Chapter 223: Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi

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There was no passion or desire in Manao’s eyes. Rather, they contained a kind of playful mockery.

The ambiguous atmosphere was immediately eliminated under her gaze as if doused by a bucket of cold water. Chen Mo smiled out of embarrassment and put some distance between them, exercising the Bodhi Soul Technique to make himself maintain an attitude as calm as an old monk.


Chen Mo’s instant change in manners made Manao’s eyes somewhat shine.

“Are you rejecting This King?”

“As long as you’re alright. How did this happen?” Chen Mo directly asked. “Your injuries were very severe.”

Manao looked at the Astral Currency strewn over the floor. She actually was very curious how he obtained these invaluable pieces of Astral Currency. Even she did not have this many. Of course, the Foreign Star Field basically did not have much Astral Currency in circulation.

“As a Star General, an injury as minor as this is only natural.” Manao crossed one leg over the other as she sat on the bed, not minding at all she was giving him a glimpse of an intimate sight.

“This isn’t a minor injury, though?” Chen Mo could tell that if it was not for the among of Astral Currency used to restore her Star Energy, in addition to the effects of the Servant Star contract, the wound just now would have already bode ill for an average Star General.

Manao shrugged, not planning on denying Chen Mo’s words. In truth, when she saw Chen Mo’s concern for her, Scourge Of God Manao Attila felt this was quite novel.

“Your cultivation’s progress is very slow. Haven’t you entered Thunder Tribulation yet.” Manao wrinkled her brow.

“Didn’t you say something about the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi? I don’t have plans to enter Lesser Thunder Tribulation for the time being.” Chen Mo said: “Don’t tell me your wounds had something to do with the Star Manual?”

“Since you are so confident in This King, This King is very gratified.” Manao leisurely waved her hand, and a light faintly flashed in midair.

Then, a jade strip fell in front of him.

Chen Mo caught the jade strip, “Don’t tell me that this is?”

The corner of Manao’s lips slightly curled.

Chen Mo sent his Divine Intent into the jade strip, and a name appeared in his mind, “Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi (Reprint Edition).”1 As he expected, this jade strip was none other than the Star Manual, but it had the two words “reprint edition” appended to it. Chen Mo remembered that the Star Manual Of Gan And Shi of Chinese history was from the Warring States Period, consisting of the eight volumes of the Chu astronomer Gan De’s “Astronomic Star Observation,” and the eight volumes of “Astronomy” by the Wei’s astronomer Shi Shen, compiled into a single volume by a later successor and dubbed the “Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi.” It was the world’s earliest astronomical work, however, the Star Manual of Star World was clearly not so simple.

As Star World’s best cultivation method for training Star Energy, countless people scrambled for it, raising a bloody carnage. To allow a cultivator to cultivate Star Energy that only Star Generals were able to train with was the greatest enticement.

Rather than a cultivation method, it was more appropriate to describe the Star Manual Of Masters Gan and Shi as a treasure.

After Chen Mo used his Divine Consciousness to roughly understand it, he chanted. The Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi transformed into a ray of light that entered his mind. Chen Mo exercised his True Qi and opened his acupuncture pints. The Star Manual in his mind glimmered with stars. Countless light rays flowed out of the Star Manual and into Chen Mo’s acupuncture points. These acupuncture points absorbed the power coming from the Star Manual, endlessly tempering it.

The Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi generally took a year at least to temper a cultivator’s acupuncture points into Star Points and more than a decade at most, but Chen Mo already cultivated Star Energy and did not have pure magic energy cultivated either. After a few hours, the acupuncture points on his body were finished tempering by the Star Manual.

Chen Mo opened his eyes, feeling that his whole body was light as a feather, weightless. The acupuncture points over his body seemed to become the many stars in the sky. With just the slightest activation of his Star Energy, the Star Energy spread like a river through his eight extra meridians,2 limbs, and bones, flowing endlessly.

“Is this the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi?” Chen Mo sensed the changes to his body and was a bit pleasantly surprised.

“You can now enter Thunder Tribulation and cultivate magic energy. As long as you activate the Star Manual, your magic energy will convert into the most pure Star Energy.” Manao had relatively more understanding of the Star Manual. “When the Star Manual is trained to the limit, you can sense yourself become a starry sky, your acupuncture points will concentrate into stars, and our Star Energy gradually grow to be a match for Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends. Of course, this is only a matter of time.”

Chen Mo nodded. Although it was only a test just now, he could sense the wonderful aspect of the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi.

“However, this is merely a reprint that came afterwards, so there will be some defects.” Manao pursed her lips, appeared a bit dissatisfied.

Chen Mo had wanted to ask what this reprint edition matter was about.

As it turned out, back when the Scourge Of God established her enormous God Legion and swept through the Overseas Star World, she had used the Star Manual to raise powerful soldiers capable of contending against Star Generals. But one soldier required one Star Manual each. Therefore, the Scourge of God Attila back then joined forces with the Central Star Field’s “Divine Engraving Craftsman” Bi Sheng.3 Divine Engraving Craftsman Bi Sheng possessed the “Divine Engraving” Innate Skill, which was able to print supreme secret books and cultivation methods. It was precisely because of her cooperation that she was able to produce a legion of Star Manuals.

However, the secret books that Bi Sheng used Divine Engraving to fabricate had the marks of a reproduction. In the end, it had some flaws compared to the original copy.

Bi Sheng and Attila worked together?

The things you were up to make me shake my head.

Chen Mo thought to himself.

“Just who brought about your injuries?” Having been forced into a kiss contract before by the Scourge Of God, Chen Mo more or less was a bit sad. In order to obtain this Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi, Manao had nearly lost her life. Chen Mo’s heart could not help but be slightly moved.

Manao playfully curled the corner of her lips: “Can it be you actually want to help take revenge for This King?”

“You’re my woman. Of course I can’t leave this be.” Chen Mo resolutely answered.

From an outsider’s perspective, a cultivator saying such inspiring and grandiose words about protecting her to a Star General was simply the most ridiculous thing in the world.

Manao could not help but smile.

But this smile was not very mocking at all. Rather, it had a very indescribable sense of comfort.

“This King has a great undertaking. Having gone through life and death, perhaps This King truly needs your protection.” Manao nodded. “But that time is not now.”

Chen Mo knew that his current strength was a bit weak. To a Star General of the Inner Star Field, the dominance he had to be able to kill Uttara right now was no dominance at all. “If you don’t say it, then never mind. But I will fulfill my promise. However…if your great undertaking will imperil people, I won’t stand by and watch.”

“This King is not so deranged. Ever since the Purple Rose Star Emperor entered Maiden Mountain, the Central Star Field’s regime has been in imminent danger. This King only wants to change the Central regime and go see that Maiden Mountain.”

Star Maidens possessed a very strong attachment towards Maiden Mountain. Legend said that was the place that Star Names were born of the starry sky. Entering Maiden Mountain was the dream of practically every single Star Maiden. However, legends also said that only by unifying Star World did one have the qualifications.

Chen Mo and Manao chatted for a while about funny stories and other rumors in the Foreign Star Field. When they spoke about the encounters he had in the most recent few months, including his title of White CLothed Tanhua in the Divine Warrior Examination, the Four Sects Wiping Sword, and the Vast Profundity of the ice valley, these all made Manao listen in wonder.

Manao did not have such wonderful experiences as Chen Mo did. After she returned to the Foreign Star Field, she concentrated single-mindedly all along on cultivation. However, the Foreign Star Field had not been too peaceful for the last several decades. The Foreign Star Field and the Overseas Star Field had even more passages throughout Star World. The dispute between these two was a battle between giants compared to the Central and Inner Star Fields. For example, “Virgin Queen” Elizabeth4 was met with “Righteous of the Faith”5 Saladin’s marriage proposal, which offended “The Lionheart” Richard6 and “Redbeard” Frederick I.7 The grudges between both sides placed the two Star Fields in a state of mutual hostility.

“Wait, wait, a marriage proposal?” Chen Mo thought he had misheard. The Star Generals who inherited Star Names were all women, how could they propose marriage.

Manao felt that Chen Mo was making a fuss over nothing. The Foreign Star Field and Overseas Star Field were not as conservative as the Central Star Field. From her perspective, this was even a bit inflexible. The Outer Star Field was considerably open-minded, for marriages between Star Generals were very commonplace. In fact, the Outer Star Field believed that a union between Star Generals was able to bear an even stronger Star Name.

There was a rumor that everyone in the Overseas Star Field knew, it was precisely because King Arthur8 made merry9 with her loyal knights every single night that they were able to achieve their unequalled Legend of the Round Table.

It was not difficult to explain why Manao would force a kiss on Chen Mo. Likely, a kiss honestly did not mean much to her, especially where her life was concerned.

Death before dishonor, what was that?

Chen Mo wanted to retract his previous evaluation that she made him “shake his head.”

This was fundamentally rotten.

“Rest here at my place a few days for now. I have something I want you to help me with.” Chen Mo remembered that he wanted to gather information regardng the Star Gathering Wagon.10 Just as he was worried that this would not be easy, Manao could now help him.

Manao stared silently at Chen Mo.

“There’s no problem, right?” Chen Mo asked.

“Of course not, but.”

“But what?”

“Let This King be licentious a moment first.”

Manao’s kissed Chen Mo’s lips, pinning him onto the ground.


In a nameless valley, where thunderclouds were densely packed, rumbling thunder rolled from the black clouds, and immense thunderbolts illuminated the dusky ground. 

Nianyou sat atop a tree in the valley, her clear pupils gazing motionlessly at the thunderclouds in the sky. Reflected in them was the person she was concerned about, and at the same time, there were several women in a confrontation on the ground. They each were at daggers drawn, about to erupt at any moment. However, the little loli evidently did not care about this in the slightest.

“Attila, you surprisingly still have face left to live.” Zhongli Mo mocked her.

“Hmph, This King shall not lower herself to your level. In the words of your Central Star Field, grown-ups have something something…” Manao asked a graceful woman strumming a qin under a tree not so far away.

Earthly Boat Orchid Star Yu Xuanji hinted to not drag her into this. She gently said: “Chen Mo is currently entering Thunder Tribulation. Why not get along in peace, Elder Sisters.”

“Peace? That is something cowardly, This King has no need of this.” Attila spurned it.

Zhongli Mo guffawed: “What a coincidence, same here.” Burnt Out Three Calamities emerged, and her figure was like a flame.

Scourge Of God Attila brandished her “Scattering Of God.” The Destined Star Weapon astonishingly had a star: “Here and now, you and I will decide who shall hold the position of main wife.”11

Yu Xuanji’s head ached terribly, and she could not help but look to the thunderclouds in the sky. She truly did not know what kind of person this Chen Mo was, to surprisingly contract with so many Star Generals. Furthermore, he actually invited the three of them to confront some Sword Casting Villa together with him. To her who had traversed many Star Fields, this was unprecedented. Regardless of Star Name or her own Realm, Yu Xuanji had a very clear understanding of herself. She did not dare compete for that whatever main wife position. Of course, it was simply a joke for a Star General to fight over this in the first place. However, she knew that Chen Mo was at the critical moment for entering Sixth Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation. The two women were somewhat restless and needed to vent themselves.

Seeing them battle one another, Yu Xuanji’s white hands strummed the strings, playing her qin to liven things up.

The melodious guzheng song was flowed out like a trickling stream.

Yet the thunder rolls in the sky were increasingly gloomy and ear-piercing.

The pair’s battle was ever more intense and ferocious, a bloody dance. Manao Attila and Zhongli Mo both had extremely strong thirsts for battle. Their battle was so intense that they forgot themselves, their murderous aura spilling in all directions. They were uncontrollable.

Even Yu Xuanji felt taxed, each note very difficult.

All of a sudden, Manao used the whip to draw apart Zhongli Sanmei’s killing intent. Several blood dragons wrapped in flames changed directions to sneak attack Yu Xuanji.

The powerful killing intent made the girl go pale from fright, losing all resistance.

Just as she was about to become a fish in a barrel, an ear-splitting thunderbolt came from the heavens. A ray of white light struck in front of her and dispelled this blood dragon killing intent.

Then a white-clothed figure appeared, giving Yu Xuanji a sense of security as if he was an impenetrable rampart.

The remaining killing intent faded away.

“Chen Mo.”

The girl’s heart pounded.

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  1.   LOL
  2. They’re literally called that, it’s not like as a special constitution that gives him eight more over the average person.
  3. “神刻匠師”畢昇
  4. ‘童貞女王’伊麗莎白
  5. ‘守護神’薩拉丁
  6. ‘狮心王’查理, lit. Lionhearted King Charlie
  7. ‘紅鬍子’腓特烈一世
  8. 亞瑟王
  9. Implied to be debauchery.
  10. Was referred to as “Treasure Gathering Wagon” in the previous chapter. Again, this change in terminology was in the raws.
  11. Oh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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