Chapter 232: The Flames Of Rage Are Difficult To Extinguish

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Long Ju watched Zhongli Mo’s incoming attack. Killing intent accumulated over a thousand years flowed out, unrepentantly attacking her.

“You still have such an irascible temperament.” Long Ju grinned, not angered at all over this. In fact, she was a bit gratified. The woman stamped her foot, and all of a sudden, the pagoda shook. The surrounding fog immediately dissipated, and a powerful Star Energy jolted downwards from her leg.

The attacking Zhongli Sanmei thought to herself that this was not good, for she was directly shaken off from this sixty to seventy meter tall pagoda by this extremely domineering force. 

Long Ju nonchalantly walked to where Zhongli Sanmei tumbled, expressionlessly watching her fall. Then, she leapt, jumping down from the high pagoda.

Behind the pagoda was a full sal tree forest, their scent wafting everywhere.

The King Of Extinguished Ashes’ figure crashed into the forest like a flaming shooting star. The fire that arose as a result incinerated the surrounding dozens of sal and polo trees into ash.

Zhongli Mo flipped over, cutting a sorry figure. At the same time, the extremely tall woman smashed into the ground like a meteorite. Powerful force once again staggered Zhongli Mo.

“You’ve become weak.” Long Ju raised her brow. The old King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Mo certainly was not this useless, to be shaken by a mere stomp. “No wonder, you were sealed for so long, after all.” The woman’s tone was a bit apologetic.

This awfully wounded Zhongli Sanmei’s self-respect, but she smiled: “Sister Long, if you really want to apologize, then please kneel.”

“Sure, if you make Me.” Long Ju grinned in promise.


Burnt Out Three Calamities attacked. Zhongli Sanmei’s arms lifted a perfect spear-light, sweeping through the forest and igniting a conflagration.

“This is too lively, let us find a quiet place.” Long Ju did not like this kind of noisy environment. She jumped backwards, her movements extremely direct and simple as she evaded Zhongli Sanmei’s attack. The two spear-lights crisscrossed, nipping at her like dragon fangs. Without even looking, Long Ju reached out and grabbed, counterattacking from the flames like a cloud dragon brandishing a claw.

Zhongli Sanmei was caught off guard and grabbed by her sleeve.

The next instant, an explosive Star Energy pierced through space. By the time Zhongli Sanmei came to her senses, the surrounding polo trees had already become a plain.

“Long Ju, where have you taken me?” Zhongli Sanmei indignantly asked.

“No need to worry. We still cannot leave this Star Field. We are merely a hundred thousand li away from that place.” Long Ju flatly replied. She did not want people to take notice of what was happening between the two of them.

In a flash, they had traveled a distance of a hundred thousand li. To say nothing of her nonchalance, the space along their travel most certainly suffered terrifying damage. Even a Dragon Among Men cultivator could not possibly have this level of speed.

“Long Ju, looks like you’re still Heavenly Star.” Zhongli Sanmei grit her teeth.

“I will face you fairly.” Long Ju extended her hand. “Come, then, Sanmei. Release your anger.”


Flames erupted, and her wrath became a river.

Burnt Out Three Calamities cross-slashed in Zhongli Sanmei’s hands, and two spear-lights flew out of her speartips. The spear-light washed over the prairie like a wave, swift and fierce, starting a wildfire. Although Long Ju could cross a hundred thousand li in a single bound, it was very difficult for her to wield the ability if the opponent’s Star Energy was inhibiting her. This type of Yellow Rank Star Energy was enough to make King Of Qiankun Long Ju, the head of the Hegemon King’s Five Great Generals, unable to retreat or defend.

Yellow Rank.

“Prairie Fire Slash!”1

At this time, Shouyang City.

The grove behind a pagoda caught fire, drawing everyone’s attention. Rolling clouds of black smoke soared into the heavens, bringing an unfriendly haze to the Buddha Washing Festival. Several Wanshou Temple monks and cultivators immediately rode their Flying Swords into the sky. A kasaya magic treasure was activated. The kasaya increased in size and blew with a ferocious gale. If it was normal fire, it would have sputtered out, but this flame grew more and more intense under the wind.

“Not good.”

That monk’s expression changed, and he immediately chanted.

More and more monks and cultivators rushed over, every kind of fire extinguishing ability used futilely in succession.

“Demonic fire.”

“Could it be that Buddha is infuriated?”

“We must apologize at once.”

The bystanding Zen and Buddhist masses discussed spiritedly, unaware of what was actually happening. Some very overzealous people and warriors thought that Buddha was angered and burned the sal tree forest. They immediately knelt on the spot, bowing endlessly towards the Wanshou Temple.

The Great Zen Master in the middle of “greeting Buddha’s image” also was taken aback. However, he immediately composed himself. As one of the Wanshou Temple’s Four Great Zen masters, he possessed a calmness that far surpassed everyone else’s. He continued to walk forward step by step with Buddha’s image towards the main hall. The monks following him also steadied their minds when they saw this, closely accompanying him.

Activity at that pagoda became more and more noisy. Several hundred cultivators were assembled in the sky above to fight the fire.

The blaze became incomparably strong.

Chen Mo looked. Isn’t this just King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Mo’s Innate Skill “Ash Burning?” He had inherited this Innate Skill, so he was very clear and aware of everything about the flames that the Ash Burning Innate Skill could produce. It could even burn ash, hence the name “Ash Burning.”

The fires of this Innate Skill were not ordinary flames, and neither were they of the Five Elements. Thus, normal fire-fighting methods were very ineffective.

Zhongli Mo couldn’t have gone around starting fires, right?

Chen Mo immediately denied this alarming thought. As the King Of Extinguished Ashes, it was impossible for her to do something so childish no matter how bored she was. To be able to make Ash Burning’s flames to be so fierce, perhaps she had accumulated enormous fury. Could it be that something happened to her?

Chen Mo immediately hurried over, bringing Nianyou.

Those cultivators were still using their powers and magic treasures to fight the fire.

“What is going on, why can’t this fire be extinguished.”

“What ability is this.”

“Don’t tell me this is actually Buddha’s fury?”

The cultivators and monks all were drenched in sweat from the flames’ high temperatures, their faces completely red. Seeing the fire spread without extinguishing, they could not help but panic.

“Completely separate the surroundings from the fire. Everyone, use Flying Swords to dig trenches and isolate the intense fires. They cannot spread.” Chen Mo shouted.

Everyone was taken aback when they heard this.

“According to his method, this fire isn’t an ordinary Five Elements fire.” A stern woman’s voice roused everyone. Jiang Yanyu appeared over the flames on a riding sword.

She cast a smiling gaze at Chen Mo. Then, she activated her sword chant, using her Flying Swords to dig a ring around a fire and isolate it. Other cultivators promptly began following her lead.

Although Chen Mo was God Transformation Realm, he was helpless without his own forged Flying Swords. He could only give directions from the sidelines.

The searing flames had become even fiercer under the assault of their powers form earlier, and the entire forest had come a sea of fire. Shouyang City’s people were all stupefied. This was the first time they had even seen such a ferocious and abnormal blaze in the many years of the Buddha Washing Festival. Even the Wanshou Temple’s cultivators were helpless to put out the fire.

Many cultivators began to go to the pagodas to rescue people. Even for the greeting Buddha’s imag activity, the pagoda’s interior only had a few protector monks who had already fled when the fire spiraled out of control.

Atop the main hall, the Zen master entered with the statue of Buddha. Inside, Fang Xi and others were preparing to heat the Buddha’s bathwater. Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness was nearby when a monk hurried over to make a report.

Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness wrinkled his brow. He excused himself, bowing to the statue of Buddha, and then he left the hall in one bound.

Upon seeing the blaze soaring into the sky, Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness’ expression changed. He hurried over, stepping on golden lotuses.

“The abbot has come.”

“The Buddhist Master has arrived.”

The masses and monks below cheered.

Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness activated his magic energy, using Great Mercy Hand. Boundless magic energy made the hundreds of millions in Shouyang City feel awestruck. An enormous palmprint fell upon the flames, exploding with powerful force.

Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness had Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivation at the Emptiness Return level. Compared to the other cultivators, he was much more powerful, but similarly, his magic energy did not have the power to smother the flames. The Great Mercy Hand only weakened the flames a bit; they were still unextinguished.

“How can this be.” Even Jiang Yanyu was stunned. “This is Star Energy?”

When everyone saw that even Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness was unable to smother the blaze, they panicked. Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness stared at the fire, his face calm as a dry well. He waved his hand, and a golden alms bowl flew out. This bowl was completely gold in color, engraved with cloud markings. A heavenly dragon protection array was faintly visible. This was none other than Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness’ magic treasure, “Ten Thousand Boundary Bowl.” When this bowl appeared, it increased in size under his immeasurable magic energy, becoming the size of a mountain.

All the cultivators swiftly turned and fled when they sensed the might of the Ten Thousand Boundary Bowl.

Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness looked at the conflagration, noticing that the cultivators had already used Flying Swords to dig a circular trench, perfectly isolating the flames. He chanted, and the Ten Thousand Boundary Bowl became an immense bowl that interlocked with that trench and firmly covered the fire.

The instant that the Ten Thousand Boundary Bowl sealed, an enormous wave of heat rushed out. The masses just outside were immediately knocked disoriented by the heat wave. Many of the closer warriors and cultivators also suffered the effects and sustained minor injuries one after another.

With the Ten Thousand Boundary Bowl covering it, the blaze was finally brought under control. Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness then waved his hand once more, sweeping aside the oppressive black smoke clouds in the sky, and Shouyang City once again recovered its splendor.

Bathed in the sun’s rays, this honestly was the manifestation of Buddha.

Countless people prostrated in worship.

“All monks heed these orders, assist with rescue at once.” Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness’ voice was like a thunderclap, echoing through the sky.

Chen Mo watched Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness’ power to cover the heavens and was secretly in awe. As expected of the Wanshou Temple’s abbot, his magic energy was limitless, and he was kind, making Chen Mo feel respect.

“Your Highness Chen Mo, everything just now was thanks to you.”

As Chen Mo was lost in thought, Jiang Yanyu landed her Flying Swords in front of him. The girl’s expression was chipper. It appeared that she did not suffer any effect from the Ten Thousand Boundary Bowl.

“I didn’t do anything.” Chen Mo shook his head. Seeing Jiang Yanyu control her swords with such ease made him somewhat eager. He should quickly prepare to forge his own Flying Swords, otherwise, he had no place to wield his God Transformation Realm.

Jiang Yanyu was not aware that Chen Mo had entered God Transformation Realm and merely took him to still be a Three Flowers Gathered Overhead Saint Of War. Of course, no one would ever believe that he could break through to God Transformation in a few months.

“If it was not for Your Highness seeing through the key to these flames, perhaps Shouyang City would be destroyed.” Jiang Yanyu smiled.

“Little Sister Yanyu, what are you implying?” Chen Mo furrowed his brow. “Could it be you mean that I started the fire?”

“Your Highness Chen Mo, do not misunderstand, Yanyu does not mean this at all. However, Your Highness Chen Mo should have sensed it, too, right. These flames had Star Energy. They are related to a Star General.”

“Could it be some Star General felt offended by the Buddha Washing Festival and intentionally set the fire?”

Jiang Yanyu smiled, “Your Highness, your words are truly interesting.”

“Eh, this little sister is?” Jiang Yanyu paused when he spotted Nianyou clutched against his chest.

Chen Mo did not have the mood right now for idle chat about family. Zhongli Mo’s Ash Burning was so fierce, he feared that she met with some variable. He was more worried about her safety right now. “Little Sister Yanyu, I have other matters to attend to. I will chat with you next time.”

Saying this, Chen Mo quickly departed.

Jiang Yanyu blinked. Her smile slowly disappeared, and her brow locked tight.

“Could that girl be…”

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  1. I love these Chinese distances… Long Ju threw Zhongli Mo one hundred thousand li and didn’t manage to leave the Tail Star Field. Now, if we were in San Francisco, in California, and I threw you eastwards a hundred thousand li, we’d wind up in the Taklamakan desert in Xinjiang… after circling the Earth once!

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