.

“Wood births Fire.”

All of a sudden, the Sword Casting Villa Master blurted this out.


Everyone was taken aback.

“Wood births Fire? He is using the Five Elements theory of mutual generation?”

“But the test before was of mutual overcoming.”

The branch masters detailed their perspectives one after another.

“Although using the mutual generation principle to control fire is not strange, hmph, the required composition is much more complicated. Even a top-notch casting master would find it very difficult to control…” The Northern Branch Master’s words had yet to finish when he was suddenly interrupted by a succession of gasps.

Everyone looked and were immediately dumbstruck.

The color of the flame in Chen Mo’s furnace was slowly turning a green color.

“This is Pure Green Furnace Fire!!”3

Jin Wuliang blankly said. This was the highest level of heat control for a casting master.


This brat actually did it.

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  1. She’s alternately called “Fairy” or “Immortal.”
  2. The math doesn’t add up. Chen Mo has 16 points while he has 10. There’s no way Chen Mo doesn’t win this.
  3. 爐火純青, more commonly, this is an idiom that means “point of perfection,” though it can also refer to a green flame used in alchemy.

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