Chapter 220: Serene Snow Falling Ink

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Sword Casting Villa.

The Four Sects Wiping Sword’s final round.

Due to his heavy injuries, Northern Darkness Blue Wave did not attend, and the Northern Darkness Sword Sect dispatched several elders and law protectors in great numbers instead. However, the person who received the most attention was still Fairy Northern Darkness.

Chen Mo and Northern Darkness Has Snow immediately received everyone’s focus the moment they appeared. With the incident from the Four Sects Wiping Sword fresh on their minds, each person was curious as to what weapon he would forge for Northern Darkness Has Snow. Of course, that he was able to be in close contact with Fairy Northern Darkness made everyone jealous. If the weapon that Chen Mo casted was unable to satisfy them, everyone was very delighted to humiliate him in this contest

“You should have familiarized yourself with the sword by now, right?” The two of them walked along the path. Chen Mo asked her about the final contest, not wanting for any mishaps to occur.

“I don’t place any importance on the direct disciples of the other sects. Even without the weapon you casted, I would still be the winner.” Northern Darkness Has Snow had a listless attitude towards this competition. From the start, she never placed other people in her gaze.

“Your injuries aren’t serious?” Chen Mo furrowed his brow.

“This contest only uses sword arts, no magic. You can relax.” Northern Darkness Has Snow was still somewhat happy to hear his concern over her injuries.

Chen Mo said nothing more. The girl was very smart and clearly was more thorough than he had thought. “I forged a sword for you this time. Your promise to me…”

“Relax, this Fairy has long wanted to change the Northern Branch’s master to someone else.” Northern Darkness Has Snow smiled: “With my Northern Darkness Family’s influence, the Sword Casting Villa won’t be unreasonable. Of course, your casting arts are indeed incredible. They’ll naturally choose whatever benefits them.”

The two of them chatted as they walked.

Over there, the branch masters of the Eastern, Southern, and Northern Great Branches entered the field in succession with their apprentices and direct disciples of their respective sects. When they saw that Chen Mo and Northern Darkness Has Snow had a close relationship, they were as shocked and as envious as the others, Ding Haiyan especially, as he resentfully ground his teeth. If it was not for everyone else present, he wanted to swat this obstructive brat to death.

“This Northern Darkness Has Snow truly has been captivated by that man. She is only a woman, after all.” Kuang Yi’s expression was grim. A few days ago, he had expressed his kindness, yet he was expelled from Hanging Cloud Mountain by Northern Darkness Has Snow, which was the shame of a lifetime for him. In any case, he was a famous casting master, but this woman did not give him any face.

“Master, you cannot blame Has Snow. This is all because of that bastard who came from who knows where.” Ding Haiyan hastily defended her.

Kuang Yi coldly glanced at him, “You still speak up for that woman. They have been in contact for a month. Do you not see how cheerfully they speak with each other right now? It is impossible for you to ever receive this woman’s favor in your life, do not dance in her palm.”

Ding Haiyan was a bit unsightly.

The Eastern Branch’s Tai Ran said: “Master Kuang Yi, there is no need to speak like that to Haiyan. Brother Haiyan did cultivate at the sword sect, after all. He is like family to Senior Sister Has Snow.”

Kuang Yi said: “This time, the weapon that our three families collaborated to cast definitely cannot lose. No matter what, we must defeat the Northern Darkness Family. This is the Villa Master’s wish.”

“Be at ease, Senior.” Hou Haorang smiled: “Our three families already secretly practiced a very long time for this. Senior and the villa poured their hearts out to cast the three great weapons. No matter how strong that brat is, he cannot have forged anything exceptional.”

“I heard he only returned to the Northern Darkness Sword Sect in the final five days. Northern Darkness Has Snow even implicated and injured Northern Darkness Blue Wave. Perhaps the two of them encountered some danger. Our chances of victory this time are very good.” The Southern Mountain Sword Sect’s female disciple also spoke.

“En, he cannot have forged anything special in just five days’ time.”

Everyone discussed.

Chen Mo also noticed that the other three Branch Masters and the direct disciples of the sects were huddled together.

Northern Darkness Has Snow disdainfully said: “They must think that you could not have casted a powerful weapon in five days. The three of them also want to work together.”

“We should have some preparations. The three of them perhaps practiced together.” Chen Mo pondered.

Northern Darkness Has Snow was indifferent: “When This Fairy reveals the weapon you casted, This Fairy is very eager to see how amazed their expressions will be.” When she mentioned this, Northern Darkness Has Snow could not help but glance at Chen Mo again. It was considered a miracle that this brat was able to forge the weapon in accordance with her conditions within five days.

To both be able to cast an exceptional weapon and confront a Fate Realization Realm cultivator without yielding, no one in the Tail Fire Star Field could compare to him.

Other than one…

Northern Darkness Has Snow narrowed her eyes, and the corner of her lips curled into a meaningful smile.

They entered the Wiping Sword Field, and Chen Mo saw the Western Branch’s people waiting for him. Jin Wuliang was somewhat nervous. When he saw Chen Mo approach, he joyfully greeted him. Seeing that Chen Mo was surprisingly somewhat close to Northern Darkness Has Snow, everyone from the Western Branch was secretly envious. 

After a brief exchange, Jin Wuliang and Chen Mo walked to their own positions.

A moment later, the Three Great Branches arrived on the field. A hundred thousand warriors and cultivators packed the Wiping Sword Field.

“Fellow Shi Jin, how is the weapon you casted for Fairy Northern Darkness?” Jin Wuliang asked: “I heard you two went to the Northern Ground’s ice valley. That place is certainly very dangerous.”

“Has Snow was quite pleased, it should be pretty good.”

“Then good.” Jin Wuliang was still very confident in Chen Mo’s abilities, and with Northern Darkness Has Snow’s assistance, there should not have been any problems.

The Sword Casting Villa Master stepped onto the high platform, gave a long-winded speech, and then the Four Great Sword Sect’s direct disciples stepped onto the ring in succession.

First was to reveal the casted weapons.

The Eastern Branch’s Hou Haorang had an exquisite long sword forged by Ding Haiyan. It was Water element, casted from fifty pieces of “East Sea Coral Jade” and a hundred liang of Spirit Sand. Ding Haiyan actually was rather skilled as well. The sword was forged very beautifully, with a dragon pattern etched from the hilt to the tip. Just the appearance made the audience exclaim in amazement.

Hearing everyone’s exclamations, Ding Haiyan showed a complacent expression.

For the sake of winning Northern Darkness Has Snow’s favor, he had researched for four years. Northern Darkness Has Snow’s power was very formidable. From his perspective, it should not matter how powerful the sword itself was. Rather, whether or not it was aesthetic was more important, so he always pondered how to make the casted sword even more exquisite. His meticulous efforts were somewhat rewarded, for the appearances of the weapons he crafted were extremely gorgeous.

Ding Haiyan gazed at Northern Darkness Has Snow, hoping the girl would be stunned and show an expression of regret. What a pity that Northern Darkness Has Snow seemed as bored as always.

The Southern Mountain Sword Sect and the Western River Sword Sects’ blades each embodied the characteristics of their respective schools, but they appeared a bit lacking compared to Ding Haiyan’s.

The Sword Casting Villa Master appraised these three weapons, also evaluating Ding Haiyan’s as the highest.

“Please reveal the work that you and Casting Master Shi Jin collaborated on, Lady Has Snow.” The Villa Master finally walked before Northern Darkness Has Snow.

Northern Darkness Has Snow glanced at Chen Mo and drew out a weapon from her Astral Bag. The sword itself was wrapped in a piece of cloth, but the Villa Master’s brows rose when he faintly sensed a chill.

“Don’t tell me it isn’t completed? It needs a wrapping?” Ding Haiyan could not help but mock it. The weapon he casted had just received everyone’s acclaim. Right now, he was very swollen with arrogance.

“Right. How can anyone cast a weapon in five days. I can understand, Shi Jin, heh, heh, you truly wasted Fairy Northern Darkness’ kindness.”

“You are henceforth expelled from the Northern Darkness Sword Sect.” Northern Darkness Has Snow faintly grinned.

Ding Haiyan was astonished.

“How petty you are, the Northern Darkness Sword Sect has no need for a disciple like you.”

Everyone was in a commotion.

No one could have imagined that Northern Darkness Has Snow would surprisingly defend Shi Jin in public. For better or for worse, Ding Haiyan had trained at the Northern Darkness Sword Sect for many years, and his casting arts were exceptional. He was called the genius of a generation. That Northern Darkness Has Snow would speak of expelling him from the school meant that he actually was expelled.

The Northern Darkness Sword Sect’s elders nodded, tacitly approving Northern Darkness Has Snow’s decision.

Ding Haiyan’s expression was ugly to the extreme: “Fairy Northern Darkness, you will definitely regret losing Your Servant.”

“Regretting is something the dead should do. You. Are. Unworthy!” Northern Darkness spat out the words one by one. It was like a knife had carved into Ding Haiyan’s heart, and the youth was about to collapse.

“This…Please reveal the weapon, Lady Has Snow. This Villa Master must make an appraisal.” The Sword Casting Villa Master laughed, not interfering further with the Northern Darkness Sword Sect’s affairs. However, his thinking was the same as Ding Haiyan’s. Northern Darkness Has Snow’s high-handedness perhaps was related to that Shi Jin’s casted weapon being very crude due to the time. Otherwise, there was no need for her to be so furious. It appeared that Northern Darkness Has Snow felt she had lost face.

“Then This Fairy shall have you all see.”

Northern Darkness Has Snow saw that she had already mostly set the atmosphere. She raised the sword, and all of a sudden, the cloth shredded, revealing the appearance of the weapon within.

Upon seeing the sword’s construction, the Villa Master’s smile vanished.

Ding Haiyan’s eyes widened in disbelief, and everyone was silent.

How wonderful that weapon was.

The sword’s body was three chi and six inches in length, conforming to the three hundred sixty degree cycle. The width of the sword was one inch and eight fen, which corresponded to half of the Heavenly Spirits.1 The upper part of the blade was pure and limpid as ice, like snowflakes fluttering about. Halfway down white crystalline blade, the colored began to gradually turn black.

Black was inherently very profound, completely lacking any aesthetic appeal, but on this blade, it actually appeared incomparably delicate. Like ink splashing onto snowy ground, it began to dye the lower half of the sword. This black dye’s markings seemed to be both painted and engraved into the sword’s limpid sections. The contrast between black and white was very distinct, and the combination of the two together honestly was divine workmanship.

Even the Sword Casting Villa Master himself had never seen such an extremely magnificent weapon. The three weapons from before were immediately incomparably tacky next to this sword.

Not only was the sword’s style a sharply contrasting black and white, the sword even concealed a frightening chill. When the weapon emerged, the hundreds of thousands of cultivators could sense the biting cold emitted from the sword.

“This was forged from Ice Soul Snow Crystal?” The Villa Master played around with it admiringly. Knowing the materials used in the weapon’s construction, his eyes were wild.

“It used Darkness Charcoal and Ink Hue Snow Sand.” Northern Darkness Has Snow said.

“Impressive, impressive, this sword…honestly is flawless in every regard. It is fitting to be called a true divine weapon.” The Sword Casting Villa Master could hardly suppress the shock in his heart. Ice Soul Snow Crystal, Darkness Charcoal, and Ink Hue Snow Sand were all premium materials in the Tail Fire Star Field. The perfect combination between the three of them left even the Villa Master himself ashamed of his own inferiority. He feared it would be very difficult to see the casting arts it possessed within ever again.

With the three weapons he evaluated before, the Sword Casting Villa Master had always very calmly spoke the word “good,” but everyone knew that these weapons most likely were classified as second rate. Now, with him so excited, it was obvious that this divine sword already surpassed his imagination.

Hearing the Villa Master assess it like this, the expressions of the Three Great Sword Sect’s disciples all changed.

“This is truly an unparalleled genius, an unparalleled genius.” The Sword Casting Villa Master repeated, an almost imperceptible envy flickering across his eyes.

“Aren’t the three of you prepared to unite against This Fairy?” Northern Darkness Has Snow raised the sword and pointed it at Hou Haorang and the others: “Come on, then. It just so happens that I want to use you to make the world know that, starting today, this ‘Serene Snow Falling Ink’2 is Northern Darkness Has Snow’s sweetheart.”


Clamoring voices echoed over the Wiping Sword Field like a crashing tidal wave.

To be able to hear Northern Darkness Has Snow issue such a declaration, everyone turned to Chen Mo, all of them full of envy.

“Serene Snow Falling Ink, such a good name.” The Sword Casting Villa Master sighed.

“Serene Snow Falling Ink…” Chen Mo muttered. He suddenly caught Northern Darkness Has Snow looking at him, full of interest. Then, she provocatively smiled, and his heart could not help but pound. “No way!”

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  1. Not sure if this is the correct TL. There are thirty-six Heavenly Spirits, and half of that is obviously eighteen.
  2. 幽雪沉墨, now this is a pretty funny name. It is a homophone for Has Snow (有雪) and Chen Mo (陳默). Take a hint, Chen Mo, she knows it’s you and is proposing.


  1. Do you mean Northern Darkness Has Snow’s sweetheart, isn’t Northern Darkness Has Fish her father?

  2. ‘‘… It just so happens that I want to use you to make the world know that, starting today, this ‘Serene Snow Falling Ink’ is Northern Darkness Has Fish’s sweetheart.’’

    Poor Northern Darkness Has Fish! A thousand years later, in another world, people are calling him gay.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out lol. It’s become a reflex after typing Northern Darkness for so many years.

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