Chapter 233: I’m Afraid He’ll Worry

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Chen Mo searched for Zhongli Mo’s figure in Shouyang City. He activated the Deva Eyes, and the entire city entered his field of view. From the birds flapping their wings above to the fishes breathing down below, everything was within his under his power’s scrutiny.

Not only could the Deva Eyes possess divine power, they were like a deva itself under ordinary use as well. Nothing in the world could escape his sight.

Given the King Of Extinguished Ashes’ appearance, it would be very difficult to escape the Deva Eyes if she hid in Shouyang City, much less in the surrounding hundred li/


She was completely gone.

“What’s going on? How is Zhongli Sanmei gone.” Chen Mo’s heart tightened.

“Big Brother, nothing happened to Sanmei, right?” Nianyou also began to worry.

“Nothing will happen.” Chen Mo took a deep breath and pondered carefully. In the Tail Fire Star Field, King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Mo should have no other adversaries other than Huan Wen. To kill her, the enemy would need to be from the Inner or Central Star Fields. Considering that the Tail Fire Star Field was apparently not very safe, could it be that Zhongli Sanmei actually met with a problematic Star General at the Buddha Washing Festival?

But even so, she could not possibly left without notice, unless she felt that she would implicate him.

Thinking of this, Chen Mo’s heart could not help but tighten further.

On a nameless plain a hundred thousand li away.

A conflagration raged hot in this place. Amidst the flames, Zhongli Sanmei constantly moved about, the One Star Burnt Out Three Calamities exhausting every kind of thrusting angle to attack. The killing intent flowing from the short spears’ tip was sufficient to level a tall mountain.

But this kind of venting anger did not pose much of a threat to the woman in front of her.

Long Ju easily dodged the Burnt Out Three Calamities with more than enough room to spare, allowing her long-time best friend to attack. The woman seemed completely unconcerned, unflustered, and unhurried.

“Sanmei, your attacks are not bad.”

A short spear’s killing intent brushed past Long Ju’s cheeks and garnered her praise.


Zhongli Sanmei suddenly spun around, her Star Crest shining. She clenched both of her Burnt Out Three Calamities. The twin short spears in her hands released hundreds of thousands of red lights that suddenly slashed, just like the rays of the setting sun, surprisingly turning the entire noontime plain instantly into the scene of a sunset.

The scorching heat from the short spears radiated from her very being. Long Ju was astonished to feel her body was burning hot, feeling pressure all over.

Dark Rank.

Final Afterglow!1

It was like the afterglow of the sun setting behind the western mountains had descended from the heavens, quickly expanding in Long Ju’s eyes. This was several dozen times stronger than the prior Yellow Rank. Already, she could not longer ward the attack off as easily.

“King Of Qiankun” Long Ju’s lips finally curled into the faintest of smiles, her red lips releasing a shout.

Then, a spear appeared in her own hand. The woman brandished her spear at the incoming “Final Afterglow.” As if the sun had set upon the plains, instantaneously making one lose their spirit, the grassland was turned into scorched earth. 

Long Ju’s tall figure was still as unshakeable as a pine tree, not falling over. That shaft of in her hand was engraved with the scene of all kinds of living creatures strugging in the world, and the spear burst forth with a heavy and muffled noise as she finally blocked this attack.

Zhongli Sanmei’s usage of the Dark Technique was already her last struggle as an arrow at the end of its flight. Her twin spears stabbed once more.

“Sanmei, stop.” Long Ju took a step backwards. This step represented that she recognized Zhongli Sanmei’s defeat.

That gorgeous spear in her hand had caught the Burnt Out Three Calamities, suppressing Zhongli Mo’s strike. No matter how the King Of Extinguished Ashes mustered her Star Energy, it was to no avail. Her Star Energy was already depleted.

Long Ju clearly saw this point and similarly retracted her own Star Energy.

Zhongli Sanmei recalled her bracelet. Suddenly, the bracelet transferred Star Energy into her wrist. In that instant, the welling power gave Zhongli Mo a second wind as rainbow light suddenly glowed.

Long Ju evidently did not expect this. She leaned away, and the rainbow light pierced into the side of her neck.

Long Ju was not angry. She felt the wound on her neck, showing a slightly puzzled expression.

Zhongli Sanmei laughed: “Sister Long, your martial arts have degraded, huh. Better give the position of head of the Great Generals to This King.” After her guffaw, Zhongli Sanmei was suddenly exhausted, sitting cross-legged to rest.

Long Ju also gently sat in front of her. That intense battle a moment ago seemed to be an illusion. The woman looked at Zhongli Sanmei with a gaze like one would with a beloved little sister: “Sanmei, you’ve suffered so much.”

“Sister Ying,2 you still don’t understand This King’s personality. What does suffering count for.” Zhongli Sanmei scoffed. She mockingly said: “On the other hand, why did ‘King Of Qiankun’ Long Ying suddenly remember she still had a little sister like me stranded in the Outer Star Fields.”

“In the war back then, after you were sealed by Han Xin, the Great King died, and Ying Bu betrayed us. We, the Five Great Kings,3 were defeated and fell as well. I also recuperated in a different Star Field.” Long Ju slowly said. Her voice was eternally so low and powerful, able to penetrate a person’s spirit.

Zhongli Sanmei turned quiet.

“The Hegemon King fell?”

“Losers die.” Long Ju’s tone was very calm. After so many years, she had already accepted this outcome.

“Hmph, that Ying Bu sure knows to worship the strong. This King told you back then that the moment the Hegemon King waned, she was sure to betray the Hegemon King.” Remembering what happened that year, Zhongli Sanmei was still a bit brooding.

“That was inevitable.”

“And the other sisters?”

“Aside from Me, the others are no more.” Long Ju said. To some Star Generals, one thousand years was not a very long time, but to a majority of Star Generals, this was enough for everything to change.

The succession of Star Names was more staggering than she had thought.

“This means that This King ought to thank that bitch Han Xin for sealing me for a thousand years. Otherwise, This King would have fell.” Zhongli Sanmei sarcastically said: “This King must thank that Fairy Han.”

“She followed the Purple Rose Star Emperor into Maiden Mountain, and her Star Name was thereupon extinguished.” Long Ju said.

“What? She’s dead, too?” Zhongli Sanmei was taken aback.

Long Ju shook her head. She was not certain of this at all. The extinguishing of a Star Name and the fall of a Star Name were two separate things. Back then when the Purple Rose Star Emperor entered Maiden Mountain, other than his legion of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends, there were also countless other Star Names. The final result was not known to anyone, but it was certain that a majority of Star Name were dimmed and extinguished.

“Sanmei, when did you release the seal?” Long Ju asked.

“This King was rescued by a man.” Zhongli Sanmei thought of Chen Mo and could not help but smile.

“The one named Chen Mo?” Long Ju’s brow heedlessly wrinkled.

“Elder Sister Long, you know him, too? This man honestly is a flirt. This King must properly lecture him.” Zhongli Sanmei seriously said.

Long Ju’s brow creased even more deeply. Although the little sister in front of her was still that hot-tempered King Of Extinguished Ashes, perhaps even more fiery than before, Long Ju had never seen such an expression on her face when she spoke about Chen Mo. Long Ju had never heard her have that tone of voice before either.


Something was not right.

“What is your relationship with him?” If he was a scourge, Long Ju must immediately get rid of him.

“He is This King’s savior and benefactor. Sister Long, you should be able to see that This King is very weak right now. If it wasn’t for him, This King would have already died several times over.” Zhongli Sanmei had a serious expression, “In This King’s heart, he is very important. If Sister Long Ying harms him, then Sanmei will put her life on the line to protect him.”

“Is he more important than the Hegemon King?” Long Ju calmly asked.

Zhongli Sanmei was stunned. She did not respond.

But her attitude made her answer abundantly clear already. Long Ju slightly shook her head. She recalled the wholehearted devotion that they, the Five Great Generals, had for Hegemon King Xiang Yu, their sisterly bond. She never imagined that such a day would come when a man would actually be able to stand on the same level as Xiang Yu inside Zhongli Mo’s heart.

“I will not take any action against him. I have been monitoring him in secret all along.” Long Ju dispelled her worried: “He is a very strange man, but I can see he is unlike other men, who are repulsive.”

“As expected, Sister Long has been secretly tracking This King all this time.” Zhongli Sanmei had sensed something familiar and even thought she was imagining things.

“I will not kill him, but I want to ask you. Between the Hegemon King and him, who is more important?” Long Ju asked again.

“I would do anything for either of them. The two of them can’t be compared on the same terms.” Zhongli Mo resolutely said: “Sister Long, you came to find me out of the blue because you have something to tell me.”

“The Hegemon King’s Star Name has already been born. I am already gathering the other Sisters.” Long Ju said: “Ever since the Purple Rose Star Emperor went to Maiden Mountain, the Central Star Field’s regime is already approaching a crisis. Outstanding talents in the Inner Star Field are banding together to attempt a revival of the indestructible Star Name.

“Rumor has it that the Star Duel List is about to open once again. Zhongli Mo, I need you.”

Zhongli Mo did not answer. She had already made preparations to enter the Inner Star Field, but she never thought the time would come so suddenly. She did not even think that the Big Sister King Of Qiankun Long Ju she most respected in the past would personally come to retrieve her.

“Why do you not answer.” Long Ju narrowed her eyes, killing intent in her tone.

Zhongli Sanmei sighed. “This King is only Earthly Star Concentrated Fiend right now. I am completely unable to help Elder Sister.”

“No need to worry about this.” Long Ju smiled: “You were sealed for a thousand years, weakness is very normal. The Outer Star Field is deficient in Star Energy. The longer you stay in this place, the more unfavorable it is to your recovery.”

“When do we leave?” Zhongli Sanmei asked.

“Sanmei, you’ve changed.” Long Ju said: “You would never have asked this question in the past.”

“Sister Long, you don’t understand. This King’s savior is in this place. This King cannot leave without a word, he’ll…” Zhongli Sanmei wanted to say “worry,” but she swallowed back her words. As the King Of Extinguished Ashes, she fundamentally would not concern herself with a man’s worries. But right now, she was indeed very concerned about this.4

“Very well. He saved you, after all. I can make accommodations.” Long Ju actually was not unreasonable.

“Many thanks to Sister Long.”

“I hope you think this through. To us, a man is an unnecessary existence. In the future struggles of the Star Fields, if you are concerned about him, then you are harming him.” Long Ju very directly identified Chen Mo as a superfluous burden.

Zhongli Sanmei smiled: “Sister Long, you’re judging him too early. Chen Mo is anything but an ordinary person.”

Long Ju did not believe a male cultivator could amount to anything exceptional. In the Inner Star Fields, there were countless golden immortals who surpassed the Human Sovereign, and there were even some who could compare to Star Generals. But in Long Ju’s eyes, they were all mediocre. She did not believe that an Outer Star Field cultivator could be anything special. However, she knew that Zhongli Mo was situated in a kind of strange mentality. Long Ju did not want to say anything more.

“I’ll send you back. You have a day to think it over.”

Long Ju gripped Zhongli Mo’s shoulder, and subsequently, they vanished from the prairie. In her mind, she was still thinking back to the words that Zhongli Mo hesitated to utter out loud. She did not even need to guess what those final words were.

Afraid he’ll worry?

Long Ju’s eyes were not friendly at all.

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