Chapter 234: You Cannot Kill Her

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“Where did you go.”

When Chen Mo found Zhongli Mo, the woman was casually sitting in a snack room drinking white wine. Her face was slightly flushed, a bit drunk.

Without letting Zhongli Mo answer, Chen Mo tightly hugged her.

“Chen Mo, what’re you doing.” Zhongli Sanmei was very embarrassed.

“I’m checking to see if the person I’m hugging is alive or not.” Chen Mo smiled.

“This King is alive and well.” Zhongli Sanmei glared at him. 

From faraway, Long Ju watched everything. That Zhongli Sanmei permitted this man’s hug was honestly beyond her expectations. Even if he was her savior, this was too unbecoming of Zhongli Sanmei. That was not the attitude a Star General should have. Could it be that something had happened?

How did Zhongli Sanmei develop feelings for a man? Long Ju was unable to imagine how this could happen.

“What’s going on here?” Zhongli Sanmei saw that Shouyang City seemed to be in a stir.

Chen Mo unhappily informed her about the fire. If it was not for Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness’ appearance, Zhongli Sanmei’s fury would have been enough to raze Shouyang City. “You Star Generals went overboard, just what the hell happened?”

Chen Mo gloomily asked.

Zhongli Sanmei still was not sure whether or not to mention the matter about Long Ju, “This King met an old acquaintance.”

As expected,

Chen Mo guessed as much. Only a Star General could make Zhongli Sanmei so angry, “Is that old acquaintance an enemy or a friend?” Chen Mo probed.

Zhongli Sanmei shook her head.

“Are you leaving?” When Chen Mo asked this question, he felt her body instantly stiffen.

“This King cannot rest easy about a brat like you, who does not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth.” Zhongli Sanmei smiled.

After the fire during the Buddha Washing Festival, Shouyang City was much more somber. There was nothing good to look at afterwards, so Chen Mo left Shouyang early and took Nianyou and Zhongli Sanmei to other places for fun.

Zhongli Sanmei appeared very lively, but the more she acted like this, the more uneasy Chen Mo became.

Deep night, when nature had fallen quiet.

Imperial palace, Seven Stars Pavilion.

Within the heavily guarded imperial palace, the intersecting night patrols left no stone unturned in their rounds. These imperial guards were mostly Three Flowers Gathered Overhead in cultivation, their sight keen and their view wide, and in this dark night, there were many more Thunder Tribulation cultivators who could see clear as day. This was a palace pavilion belonging to “Seven Stars” Huan Wen. Owing to a Star General’s pride, there were no guards posted, but on the outside, Emperor Tang still dispatched two of the best Azure Dragon Imperial Guards.

These two Azure Dragon Imperial Guards were both Lesser Thunder Tribulation Peak experts. Not only did they have formidable magic energy, their martial arts and cultivation had reached Saint Of War level.1

Even if they encountered a Greater Thunder Tribulation adept, they stood a chance in battle.

However, at this moment, the two Azure Dragon Imperial Guards had already become corpses, bloody holes punched through their hearts. Their wounds had traces of being scorched.

Zhongli Mo shook the blood off Burnt Out Three Calamities and tied up her long red hair. Then, she swaggered in.

“Huan Wen, come on out, This King wants to see your so-called infamy.” Zhongli Mo toyed with her spears, heedlessly calling out.

Not long after.

The palace doors opened, and a woman dressed in a black robe and silver armor stepped out. The night was pitch-black, making the silver armor she wore shine brighter than snow. The glow was glaring, the rays refracting into Zhongli Sanmei’s eyes like blades, but the King Of Extinguished Ashes did not so much as blink.

After Zhongli Sanmei stepped in, Huan Wen had sensed there was an intruder, but she never thought it would be a Star General.

“Burnt Out Three Calamities?” Huan Wen evidently did not expect to see this kind of Star Name in the Tail Fire Star Field. The girl’s expression immediately darkened as she derisively said: “King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Mo, one of Her Excellency Xiang Yu’s magnificent five attack dogs, have you come to die?!”

Zhongli Sanmei was not angered. She laughed and took a step forward.

A hundred meters of distance vanished in an instant. A figure as red as fire was already upon Huan Wen. Zhongli Sanmei malevolently grinned, and the Burnt Out Three Calamities in her hands fired blossoming spear-lights.

Huan Wen also sneered, brandishing her Cold Night Locked Moon Spear. Their weapons interlocked clashing with sparks and silver light. The power of Cold Night forced Zhongli Sanmei back.

Zhongli Sanmei crossed her spears while in midair and used Yellow Rank Techniques “Prairie Fire Slash.”

Killing intent shot out of her short spears and became a series of waves. Wherever they passed, buildings burst apart and flames erupted. Prairie Fire Slash’s killing intent finally gathered into a point that directly slashed into Huan Wen’s torso.

Her silver armor immediately split with several cracks.

Huan Wen suffered internal injury, and her eyes brimmed with fury. No one in the Tail Fire Star Field had ever dared to treat her this way. Huan Wen lifted the Cold Night Locked Moon Spear, and in one motion, silver light closed in on Zhongli Sanmei’s flank. The Cold Night Spear’s killing intent swelled instantly like a river. Spear-light swiftly poured out and fell on Zhongli Mo’s chest, an abundance of the feeling of a flooding river that one could not return from.

This type of powerful killing intent was enough to shred apart any Thunder Tribulation cultivator’s chest.

This was Huan Wen’s Yellow Rank Technique.

Chest Opener.2

Killing intent lacerated Zhongli Sanmei’s chest. The both of them were Concentrated Fiend Late Stage, their respective Yellow Ranks hard to ward off as they landed blows on one another.  They could even be said to be neck and neck, but this place was Huan Wen’s domain. To be bullied by a foreign Star General made Seven Stars feel humiliated. The woman’s white cheeks seemed to be covered in frost, and her figure was like lightning as she launched a swift assault.

Although she was the number one and paragon Star General in the Great Chong Dynasty, Huan Wen did not neglect her own martial arts at all. Her combat ability made even Zhongli Sanmei a bit astonished.

Their figures brushed past, and Huan Wen thrust with her spear.

Zhongli Sanmei blocked the Cold Night Locked Moon. She had much more experience than Huan Wen, and as one of Her Excellency the Hegemon King’s Five Great Heavenly Kings, she was also an outrageous character. Zhongli Sanmei’s spears stabbed, quickly changing her attacks. 

A mountain-toppling flame heavily landed on Huan Wen’s body, making the girl suffer immensely. Huan Wen was caught unprepared and showed an opening. Her snow white neck was exposed to Zhongli Sanmei’s eyes.

To a Star General, this was mortal danger.

Zhongli Sanmei’s fully charged Dark Rank Technique “Final Afterglow” was prepared to slay Huan Wen’s Star Name.

Huan Wen’s pupils contracted, and she bellowed.

“Seven Stars Shimmer!”3

All of a sudden, the seven stone pillars all around them transformed into sparkling and translucent jade pillars. The multicolored brilliance these pillars released joined with one another, and a massive magic circle appeared under their feet.

“Star Image Array.”4 Zhongli Sanmei was astonished when she realized the background of this array.

Star Image Arrays were unlike the magic formations of cultivators; they were a kind of array that exploited the combinations of the stars. Activated by Star Energy, other than some Star Generals, the only other people in the world who could organize these arrays were astrologers. This type of magic circle was exceptional and posed enormous danger to a Star General.

During ZHongli Sanmei’s campaigns and throughout her life, she had suffered the misfortune of many a Star Image Array, but she never thought that the Outer Star Fields, that the insignificant Huan Wen would actually possess one.

Don’t tell me there’s an astrologer in this place?

The thought flashed through her mind. A seven stars ring immediately appeared under Zhongli Sanmei. After this Star Image Array manifested, Zhongli Sanmei felt her body’s Star Energy was suppressed, and her Dark Rank immediately dissipated.

“I will kill you today, Great General of the Hegemon King, to etch my name into history!” Huan Wen laughed.

Shit, I underestimated her.

Zhongli Sanmei had completely miscalculated that Huan Wen would ever have this kind of ambush. She immediately circulated her Star Energy and faced Huan Wen’s inescapable thrust without shrinking back. Just when Cold Night released its Dark Rank’s cold light, all of a sudden, a figure appeared in front of Zhongli Sanmei in a flash. Huan Wen was stunned. The spear she thrust out was flicked away by the new foe, and then a palm attack struck back.

Huan Wen was sent flying like a sandbag, that silver armor draped around her body crumbling apart in the blink of an eye.

Huan Wen vomited blood. By the time she looked, the courtyard was already empty, not a person in sight.

“Your Highness!!”

Torches illuminated the Seven Stars Pavilion as cultivators flew over on swords. Although the battle lasted mere moments, it had alarmed the imperial palace’s guard. Emperor Tang’s expression changed when he spotted the two deceased top-notch Azure Dragon Imperial Guard. He rushed in and spotted Huan Wen standing in front of the gate, clad only in a tattered black robe, her silver armor already disintegrated.

That silver armor was a meticulously crafted Astral Treasure possessing powerful defensive capabilities. For it to actually disintegrate made Emperor Tang greatly alarmed.

“Huan Wen.” Tang Mingshi had taken hardly a step.

Huan Wen lifted her gaze, and those eyes honestly were vicious, like a tiger glaring at prey, making a ruler like Emperor Tang unable to step forward.


Over the past few months, she had met with sneak attacks twice. This made the arrogant Huan Wen suffer all kinds of humiliation and shame.

“Chang’an Mansion, I will not spare even a single one of you!!”

Blood spilled between Huan Wen’s teeth as she burst forth with thick and menacing killing intent. Then, she turned and entered the pavilion, her presence vanishing.

Emperor Tang was shocked. Could this have been Chang’an Mansion’s doing again? But who in Chang’an Mansion could have such powerful abilities to reduce Huan Wen to such a sorry state. This was simply inconceivable. It looked like he needed to advance their plans. Emperor Tang coldly said: “Supervisor Yin.”


“We hereby order that today’s sneak attack be kept in strict secrecy. Violators are to have their families completely executed and their properties confiscated.”

“As you command.”

“Immediately have the best artisans restore the buildings.”

“As you command.”

“Right. Also, summon Chen Mo of Chang’an Mansion tomorrow. We have a mission for him.”

Outside Chang’an City, atop a desolate tower roof.

Long Ju looked at the injured Zhongli Sanmei without making any sort of expressions.

“Long Ju, why did you stop This King.” Zhongli Sanmei grit her teeth. Truthfully, although the enemy had a Star Image Array, she still had a chance at killing Huan Wen if she put everything on the line.

The King Of Qiankun’s brow was wrinkled very deeply, showing some dissatisfaction with Zhongli Mo’s conduct.

“Long Ju, don’t you want to make This King go to the Inner Star Fields to follow the Hegemon King? Fine, This King agrees. Once Huan Wen is killed, This King will immediately set out.”

“Why?” Long Ju said: “Merely for the sake of that man’s favor?”

“That’s right. That Huan Wen is the great scourge upon Chen Mo’s family. In the future, they will inevitably be locked in a life and death battle. This King killing Huan Wen can be considered repayment for his kindness.” Zhongli Sanmei answered. Although Chen Mo said that he wanted to compare himself to Huan Wen, the King Of Extinguished Ashes had no confidence in him whatsoever for that. It could not be said that she was biased. In truth, incidents where the cultivators of Star World had defeated Star Generals, particularly the single digit martial force Star Generals, were as rare as phoenix feathers.

Huan Wen’s growth was extreme. If she broke through to Yellow Court Realm, Chen Mo basically stood no chance.

Because of this, Zhongli Sanmei planned to kill Huan Wen before she left the Star Field. This way, she could protect Chen Mo’s family while also repaying him for the favor of saving her life.

“Sister Long, why not let’s kill Huan Wen together.” Zhongli Sanmei said. “Long Ju must not want to let This King owe a man a favor, right.”

To Long Ju, such a thing was trivial. Normally, Long Ju would definitely have agreed, for she did not like to be burdened by other peoples’ favors. But this time, she was nevertheless silent.

“What’s the matter?” Zhongli Sanmei felt something was off.

“You cannot kill her.”

The words that Long Ju spat out made Zhongli Sanmei stupefied.

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  1. Uh, isn’t Saint Of War lower?
  2. 開膛
  3. 七星閃耀
  4. 星象陣法

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