Chapter 209: Northern Darkness Has Snow

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“Just what kind of person are you?”

Ding Haiyan was struck as dumb as a wooden chicken. An Early Stage Casting Master actually able to control the fire in the furnace to the Pure Green level was already beyond the scope of his comprehension. Even a formidable casting master would not be able to achieve this so easily, let alone on this arena where there was a time restriction. What Chen Mo did completely broke free of the confines of his imagination. If it was not for him seeing that Chen Mo was a man, Ding Haiyan would have thought that perhaps some Star General in possession of a casting Innate Skill was making fools of them.

After a short moment, Chen Mo extracted the dagger.

Under the Pure Green Furnace Fire, repairing the dagger’s damage was no problem at all. The entire dagger was not only forged even more perfectly, it was without flaw. Furthermore, the dagger appeared even sharper than it was originally after the Pure Green Furnace Fire.

Without a doubt.

Chen Mo had stole the show in this contest.

Everyone let out an earth-shattering cheer. To be able to see a casting art more brilliant than even a Middle Stage Casting Master’s, this was a feast for the eyes from the perspective of these warriors.

In the first round of the competition.

Chen Mo pulled a surprise win by using the last Five Elements mutual generation principle. He convinced everyone, leaving no room for rebuttal. Even the Sword Casting Villa Master could not find a flaw. The final rankings were Chen Mo, representing the Western Branch, in first, then Ding Haiyan, Pan Shi’an, and Tairan in second, third, and fourth places, respectively.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, Fellow Shi Jin is amazing, as expected.” Jin Wuliang beamed. Now that the first round was Chen Mo’s overwhelming victory, the Western Branch could be considered as being safe in the Four Sects Wiping Sword.

Kuang Yi said: “Don’t be happy too early. The most important part of the Four Sects Wiping Sword is still the results of the second round.”

Jin Wuliang was taken aback. He also recalled this outcome. What the Four Sects Wiping Sword placed emphasis on in the end was still the capabilities of the sword a casting master forged, but a Divine Sword required a powerful warrior to be compatible with it. In the Four Great Sword Sects, there was no doubt that the position of the Northern Darkness Sword Sect was unshakable, and Fairy Northern Darkness was number one in the Jianghu. If in the end she chose the casting master of Northern Branch to forge a sword, then no matter the outcome, the other sect’s contestants would be unable to defeat her.

The final victor would still be the Northern Branch.

Jin Wuliang resolutely said: “The casting talent that my apprentice exhibited is something even we may not necessarily be able to compare to. I believe each of the Great Sects has their own judgment.”

Kuang Yi sneered. He paused then went to speak with the Northern Darkness Sword Sect: “Northern Darkness Sect Master, the Northern Branch’s Ten Thousand Edge Pavilion has already researched meticulously for four years to forge a sword for the Fairy. That brat’s origins are unclear, and he is from the Western Regions. We ask that Sect Master and Fairy consider this. Although his performance is extraordinary, this is only a bit of luck. But any casting related to the Fairy herself must not be a fluke.”

The Northern Darkness Sect Master, Northern Darkness Blue Wave, leisurely said: “Has Snow, what Branch Master Kuang says is reasonable.” After all, Ding Haiyan had trained at the Northern Darkness Sword Sect. Compared to other people, he was much more familiar with the Sword Sect’s style.

Northern Darkness Has Snow smiled: “Daughter has her own plans.”

“Then do as you please.” Northern Darkness Blue Wave treasured this girl dearly, and he was unwilling to interfere any further with her thinking.

Following the sound of the cannons, the curtain fell on the first round of the competition. Immediately afterwards, the Four Sects would choose someone.

The second round, “Wiping Sword,” followed when the Four Great Sword Sects’ disciples selected a casting master to forge a weapon for them after the first round. The selection sequence was in order of the first round’s victor.

Chen Mo and the others stepped down from the platform. Along with the start of the Four Sects’ selection, the Wiping Sword Field became even more boisterous.

Jin Wuliang walked to Chen Mo’s side and patted him on the shoulder, giving him a thumbs up: “Brother Shi Jin, you truly are amazing. We have to trade notes when we have the time.”

“Of course.”

“This time, the Western Branch honestly can breathe a sigh of relief. Heh, heh, I feel like you can win a position as a Branch Master of the Sword Casting Villa.” Jin Wuliang’s mood was ecstatic.

“Oh, right. Brother Shi Jin, did you hone your casting arts yourself, or did you have a master teach you?” Jin Wuliang asked.

“I couldn’t hone them myself. There was someone who could be considered a master that imparted some knowledge to me.” Chen Mo said forthrightly.

Jin Wuliang nodded, for it was as he expected. To be able to polish a Bright Green Furnace Fire technique at Chen Mo’s age was inconceivable. On the contrary, it was more reasonable that someone had taught him. In the end, though casting masters had a saying about innate talent, it was acquired cultivation that was even more important. “I wonder who that master of yours is. They are too amazing. I am ashamed of my inferiority.”

“I don’t know either.” Chen Mo said: “But he should have gone to the Inner Star Field by now.”

“Inner Star Field?” Jin Wuliang gasped: “So it turned out to be a senior of the Inner Star Field. No wonder.”

Compared to the Inner Star Field, the Outer Star Field was like a place out in the countryside. To be able to receive the pointers of an Inner Star Field casting master, perhaps the Sword Casting Villa would even be willing to pay any price. Jin Wuliang looked at Chen Mo. He could not help but sigh. Indeed, opportunities were the most important for a person.

As he said this, Chen Mo suddenly felt a chill along his skin. The two of them stopped their conversation and looked up. Approaching them was a woman in white clothing.

The girl had black hair and snow-white skin, a lotus face and a slender waist, and a flowery smile. She had a temperament like ice and snow, making one feel like they were facing winter at first glance. 

“Fairy Northern Darkness.”

Jin Wuliang promptly cupped his fist.

Chen Mo also expressionlessly cupped his fist.

Northern Darkness Has Snow stared at Chen Mo’s face for a long while. Those pitch-black pupils were deep as the abyss, unclear what they were thinking of. “Your Distinguished Self’s casting arts are impressive and moving. Why not take off that mask and show your face?”1

“That would be unsuitable for Your Servant, please understand.” Against Fairy Northern Darkness, whose temperament and beauty were comparable in the Jianghu to Princess Yanyu, Chen Mo still maintained a clear head, acting neither servile nor overbearing.

Of course, given his identity, he basically did not need to maintain deference towards others.

Northern Darkness Has Snow’s eyes concentrated.

All of a sudden, Chen Mo felt a seemingly substantive thought enter his mind.

Chen Mo’s eyes narrowed. This Northern Darkness Has Snow surprisingly went straight to using Divine Intent to probe him. Chen Mo naturally would not allow her to do this, and he exercised the Bodhi Soul Technique. Once the soul technique activated, Chen Mo’s mind was like a  an enormous root in the earth, repelling Northern Darkness Has Snow’s Divine Intent.

“Hm?” Northern Darkness Has SNow wrinkled her brow and continued to press on her Divine Intent.

The corner of Chen Mo’s mouth curled. His eyes released a ray of light as he activated the Deva Eyes.

Suddenly, the vast and tremendous might of Buddha and Devas stabbed straight into the girl’s heart. Northern Darkness Has Snow gasped, her Essence, Qi, and Spirit immediately dispersed, and her whole body went limp and collapsed.

“Fairy, what is the matter? You must take care of your body.” Chen Mo stepped forward and used both his arms to hold up the girl’s body.

Everyone in the surroundings was dumbstruck.

Fairy Northern Darkness’ body actually was touched by a man.

The Northern Branch’s Kuang Yi was ecstatic to see all of this. With Northern Darkness Has Snow’s personality, this man who did not understand propriety had philandered her. Even if his casting arts were any more formidable, he perhaps would not receive Northern Darkness Has Snow’s favor. He eagerly awaited for Northern Darkness Has Snow to rebuke Chen Mo, yet surprisingly, Northern Darkness Has Snow seemed to not feel this this and allowed Chen Mo to hold her up.

After a while, the girl finally took a step back, her brow seemingly knit together: “No need for you to worry.”

“Fellow Shi Jin, you pique my interest more and more.” Northern Darkness Has Snow finished speaking and brushed past him.

A fragrance assailed his nostrils, smelling like a snow perfume.

The Northern Darkness Sword Sect’s disciples and elders that had come with her also followed after her. Some gazed at Chen Mo with eyes of fury, others with strange expressions, and others with confusion.

“As long as we receive Northern Darkness Has Snow’s invitation to cast a sword, our victory is assured this time.” Jin Wuliang said in pleasant surprise.

“En.” Chen Mo was noncommittal.

“Did you do something to her just now? Why did Northern Darkness Has Snow suddenly fall?” Jin Wuliang asked strangely.

“What can I do to her. Senior Wuliang, you’re overthinking.” Chen Mo laughed.


The two of them descended the stage. Then, it was time for the contest between the Four Sects’ disciples.

According to the competition rules, they would be paired together, with selection of casting master to forge a Divine Weapon in order of ranking in the prior contest. In past years, but especially this time, the atmosphere of the Sword Wiping Field was even more intense than before during this segment.

It was no exaggeration to say that to be able to witness the Immortal Stance of Northern Darkness Has Snow’s battle was what all of the warriors and cultivators present yearned for day and night.

The four Sword Sect disciples stepped onto the platform. The Eastern Flower Sword Sect, the Southern Mountain Sword Sect, and the Western River Sword Sect’s disciples also were all Second Layer or higher Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivation. In terms of strength, they were categorized as excellent among the warriors in the Jianghu, but compared to the nearly Sixth Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation Northern Darkness Has Snow, the latter was like a crane in a flock of chickens.

Dressed in white clothes, like floating snow, her slender and elegant figure caught everyone’s eyes.

“Elder E, I think there is no need to be so bothersome. This time, This Fairy has already settled on someone. I have decided on that person.” Northern Darkness Has Snow suddenly said.

“Fairy’s meaning?”

“All of you attack together. This way, we can save some time.” Northern Darkness Has Snow slightly smiled.


The entire arena thundered.

“Your meaning is?” Elder E gazed at the others.

Magic weapons and sword chants could not be used in this contest. This was purely a contest of the sects’ swordsmanship. In a one-on-one contest, the Great Sword Sects’ disciples recognized they absolutely were no match for Northern Darkness Has Snow. Each of them looked at the others. This suggestion of hers was no harm to them. The Eastern Flower Sword Sect’s disciple, Hou Haorang, said: “Lady Has Snow, presumably you have an inclination towards the Western Branch’s Casting Master Shi?”

“However, do you actually have the confidence that you can defeat the three of us together?” The Southern Branch’s student was a girl. She had a rosy face, red phoenix eyes, and she wore a customary dress of the Southern Mountain. The woman clearly felt that Northern Darkness Has Snow’s suggestion was shaming them, and her expression was full of disdain.

Lastly, the Western River Sword Sect’s disciple was a young man who silently held a long sword. True Qi circulated around his body, already fully charged.

“Has Snow wants to astound everyone. Only this way can Has Snow not lose out to him.” Northern Darkness Has Snow’s words made everyone cry out even louder.

Everyone’s gazes shifted to that lucky man.

To be able to receive such treatment from Fairy Northern Darkness, this man truly had the blessing of a lifetime.

Although he had no feelings whatsoever for Northern Darkness Has Snow, Chen Mo could not help but admit that this practical “confession” of hers made him feel quite vain.

“Since this is the case, then we shall not be modest.” Hou Haorang said.

“No need to be modest, you are no match for me anyways.” Northern Darkness Has Snow smiled.

These words thoroughly angered the students of the Great Sword Sects. The Western River Sword Sect’s man was the first to attack. His sword-light swept over the ring like a crescent moon. This was none other than the Western River Sword Sect’s most famous Dredging Moon Sword Technique, “Formless Crescent Moon.”2

The Southern Mountain Sword Sect’s woman seethed in anger, also unleashing her sword at the same time.

Sword qi slashed like layer upon layer of forest.

Among the Four Great Sword Sects, the Eastern Flower Sword Sect was the strongest after the Northern Darkness Sword Sect, and Hou Haorang also used his strongest technique.

Dragon Cry Eastern Sea.3

The Great Sword Sect’s students worked together, their power unparalleled even without using magic energy. This was enough to make a Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator change expressions.

Northern Darkness Has Snow turned her hand. Sword qi was drawn out and formed a river in midair, blocking the sword qi of the Great Sword Sects’ apprentices. Although the Northern Darkness Sword Sect’s sword techniques were known to be weak in power, they were the Four Great Sword Sect’s strongest. When this technique was used, everyone’s expressions changed as they prepared to use reply with a second attack.

Northern Darkness Has Snow disdainfully smiled. Following a sword technique that was like snow, floating through empty space, their sword qi froze like ice.

“This is bad.”

They were aghast.

“Don’t senselessly waste time.”

The girl asserted.

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  1. Does she suspect?
  2. 眉月無形
  3. 龍吟東海

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