Chapter 216: The Attitude You Should Have

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A hundred Flying Swords soared over from the horizon like a raging wave flooding the heavens, pouncing into the center of Uttaraputra’s sword-net. A fierce exchange of blows was produced between the sword chants of the top-notch cultivators. Sword-light resonated within a range of several hundred li, the noise ear-splitting, the flickering cold-lights blinding to the eyes. 

When the sword force arrived, a person followed in the blink of an eye.

Draped in an overcoat, a majestic and towering middle-aged man stood upon a Flying Sword, his face showing concern. He was none other than the sect master of the Northern Darkness Sword Sect, Northern Darkness Blue Wave. When he saw that Northern Darkness Has Snow was still alive, the man’s expression finally warmed.

Northern Darkness Blue Wave looked at Uttaraputra, doubt now added to his expression. The number of first rate Fate Realization Realm cultivators in the Great Chong Dynasty could be counted on fingers. Northern Darkness Blue Wave was familiar with practically all of them, but he had never seen the old man in front of him before. Behind the old man was a quadruple-winged beast, its attitude like a king’s. This was also the first time he had seen such a creature.

“Your Servant is sect master of the Northern Darkness Sword Sect, Northern Darkness Blue Wave. May I be so bold as to ask for Your Distinguished Self’s name and why you are making things difficult for my daughter.” Northern Darkness Blue Wave modestly and politely asked. The opponent’s background was unclear, and he had top-notch cultivation. Seeing that his daughter’s body had sustained heavy injuries, Northern Darkness Blue Wave could only suppress his fury for the moment and gather information about the situation first.

“This Old Man has no interest in your daughter. However, that brat has offended This Old Man. Today, This Old Man must have his life. Are you going to stop me?” Uttaraputra viciously stared at Chen Mo.

Northern Darkness Blue Wave was secretly astonished. By what means as a casting master could this brat actually make a Fate Realization Realm cultivator so resentful. Northern Darkness Blue Wave did not want to create side issues and pick a fight with the enemy. He did not fear his counterpart’s cultivation, but the scene behind him made him somewhat apprehensive about taking rash action. From the looks of that Spirit Beast, this old man had been living secluded in the ice valley for a very long time. Presumably, there was a reason. That Spirit Beast also seemed to be a Star General’s mount. If there was a Star General backing him, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate. Offending a Star General would be a calamity that could end the Northern Darkness Sword Sect.

Although this young casting master was unparalleled in talent, he was insignificant compared to the survival of the sect. Northern Darkness Blue Wave quickly brainstormed, considering the pros and cons, pondering whether or not to agree to the old man’s condition.

When Northern Darkness Has Snow saw her father’s hesitation, her heart grew worried, afraid that he would actually renounce Chen Mo. Without even thinking, she blurted out: “Father, he belongs to This Fairy. If he dies, This Fairy shall die together with him.”

Northern Darkness Blue Wave stared dumbstruck. This daughter, who ordinarily would not even spare other men a glance, was surprisingly protecting a man now. This made him both surprised and sour, making him feel very conflicted.

“You two are so deep in love, This Old Man shall send you to Hell as a married couple!” Uttaraputra smiled. He raised his hand, and a banner flew out from his sleeve.

This banner enlarged and was about five zhang in size. It was white in color, with cold wind, ice, and snow surrounding it, and the banner was covered in strange cloud patterns. When the banner appeared, an intense snowstorm suddenly was produced from the flag. In an instant, the originally deathly silent ice valley was once again covered by a blizzard.

This blizzard was stronger than the previous one by a hundredfold. The one from before was natural. Although it was intense, a cultivator could still withstand it by using magic energy. But this time, Uttaraputra had activated his own magic treasure, “Qian Extreme Banner.”1 Back then, he had refined this at the same time he refined the Qian Extreme Cold Qi, choosing as its base materials the extremely cold air and the Qian Cold grounds of the Inner Star Field. When the snowstorm appeared, it covered everything. The north wind was frightful like a blade. If they had been ordinary cultivators or warriors, even a full army would have died in the wind.

Uttaraputra did not want to waste time. He would kill Chen Mo first and worry about the rest later.

When Northern Darkness Blue Wave saw this old man attack without another word, his heart grew furious. He was the best cultivator in the Tail Fire Star Field, the master of a sect. That his foe surprisingly wanted to make his daughter go die as a married couple honestly was hateful. “This Sect Master shall meet you!” Northern Darkness Blue Wave bellowed, using the Dragon Fish Covering Water sword chant. A hundred Flying Swords became a dragon-carp, the sword-light stretching several zhang, stirring the Qian Extreme Banner’s blizzard like wave of water.

The hundred dragon-carp sword-lights danced through the heavens, breaking the clouds, appearing incomparably spectacular.

Uttaraputra’s brows rose. Sneering even more, his heart was filled with arrogance. As a lofty Inner Star Field cultivator, he but treated the Outer Star Field’s cultivators as country bumpkins, not worth sparing a glance. Seeing Northern Darkness Blue Wave stop him, Uttaraputra urged on the Qian Extreme Cold Qi and his Life-cast Sword Chant.

For a moment, the vast ice valley was racked with the grief of a blizzard, the sound of swords like howling ghosts.

A battle between two top-notch cultivators. Chen Mo and Northern Darkness Has Snow were caught right in the middle under heavy pressure. The Qian Extreme Banner’s wind around them cut them to the bone like a knife, making the two of them suffer immeasurably.

Their field of view was a complete white.

All of a sudden, a bridge of water broke open the blizzard and landed in front of the pair. This water bridge’s whole form was as pure as crystal, not suffering any disturbance from the sword array and Qian Extreme Banner’s magic energy. This bridge swept away the chaos and was like a refuse in the midst of the magic energy, the end sparkling with bright light.

Chen Mo hesitated over the unknown details of this bridge when he suddenly heard Northern Darkness Blue Wave’s voice.

“Quickly get on the ‘Turbid Bridge’2 and bring my daughter to a safe location!”

Northern Darkness Has Snow’s Flying Swords were damaged, and her vitality was heavily injured, already unable to exercise her power. Seeing her struggle for breath, he knew that the situation bode ill for her if she were to remain in the battleground between two Great Cultivators. Chen Mo picked up the girl and leapt onto the Turbid Bridge. The moment he climbed on, the place he had been standing a moment ago was already utterly destroyed by the sword chant.

Chen Mo raised a bit of True Qi, using an escape technique to guide the bridge to the other side.

When he exited the clear light, he had already broke free from the range of the killing intent of the top notch cultivators’ sword chants. The pressure was enormously reduced, and Chen Mo carried the girl as he fled.

“This Old Man only wants to kill that brat. Would you truly offend This Old Man for the sake of that boy?” Uttaraputra’s voice was stern.

Northern Darkness Blue Wave calmly said: “A first-rate cultivator like Your Distinguished Self is making things difficult for a junior casting master, is that not laughable. It would be better to give Your Servant some face, why not let them go? Someday, the Northern Darkness Sword Sect will definitely apologize.”

“Then that will depend on whether or not you have this capability.” Uttaraputra roared with laughter. He suddenly cursed: “You animal, quickly go kill that brat. If you are unable to kill him, This Old Man shall extract and refine your spirit.”

The Vast Profundity Beast behind him whimpered upon hearing this. It hastily flapped its wings and chased after Chen Mo. Uttaraputra was not at ease, chanting and activating a projection ability. A bear, lion, wolf, and tiger became four lights that followed after it.

Northern Darkness Blue Wave wanted to stop them, but Uttaraputra sneered. The Qian Extreme Banner’s intense wind buffeted him and whipped about. Flying Swords shrouded him at the same time, and he did not dare be careless. He used his own powers to defend, helpless for the time being.

Chen Mo carried Northern Darkness Has Snow and fled several hundred li away, leaving the range of the Qian Extreme Banner’s magic energy. When he saw they had left the ice valley, he halted the escape technique.

“Why aren’t you running?” Northern Darkness Has Snow had never been hugged like this by a man before, her breath like gossamer as she lay against his chest, already embarrassed and resentful.

Chen Mo turned his head back and looked behind him. He saw no one else in the snowstorm, but he still able to faintly sense the level of savagery in the battle between the two great top-notch cultivators. Even from a distance of several hundred li, the sword-qi of the sword arrays still made him feel like a knife was at his back. In recent days, Chen Mo had believed that he was capable of defeating many higher level cultivators with his Three Flowers Gathered Overhead cultivation, but his first time encountering a Fate Realization Realm had nevertheless nearly plunged him into an irrecoverable disaster.

“My father is already nearly Dragon Among Men, he’ll be fine.” Northern Darkness Has Snow thought that he was worrying about the safety of her father, and her heart filled with warmth. This man actually was very responsible, and he was also able to be unconcerned in the face of a first-rate cultivator. People like him were rare in the world.

Chen Mo grunted. “Then let’s rest for a moment.”


Chen Mo suddenly poked Northern Darkness Has Snow’s sleep acupuncture point. The currently weakened girl was powerless to defend, falling unconscious in her astonishment.

Chen Mo took out Northern Dipper and found a cliff face into which he beat a small alcove. He carefully placed the girl inside to rest, and then he activated several defensive talismans before he finally walked out.

Very quickly, an intense quaking sound came from the sky, accompanied by the snarls of wild beasts.

Several figures appeared on the tundra.

The Vast Profundity Beast brought four Demon Beasts along on a chase. The Vast Profundity landed on the ground, spread its wings and eyed him vigilantly. It was extremely intelligent. Seeing Chen Mo was not running from his position, it waited with a guarded posture.

The other wolf, bear, tiger, and lion supplementary beasts slowly surrounded him. These four Demon Beasts were Rank Six or Seven in strength. Although they were formed from an ability, in terms of toughness, they were sufficient to kill a group of Lesser Thunder Tribulations.

“The Vast Profundity Beast is a magnificent, kingly Spirit Beast in service of a Star General. But now, you’ve fallen into the hands of a thief and suffered torment. Don’t you find this humiliating?” Chen Mo asked.

The flames of rage flashed in the Vast Profundity’s eyes. It growled, as if it was saying something.

The four Demon Beasts attacked.

Chen Mo immediately released the “Hundred Rigor” and the Black Frost Centipede.3 The Black Frost Centipede’s imposing bearing became even stronger in the blizzard environment. The two Great Demon Bugs each engaged the other Demon Beasts in battle with their own powers. Chen Mo grabbed Northern Dipper, and a Star Crest appeared on his forehead as he activated the Ash Burning Innate Skill.

Northern Dipper immediately ignited with an ash-like flame, melting the ice and snow it came across.

The Vast Profundity clearly did not anticipate that Chen Mo would have a Star Crest. It hesitated. Chen Mo raised the Northern Dipper and leisurely walked towards the front of the Vast Profundity, speaking to it as if they were old friends chatting about something: “I feel that thief has used a despicable trick to get you. How about I help you break free of him?”

The Vast Profundity Beast stood opposite of Chen Mo and howled a few times, blowing the snow and frost, however, this cold air vanished in the face of Ash Burning.

Sparks showered his cheeks, but Chen Mo calmly said: “The Vast Profundity as a species is practically extinct. The reason why I’m helping you is to help myself. Someday, I will need your help to enter the Inner Star Field. What do you say?”

The flaming Star Crest gave Chen Mo’s words enormous persuasion and enticement. The Vast Profundity Beast was deeply aware that the youth in front of it was not an ordinary warrior, and he was able to injure itself. In the Vast Profundity Beast’s inherited memories, it was very naturally able associate him with Star General status.

The Vast Profundity Beast hesitated with thoughts of betrayal, for the forbiddance covering its whole body activated. This forbiddance was like a brand and shackles embedded deeply into its very bones. It let out an ear-piercing howl of unbearable pain, making this Spirit Beast’s eyes turn red.

Chen Mo could only pull back a few dozen meters for the time being.

At this time, a white wolf Demon Beast broke through the Hundred Rigor’s stalling and became a swift light that attacked Chen Mo.

Just as Chen Mo was about to brandish his stick.

There was a sudden rumble.

A powerful claw stepped on the white wolf, scattering snow and mist. The claw’s owner was surprisingly the Vast Profundity Beast. It drew itself to full height and spread its four wings, a posture as proud as a king. The white wolf struggled briefly before being ground to dust by the Vast Profundity.

Seeing it had instead killed the Demon Beast pursuing him, the corner of Chen Mo’s mouth curled.

The Vast Profundity Beast nevertheless roared. A powerful divine might made the Demon Beasts formed from Uttaraputra’s power keep quiet out of fear. The Vast Profundity Beast launched a berserk attack on Chen Mo, roaring as if saying: What qualifications does a warrior like you have to be able to free me from servitude.

Northern Dipper and the Vast Profundity’s claw clashed. The flames were nearly extinguished into ashes.

Chen Mo sensed the accumulated rage and endless indignation in the Vast Profundity’s body. He gave it a comforting smile.

“This is the attitude you should have, as one who is sought after by Star Generals!”

Northern Dipper rose.

Blood rained down.

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