Chapter 217: Chen Mo’s Trick

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“Water of every place, dragons and fishes fix. Great turbidity of the world, everything is of purity.”

Northern Darkness Blue Wave recited an incantation, activating all of his magic energy. The Flying Swords became thousands of dragon-carps. As they swam about, they released a luster that was like clear water and completely entangled the Qian Extreme Banner’s blizzard.

“Dragon Fish Clear And Turbid Sword Array!”

Northern Darkness Blue Wave did not hold back as he formed a hand seal.

The ten thousand swords attacked all at once.

Uttaraputra1 clearly underestimated his foe. The old man’s expression turned grave, also unwilling to concede defeat as he used all of his magic energy to wholly resist the great turbidity sword array that the dragon-carps unleashed.

The two of them struggled with increasing intensity. In the end, Northern Darkness Blue wave was the preeminent overlord of the area. His strength was formidable, and he very quickly gained the upper hand. Although Uttaraputra had cultivated in the Inner Star Fields, he nearly lost his life to Zhangsun Sheng’s arrow. Even after recuperating his internal injuries for a century, he still was not fully healed. In the Outer Star Field, he was constantly refining magic treasures. Whether in foundation or power, he was far inferior to Northern Darkness Blue Wave.

The old man activated several magic treasures in succession that were broken by the sword array. Several rays of sword-qi shredded Uttaraputra’s defenses to the point of collapse and finally broke the old man’s arrogance.

This man is too thorny.

Uttaraputra shouted. His Flying Swords combined to form a light that spiraled forth. At the same time, the Gan Extreme Cold Qi immediately approached. Northern Darkness Blue Wave suffered the Gan Extreme Cold Qi’s attack, and his expression slightly changed. He hastily activated a soul technique to barely withstand the cold qi pervading his meridians. The man was also angered, suddenly rising up and drawing a divine weapon.

This sword was constructed like a dragon and carp were intertwining tails. The sword’s tip was like water, and what shock Uttaraputra was that this weapon actually had five shimmering stars.

Star Weapon!

“Kun Carp Sword Technique, Leaping Dragon Gate!”2

“Star Weapon swordsmanship?” Uttaraputra turned pale with fright.

In Star World, Destined Star Weapons were regarded since ancient times as existences that stirred up carnage. Any one Destined Star Weapon that fell into a cultivator’s hands was comparable to a magic treasure, but the number of cultivators capable of truly wielding a Destined Star Weapon’s might could be counted on fingers. For this reason, casting masters forged Star Weapons capable of casted stars. Star Weapons naturally could not compare to a Destined Star Weapon, but Star Weapons with greater numbers of Stars could also gather Star Energy. If combined with a Star Weapon sword technique, it could absolutely occupy a very significant advantage in a battle between cultivators.

Star World’s sword techniques were innumerable, but those that were truly compatible with a Star Weapon were very sparse. Truthfully, in Star World, a Star Weapon sword technique was the most revered in every major sect.

Uttaraputra never thought he would be able to see one in the Outer Star Fields.

When he thought about it carefully, it was not strange at all. The Great Chong Dynasty’s Four Great Sword Sects all had Star Weapon swordsmanship, and the Northern Darkness Sword Sect’s greatest characteristic was that it possessed formidable sword arts. The other disciples perhaps could not learn them, but as the master of a sect, he naturally grasped it easily in passing.

Northern Darkness Blue Wave used the Leaping Dragon Gate. His figure was like a dragon-carp jumping into the Nine Firmaments, avoiding the enemy sword chant. A peak dragon-carp sword-light brushed over the old man’s chest.

The Star Weapon sword techniques that a cultivator trained were created for the sake of competing against Star Generals in terms of weaponry. Although they could not compare to a genuine Fiend Star, the appearance of a weapon like that could be shocking yet quite threatening.

Uttaraputra was unable to dodge, and the sword thrust into his chest. The old man’s expression greatly changed, but worthy of one who had once made a harrowing escape from the Inner Star Fields, he was not immediately in a panic. Imbuing magic energy into his palm, he swatted forth with his palm.

This palm attack used the strongest magic energy and abilities in his entire life to strike Northern Darkness Blue Wave’s shoulder.

Northern Darkness Blue Wave’s shoulder bones disintegrated, and the Qian Extreme Cold Qi in his body had also proliferated throughout all his meridians.

The two of them spat blood at the same time. Their figures staggered backwards and fell onto the ground.

“Never imagined this place would have a cultivator of your level. This Old Man truly has underestimated this place.” Uttaraputra was extremely furious. Ever since he hid himself in the ice valley, he had killed many adventure seeking cultivators in the past. Many of them were cultivators who had passed the Greater Thunder Tribulation’s God Transformation, Nothingness Return, and Fate Realization Realms, yet today was the first time he had suffered two strikes. “If it was not for This Old Man exhausting my magic energy refining the Snow Soul Bottle, I would not have fallen to such a sorry state.”

Uttaraputra’s Divine Intent moved. He pondered whether or not to bring out a magic treasure when suddenly, he sensed information from the Vast Profundity, and his expression slightly changed.

“We shall stop here today. Sooner or later, This Old Man shall pay that sword sect of yours a visit.”

Northern Darkness Blue Wave did not want to leave this scourge behind at all, his heart already filling with murderous intent, but Uttaraputra was able to slip away from even Zhangsun Sheng’s hands. His escape arts were the best among cultivators. “Go protect your precious daughter, ha, ha!”

With a long howl of laughter, the snowstorm rose again in the ice valley. Uttaraputra’s silhouette already vanished.

Northern Darkness Blue Wave worried for his daughter and could not easily launch a pursuit. A grudge was formed today. He could only call on several of his close friends on another day to kill this old man together. He could also discern that this Uttaraputra ought not to have support from behind the scenes. That Strange Beast was also an oddity.

Northern Darkness Blue Wave’s Divine Intent scanned and found Northern Darkness Has Snow in a cave at the entrance to the ice valley.

He saw Northern Darkness Has Snow sitting still and upright, her black hair floating and her breathing stable. Her life was not in danger at all, but the weather was bitterly cold, making her shiver a bit. “Has Snow.” Northern Darkness Blue Wave waved his hand, and a ray of magic energy covered the girl’s body, sweeping away the ice and snow.

“Father.” Northern Darkness Has Snow opened her eyes and relaxed her shoulders.

Northern Darkness Blue Wave look around, angry. “Where did that brat you kept on repeating that you would die together with run off to?”

Northern Darkness Has Snow heard her father’s words and understood that he was somewhat displeased.

“He…Went to go help Daughter retrieve the Ice Soul Snow Crystal…” After Northern Darkness Has Snow regained consciousness, she found that she was alone. She was not sure there Chen Mo went, and she did not dare utter the truth to her father. If he was to learn that Chen Mo abandoned her, given her father’s nature, he would never drop the matter.

However, Northern Darkness Has Snow also understood that a man who dared to stand in direct confrontation against a top-notch cultivator could not possibly throw her away in a moment of danger.

Thinking of this, the corner of Northern Darkness Has Snow’s mouth could not help but curl.

“You dared to come harvest something like the Ice Soul Snow Crystal.” Northern Darkness Blue Wave’s expression was very warm. “I already explained that the ice valley is dangerous. Why did you cause trouble.”

“Father, you’re injured. Is that cultivator dead?” Northern Darkness Has Snow asked.

“This Father was unable to kill him. I fear he has been hiding in the ice valley for many years, and the Spirit Beast he raised does not seem to be from the Outer Star Fields. It may be from the Inner Star Fields.” Northern Darkness Blue Wave shook his head and said. “We have to leave this place as soon as possible.”

“But Shi Jin…”

“That man dared to leave by himself to go obtain the Spirit Stone. He has his own position, and you need to look after yourself right now. After we return to the sect, This Father will think of a way to kill that cultivator so as to avoid leaving trouble behind.” Northern Darkness Blue Wave did not allow her to interject. He raised his hand, and magic energy covered Northern Darkness Has Snow. Then, he guided his Flying Swords to fly out of the northern regions. As for the life or death of the man that his precious daughter worried about, he did not give a damn.

It would be better for that boy to be destroyed.

Meanwhile, Uttaraputra was flying towards his Uttaraputra Cave. The old man’s complexion was ashen, a hole gouged into his chest by a sword, throbbing with dull pain; having passed through this incident, this place was unsuitable to stay in for much longer. That whatever sword sect would definitely come for revenge. Fortunately, This Old Man has already collected one Ice Soul Bottle. This ice valley has no value anymore. It is time to go look at the cold regions of other Star Fields.

Uttaraputra pondered this in his mind.

However, that brat’s weapon absolutely is a Destined Star Weapon of unknown background. Since he was able to use the weapon to crush the Vast Profundity Beast, he’s presumably trained in Star Energy. If This Old Man can seize his weapon and force him to divulge the cultivation method for training Star Energy, heh, heh, then a century would not be needed to return the Inner Star Field and wash away my previous disgrace.

Thinking of that divine weapon, Uttaraputra’s imagination was difficult to stop.

He was naturally avaricious, otherwise he would not have faced opprobrium and stole a Star General’s belonging. Riches and honor were found in danger, and only in this way was he able to contend against a Star General. No matter what, Uttaraputra needed to kill that brat and steal his weapon before he allowed himself to leave this Star Field.

Uttaraputra concocted a plan.

After flying a while, Uttaraputra spotted an open area.

On the open grounds, the Vast Profundity was crouched on the ground, its body covered in wounds. Its wings were folded, deferential as a servant. This greatly satisfied Uttaraputra’s vanity. To be able to make a Spirit Beast that would only acknowledge service to a Star General be so reverent of him, the many years of torment were worth it.

Uttaraputra spotted a man slumped against a wall, his eyes closed, his body covered in blood. He was not breathing, and that staff clutched in his hand appeared to be finally powerless.

Northern Entierty had just received the Vast Profundity’s Divine Intent and had hastily rushed over.

Seeing that Chen Mo was dead, Uttaraputra was enormously pleased, sweeping away his previous fury at being forced into such a sorry state by Northern Darkness Blue Wave. “A measly warrior relied on his weapon to be menacing, but in the end, it was nothing more than a bluff. Not bad, hmph!”

Uttaraputra disdainfully asserted. His Divine Intent moved, but it was unable to move the staff. It appeared to be a Destined Star Weapon. He walked over to grab the weapon. Just as he was about to seize it, all of a sudden, Chen Mo’s eyes shot open, and Northern Dipper unexpectedly hurtled towards his face.

Uttaraputra did not expect that Chen Mo was feigning death, and he was unable to put up a defense, resulting in him being stuck in the face. But fortunately for him, he was Fate Realization Cultivation. Magic energy blocked a majority of the force. Nevertheless, he was still sent flying swiftly away by Northern Dipper.

“You’re not dead?”

Uttaraputra was shocked. He clearly felt that Chen Mo’s breathing was already stopped, but the brat was actually still alive.3

Chen Mo used the Nose Locking Art. Even a Fate Realization Realm like Uttaraputra was unable to sense it. Chen Mo lifted his big stick, smashing it towards the old man without another word, an aggression that wanted him to die here.

Smoke billowed out of Uttaraputra’s seven apertures in fury.

Annoying, truly annoying.

That an insignificant Three Flowers warrior actually dared to act so doggedly against him was too fucking unbelievable. You ought to be grateful that This Old Man wanted to spare your life, and now you want to kill me. “Even if you cultivate Star Energy, This Old Man would have lived the past few centuries in vain if I cannot take you down.” Uttaraputra brainstormed quickly, settling his resolve to kill Chen Mo.

His Flying Swords sensed danger, appearing out of thin air faster than he could react.

When the Life-cast Sword Chant emerged, Chen Mo lost his chance to kill the old man given his current level of strength. The Gan Extreme Banner once again activated, but Chen Mo was long prepared. His Divine Intent moved, and he brought out the Primeval Chaos Spirit Treasure, Bodhi Treasure Karma.

CHen Mo took hold of the Bodhi Treasure Karma, imbuing his spiritual power into it. An enormous Bodhi Treasure Tree germinated and bloomed above Chen Mo’s head. Green light glowed, and Chen Mo swung the Bodhi Treasure Karma. The Bodhi Leaf’s green light flowed, and in an instant, the green light was like a sea, spreading everywhere.

Formidable spiritual power enveloped his body, and Uttaraputra immediately noticed that all of his abilities and magic energy had abruptly vanished into thin air. Even the Life-cast Sword Chant lost its power under the green light.

Oh, no.

This brat actually has a Primeval Chaos Spirit Treasure.

Uttaraputra’s expression greatly changed. He never imagined that Chen Mo would have such an abnormal treasure. Even in the Inner Star Fields, Primeval Chaos Spirit Treasures were rare. Uttaraputra was in the middle of panicking when he saw Chen Mo’s eyes approaching.

The man’s eyes were like deva, unfathomable, containing the might of immortals and Buddhas. Even with his unbridled nature, Uttaraputra could not help but be shaken.

Deva Eyes!

Chen Mo followed with a push with his right hand. The Qiankun One Qi then struck the old man.

Uttaraputra went from alarm to horror. His eyes widened, completely confounded just as to what the force unfolding on his body was.

Bodhi Treasure Karma, Deva Eyes, and Qiankun One Qi.

Chen Mo’s three abilities were used in succession, leaving no openings. Uttaraputra was already wounded from his battle against Northern Darkness Blue Wave, and he was careless to be injured by Chen Mo’s staff. Such meticulous planning finally made the old man realize.

This boy set everything up.

But Uttaraputra did not despair yet. In the end, he had the strongest cultivation. Although Chen Mo’s three abilities deterred his movements, even if Chen Mo pushed himself to the limit, the boy’s strength was unable to kill him. The disparity between the two was too great. His own magic energy absolutely was not something a Three Flowers warrior who practiced Star Energy was capable of breaking.

Harboring these arrogant thoughts, Uttaraputra still pondered how to tear Chen Mo apart.

Chen Mo naturally knew that all of his techniques would be hard-pressed to kill a Fate Realization Realm cultivator, but the old man in front of him was not aware that Chen Mo had but killed even Star Generals before. Since he dared to plan everything, he was already putting his all into this battle. He had a countermeasure that was able to kill the old man.

Chen Mo’s pace abruptly slowed. His steps were neither too fast nor too slow, neither rushed nor delayed, his power neither hot nor cold. He was as natural as a bird soaring through the sky or a fish breathing underwater, so natural his person flowed.

Northern Dipper became a blade. Chen Mo’s hand gripped the hilt and slowly drew the saber.

His drawing motion appeared slow, but it also as swift as lightning. The old man had the feeling he was unable to keep up with the speed of the draw.

This was indeed the truth. When Chen Mo drew the saber, Uttaraputra finally was frightened out of his wits at this moment.

Uttaraputra detected an aura that had once annihilated him before.

This is bad.

Star General’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill.

Ice Breaker Snow Slicer!!!

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  1. This used to be TL’d as “Northern Entirety.” I’m pretty sure this is a Sanskrit name, actually.
  2. 鯤鯉劍法躍龍門
  3. Nose Locking Art coming in clutch.

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