Chapter 224: Jumping Into God Transformation Realm

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Chen Mo drove the Flying Chariot into the thunderclouds. The astral thunder that the world produced rolled forth.

In fact, it was very simple for a warrior to step into Lesser Thunder Tribulation. After absorbing the thunder by using one’s body, the warrior would temper the True Qi in their body into magic energy. This could possibly be a difficult step or not. It could be difficult because if a cultivator’s fundamentals were unsteady, the force of the thunder could split apart the cultivator’s consciousness, destroying them. Furthermore, using thunder to slowly temper True Qi was an extreme test of a cultivator’s patience. Generally, it required an environment with several dozen thunder strikes to possibly temper a layer of Lesser Thunder Tribulation.

It could also not be difficult. If a cultivator’s fundamentals were completely firm, and they possessed a formidable cultivation method and meridians of the highest quality, then they could easily control the thunder. Multiple layers of Lesser Thunder Tribulation often very easily could be passed. This was why there were countless geniuses in the the Great Chong Dynasty. Starting from when the warrior developed up until their current level, many aristocratic families already had great comprehension of Lesser Thunder Tribulation. More and more young warriors were already like fishes back in water when they were in Lesser Thunder Tribulation.

For example, Jiang Yanyu, Fang Xi, Chen Luan and the like were able to ascend directly to Second or Third Layer level the first time they entered Lesser Thunder Tribulation.

But even so, there had never been a warrior in the Great Chong Dynasty’s history that was able to ascend directly from Three Flowers Gathered Overhead to First Layer Greater Thunder Tribulation, in other words, God Transformation Realm.

At this moment, Chen Mo’s ambitions swelled as he prepared once again to make history.

Chen Mo settled amidst the thunder clouds, and a jadeite bodhi tree emerged from empty space over his figure. The countless, densely packed thunder clouds in the surroundings were sucked in like an electric current following Chen Mo’s activation of True Qi.

Concentrated electric currents endlessly coiled about Chen Mo’s entire body, tempering the True Qi in his body again and again.

Chen Mo had the Northern Dipper Great Overflow and cultivated Star Energy. The resilience of his constitution was unparalleled in the Great Chong Dynasty. Against the ranks of warriors, the most challenging First Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation would take only a few moments. The True Qi inside his body was easily vaporized and scattered through his body by the the thunder.

Unlike the swells of True Qi or the emptiness of Star Energy, magic energy was more like a river sublimating into his blood. All of his cells, bones, and meridians absorbed the nourishment of the magic energy and began to transform.

After all of his True Qi was refined, magic energy thoroughly permeated his body. Chen Mo then smoothly entered First Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation.

Chen Mo did not slack off. Seizing the fact that thunder was still present, he continued to refine even greater magic energy. Refinement of Lesser Thunder Tribulation magic energy was like forming a puddle from raindrops, then turning from a puddle into a stream, a stream into a lake, and from a lake finally to a state where magic energy was as vast as the ocean.

Second Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation.

Third Layer.

Fourth Layer.

Each time, Chen Mo continued to create history in the Great Chong Dynasty.

When the last bit of astral thunder in the clouds was completely assimilated, Chen Mo felt the magic energy in his body was already as full as a marsh. Astonishingly, this was Sixth Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation.

From Three Flowers Gathered Overhead to Sixth Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation, Chen Mo had only used a half a day’s time. This was inconceivable in the Great Chong Dynasty. However, Chen Mo was not satisfied at all. His body was far from reaching its limits. With the foundation of Star Energy, he was even confident he could charge ahead to God Transformation Realm right now.

“Fine, I’ll enter God Transformation Realm in one go.” Chen Mo made his decision.

Greater Thunder Tribulation and Lesser Thunder Tribulation were not the same. Lesser Thunder Tribulation was refined using worldly astral thunder. On the other hand, Greater Thunder Tribulation required one to draw in heavenly thunder using oneself. The difficulty was greater by a hundredfold compared to Lesser Thunder Tribulation. Most cultivators in the Great Chong Dynasty may have had meteoric rises through Lesser Thunder Tribulation, but sometimes, they required several decades to be able to enter Greater Thunder Tribulation.

Chen Mo urged on the magic energy in his body, exercising himself to the limit.

Only when magic energy broke through to a critical point could he possibly draw out heavenly thunder.

All of a sudden, the sound of an intense battle came from the valley. Chen Mo used his Divine Intent to probe, discovering Zhongli Mo and Manao were currently entangled, one with twin spears like fire and the other with a ship like a dragon. Their fight was especially vicious.

Regarding their conduct, Chen Mo was not surprised. Most martial force Star Generals had a natural tendency towards belligerence. Battling against first-rate Star Generals not only could improve their martial arts, there would also be similar assistance in promoting their Realm. Manao and Zhongli Mo were each considered experts; their struggle would prove a catastrophe to the surroundings. A distance away on the bank, Yu Xuanji very quickly found out that she was not far enough.

Several blood dragon killing intents whipped towards Yu Xuanji. When Chen Mo saw this, he no longer had thoughts of entering the God Transformation Realm. He struck with his hand, and a Qiankun One Qi attacked. Owing to his magic energy, the Qiankun One Qi sped down swift as a bolt of lightning.

The blood dragon was struck and dispersed. The remaining few waves of killing intent then followed along. Chen Mo brandished Northern Dipper, scattering them one by one.

“Chen Mo.”

Yu Xuanji breathed a sigh of relief.

Hearing her words, Zhongli Mo and Manao ceased their battle. At the same time, Nianyou vanished from the top of her tree and instantly appeared in front of Chen Mo, adorably spreading her arms. Chen Mo picked her up and said to the two women: “Couldn’t you two have waited?”

“What if you hurt our Nianyou, what then?” Chen Mo stroked Nianyou’s little cheeks.

The little loli closed her eyes in joy, like a cat.

Yu Xuanji’s apricot eyes widened. But I was the one nearly injured just now.

“How is your Thunder Tribulation?” Zhongli Mo asked.

“Very smooth.”

“Which layer of Lesser Thunder Tribulation? Do you have Fourth.” Zhongli Sanmei reckoned.

“Fourth is looking down on me too much.” Chen Mo chuckled. “I’m already able to enter God Transformation Realm.”

“Ah, then are you not Sixth Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation.” Yu Xuanji exclaimed in astonishment.

Zhongli Sanmei and Manao were not very clear regarding the levels of cultivators, “Sixth Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation, is that very powerful?” Manao leisurely asked.

“Of course this is not powerful, but to be able to reach such a high Realm at His Highness Chen Mo’s age, this is the first time that Youwei has heard of such a thing across the Star Fields I traveled.” Yu Youwei stayed in the Great Chong Dynasty for the past five years as a “queen of the night.” She had experienced other Star Fields, and unlike other arrogant Star Generals, Yu Xuanji was much more fond of chatting with warriors and cultivators; she was very understanding of cultivators’ matters.

Chen Mo had ascended from Three Flowers Gathered Overhead straight to a mature Sixth Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation in just half a day. No one would ever believe this was the truth.

“Try and see if the Star Manual works or not.” Zhongli Sanmei reminded him.

Chen Mo activated the Star Manual of Masters Gan and Shi that was in his mind. The Star Manual released a ray of star light, and Chen Mo immediately sensed the magic energy in his body transform into pure Star Energy. Doing so, Chen Mo suddenly noticed that, in the future, he could obtain the Star Energy of Star Generals by only cultivating magic energy. Before, night was required to cultivate the Star Energy of the Northern Dipper Great Overflow, and he must do so when the starry sky was at its brightest, using the Northern Dipper as a way to draw forth and train Star Energy. The requirements were very strict. This led to Chen Mo’s cultivation speed of Star Energy being very slow. After contracting with multiple Star Generals, they did not feel even the slightest benefit.

Now with the Star Manual, Chen Mo was able to completely abandon his previous method.

“Then it’d be better to enter that whatever God Transformation Realm.” The moment Zhongli Sanmei heard “Greater Thunder Tribulation, God Transformation,” she felt it was several levels higher than Lesser Thunder Tribulation.

“Lesser Thunder Tribulation cannot be compared to Greater Thunder Tribulation.” Yu Xuanji shook her head, her tone soft as silk: “But only when a cultivator actually draws heavenly thunder to their bodies are they truly considered to have entered the ‘path of cultivation.’ Among cultivators, Greater and Lesser Thunder Tribulation has always been the divide between men and gods.”

“Your Highness Chen Mo has only just entered a full Sixth Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation. It would be best to first steady your foundations.”

“How can This King’s man just settle for that, let This King bring you into the realm of gods then.” Manao showed a dangerous grin. She drew out the Scattering Of God, a blood-light whipping by.

Chen Mo retreated. A severe whip-wind still brushed past his cheek like a blade, leaving a scratch.

“Big Brother.” Nianyou’s heart ached when she saw this.

“Nianyou, go over to Yu Xuanji for now. Big Brother will properly teach her a lesson.” Chen Mo smiled.

Nianyou grunted. Instantly, she appeared beside Yu Xuanji, startling the latter. She looked very incredulously at Nianyou. This little girl seemed to be in the gestation stage, yet she surprisingly had such speed.

Manao’s eyes showed a bit of shock at the speed of Nianyou’s warp.

Zhongli Sanmei was already accustomed to it. She once again gripped the Burnt Out Three Calamities. “Then count This King in.”

“Good, come at me, you two.” Chen Mo took a deep breath. The vast magic energy of Sixth Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation concentrated all over his body.

Manao brandished her whip. A blood dragon howled and was pulled out of it. This blood dragon’s killing intent gouged a meter deep trench out of the ground. At the same time, King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Mo’s figure moved, closing the distance with a pace filled with burning fighting spirit.

Chen Mo did not use Star Energy. Rather, he activated magic energy to ward them off, striking with the Zhangtian Seal. The Zhangtian Seal bearing magic energy was considered a true power, embodying the overwhelming power of “covering the sky with a hand”

The Zhangtian Seal struck Zhongli Sanmei, and the woman’s figure stagnated.

Chen Mo reached out his hand and grabbed, directly seizing the coiling blood dragon. Magic energy filled his hand and touched the killing intent.

Cultivators who wanted to enter Greater Thunder Tribulation must first make their Lesser Thunder Tribulation magic energy reach a critical point, only then would they startle heavenly thunder. And to reach this critical point, the optimal way was through the most dangerous situation.

Manao waved her whip once again. Chen Mo’s palm was promptly lacerated and dripped blood. When he withdrew, Zhongli Mo’s twin spears hacked at Chen Mo’s shoulder.

Chen Mo shouted in a low voice. He tread the Bowl Steps and barely evaded. His pores felt the killing intent of the spears as they brushed past him, and every cell in his whole body was stimulated.

Their attacks were fierce, alternating spear-light and whip-shadow, a sight too much for the eyes, practically devouring Chen Mo. If it was not for knowing that they were both his Star Generals, Yu Xuanji would have been very worried whether or not Chen Mo would die here.

Manao and Zhongli Mo actually acted within standards, somewhat holding back. But the two of them were Star Generals, after all. Sixth Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation magic energy could barely hold them off. Chen Mo required even stronger power.

Chen Mo endlessly looped around, utilizing every kind of ability and trick.

“Looks like you won’t be able to enter God Transformation Realm today. Let’s finish this.” Zhongli Sanmei dispassionately declared.

The two of them arrived in front of Chen Mo attacking from the left and right.

Intense danger raised all the hairs on Chen Mo’s body, and an enormous magic energy burst out.


A deafening noise rocked the valley, scaring off the beasts within a range of a hundred li.

A giant bolt of thunder descended from the sky and struck Chen Mo’s body, the force strong enough to blow away Manao and Zhongli Mo. In the middle of the lightning, Chen Mo seemed to have been instantly vaporized by the strike.

It was absolutely impossible for a man to survive this tyrannical force.

But if it was not a man at all…

“This is…” The women were stunned.

“If His Highness Chen Mo did not die…” Yu Xuanji held her breath: “Then he will have entered God Transformation Realm.”

The thunder dispersed, and a figure emerged.

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