Chapter 226: Battle On The Sea

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Peng Pengxin and the other two came to the bow. Far in the distance, they could vaguely see a black dot several kilometers away, floating leisurely on the waves like a leaf. Peng Pengxin activated his magic energy and used “Mind Detection.”1 Mind Detection was a power of Divine Intent able to spread one’s thoughts over a few kilometers and lock onto any sentient creatures. Even some high level concealment arts would be exposed.

“Eh?” Peng Pengxin gasped in surprise.

“Commander, what’s the matter?” Yin Jianbi asked.

“It’s nothing, that brat really is a young master, and he has a lot of beautiful girls around him.” Peng Pengxin’s tone carried a bit of envy. As the deputy commander of the Azure Dragon Imperial Guard, he had many women, too, but that brat’s were simply a whole different level of beautiful.

“Since that young master has not cultivation whatsoever, want to…” The Fire God Sword Sect’s headmaster grinned evilly. The “Fire God Soul Technique” that the old man cultivated would lead to debauchery. He was approaching one hundred years old, yet he was still as vigorous as he was in his youth.

“Don’t create side issues.” Peng Pengxin was the Azure Dragon Imperial Guard’s deputy commander in the end, and he was aware of what his responsibilities were.

Rong Yingzong mockingly grinned.

“That brat and those women are wearing masks. Something is strange.” Yin Jianbi was a careful person. He was somewhat confounded by that scene of pleasure-seeking.

Peng Pengxin also sensed this detail, but it could not be possible that a mere ordinary young master and several women were coming to raid them. A weakling boy and a few young ladies honestly were no threat at all, unless those women were all Star Generals. Otherwise, Peng Pengxin felt that mustering all of his forces would cost the Azure Dragon Imperial Guard too much face.

But Peng Pengxin was also a careful person. “Everyone, prepare your magic treasures and abilities. Load the battleship’s ballista and cannons. If that young man does anything stupid, kill without mercy!!” He ordered.

Rong Yingzong looked at the curves on those figures. From a glance, he knew they were national beauties, and he muttered: “Isn’t it a shame to kill those women.”

“Headmaster Rong, now is not the time to be having protective feelings towards women.” Peng Pengxin smiled.

“What the Deputy Commander says is true, ha, ha.”

The battleship sped along, breaking apart the white waves.

Peng Pengxin made the fifty Azure Dragon Imperial Guard stand at the ready. When they were a hundred meters out, Peng Pengxin and the others heard the music of a guzheng, the ancient sound pensive and filled with reverence.

Chen Mo suddenly rose and watched the incoming ship.

Peng Pengxin looked and immediately activated his magic energy.

Just at this moment, all of the imperial guards felt as if ten thousand catties were bearing down on their backs, immobilizing them.

“What is this?” Peng Pengxin was overwhelmed with shock.

Yu Xuanji’s fingers lightly strummed the strings, her song wrapping around the boat. The Azure Dragon Imperial Guards were caught by her song. This was none other than the Yellow Rank Deadlock of “Thousand Theories And Wonders.”

“Thieves dare to make trouble!” Rong Yingzong bellowed. Fifty Fire God Nine Chapters Swords flew out. THese swords were like red-hot branding irons, releasing a scorching scent through the air upon appearance.

“Be careful, something is strange about that music.” Yin Jianbi coldly shouted, circulating his God Transformation Realm magic energy to shake off the Yellow Rank.

“An insignificant warrior dares to show off in front of me, you overestimate yourself.” Peng Pengxin waved his hand. His Flying Swords also soared. The three God Transformation Realm cultivators’ hundred Flying Swords fired blue, red, and white sword-lights, which descended upon the small boat like a torrential downpour.2

Manao drew the Scattering Of God. A whip-shadow cracked, and the weapon brought forth a heavy blood-light that flit by the little boat like an enormous dragon flapping its wings. The numerous sword-lights were completely thrashed apart by the whip. 


The three of them were all stunned, not daring to believe a person was able to actually knock aside their hundred Flying Swords with a whip.

“Star General??”

Peng Pengxin’s expression changed. He immediately thought of Fiend Stars. In this world, only the weapons of Fiend Stars could have such fearsome action. However, Peng Pengxin was not familiar with the Scourge Of God’s Star Weapon, the “Scattering Of God.” Attila belonged to the Western Regions. If they had not studied Star Generals meticulously, it would be very difficult for a cultivator to recognize her.

“I’ll go handle him, those other two are for you.” Chen Mo’s escape technique activated, warping onto the deck. At the same time, Zhongli Sanmei and Manao appeared to his left and right in succession. Both of them were Concentrated Fiend Realm Star Generals. There was no need at all to be serious in handling the God Transformation cultivators.

“Not good, they’re very dangerous.”

Before they actually traded blows, Peng Pengxin and the others immediately sensed danger.

Their previous contempt was completely gone. As the deputy commander of the Azure Dragon Imperial Guard, Peng Pengxin knew to judge and respond to situations appropriately. At practically the moment that Manao’s whip swatted aside their hundred Flying Swords, Peng Pengxin realized that the enemies in front of them had come prepared and that they were very powerful.

“Azure Dragon Imperial Guard, carry out the law of Heaven and Earth!” Peng Pengxin took out a token and chanted. THis token shattered, turning into fifty azure dragon shadows that drilled into the bodies of the fifty Azure Dragon Imperial Guard. These guardsmen seemed to don blue armor and released blue light, manifesting dragon-shadows.

Chen Mo immediately recognized this as the Azure Dragon Imperial Guards’ forbidden ability, “Azure Dragon Transformation.” By use of the Azure Dragon Token, not only could they make an Azure Dragon Imperial Guard temporarily experience an explosive increase in power, their bodies could also seem to fly freely, to act without restraint. The Azure Dragon Tokens were rare. Legend said that the Great Ancestor Emperor was bestowed them after encountering a Star General. There were only three in existence.

The Great Ancestor Emperor had used one, leaving two remaining. These two were extremely precious, and the Great Ancestor Emperor established a dictum. Unless the imperial family was in a crisis, these could not be activated.

Chen Mo was surprised, for he never thought that Emperor Tang would actually hand one of the Azure Dragon Tokens over to Peng Pengxin for this Star Gathering Wagon mission.

However, Chen Mo luckily knew that this Star Gathering Wagon could not possibly be so simple. Even if they had the Azure Dragon Token, his side had Zhongli Mo, Attila, and Yu Xuanji, which was enough to sort them all out. Even if a Fate Realization Realm cultivator came, Chen Mo would make him vanish for good.


A earth-shattering shout boomed like a dragon’s cry or a tiger’s roar over the Eastern Sea.

“This is bad.”

Yu Xuanji’s Yellow Rank Deadlock was immediately broken. The fifty Azure Dragon Imperial Guards drew their Star Weapons. At the same time, they controlled their Flying Swords, and in an instant, more than a thousand Flying Swords obscured the heavens.

The Azure Dragon Imperial Guard was not like the other imperial guard corps. They were the best of the best in the Great Chong Dynasty, raised starting from a young age, and they had corresponding formations with one another. The fifty Azure Dragon Imperial Guards, in addition to the Azure Dragon Token, were enough to make a Fate Realization Realm cultivator retreat. This was the reason for Peng Pengxin’s confidence.

The fifty imperial guards leapt into the air. Sword-lights filled the skies, and dragon-shadows intimidated the mountains and rivers.

If a normal cultivator saw this kind of formation, they would have already collapsed.

“This is underestimating Xuanji too much.” Yu Xuanji saw they had broke free of her Yellow Rank, but she was not frustrated. Her expression was indifferent and graceful. Two fingers quickly played her guzheng, and the flowing waters she played became a storm, making people feel that the sky suddenly dimmed.

Yu Xuanji had studied River On A Spring Night religiously for a long time. This time, the Yellow Rank used the power of the ancient song.

Star Energy blended into the notes and bore into the acupuncture points of the fifty Azure Dragon Imperial Guardsmen.

These soaring guards’ body techniques immediately stagnated, and their control over the thousand Flying Swords also slowed to a halt.

Peng Pengxin paled in shock.

How is this possible!

To actually be able to lock down fifty imperial guards who were under the effects of the Azure Dragon Token.

“Courting death!”

Zhongli Sanmei’s twin spears soared, their fire-shadows multiplying. The twin spears attacked the imperial guards, who were powerless to fight back.

Manao’s whip thrashed about, whistling through the air. Bloody barbs protruded from the whip like vertebrae, and a crack of the whip was able to turn an imperial guard into a corpse. The imperial guards affected by the Azure Dragon Token resisted with all their might, but they could not withstand the pair’s merciless slaughter.

Rong Yingzong and Yin Jianbi hastily used all of their own powers.

Magic treasure after magic treasure was tossed out.

“Your Distinguished Self, who are you that you would attack us!” Peng Pengxin was on the verge of collapse as he watched the invincible imperial guardsmen get killed one by one.

“Hand over the Star Gathering Wagon, and I can let you go right now.” Chen Mo ordered in a low voice.

“You are offending the imperial family, no one in the world can protect you.” Peng Pengxin shouted. The man used his boundless magic energy, and a hundred Flying Swords continuously shot over. Chen Mo cut them down using the Northern Dipper Saber. Having similarly entered God Transformation Realm, even if Chen Mo did not use Flying Swords, the power of one slash could stop Peng Pengxin’s Flying Swords.

As the deputy commander of the Azure Dragon Imperial Guard, Peng Pengxin himself also had extraordinary martial arts. When he saw this, he combined his Flying Swords, turning them into a single seven chi Coiling Dragon Longsword. This sword glittered with five stars.

The man leapt forth, slashing his sword towards Chen Mo.

Chen Mo used the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi to turn magic energy into Star Energy. He caught Peng Pengxin’s attack; his shoulder sunk, for Peng Pengxin’s slash was exceptionally heavy and strong. In the end, the man was a God Transformation Late Stage cultivator, so his strength was frighteningly formidable. However, this strength was not enough to pose a threat to Chen Mo.

Peng Pengxin’s heart was already incomparably shaken. His Five Star sword unexpectedly was blocked by the opponent. Even an Void Return stage cultivator absolutely could not stop his attack so easily.

Could it be that this man was also a Star General?

A preposterous idea flashed through Peng Pengxin’s mind. He brandished his sword once again. The Coiling Dragon Longsword became more than a dozen sword-lights that stabbed at Chen Mo. The speed would leave one at a loss of what to do. Peng Pengxin was fully deserving of being the deputy commander. His Divine Intent moved, and he used Mind Radar to lock Chen Mo’s thoughts. Then, he quickly snapped his fingers, striking with a Winding Wood Divine Thunder.

An arc of lightning struck Chen Mo, exploding.

Peng Pengxin then clawed at him, his fingers like blades. This was the most famous technique of the Azure Dragon Imperial Guard, “Azure Dragon Shredding Wind Claw.” His attack’s speed and ferocity completely did not give Chen Mo any chance to catch his breath.

The chain of powerful abilities was linked without opening.

Peng Pengxin then raised his sword again, aiming to cut Chen Mo’s chest. Just at this moment, a swelling wind blew apart Peng Pengxin’s Mind Radar. Then, a seemingly ordinary blade cut apart the Winding Wood Divine Thunder’s light. Peng Pengxin immediately sensed his opponent’s martial intent, power, and speed all increase. He flew forth, brandishing his claw, the power and speed of which were completely above Saint Of War level.

This kind of sudden and explosive change in power stunned Peng Pengxin.

Chen Mo’s blade slashed, his body techniques like a ghost. This slash carried even greater power than before. Peng Pengxin was forced back by the attack, and a deep laceration immediately opened on his body.

The deputy commander of the Azure Dragon Imperial Guard was flabbergasted. He looked in disbelief at Chen Mo’s sudden increase in strength.

This was Black Turtle Seven Changes.

First Change!

Marrow Change!

“Impossible, how are you capable of the Black Turtle Seven Changes.” Peng Pengxin screamed. The Black Turtle Seven Changes was the imperial family’s country-protecting treasures. Only princes had the qualifications to learn it. Even the Azure Dragon Imperial Guard were only able to learn it superficially. To suddenly see Chen Mo be capable of the Black Turtle Seven Changes, it was no wonder he was so shaken.

Chen Mo sneered and instantly drew his saber.

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