Chapter 219: Direct Instruction Of The Dark Rank Until The End Of The Blizzard

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After he left Qian, as expected, as expected, the Earlier Heaven Bagua Array was finally broken, and countless characters and patterns appeared in the air. Chen Mo stared and was immediately stunned.

What this jade strip concealed was not a cultivation method or special ability. Rather, it was a cultivator’s sword chant.

Without Ultimate Primordial Dual Modes Four Symbols Sword!1

“It’s actually a Great Sword Chant of Star World.” Chen Mo took a deep breath, calming himself down. Looking at the glittering characters in the air, Chen Mo was a bit in disbelief. This jade strip surprisingly was one of the methods to cultivate Star World’s Great Sword Chants.

Life-cast Sword Chants were an ability linked to their own life. A good Life-cast Sword chat was enough to turn a cultivator into a tiger that had grown wings, to allow them to cross the land unhindered. But Life-cast Sword Chants mostly relied on the power level of the cultivator’s innate cultivation. Ordinary cultivators would not care for other sword chants. Some would even formulate their own sword chants in order to reinforce their link to it. However, in Star World, there were a couple sword chants passed around as legend by cultivators and even Star Generals.

Everyone in Star World knew these sword chants, which were the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword,2 the Imperial Five Emperors Eight Desolates Sword, and the Wuji Primordial Dual Modes Four Symbols Sword.

These sword chants represented the pinnacle of sword chants. At their strongest, they could even compare to the best of Star Generals.

“God of Slaughter” Bai Qi, “Ancestral Dragon” Ying Zheng, “Of The Heavens” Liu Xiu and other superb Star Generals, or even some of the lesser ones, were difficult to defeat even with a lifetime of cultivation. But if one was able to cultivate even a random sword chant, they would have a chance to contend against or even defeat them. To Star Generals, this was inconceivable.

Mother once mentioned in the Book Of Casting that the lifetime of casting master was devoted to forging weapons like these that were able to contest a top-notch Star General.

Chen Mo had always believed sword chants like these were the self-comforting rumors of cultivators. He never imagined the dense record right before his very eyes was actually one of the Great Sword Chants, the Without Ultimate Primordial Dual Modes Four Symbols Sword!

“Just who was this Uttaraputra, to actually have such an abnormal sword chant.” Chen Mo’s mood wildly fluctuated.

Suddenly, he recalled all kinds of speculation he had about Uttaraputra. Perhaps the reason he fled to the Outer Star Field was related to this sword chant? 

Maybe he committed an offense so grave the he fell here. However, this jade strip had never been opened. It was possible Uttaraputra had never thought that this jade strip hid one of Star World’s Great Sword Chants.

Chen Mo composed himself and slowly calmed down. He carefully looked it over again.

His overwhelming excitement immediately vanished into thin air. As if dunked by a bucket of cold water, he could not help but bitterly smile.

As expected, a Star World Great Sword Chant was not so easy to forge.

According to what was written in the jade strip, the Without Ultimate Primordial Dual Modes Four Symbols Sword was split into four stages, split into a main sword “Without Ultimate,” a secondary sword “Primordial,” and large and small swords “Dual Modes” and “Four Symbols.” Since this was a sword chant capable of matching a Star General, the materials it required were naturally rare even in Star World.3

Just the small sword “Four Symbols” alone had very demanding materials. The requirement for the souls of the Four Holy Beasts made Chen Mo very dejected. Star World’s Four Great Holy Beasts were the “Eastern Azure Dragon,” “Western White Tiger,” “Southern Vermilion Bird,” and the “Northern Black Turtle.” Any one of these was difficult to find. Besides this, it also required Horn Wood Snake Stone, Neck Metal Dragon Stone, Root Earth Raccoon Stone, Room Moon Fox Stone, Heart Sun Rabbit Stone, and others for a total of twenty-eight types of Spirit Stone. Each sword required at least seven corresponding types.

These “Star Mansion Spirit Stones” were similarly rare. While the Book Of Casting had some records, those that were written down ended up being in places that even a low-level Fate Realization Realm cultivator would tread into.

“Though the road ahead is long, I shall search high and low!” Chen Mo bitterly recited Qu Yuan’s famous saying.

This Four Symbols Sword Chant was indeed splendid, but right now, it was an unrealistic dream for him. He could only set it aside for now.

Chen Mo was a bit depressed. Searching again, he finally extracted his Divine Intent once he saw there was nothing else.

With his mind back where it belonged, Chen Mo recovered his clarity.

The Vast Profundity carried Chen Mo over the vast snowy mountains, finally landing in front of a cave. Chen Mo saw that this cave’s name was the same Uttara as that old man. Presumably, after that old man obtained the Uttara Map, he exhausted everything to find a way to craft it, styling himself with this nickname. How awfully apt this was.

He dismounted the Vast Profundity, which let out a few low growls, its gaze flashing a golden luster.

Chen Mo knew its intent.

The Vast Profundity’s body still had the forbiddance. Though the master was dead, the forbiddance was not undone. At a certain time, it would activate. The Vast Profundity naturally hoped to be rid of this forbiddance.

In reality, Chen Mo knew this forbiddance from the start could only exercise temporary control. After all, the Vast Profundity Beast was one of the Ten Great Star Beasts. Once it matured, this type of forbiddance could be broken very easily.

Chen Mo used his will to communicate with the Vast Profundity. Then, he entered the Uttara Cave.

The Uttara Cave’s interior was decorated simply. The table and room were carved out of Black Ice, and many Cold-type Spirit Grasses were planted inside. Most were feed for the Vast Profundity. Chen Mo directly moved all of them into his Astral Stone and made a final sweep.

When he left the cave, Chen Mo prepared to go to the waterfall to see whether or not there was still Ice Soul Snow Crystal. Uttara’s Astral Bag had some left, but the Ice Soul Snow Crystal was very rare, and there were very few chances to obtain them. Chen Mo did not mind harvesting some more.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in his field of view.

Chen Mo was taken aback.

White chrysanthemum hanfu, a hand gripping a straight saber, hair as white as snow, and eyes that were apathetic yet also a bit lonely.

“Yanran?” Chen Mo blinked, thinking he was seeing things. Ever since he left the underground labyrinth, he had thought that the Original True Spirit had dissipated long ago.

Yanran expressionlessly said: “Your Highness, you already fully grasp Yellow Rank. It is time to impart Dark Rank Saber Draw Water Cutter to Your Highness.”

“Dark Rank!” Chen Mo’s jaw dropped.

“I can use Dark Rank now?” Chen Mo was a bit incredulous. Dark Rank was enough to match against a Yellow Court Realm Star General. In his perspective, this was a little unbelievable.

Yanran slightly nodded and slowly examined this man.

Even Chen Mo’s breathing began to grow nervous.

Yanran’s hand grasped her saber’s hilt and drew.

So fast!

Chen Mo did not even glimpse the saber’s form. By the time he came to his senses, Yanran had already sheathed her saber and was standing in front of him. As if the falling snow and ice had not recovered their senses, they remained frozen in midair.


Saber-qi exploded.

Space was ripped apart.

This move was not only even more free and smooth than Ice Breaker Snow Slicer, it was like a brush drawing a portrait, beautiful to the extreme. Chen Mo was somewhat doubtful he was capable of something so exquisitely outstanding, a slash that was unparalleled in the world.

“In the thousand years since he left us True Spirits to guard Star World’s Evil Smiting Halls, we are now slowly dissipating to follow him to Maiden Mountain. Hardly any of us are left. But it is a pity that the Great Harmony World he once created was, in the end, bubble and shadow. Yanran is a bit regretful. You are somewhat similar to him. If only you could never disgrace the reputation of us True Spirits. I hope you can carefully understand and bring about your own world.”

Yanran softly recounted, her tone endlessly mellow and regretful.

There was a bit of sadness in Chen Mo’s heart.

The “him” that she uttered was full of affection, which made Chen Mo jealous. The person she referred to should be that Great Emperor Purple Rose, who led the Purple Rose Legion to sweep across Star World back then.

Yanran’s gaze gradually dimmed, and she slowly vanished.

Chen Mo clenched the Northern Dipper Saber, recalling Yanran’s every movement and every detail in his mind, attempting to comprehend Yanran’s Dark Rank Saber Draw Water Cutter. The Vast Profundity Beast beside him became cautious.

This stop lasted several days.

Until the end of the blizzard.

When there was only five days to the last contest of the Four Sects Wiping Sword, Northern Darkness Has Snow’s injuries had gradually healed, but the damage to her Life-cast Flying Swords was serious and required a very long time of care. This made her become a bit powerless.

Knowing that Northern Darkness Has Snow was injured, the Northern Branch’s Branch Master Kuang Yi brought his precious disciple Ding Haiyan to express their sympathies. But recalling their consolations, Northern Darkness Has Snow’s heart could not help but fill with loathing for these two people.

Kuang Yi was aware that Chen Mo was left behind at the ice valley, his status uncertain. There was little time left to cast a divine weapon, so they kindly suggested that they help reforge a weapon for her, to redeem the position of the Northern Branch in Northern Darkness Has Snow’s heart. Kuang Yi’s thinking could not be nitpicked, after all, the Northern Branch had prepared four years for this Four Sects Wiping Sword. In order to forge a weapon that Northern Darkness Has Snow would be satisfied with, they studied meticulously over these four years.

How could Kuang Yi resolve himself to wasting these four years.

But the experiences over those short few days in the ice valley brought an impact to Northern Darkness Has Snow that she never had in her life. The girl’s mind was completely on Chen Mo. She was in no mood to listen to Kuang Yi, whose every word of persuasion undoubtedly brought shame upon himself. In Northern Darkness Has Snow’s fury, this was adding oil to the fire.

In the end, Northern Darkness Has Snow very bluntly threw Kuang Yi and the rest down Hanging Cloud Mountain.

After expelling Kuang Yi, Northern Darkness Has Snow prepared to see her father in his study to urge him to dispatch people to the Northern Ground’s ice valley. She knew that her father was currently recuperating and needed several months to do so, but she was somewhat anxious when there was still no news about Chen Mo right now.

At this moment, she suddenly heard the maids’ excited voices.

“My Lady, Young Master Shi Jin has returned.”

Her personal maid knew what she was worried about the past few days and was always monitoring for information on Chen Mo. After she learned that Chen Mo had entered Hanging Cloud Mountain, she finally ran over in a hurry to break the news.

“He…returned?” Northern Darkness Has Snow could not help but be overjoyed. Immediately, feeling this was a bit unbecoming, she feigned disdain. “Hmph, finally willing to come back, is he? This Fairy even thought he had run away.”

“Even if I wanted to run away, it would have to be after I cast a weapon for you.”

A familiar voice echoed through the courtyard, and a figure entered the gates.

Northern Darkness Has Snow’s heart could not help but relax, however, her expression still feigned a very bored attitude. “Really? This Fairy even is somewhat uninterested in this so-called competition.”

“If you have no interest, Has Snow, then forget it. I’ll find someone else.” Chen Mo smiled.

Northern Darkness Has Snow’s phoenix eyes widened: “You dare!”

“If the master of the casted weapon is reluctant, then the resulting casted weapon would actually be pitiful.”

Northern Darkness Has Snow snorted and looked Chen Mo over: “That’s good if you’re fine. Did you get the Ice Soul Snow Crystal?”

“En.” Chen Mo took out them out.

When the Ice Soul Snow Crystals appeared, the courtyard was immediately plunged into a wintry chill, and the maids let out gasps.

“I’ll go cast your weapon now. There isn’t much time.” Chen Mo said.

“Wait a moment.” Northern Darkness Has Snow called Chen Mo back.


“I have a new idea.”


Northern Darkness Has Snow signaled to her maids, and two of them presented two boxes containing white silk. Upon the silk were several pieces of dark and swarthy charcoal. A red pattern was at the center of the charcoal.

“This is Darkness Charcoal?”

“Yes. I had subordinates collect them. They can be added into the furnace during casting.”

Chen Mo nodded, “But this Darkness Charcoal is classified as Yin. The completed weapon will appear black, somewhat ugly.”

“Yin-type and Cold-type don’t conflict at all. This Fairy wants to make you cast a divine weapon of contrasting black and white colors. What do you think?” Northern Darkness Has Snow winked. Although she was trying hard to be leisurely, Chen Mo still could clearly see the expectation and worry in the girl’s heart.

“There’s only five days’ time left, and Immortal has given me such a difficult problem.” Chen Mo stroked his chin. “And a powerful sword of contrasting black and white. It’s a bit ugly, it doesn’t fit you.”

Northern Darkness Has Snow’s heart tightened. “No matter what, I want a weapon like this. Whatever you require, I will agree to give it to you.”

Chen Mo’s eyes looked her body up and down. Northern Darkness Has Snow recalled what happened back then at the ice valley, and she very uneasily covered her chest. Chen Mo broke into laughter. “I haven’t thought of anything yet, but since you want it, I’ll do all that I can to complete it.”

“The Northern Sword Sect will remember your favor.”

Northern Darkness Has Snow narrowed her eyes, her tone a bit profound.

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  2. Su Xing’s sword from Liangshan Continent ended up being one of the strongest in Star World. How cool is that?
  3. I’m getting the feeling this will look a lot like Gundam 00 QanT’s GN Buster Sword

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  1. Regarding Su Xing’s sword chant, it’s likely that his legend as purple pink rose emperor or whatever has enhanced the technique’s fame; in any case, it’s obvious that a technique is only as good as its user — without adequate training, a Shaolin monk will lose to a street brawler.

    Anyway, thanks for your continued efforts in translating this work!

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