Chapter 227: Yu Xuanji’s Invitation

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Zhongli Sanmei’s twin spears stabbed and thrust. The Burnt Out Three Calamities were ablaze, obscuring their shape, but when she attacked, no one could stop them.

The Black Turtle Sect’s Headmaster Yin Jianbi saw his magic treasures, powers, and Flying Swords were all unable to stop her, and he thought to himself that this woman absolutely was not the average Star General. She could be a Fiend Star, and he inwardly changed expressions. He did not understand how Emperor Tang had incurred the wrath of a Star General.

At this time, Yin Jianbi’s first thought was to run. Although the Black Turtle Sect had received the imperial family’s favor, his own life was still more important. In a battle against a Star General, even a Dragon Among Men could not last. Yin Jianbi turned and used a Swimming Dragon Escape Technique, seemingly skimming over the sea. Zhongli Sanmei was not yet Heavenly Spirit level, so she was unable to pursue as she pleased. But it was not difficult to use Star Energy to walk on water or suspend herself in midair.

How could the King Of Extinguished Ashes let him escape. In a flash, she had already caught up to him.

“Just who are you, why do you oppose us.” The color drained from Yin Jianbi’s face. He immediately turned around. With his powers ineffective, he could only use martial arts to ward her off. He twisted his waist, spinning half his body around, using his shoulder to tackle Zhongli Mo’s body. 

Magic energy channeled into his arm, turning into boundless strength. In a flash, he thrust out his arm. This jab was like a spear stabbing straight towards Zhongli Mo’s chest. This was the “Dragon Snake Turning Head” of the Dragon Snake Divine Cultivation. With his back turned to the enemy, he often could catch them unawares. Because it had magic energy, this technique was a formidable threat. Magic energy combined with martial arts became a spear of cold light, blowing with a chilling wind.

A ray of Clinging Fire broke apart. Zhongli Mo easily caught the man’s strike. Unwilling to say a word to this man, her left hand jabbed, about to take his life.

His hundred Flying Swords hastily protected him, stabbing with gleaming sword-lights, but they were still unable to obstruct the Burnt Out Three Calamities’ fire.

Yin Jianbi knew that doom was upon him. Regardless, he bit open the tip of his tongue and activated his Essence Blood. All the flesh and blood vessels in his body swelled, and his eyes became a complete red. His lower body seemed to mount a dragon-horse, and his arms seemed to turn into black pythons. Snake and dragon in one body, his power was terrifying. He had used the Dragon Snake Divine Cultivation’s strongest ability, “Dragon Snake Combined Body.” Not only could he temporarily increase his own Realm and power, his movements while in the Dragon Snake Combined Body could execute fatal blows. Normal magic treasures could even be broken, but this type of forced ascension was not comparable to the Black Turtle Seven Changes; he would suffer internal injuries after the fact.

Yin Jianbi could not care that much anymore. With the help of the Dragon Snake Combined Body, he reached the peak of God Transformation Realm. His entire person sped forth. As if he was riding a flying dragon, he quickly advanced and instantly launched a stab by borrowing the speed. 

His black python arms became two spears that sliced apart the air, twinkling with brilliant silver arcs of lightning.

This was more fearsome than a Flying Sword.

Zhongli Sanmei blocked using her left spear. The two black python spears were easily disintegrated by Burnt Out Three Calamities. Then, her right hand thrust forth.

Yin Jianbi’s front was hot; his chest had been run through by the spear. The man’s mouth hung agape in disbelief. Zhongli Sanmei’s forehead flickered with a Star Crest, and he was finally certain of her status. “To be able to die at a Star General’s hands…” Yin Jianbi realized he was about to die and wanted to utter a few beautiful words.

Zhongli Sanmei had no interest in wasting words or breath on a cultivator or warrior. Making her use her Star Crest and Star Energy had certainly caused her to be very upset. Her next stab made Yin Jianbi’s last words vanish into thin air.

When Zhongli Sanmei returned to the deck of the battleship, she arrived at the final moment of the battle between Manao and that red-faced old man. By using the Fire God Nine Chapters Flying Swords and their techniques, the magic treasure “Raging Branding Iron,” and the High Grade talismans, “Fire Dragon Annihilation Talisman,” Rong Yingzong had practically exhausted all of his tricks, but he was still unable to pierce through the Scourge of God’s lofty walls.

Seeing Manao’s fair and delicate figure, Rong Yingzong did not have his previous perverse thoughts. Rather, he had become afraid.

“You’re a Star General…”

The Scattering Of God stabbed into the old man’s abdomen, straight into his chest cavity, instantly sucking him dry of Essence Blood.

The old man’s withered corpse crumpled onto the deck, and Manao descended as light as a feather.

“You took too much time.” Zhongli Sanmei slayed the last Azure Dragon Imperial Guard and expressionlessly gave Manao an assessment.

Manao looked around and noticed Chen Mo was still fighting that deputy commander. The woman brandished her whip and thought to advance, but Zhongli Sanmei leisurely said: “He still doesn’t need either of us to intervene. We just need to steal that Star Gathering Wagon.”

“Are you sure?” Manao asked.

Zhongli Sanmei turned and entered the hold. Manao subsequently waved the Scattering Of God, but she did not assist. She sat on the boat’s handrails, watching at her leisure.

To the Scourge Of God, this plunder on the seas honestly was like using a sledgehammer to crack open a nut.

Black Turtle Second Change.

Black Turtle Third Change.

Chen Mo’s continuous use of the Black Turtle Seven Changes made Peng Pengxin already unable to believe the reality he saw. If he had only used Black Turtle First Change, then it was merely a fluke. But the subsequent changes were all incomparably practiced. This absolutely could not be learned through luck.

“Just what kind of person is Your Highness? Why do you obstruct the imperial family.” Peng Pengxin’s mind was already shaking as he activated another magic treasure.

“Chen Zhangtian is unwilling to renounce the Human Sovereign. If he and I were to join forces, these lands would still be known as Tang. Why wouldn’t I take two birds with one stone.” Chen Mo indifferently explained, his voice flat and smooth, but in that smoothness, he revealed unfathomable depths, the hint he was ready to take action at a moment’s notice. Even Peng Pengxin, known as the deputy commander of the Azure Dragon Imperial guard, felt a bit of pressure.

Pressure just like from the Highnesses of the imperial family.

Peng Pengxin could discern the arrogance of his counterpart, and he realized he may have been drawn into a prince’s plot to seize the position of emperor-to-be. There were so many Tang princes who were eligible to succeed. There were other Highnesses besides Crown Prince Tang Feng, and each of them possessed power. But the power of the Highness in front of him honestly surpassed his imagination.

Before, Peng Pengxin had still been unable to sense his cultivation. After trading blows, he determined that the opponent astonishingly had God Transformation Realm.

“I never thought that the Tang imperial family had a person as shrewd as you, Your Highness. Then accept Your Servant’s next blow.” Peng Pengxin shouted. He struck with Winding Wood Divine Thunder. His God Transformation Peak magic energy blasted an enormous several zhang wave out of the seawater.

Powerful divine might squeezed them. Yu Xuanji’s guzheng came to a screeching halt.

“Hm?” The girl lifted her gaze.

Chen Mo punched through the Winding Wood Divine Thunder. The Northern Dipper Saber was not slow in its follow-up, instantly chaining a slash. Peng Pengxin also clenched his Coiling Dragon Longsword, slashing head-on. A sword flit by, its light like water. Biting cold sword-qi became dozens of dragon-shadows that coiled over the ocean. Wherever his sword-light passed, the sea parted, and space ripped.

He was worthy of being the deputy commander of the Azure Dragon Imperial Guard. His innate martial arts were outstanding, and even if he did not utilize his powers, Peng Pengxin could practically hold his own against an opponent of the same level. It was a pity that his foe was Chen Mo. Having cultivated Star Energy, Chen Mo already was no longer a person that a Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivator could withstand.

Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper Saber carried a resplendent saber-light as he hacked downwards, as if he was drawing a galaxy. With a crash, an immense sword-light split the entire battleship straight in half. The saber-light did not stop at all, extending a whole thousand meters. The seawater was split apart.

Peng Pengxin’s Coiling Dragon Longsword’s strongest “Fish Dragon Strikes Earth” was broken to his surprise. He vomited an enormous amount of blood, and the longsword in his hand suddenly split apart, becoming dozens of Flying Sword billets. Having lost their spiritual power, they fell from the sky. 

Peng Pengxin was still putting on a final struggle at death’s door. Chen Mo already did not give him the chance and palm chopped him, swatting the man onto the deck, where he ceased to breathe.

The battleship was in the middle of slowly capsizing. Manao sat on the railing as she yawned in boredom, having finished watching this boring spectacle. Seeing that Peng Pengxin was not yet completely dead, the woman raised her whip in preparation to drain this cultivator of Essence Blood to nourish her Scattering Of God.

“Don’t kill him.” Chen Mo stopped her.

“Why?” The whip licked Peng Pengxin’s skin like a snake, not sticking into him. Manao indicated she did not understand.

“I left him alive to report back to Emperor Tang.” Chen Mo said. This was why he did not use a Yellow Rank to simply slay Peng Pengxin. If he had Peng Pengxin report to Emperor Tang, then because of the Black Turtle Seven Changes, Emperor Tang would inevitably harbor suspicions that a traitor had appeared in the imperial family. What could go wrong with driving a wedge between them.1

Manao retracted her Destined Star Weapon. To be frank, she was not terribly interesting in a God Transformation cultivator. “If you want to spare him, then do it. But This King wants to tell you, after helping you with this, This King wants to return to the Foreign Star Field.”

“Are you sure nothing will happen when you go back?” Chen Mo was still very worried about her serious injuries from before.

Manao haughtily said: “This King is the Scourge Of God, as if I’d ever need you to remind me.”

“Very well, then. If you actually die, I’ll help avenge you.” Chen Mo nodded.2

Manao broke into laughter.

She liked this sort of response.

Then, Yu Xuanji and Nianyou boarded the boat.3 Yu Xuanji gasped when she saw the corpses laying as far as the eye could see. The Azure Dragon Imperial Guard was the illustrious and famous number one guard corps in the Great Chong Dynasty, but fifty people under the effects of the Azure Dragon Token were unexpectedly unable to stop a Star General. Instead, they were overwhelmingly slaughtered.

At this time, Zhongli Sanmei carried the Star Gathering Wagon in one hand as she burst out of the hold.

Chen Mo sent out a ray of magic energy that maintained the Star Gathering Wagon’s form, and then they finally left the Eastern Sea.

An island near the Eastern Sea.

Chen Mo used his Divine Intent to inspect the Star Gathering Wagon. The exterior was plain, but the interior was a whole different world. Countless spirit stones and sands overflowed the entire storage space, a sight to behold. Emperor Tang spared no national effort in collecting these over many years, but now, they were a dowry for Chen Mo. These materials could give casted Stars to Star Weapons, however, there was no way to help upgrade a Destined Star Weapon.

Looking over these, Manao promptly lost interest.

“Zhongli Mo, seize the chance as This King is leaving, let us determine a winner once more.” Manao very quickly turned her gaze to Zhongli Sanmei. In their contest just now, Zhongli Sanmei had killed cultivators faster, which made Manao considerably displeased.

“This King will play with you.” Zhongli Sanmei did not have her fill either.

Without another word, the two of them again acted up.

Chen Mo did not mind that the two women were locked in a jealous battle. He still continued with inspecting the spirit stone materials of the Star Gathering Wagon. Nianyou was somewhat drowsy as she laid against his chest.

“Your Highness.”

Yu Xuanji walked to his side, her voice soft and leisurely.

“Youwei, this is all thanks to you, otherwise, it wouldn’t have been so smooth.” Chen Mo smiled. If it was not for Yu Xuanji’s powerful Deadlock, killing the Azure Dragon Imperial Guard would not have been so easy.

Yu Xuanji nonchalantly smiled. She did not pay this any mind as she gazed at him, not uttering a word.

“Do you have something you want to say to me?” Chen Mo noticed her thinking.

“With Your Highness’ current strength, the mundane affairs of cultivators must already be completely meaningless to you. Has Your Highness ever thought about this?”

“En…What do you want to say?” Chen Mo asked.

“Youwei has already obtained the River On A Spring Night and wants to go to the Inner Star Field. Would Your Highness like to travel there together?” Yu Youwei spoke her idea. She needed to concentrate fully on perfecting her ancient song, and Chang’an evidently was already no longer a good place. Add on that her relationship with Chen Mo was a hot topic in Chang’an, Thousand Theories And Wonders required a peaceful environment.

There were countless expert musician Star Generals in the Inner Star Fields. Clearly, going to the Inner Star Field was the best plan from her perspective.

“The Inner Star Field?”

Hearing this once again, Chen Mo was briefly dazed.

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  1. A pretty bold strategy, to say the least. This would make the emperor suspect that Tang Yunshen may still be alive and is a traitor.
  2. Maybe Chen Mo’s life can be preserved by his other contracts?
  3. But it’s sinking?

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